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BATAVIA BAR BOOK #4BATAVIA BAR BOOK #4 is all about awesomyly attractive associate Ashtyn;BATAVIA BAR BOOK #4 is all about dear daring daring dirty defloration details.BATAVIA BAR BOOK #4 is all about Eve’s eve in our green Garden of EdenBATAVIA BAR BOOK #4 is all about Even even eating an apple in my sight!Sancta Sara is a Sanctuary in the hills of Upper Sexonia. The nunnery is supervised by sexy Sasha.Sasha is Superior Mother to the few nuns and novices. Blonde beauty babysitter is the first new novice.Ashtyn is awesomely attractive, a slender sensual tiny tit tasty teen, as I can tell from her pretty picture.Ashtyn arrives together with her love and superior sexy Sasha whom she hopes to marry in the nunnery.Ashtyn is shy at the start when we talk a few times in the net before we finally meet at the nunnery.Ashtyn is still a virgin for men, although sexy Sasha recently has taken her flower in female fornication.She has experimented quite a bit, as any curious teen, blowing boys and a few men’s mighty members.She edirne escort longs to fully fornicate an experienced Priest of proper sexual standing and rangy red reputation.Ashtyn is invited to take part in the ceremony of sexy s!sterhood as invented by Sasha for her nuns.Ashtyn is in awe by the honour as she is only a novice, normally not included in the ritual for fresh nuns.She is a bit afraid though, as she has seen the blade which Sasha chose to perform the raunchy ritual.She is invited to sit at my lap for comfort, feel secure in the arms of Professor Poet in Subby Sexuology.Ashtyn tightens up in my arms as she watches how sexy Sasha as Superior cuts the upper arm of Natalia.Ashtyn turns pale, as she watches how red body fluids flow into a few flutes for drinking dear champagne.She sees how hot naughty Natalia returns the favour to her sexy Superior. Great glasses are filled for half.She faints as soon she sees her own red drops flow filling the glasses after sexy Sasha cuts ağrı escort her upper arm!Ashtyn is numb in my arms. Arouses me tremendously, an blossoming blonde tasty teen virgin at my lusty lap.Ashtyn’s tasty tight beautiful bottom is bare as bald. My member rises instantly into a mighty mean manhood!She shall meet my meat. Not in her tight teen twat, as I intended originally, as she shall be aesomely aware!She has a hot holy sexy sphincter, which easily gives in to my probing index penetrating her baby backdoor.Ashtyn is still deep in dirty dreams full of sultry sex and hot horror, but begins moaning from me in her butt.Ashtyn easily gives way to two more fingers up her arse. She starts to get wet and come in her horny horror!She easily slides over my proud pole and starts to dance at it as if in sl33pwalking at my loving lustful lap.She comes by from coming and hugs me hotly covering my face with kisses. “Thank you Professor Peter!Ashtyn missed her first chance to drink the red cocktail ardahan escort of sexy s!sterhood called ‘BL00DY MARY’.Ashtyn has to wait for quite a while as the sacred ritual is performed only once every two months.She is glad she escaped her first ordeal spontaneously. She develops interest in her elder Priest.She asks her all mighty Mother Superior Sasha for permission to be deflowered by Priest Peter.Ashtyn prays at the love lips of Superior Sasha. She prays she can make Her Horniness come well.Ashtyn prays at Mother Superior for permission to be consecrated next full moon by Prior Peter.She longs to be tied down to the altar in our chapel, a wooden horse all covered by black leather.She does not know the purpose of the awesome altar of our naughty nunnery. Soon she will find out!Ashtyn is the first of many new novices.All have names starting with letter A:Alessandra, Anne and Aisha from Holland/Ai is Japanese and also a Dutch resident.American nuns are introduced in next chapter.Awesome Regina is the Queen of our gardens.Juicy Jennifer is to be Mistress of Ceremonies.Lovely looking Lauren their nice new novice.We warmly welcome your praise, best in wordsWe want to see thumbs up from our dear readersWe will continue this series very shortly indeedWe welcome new nuns & novices to our nunnery

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