Beauty and the Geek Ch. 28

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PART 1 — Beauty Marries the Geek


The virginal white gown was a strapless affair with a modest bust line, though its rear plunged scandalously to the small of her back. It was a silken and clinging thing around her slender waist, flaring at the hips to create a skirt long enough to obscure her legs and feet. The skirt was an impractical thing of puffy gauze and lace, dragging along the floor behind her wherever she went. Coils of dark hair piled above her head, each tendril meticulously placed to form a ravaging mess of shiny curls. Eye-shadow the color of pool water brought out her eyes, a subdued red decorated her lips and cheeks, while a hint of glitter decorated her brow and temples.

Staring at herself in a floor-length mirror, Miley wondered if all brides-to-be felt as special as she did in that moment – like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.

In order to honor tradition, Miley was secured in a changing room within a small chapel at the park she and Charlie had chosen to marry. Neither of them had any desire for a traditional wedding, but Charlie’s mother Olivia was superstitious and insisted Miley not be seen by the groom (or anyone else other than Stacy) prior to their ceremony. It was to be an outdoor affair, simple and elegant. Both the bride and the groom would have one attendant each; Stacy was the Maid-of-honor, while Brian was Charlie’s chosen Best Man. Charlie’s brother Edward agreed to usher and the White family’s pastor would perform the ceremony.

Miley had to force herself away from the mirror from fear of her own vanity. She wondered how Charlie looked in his tuxedo and wished she could see him, imagining how dashing he must have appeared. The excitement of it all began to well within her, though Miley didn’t have long to dwell on her fantasy before the changing room door burst open.

“Did we bring any booze?” Stacy hurried towards a pile of bags, dressed in heels and an elegant red gown which displayed her shapely hips.

Miley was immediately worried by Stacy’s frantic demeanor, “What’s going on?”

“You don’t want to know,” Stacy remarked obscurely, rifling through a duffel bag.

“What is it?” Miley pressed, “I thought you were checking on the boys?”

“I was,” Stacy seemed reluctant to say more.

“Stace!” Miley pleaded, “Tell me what’s going on…”

Stacy let out a resigned breath, knowing Miley wouldn’t relent until she found out what was going on, “It’s Charlie – he’s freaking out.”

“What?!” Miley squeaked. “He’s not… he’s not getting cold feet, is he?”

Stacy saw the anxiety in Miley’s eyes, “Of course not, sweetie. He’s just nervous about standing up in front of all those people. Don’t worry yourself, Brian and I can handle it.”

“Tell me what’s happening,” Miley insisted. “Maybe I can help.”

“Okay,” Stacy took a deep breath. “I went into the other changing room to check on the boys, like you asked. They were ready to go, except Charlie was pacing nervously – you know? And he was sort of fidgeting with his hands, like this…”

Miley watched Stacy’s frantic movements as she mimicked Charlie, recognizing the way Charlie rubbed his hands together whenever he was nervous.

Stacy continued, “Brian told me Charlie’s been a wreck all morning and that he’s deathly afraid of being in front of a crowd.”

Miley’s eyes filled with concern, “Please tell me your plan isn’t to get Charlie drunk.”

Stacy shrugged helplessly, “I figured a shot or two would loosen him up.”

Miley frowned, “Charlie has like, zero tolerance. You’ll have him on the floor halfway through the second shot.”

“I don’t know what else to do,” Stacy complained. She looked helplessly at the pile of bags, “I swore we brought some champagne?”

“I need to see him,” Miley declared.

Stacy’s eyes widened before she resolutely shook her head, “No. No way! Are you crazy? The ceremony is supposed to start in just over an hour. If Charlie sees you before –“

“It would be nice,” Miley interrupted sarcastically, “if Charlie were upright when he vows to love me for the rest of his life. I can calm him down without getting him drunk.”

“What can you possibly do?” Stacy fretted.

Miley gathered her skirt and started towards the door, “Just trust me, okay? I know my man.”

Stacy didn’t appear convinced but could see there would be no arguing with Miley, “All right, all right… let me go ahead and make sure the coast is clear. If Olivia catches you sneaking in to see Charlie she’ll have both of our heads.”


Olivia White reached the last bench, attaching one final lacy flower arrangement to the wooden end-cap. She glanced over the rows to admire her handiwork; all the decorations were in place and everything looked beautiful. The day was perfect and soon the park glade would be bustling with friends and family to celebrate the wedding of her son. Olivia took a moment to enjoy the quiet, fondly remembering when her Charlie was but a small and awkward boy.

A voice came escort şişli from behind her, “Everything looks great.”

Olivia spun, a hand on her chest, “John, you startled me.”

“Sorry,” John muttered. “Were you busy praying Charlie would come to his senses?”

Olivia’s looked amused by her husband’s pessimism, “I think it’s a little late for praying, don’t you?”

“I’m joking,” John said as he put his arm around her shoulders, “mostly.”

Olivia leaned into her husband, “I know you feel Charlie’s rushing into this, but the boy is in love. To be honest, I’m surprised it took him and Miley this long. When they first started dating I was worried Charlie would have a wife before he had a high school diploma.”

John snorted, “I was more surprised when Charlie graduated before making us grandparents. Remember when Miley came to live with us?”

Olivia smiled at the memory, “No matter how many times we told them ‘no funny-business’ we couldn’t keep Miley from sneaking into Charlie’s room every night, could we?”

John took a second look around, “Well, at least Miley has a rich father and we didn’t have to pay for this whole shin-dig.”


Miley crept through hallway in the park’s chapel, clinging to the skirt of her gown and holding it up off the floor. Two rooms had been provided for the wedding party to use as changing areas, but they were on opposite ends of the chapel.

Stacy was leading the way with a hawkish eye. “This isn’t right,” she hissed, “no one is supposed to see the bride before the ceremony, especially not the groom! It’s bad luck.”

Miley glanced around cautiously, “It would be far worse luck if Charlie passes out before he can say ‘I do’, don’t you think?”

Stacy gave Miley a worried look, but then nodded in agreement, “Are you sure you can calm him down?”

“Pretty sure,” Miley commented dryly and knowingly.

Stacy stopped at a door, “Okay, this is the one. Hold on…”

Miley glanced warily over both shoulders while Stacy knocked.

There was a moment’s hesitation before Brian poked his head through the door, “Hey babe, did you find any… Miley? What’s she doing here?”

“She says she can calm Charlie down,” Stacy whispered. “Is he still a nervous wreck?”

“He started pacing again,” Brian whispered back, looking helpless.

“Let me in,” Miley murmured urgently, “I’ll take care of it.”

Brian nodded, trusting Miley would know what to do. Miley always knew how to handle the stressful situations.

Slipping by him, Miley paused and squeezed Brian’s arm fondly, “Stay by the door, okay? Don’t let anyone in?”

“You got it,” Brian promised.

Stacy offered a worried look after Miley went in to see Charlie and closed the door. “I hope she knows what she’s doing.”

“What’s going on?” Brian asked, a bit clueless. “I thought the bride and groom aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding?”

Stacy shrugged, “I don’t know what she’s up to, but I better go make sure Olivia is occupied.”

“Okay,” Brian leaned and kissed Stacy’s cheek. “I’ll stay here and keep watch.”


Feeling completely miserable, Haley sat on her couch with a pint of ice cream watching a depressing romance movie on cable. She was supposed to have been at Miley’s wedding, Haley loved weddings, but following recent events she was sure Jack Andrews wanted nothing more to do with her.

Things had gotten out of hand between Haley and Miley. Ever since Miley punched her in a movie theater, when Haley was on a date with Brian, Haley had been doing her best to get back at her former friend. Tensions between the two escalated quickly. Miley’s father, Jack, was unwittingly stuck in the middle.

After Miley found out about Haley and Sam’s plot to break Brian and Stacy up, Haley had no doubt Miley would tell her father about everything, which meant the end of Haley’s relationship with Jack. That was the worst part of the whole mess, since Haley truly cared for Jack — her relationship with him wasn’t part of any scheme to get back at Miley.

Haley sighed in disgust, but her misery was interrupted by the apartment doorbell. Setting her ice cream aside, Haley curled herself off the couch to answer.


Standing in a tailored tuxedo, Jack raised his eyebrows at Haley’s sweatpants and tee shirt (which had a recent stain from ice cream), “Uh… did I forget to mention the wedding is formal?”

“Wedding?” Haley blinked, “you still want me to -?”

“I didn’t tell you the wrong day, did I?”

“No,” Haley shook her head. “You told me the right day, but… haven’t you talked to Miley, recently?”

“Of course,” Jack replied. “Why?”

Haley had no way of knowing what, if anything, Miley had told her father.

“She didn’t mention anything about a girl named Sam? Or a fist-fight on the lawn in front of Miley’s apartment?”

Jack tilted his head, “What are you talking about? Miley was in a fight with a girl named Sam?”

Haley couldn’t believe it! Jack seemed escort beşiktaş completely unaware.

“Um, nothing. Forget it. I’m so sorry – I’m an idiot.”

“Is everything okay?” Jack wondered.

“I forgot,” Haley lied. “I totally spaced. I thought the wedding was tomorrow. Can you give me, like, fifteen minutes? My dress is in the closet.”

Jack chuckled and checked his watch, “Can you make it ten? Thankfully they’re taking pictures after the ceremony, but I’d like to be there in time to walk my baby girl down the aisle.”


Charlie looked devastatingly handsome in his tuxedo, a classic style featuring a black bow tie and cummerbund. The only problem was he couldn’t get his shock of brown hair to cooperate. If only he could see Miley — she always seemed to make his hair look right with one simple brush of her hand.

“…trick is to picture everyone naked,” Brian was saying behind him.

“My grandma is going to be here,” Charlie fidgeted in front of a mirror, pushing his hair this way and that. “Why would I want to picture my grandma without any clothes on?”

Brian made a foul expression, “You’re right, dude. Forget I said anything.”

“Where did Stacy go?” Charlie asked as he started nervously pacing again. “I could really use that drink.”

“Maybe that’s her now,” Brian moved to the door after a quiet knock.

While Brian checked the door, Charlie continued to pace and thought back to his freshman year of college at Brown University. He recalled the Speech class he took first semester, and how his knees would knock whenever he had to speak in front of the class. And that was only a dozen people! There would be ten times that number, outside.

A familiar voice interrupted Charlie from his worries.


Charlie turned to Miley’s voice as she slipped into the room. His breath was literally stolen from his body when he saw how absolutely gorgeous she looked, “M-Miley?”

“I’m here, baby.” Miley hoisted the skirt of her gown and shuffled towards him, “I heard you’re a little nervous?”

Charlie wrapped her in his arms when Miley collided into him, “What are you doing in here? I’m not supposed to see you…”

Miley clung to him tightly, “That’s just a silly old superstition.”

The two young lovers held each other close for several extended moments, each one happy to be in the other’s presence. Neither Charlie nor Miley held any regard for the tradition of separation between bride and groom prior to ceremony; it was their day and they wanted to be together.

“You look so amazing,” Charlie whispered.

Miley beamed a smile and let him go, “You too. That tux looks so awesome on you.”

Charlie blushed, “You didn’t have to come, I think I’ll be okay. It’s just that I’ve never felt comfortable with crowds.”

Miley reached for Charlie’s pants, “I’ll take care of everything. Besides, I wanted to see you.”

“Whoa!” Charlie lifted his arms unsurely and looked down towards his groin, “Miley, what are you doing?”

“You just need to cum,” she remarked cutely, pulling open the buttons of Charlie’s fly. “You always relax after you have a nice, good cum.”

“Now?!” Charlie couldn’t believe it. “We’re getting married in an hour, can’t this wait until tonight?”

Miley couldn’t get past the wall of Charlie’s briefs, so she unfastened his tuxedo pants completely and tugged them down his thighs, “Don’t worry. Brian’s keeping watch.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing this,” Charlie watched as she pulled on the elastic waistband of his briefs, drawing them down his hips.

Miley’s gauzy skirt made a rustling sound as she squatted in front of Charlie. He was completely flaccid, but Miley needed him hard. Grabbing his cock, she opened her lips wide and began feeding his length into her mouth.

“Oh my god,” Charlie moaned, his inhibitions evaporating when he felt the tip of his cock slide along the roof of Miley’s mouth.

She could feel his erection inflating against her lips, his cock turning rigid and hard. Swathing his soft underside with her tongue, Miley suckled and licked him until Charlie had a full-blown erection. Drawing her mouth back, she worked her lips over the ridge of his crown before allowing his head to pop free of her mouth.

“I can’t wait to marry you,” Miley whispered, looking up at Charlie with doe-like eyes. She stroked him in her hand to keep him hard and pulsing, “I’m finally going to be your woman, Charlie. I’ll speak an oath in front of everyone we know, swearing to be your woman for as long as we both live.”

“You’ve always been my girl,” Charlie murmured.

“I know,” Miley cooed, dipping her head and lapping at Charlie’s scrotum. “But now I’ll be your wife, too. My body will be your property, Charlie, for you to fuck and fill with babies whenever you want to.”

Charlie knew Miley’s dirty-talk had always been exaggeration mixed with truth, but that made it no less arousing. It turned him on to imagine Miley’s sexy body as his play-thing.

“You escort beyoğlu own my virginity,” Miley continued, pumping his saliva-coated erection in her hand. “Your cock will be the only cock that ever enters my pussy. I’ll be your wife and that means my pussy belongs to you. Whenever you want it I’ll spread my legs so you can stick this gigantic thing inside me and take your pleasure from your wife.”

“Jesus Christ,” Charlie moaned, his cock leaping in Miley’s hand.

She put him back in her mouth, gripping the base of his shaft tightly and aiming it straight ahead so she could push as much of his nine inches down her throat as possible. Miley was a gagger, unable to suppress the reflex, but she adamantly refused to let that stop her from deep-throating as much of Charlie’s length as possible.

The constrictions of Miley’s choking throat muscles were unbelievably pleasurable, clenching and massaging Charlie’s cock. Her drool leaked from between Miley’s lips and ran along the bottom of Charlie’s shaft — the portion she couldn’t fit into her mouth — dripping to gather in his pubic hair.

After one of the most pleasurable minutes Charlie had ever felt, Miley spit him out and gasped for air. Her saliva saturated his rock-hard shaft, strands of it stretching between his cock and her lips.

“Do you remember taking my virginity, lover?”

“Y-yeah,” Charlie answered, his voice quivering with arousal. “W-we were in my bedroom, at my parents place…”

“You fucked me good,” Miley whispered hotly. “Your big dick made my little pussy all bloody, but you fucked it so good, Charlie. You made me a woman that day. You made me your woman, by claiming me with this gigantic cock of yours.”

Charlie closed his eyes as Miley ran her hand up and down his length, “I remember.”

While pumping him swiftly, her fist bumping against the ridge of his cockhead, Miley continued her dirty-talk.

“Do you remember taking my ass for the first time? You stripped me out of that sexy prom dress you bought me before sticking your cock into my innocent, little bottom. Do you remember that, Charlie?”

“Of course,” he whispered hoarsely.

“You just had to stick your cock into my butt, didn’t you? You nearly tore me in half, Charlie, but I took it. I took it because I’m your woman and it’s my job to take your cock.”

Miley took a moment to rub Charlie’s shaft against the corner of her mouth, briefly letting it slip between her lips and jab against the inside of her cheek. She suckled the head, flicking her tongue on the underside of it, using every technique she knew to drive Charlie towards an orgasm.

“Every time you fuck my horny little pussy I feel this thing poking into my womb, wanting to shoot your babies into me. God, Charlie… your babies. Your cock always shoots out so many babies. You’ve shot them into my cunt, down my throat, and into my ass. Your babies have been all over my tits, on my face, and in my hair. You love shooting your babies onto me, don’t you? Your hot, gooey little baby-seeds.”

Charlie gasped at the dirty, verbal assault, “Oh fuck, Miley… I’m going to cum…”

Not wanting to get his mess on her, Miley wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and jerked his shaft vigorously. She milked him with firm, squeezing strokes until Charlie’s legs nearly gave in. His orgasm suddenly filled her mouth with a gush of hot fluid. It was impossible for Miley to contain it, no matter how fast she worked her throat. Globbing spurts of semen leaked from the corners of her mouth to hang obscenely from her lips and cheeks.

As Miley was attempting to swallow Charlie’s pleasure, the door into the large changing room suddenly opened.

“Wait!” Brian was panicking outside, trying to block entry to a middle-aged woman in a tight green dress. “You can’t go in there…!”

“Unhand me! I want to see my daughter before the –“

Victoria froze after pushing her way past Brian, her eyes widening at the sight before her, “Oh my god!”

Miley choked in surprise, some of Charlie’s semen escaping to hang off her chin, “Mother?!”

Charlie burst into motion, quickly grabbing the hem of his briefs and pulling them up over his still-erect cock.

“Dude…” Brian muttered with a mixture of shock and envy in his voice.

Miley rose to stand beside Charlie. She subtly lifted a pair of fingers to her lips to gather any spilt semen off her face, pushing Charlie’s cum neatly into her mouth.

“Miley!” Victoria gasped, shocked at her daughter’s repulsive act. “What is going on in here?!”

“Nothing you were supposed to see,” Miley muttered in an annoyed tone.

Charlie busied himself by tucking his shirt in and fastening his tuxedo pants.

Brian wanted to be anywhere else and backed out the doorway, “I’m, uh… I’ll be outside if anyone needs anything.”

Victoria aimed her ire at Charlie, “I always knew you were a filthy boy, corrupting my daughter with your vile urges! Ever since I caught you in my house two years ago, soiling her with your disgusting perversions, I knew you were unsuitable for her!”

Charlie winced, recalling the situation she spoke of; Victoria had caught Charlie and Miley in the exact same situation shortly after they first began dating. The irony was beyond him.

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