BBC “Poke Her Night”

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BBC “Poke Her Night”BBC “poke her” nightA couple of days after the meeting at Joseph’s camp house he called and said that he had a poker night every week there and asked if I wanted to come. I asked when and he said it would be tomorrow night about 7PM. Hubby was still out of town so I said I would like to go. I wanted to actually see Bill and Troy for the first time. He said meet him at the location about 6 and he would lead me down to the camp house. I thought about where I could tell hubby I was going that late. I decided to tell him I was going to stay with our daughter in law since my son was working nights.So about 3 o’clock I called Joseph and asked what he wanted me to wear, he said just wear something he had an outfit for me. MMMMM I said ok and told him I would be there. In a little while I cleaned up and put some sweat pants and a half t-shirt on and got my make up on to head out. I also got some KY jelly and my BBC dildo in a bag (you never know). When I got to the location Joseph was there, so I followed him down the trail to the camp house. I parked and got out and was reaching over to get my bag when I felt him come up behind me and shove his hand down the back of my sweats! Mmmmmm I pushed back against him and felt his hard cock, but told him not yet I wanted to know what was going to go on tonight. He said to come on in and we would talk about it. After getting inside we sat down and began talking about what he wanted me to do. He said I could do what I wanted, but what he wanted me to do was to act as a waitress. Joseph said all of the guy’s usually pitched in at the end of the night to tip the waitress depending on how her service was. Thinking this might be fun I agreed and asked what he had for me to wear, he went to a bag and pulled out a skimpy pink teddy with crotch less panties. erdek escort I said I liked them and slid my sweats and t-shirt off and slid the outfit on. About 20 minutes and I hear the door open and 2 nice looking young black men come in and introduce themselves as Troy and Bill! I said nice to finally see you, and they agreed. We sat around and talked for a little while, then the men said we need to set up for the game. Bill went out and brought several bags of snacks and told me to fix them. As he set them down on the bar, his hand slid in between my legs and brushed my cunt. I reached around and grabbed a handful of his cock and squeezed as well, he said we will have fun tonight! I said we might! Troy and Joseph were clearing the table of and getting chairs together, this table was huge it had room for about 10 people. I pulled Joseph to the side and asked how many guys usually came to the poker game, he said about 10. I asked if they were all young black guys and he said no they did have white friends! LOL Then Joseph said his wife was supposed to come as well, that made me wet thinking about what could happen.Around 7 guys started showing up and I was in the kitchen when the back door opened and a good looking young white girl walked in and said hi. I said hi and asked who she was, she said her name was Sonja and she was Joseph’s wife and was glad to see another woman here. I asked what she meant and she said maybe she would not be as sore as usual! I continued getting snacks ready and Sonja left out towards the bedroom. I finished and walked down the hall to the bedroom and opened the door to see Sonja totally naked rubbing lotion all over her beautiful body. I stopped for a minute and she said come in, I sat on the bed beside her and we began gönen escort talking. I told her my name and asked what was going to happen tonight, she said you will get fucked as much as you want! Really how many times have you done this I asked, she said every week and I love it! They will pay us good all you have to do is keep the beer coming and wag you ass and let them feel of you! Then she asked if I needed lotion rubbed on me, I said I could use some and she said get out of that teddy. So I did take it off and she said come over her and lay down. Sonja started rubbing the lotion all over my arms and legs, it felt so good (I have thought being with another woman). Then she moved to my tits my gosh I was getting wet! She told me to roll over and rubbed it all over my back and moved slowly down to my ass. My pussy was wet as hell, when her hand slipped up and brushed my slick pussy lips! I asked what did she want and she rolled me over and dove right in between my leg and started licking my pussy. I had never had a woman do this before but it was good, then she moved around and slammed her wet cunt in my face in a 69! I was not sure if I wanted to lick her but did it anyway! I thought about how hubby licks mine and tried to do the same to her, it must have worked because she started running her tongue deep into my pussy and grinding her pussy into my tongue. We both started shuddering and came at the same time wow I was now a lesbian!!!!!!!! So I got up and got dressed in my teddy and Sonja put one on as well and we headed back into the kitchen. We served beer and snacks while the men were playing cards, all the while getting groped as we did. About 11pm some of the guys were running out of money and getting out of the game. Sonja then told me we had to kepsut escort go to the rooms, I asked what she meant. She said when the guy’s started to get out we had to be ready to fuck them in the bedrooms. She led me down to a bedroom and told me to get naked and wait in the bed, she would be in the next bedroom also. I got naked and laid in the bed for what seemed like 10 minute when the first guy came in. He was white guy about 35, he slid his clothes off and got in bed and said nothing as he started playing with my pussy a little, then just fucked me. He got up and I saw him put something in a mason jar by the door. Not sure what it was I got up and looked, it was 100 dollars!!!!! Wow I liked this! So I laid back down and waited, after about 5 different men (white and black young and old) fucking me I was tired and drifted off to sleep. Not sure how long I slept, but was awakened to soft hands caressing me all over. I opened my eyes to see Sonja and Joseph on each side of me naked and massaging my tired body. I asked how long I had been asleep and they said about 20 minutes. I asked if I was done and Joseph said not yet. Just as he said that Sonja moved to my wet cum filled pussy and started fingering and licking it. I was on fire the Joseph moved up and put his dick in my mouth, I sucked it for all I was worth until he shot his load deep down my throat, and I flooded Sonja’s mouth and tongue with my warm juices as she slurped it all up. We got up and I need to wash so I headed to the bathroom, Sonja was in the tub and told me to get in so I did, she washed my entire body and I did hers. Then we dressed, I asked Joseph what I needed to do with the outfit he gave me and he said it is yours. So I put it in my bag then Sonja led me to my bedroom and said get your tips out of the jar. I did and counted $650 dollars!!!!!!!!! My gosh I was ready to go again! Joseph asked if I wanted to come back on the “poke her” night next week and I said I did but was not sure where hubby would be. He said he would call.When I got home went straight to bed but carried my BBC dildo for when I woke up!!!!!!!

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