Be carfull what you wish for part 1 (a sissy story

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Be carfull what you wish for part 1 (a sissy storyI was about 22 and i was crossdressing for a few years now. Always hidden and only in my room. I often took pics and postet them on porn sites. It gave me a real kick to get strong man turned on. The rest of my life i was just a normal student boy still living at his parents and nobody new about my hobbies or would even suggest that im not straight but that changed soon…. Maby it were the sissy hypnos but soon my desire for cock became overwhelming so i started looking around on dating sites and postet online ads.A long time i only wrote with the guys but always chickend out. i often told them i want to find a wway to life as girl because i knew the would like to here that but in the end it all stayed the same until i met him. I will just call him Daddy in this Story. So one day a guy answered on one of my online aps who said” young sissy want to be fieminized and turned into a girl”. The conversation started like all the other wans he told me he likes my photo. He told me about himself and showed me some fotos. He was an older guy in his 50s a little chubby very hairy and i wouldnt say very atractiv. So i flirted a little never with the intention to actually meet him. He told me he likes what im doind and he wants to help me with some money so if i give him my bank account number he will send me some money. i loved tha .the told me for sarıyer escort the money he just wants some personal pics me in sissy clothes with a paper that says dump whore and i love cocks and shit like this since i was a student i was always broke anyways and make up and girly clothes are very expensive. so i gave him my account number without thinking a lot of it. on the next day when i woke up i was looking for my account right away but there was no money, so i went to the chat to ask him about the money.. There was a message from him saying” Be ready slut tomorrow 10 am im coming to your place “i asked what this means and if hes crazy he doesnt even know where i life. Than i was staring at my laptop in disbelieve.. He sent me my adress and my real name. i was in shock i never told anyone. i didnt knew back than he worked fr a bank and it was easy for him to find out my name. i told him im sry but im not meeting anyone. He wrote ” you will sissy dont forgett about your fotos your surly dont want your parents to see them or that i post them on your fb page do you” omg i was so scared i knew i had to do as he says. so next the when my parents left for work. i dressed up and did my make up and than i waited. i shook at my whole body i was so scared. when he arrived and i opend the door for him i just wanted to get it done so i dropped right to my knees grabing his pant. ” no esenyurt escort no no what do you think you are doing you will not get that cock so fast, fist you will show me arround” it was so embarassing showing this guy the whole house in girly close tipping in my heels. until he said stop. “now put this on sissy, he hold a blindfold right in front of my face,” i hessitaded ” the fotos ? ” he said as he smiled evil . i put on the blindfold he took my hand and brings me in some room and sits me down on the bad he took my hand an pressed them against something hard what i fought is his belt. ” turn around you will wait here ” he placed me in doggy on the side of the bed iwas so in fear. i took a few minutes until he returned he approached right behind me i felt him lift up my skirt and press something against my ass it all happend so fast he grapped my thights and pushed in his cock … fuck it was so painfull i screamed out in pain but his grip was thight i couldnt escape. i felt him pulling back alittle just to push it in even further .arggggh it felt like he was hitting my chest if i hadnt have the blindfold i would have cried he started pounding my ass harder and faster. every thrust felt deeper, and their was a feeling of pleasure mixing under the pain .soon the screams became moans and i was trying to push against his big hard ccock to get it in even deeper. suddenly something strange began to happen i didnt avrupa yakası escort know how long he was fucking me but something built up in me and i couldnt stop it i was about to cum. i never felt anything like it it was the best orgasm ever it lasted for minutes and my soft clittty leaked a waterfall. but he wasent done he pushed me down so i was laying flat on my stomach and just continued my legs shook and my face was pressed in the pillow he must have gone on for at least 20 more minutes and every push was like a little orgasm for me. than i herd him say ” you like what you see ?” i didnt get it i wasnt seeing anything.” ready for the final ” “yes” i said “turn arround and show daddy how much you want his cum” i turn arround down the bed on my knees opend my motuh and saiid” please daddy give me your cum” he grabed my hairs and shoved the cock in my mouth it tasted extremly good even though it smelled like ass, than he pulled my head back and i felt his warm cum on my face and in my mouth” and ?” “thank you daddy” i responded. i hearedd him laughin out loud. i remove the blindfold and i realise im not in my own room but in my parents and then i see it. in the door there are my parents standing. mom is crying and dad is looking like he just saw a car accident. but how. When i showed daddy around he took my phone the when i was blindfolded he ulocked it with my fingerprints and he than went out to write my parents come home quick its a emergency . and when the arrived the were hearing my screams so they came running. the couldnt look away as their boy was getting fucked and he loved it. i knew rigth away my old life was over and a didnt even know that he also used my phone to post my sissy pics on my social media so now eveyrone i ever met knows that i love cocks…. to be continued

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