Beachy Keen Pt. 02

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Roxanne was applying some last minute mascara when she heard some modern music from outside. Her phone buzzed and she read “here!” From Charlotte. “Roxanne!! Let’s go!” Charlotte giggled from outside. Roxanne grabbed her things and dashed out the door. Laughing, “TWO SECONDS!” Roxanne said, locking the house door behind her with a smile.

Walking towards her friends, bag in hand, Roxanne was speechless. Her two best friends were standing, waiting for her and they couldn’t have looked more stunning. In that moment Roxanne decided

Charlotte was living proof Greek goddesses were real. She was glowing!

Charlotte had styled her dirty blonde hair with product. Roxanne also noticed she wore sunglasses that hid her flirtatious gaze. Charlotte was adorned with a tight pair of Jean shorts and white tank top that showed her pink bra. Her B cup breasts were perky and inviting. Roxanne could tell this was going to be a very eventful trip.

Then Roxanne looked towards Matthew. Her heart was pounding. His waved short brown hair was just barely in his face, and his defined cheekbones caught the light beautifully. He had worn a fitted grey shirt, one that blatantly showed his carved and slender body. His shorts were knee length and navy blue with an overly expensive watch to match. Matthew smiled, his full lips curving upwards. Roxanne felt her mouth water.

“-Wow you guys look wonderful! This is gonna be great!” Roxanne complimented.

“Hey, don’t leave yourself out! You’re looking beautiful as usual, queen!!” Charlotte chimed to her best friend.

“Agreed!” Matthew chimed, “and I see we went with a particularly tight crop top today?” The handsome boy joked and Roxanne felt her cheeks begin to blush.

The three laughed. Matthew reached out and put roxanne’s yellow bag in the car for her, Roxanne thanked his efforts and turned to the group and smiled. “we’ve got a beach to catch. Let’s get goin y’all!!” Roxanne giggled and they all got in Charlotte’s bright red 2014 mustang.

“SHOTGUN!” Roxanne yelped with a laugh, Charlotte giggled in response. “You two are kicking me out to the back seat in my own car!” Matthew laughed, “i’m driving, i don’t care who I sit next to!” Roxanne and Charlotte giggled and agreed Charlotte would sit in the front on the way home.

Truthfully, Roxanne just wanted an excuse to be closer to Matthew. Throughout high school the three we’re always very flirtatious with one another. Never enough to instigate anything serious, but a few kisses here and there have all been shared between the three. Roxanne gazed at Matthew. She couldn’t stop looking at his tight body. He obviously worked out and cared highly about his well being. The cologne he had was sensual and inviting.

“Hey, Roxanne! Stop drooling! We’ve been on the road for less than 5 minutes!!” Charlotte teased with a giggle. “I’m not complaining!” Matthew reassured, he flashed Roxanne with an easy smile and successfully made the brunette melt. Blatantly flirting with Matthew at this point, Roxanne uncrossed and repositioned her legs. Drawing attention to her short Ataşehir Escort shorts and silky skin, she patiently waited for Matthew to steal a glance.

“Dude, Matthew can we stop for a bite to eat? I’m honestly starving!” Charlotte pleaded with a smirk.

“HONESTLY!” Roxanne agreed with a giggle.

Matthew laughed, “Alright then! We’ve still got a bit over an hour till we’re at the house, but traffic is lighter than I expected and we’re making great time. Charlotte, just name the place and we’ll go!”

“Oh, Charlotte you mentioned last week you were in the mood for sandwiches?There’s a great sub place near here! Sound cool?” Roxanne looked at her phone for directions as the beauty behind her thought about the decision.

After a chuckle, Charlotte then confirmed lunch would be fantastic at the aforementioned sub shop.

Once the trio arrived at the small restaurant Roxanne and Charlotte headed to the bathroom to freshen up while Matthew ordered for everyone and got a table.

Opening the door, Charlotte smirked at Roxanne. “What’s that look for?” Roxanne questioned with a suspicious smile.

“No reason. I’m just trying to decide how much money I should bet that you and Matthew are totally gonna screw this weekend.” Charlotte folded her arms and smiled knowingly. She awaited her best friend’s response.

Roxanne laughed “hush up! It’s not like that and you know it!” She sped up her words, Roxanne continued. “He just so happens to be a highly attractive human who is relatively flirtatious and not against my attention. He’s probably not even into me tbh?”

Charlotte mentally took note that they were alone, she stepped closer towards Roxanne and watched her friend subconsciously part her lips. “Maybe Matthew isn’t into you but…” Charlotte walked forward and twirled roxanne’s dark hair around her finger. She cautiously continued. “maybe that’s not a bad thing?”

Roxanne smiled and swept the hair out of charlotte’s beautiful face. “Are you suggesting what I think you are?”

Charlotte giggled. “Id say we’ve got a bit of time before he’s suspicious. Don’t you think?”

Roxane placed a hand on the hem of charlottes bright white top. “I think we should stop thinking for a moment.” She smiled at Charlotte. She was so lucky to be with Charlotte right now. She was attractive in a different way than Matthew. Roxanne felt so close to Charlotte. She felt safe.

“I think you’re right.” Charlotte responded and smiled again. Not able to hide her excitement, she gazed at Roxanne with genuine happiness. Roxanne leaned closer to the beauty and was happily met with the soft lips of her best friend.

Charlotte moaned and swayed her body to press against Roxanne. Lightly, the two kissed one another. Charlotte moaned at the warm touch of roxanne lifting her atop the bathroom counter.

Roxanne deepened the kiss then bit charlotte’s lower lip. Charlotte paused and broke the kiss. The two smiled at one another. “You’re sure about this?” Roxanne asked with a soft tone. “Only if you are.” Charlotte Ataşehir Escort Bayan purred with a smile.

Roxanne nodded and giggled quietly. Excitement was an understatement. Quickening her pace Roxanne lowered her kisses down Charlotte’s neck. nipping softly and caressing her skin lovingly.

Roxanne lifted charlotte’s bright top and tossed it aside to the counter. Revealing the previously seen pink bra and all too familiar chest, Charlotte watched Roxanne indulge in staring at her frame. “You’re so beautiful Charlotte. I’m convinced your body is hand crafted by the heavens. You spoil me by allowing me even a moment to look at you. I adore you.” Roxanne held charlotte’s soft hands and kissed the palm of her hand. She lovingly looked upwards at the now blushing blonde.

“Stop looking at me like that, you make me feel so nervous!” Charlotte laughed lightly and looked away.

Roxanne smiled and continued to place kisses along charlotte’s collar bones. While marking across her skin, Roxanne removed the pink and black lace bra that had previously concealed charlotte’s breasts. Roxanne softly kissed and enveloped them, circling her tongue along the silken skin. Paying equal attention to both sides and methodically stroking charlotte’s skin.

Roxanne heartbreakingly tarnished the artwork in front of her, and began to leave love marks on the pale canvas. Charlotte gasped aloud. “Shhh darling” Roxanne smiled, purring for her best friend to keep in mind their public location.

The blonde then closed her eyes felt her shorts being slowly pulled from her lacy blue panties. Roxanne lightly grasped the fabric and removed the garment. Roxanne paused and smiled to take in the view. Her best friend of three years, sat still on display for Roxanne and no one else. Skin smooth and labia glistening.

Roxanne took in the heavenly scent with a smirk.

“You’re literally staring, Roxanne?!”

Charlotte whimpered.

“Oh stop it, you and all your wonderful parts are naturally perfect. like a beautiful flower, you open to me. I cannot imagine a more ideal image. Don’t worry my sweet.” Roxanne fluttered.

Roxanne disregarded her lovers insecurities and pressed her best friends legs further apart. Charlotte dipped her hands down and spread herself, exposing her blush insides. Roxanne quickly licked her index and middle fingers of her right hand, then brought them to Charlotte and began to stroke her slowly.

Charlotte took a sharp breath and looked away. Roxanne paused and purred to her friend. “No Charlotte, open your eyes and look at me, darling. Watch as I pleasure you. I want to see your shining face. Let me see the stars in your eyes. Watch.” Charlotte nodded and observe her brunette sweetheart.

Roxanne continued. With her dominate hand she stroked her fingers faintly across Charlotte’s lips. She smiled and then took her left hand and brought them to her mouth and inserted them. Coated with saliva, she then coaxed three fingers into Charlotte’s arousal. Roxanne plunged to Charlotte’s depths listening Escort Ataşehir to the moan of approval.

Slowly, Roxanne pumped in and out of Charlotte’s heat; moving closer to the delicious figure affront her. While fingering her best friend, Roxanne leaned in and began to lick Charlotte’s raised clit. Enveloped with pleasure, Charlotte they her head back and gasped. She moaned while grabbing Roxanne’s hair, and began to grind against Roxanne’s tongue.

Charlotte felt herself become heated in her face, tightening her abdomen and becoming closer to climax. “Faster, Roxanne please!” Charlotte begged.

Roxanne respond with a smile and increase in pace. Now vigorously pumping her fingers in and out of Charlotte, her tongue still providing more than ample attention to her burning clit. Roxanne took out her now soaked fingers and brought them to Charlottes raised pleasure. Rubbing rapidly across her clit, Charlotte began to breathe heavily and moan. Roxanne reached to grab Charlottes hand tightly, and looked at her porcelain face while she moaned to orgasm.

Roxanne slowed her pace and lightly kissed the top of Charlottes pussy. She then looked at her fingers and licked them. Lapping up the juices provided just moments ago. “You’re delicious, my swet, you live up to your nickname.” Roxanne giggled. She stood up and looked at Charlotte. “Taste yourself.”

Hesitantly, Charlotte took roxannes fingers in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around each one. Tasting her own arousal. Roxanne removed her fingers and kissed her best friend lightly on the cheek. Roxanne stood back. “Pretty good huh?” She said.

“I taste better than any sandwhich this place has to offer.” Charlotte added.

The two smiled and giggled at the thought of Matthew waiting for them with sandwiches. Carefully Roxanne helped Charlotte hop down from the counter. They dressed Charlottes frame and dashed out the bathroom door.

Walking together out to the restaurant, the girls spotted Matthew at a booth near the window. They smiled, waved and scurried to their seats.

“Sorry we’re late!” Charlotte smiled and gave a genuine apology while scooting in the booth opposite from her handsome friend. “Yeah man totally my bad! Feminine things going on know haha!” Roxanne lightly punched Matthews arm before sitting next to Charlotte and giving Matthew an exaggerated smile.

“oh my GOSH. You two did NOT just ditch me and these sandwiches to have a quickie in a sub shop bathroom?!” Matthew said, rather shocked and mildly offended in regard to their now less than fresh sandwiches on the table.

“No way!” Replied Charlotte, quickly defending herself. “YUP.” Roxanne beamed.

“ROXANNE” Charlotte looked at Roxanne with eyes of murder.

Matthew laughed and took a sip of water. “7 minutes. That’s not too bad though. Maybe you can take your first bite of food in that time huh?” Teased the blue eyed flirt. “You and your sandwiches!” Roxanne laughed and bit into her lunch.

The three teens laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. All we’re excited for their trip at hand. However, Roxanne was excited for the possibility of Matthew and maybe Charlotte too. Roxanne pondered to herself “All just one slip of the bathing suit? How the heck am I gonna prompt a threesome with my best friends?” She decided to cultivate the idea later and for now, continue a fantastic lunch with fantastic friends.

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