Basement Surprise

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Basement SurpriseIt was another dull day for Rick going from apartment to apartment measuring up for curtains and carpets in  his estimating job.Still it was the last one of the day – in a large mansion block in Chelsea.He had been asked to contact the housekeeper in the basement flat to obtain the key to the apartment and had phoned ahead to confirm access with the housekeeper. As he descended the steps to the basement he noticed the curtains were closed, presumably to stop people peering in and being nosy. He rang the intercom and the housekeeper buzzed him in.    Pushing the door open Rick blinked in the darkness, his eyes trying to adjust to the gloom.” I am in here ” called a voice and Rick walked up the short passage to entrance door .As his eyes adjusted to the light he saw a figure standing at the door. Approaching he had a chance to see more closely and immediately felt a tingle of excitement .A quiet tall lady of about 40-ish was smiling at him -she was dressed in what to Rick looked like a wrap around night gown but open at the front where he could easily see a large display of cleavage. But what really caught Ricks attention was in background he could see through to a small lounge and a large tv was unmistakingly playing a porn with the volume up loud.Perhaps she was watching with her partner or boyfriend? ” .As she turned away Rick saw a beautifully curved arse outlined against the clinging fabric.All Rick could think about as he went about measuring up was the very unusual sight of being welcomed by a half dressed woman with porn playing in the background.In all his year of visiting properties he could safely say he had never seen anything like it .Half an hour later he returned to the housekeepers flat and knocked gently on the door.He wondered if he had caught the housekeeper by surprise earlier and now she would be dressed and looking respectable .To his surprise and he had to admit excitement she opened the door wearing exactly the same outfit and again Rick could see the porno playing in the back ground. “All done he ” said , then taking the plunge, “sounds like a good movie you have got there, do you mind if I have bahis şirketleri a little watch” “Oh sure thing “she replied. “I was going to ask if you wanted a cup of tea ” “Thanks , that would be great ” “Come on in then, let your hair down or anything else “she laughed.”My names Rick ” “and I am Kelly” …she extended a soft hand and said “grab a seat”.Rick entered the small lounge, there was a very comfortable large sofa, the kind you just sink into facing the tv and Rick lowered himself into it.Kelly popped her head round the corner “Sugar ?..hey relax can take your jacket off –works over “. “Thanks , I will , this was my last appointment today” .As Kelly prepped the tea in the kitchen Rick cast his eyes round the room.Apart from the fact porno was playing it could have been any room in any flat anyway. Small table, in the corner, some books and on the wall a replica colour of a billboard advertising Ditta’s Burlesque Show.Rick looked at the photo of the young busty girl and quickly realised who it was.”Yes that’s me, younger day’s ” Kelly said laughing and presented him with tea.They sat on the sofa and started viewing the film, bodies squirming ,sighs and moans.Rick realised his cock was beginning to twitch in his suit trousers.He had removed his jacket and tie and glancing over at Kelly noted she seem to have taken off her bra since going to make the tea. As far as he could make out the only garment she was wearing was the wrap with her large breasts now outlined clearly and straining at the fabric.Kelly began some small talk , “are you married Rick” “yes” ..”I get a lot of married guys popping in to enjoy a film””Do you watch porn with your wife ” “Er no, she’s not really into that stuff, I don’t know why””Its just nature taking its course , show a man a naked girl and he gets excited, show a women a nice cock and she does too then nature takes over ” smiled Kelly.Rick had always thought himself a quiet skilled conversationalist especially with women but he realised he was way out of his depth in this situation.70% of him was very excited 30% was nervous–was it a set up, was some guy suddenly going to walk in and demand bahis firmaları money–was there a secret camera somewhere.Crap , get a grip thought Rick –thats not the case cos Kelly is employed by the maintenance firm to look after the flats so she has got to be on the level.Rick made an excuse and popped into the bathroom ,fondling his cock as he did he found it sticky with pre -cum,Shit, I ‘ll just go for it he thought .He gave his cock a few quick pulls and it hardened quickly .Returning to the lounge he knew Kelly would notice it.Sitting down beside her on the screen a stud was going down and licking a pussy whilst the women moaned with pleasure .”Oh my favourite scene’s”said Kelly and immediately putting her hand to her breast began to squeeze it. Rick stood up and just a little nervously said “Is it ok to take these off ” indicating his trousers.”Oh sure honey, you don’t want them to get messy”Rick dropped both trousers and shorts to the floor.His cock sprang up, erect and at its full 7 inches .At the same time Kelly loosened the wrap and let it fall away.As Rick suspected she was naked underneath.Kelly reached out and gently took his cock , pumping it up and down slowly .”We got there in the end did’nt we ” she smiled “It was hard work though, I thought it was’nt going to happen at one point , especially when you went to the bathroom–I thought you were going to leave,it’s a lovely cock though.worth the wait”Rick reached out and began to stroke her breasts then leaning over he took first one nipple then the other and sucked and licked till they were hard.Kelly had started to breath faster and a little moan escaped her lips .She took his hand and placed it between her legs.She already soaking wet and very aroused.Rick located her clitoris and began to stroke it .Using his index finger he ran it up and down her pussy.”Oh fuck” cried Kelly “harder”She pulled him hard down onto her breasts and he took as much as he could in his mouth whilst he fingered her rapidly ,Suddenly Kelly jerked and her whole body seemed to go rigid for a second then shudder and spasm.At the same time Rick felt a flood of warmth over his fingers as she kaçak bahis siteleri squirted out her fluids.Relaxing her grip slightly Rick sat back up.”I did’nt do anything early as I wanted to be sure ” he said .”Its not that I am shy ” Oh honey its ok –but I did wonder that i’d made a mistake ..i get a lot of guys calling here to go the the apartments and usually once they agree to come in for a cup of coffee things happen.I can get a guy naked in 5 minutes –you were a long time 20 minutes maybe – I though perhaps u were gay”By way of explanation she continued ” I have the porno on as if they are not interested and walk away at that point–once they enter the flat things are going to happen..hey we r talking too much need your fun too”.”Lay back sweetie–watch the movie”Rick lay back and as he did so Kelly leant over and took his cock with one hand and slowly slid her mouth over his cock -, taking it fully in.”Oh god that is gorgeous” sighed Rick .Kelly began to expertly suck his cock , the warmth of her mouth and the sensations as she worked her tongue round his shaft was exquisite .He was caught between watching the movie and watching Kelly which he found was so erotic.He cupped his hand round her breasts kneading and rubbing it playing with the nipples He realised he was close .”I AM CUMMIMG “.Suddenly he felt his full load spurting from his cock .Suzy held firmly onto his shaft and wasted not a drop swallowing it all.Then she looked up at him and said “You really needed that release did’nt you ” Before his erection could subside she mounted him .His cock slipping easily into her wet soaking pussy and she began to thrust hard riding him and crying out each time she thrust down onto his member.”Cum baby cum” she panted .Rick did’nt usually recover so quick but Kelly was one horny lady and he shuddered as he came again and as he did so Kelly’s juices flooded over him and she bucked and shook , her nails clawing a little into his back as she came once more.”Oh shit honey that was good ” and flopping off him lay back on the sofa her body glistening with sweat.”Sweetie “..”I would love to see you again but i gotta get ready to go out ..but will you come and visit me again , maybe earlier in the day — I’ll give you my cell”Rick couldnt wait ,”I’ll message you when I am back round here ” he would look forward to another visit. She was one hell of a horny lady

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