Baseball Bitch Ch. 02

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The first few games went really well. We were winning, which was obviously great. I was pitching amazing which was even better and Emily and I were exploring her new obsession with her dildo. Reggie still wouldn’t let me touch myself and as much as it bothered me at first I noticed I didn’t need to.

Emily got me so excited just watching her fuck her dildo that I usually came hands free, and on top of that the days where I didn’t cum I had an extra intensity on the mound, or the weight room. Everything was working out fine, so fine in fact that it took me 6 weeks into the season before I realized that Emily hadn’t actually needed me to touch her to get off in quite a while.

She still appreciated the tongue work, but it was becoming less and less requested from her. She even got annoyed a few times when I was licking her clit, but she just wanted to be bottomed out by her new toy. One day I was trying to bring her to orgasm with my tongue and she smacked me in the face with her Reggie sized dildo.

“If you insist on using your mouth baby why don’t you get this wet for me. I wanna try it from the back” I complied with her request, but I was beginning to feel like the 3rd wheel in my own relationship. I sucked and throat fucked myself with the toy until it was dripping with saliva. She watched intently but didn’t say anything.

Then she got on all fours, put her perfect ass in the air and asked for ‘that big cock in her tight little pussy.’ Again I did as I was bid. I fucked her intently with big strokes all the way in and out and with a little more force each time, as per demand. She was moaning and writhing in pleasure from it.

“Oh my god baby I wish you could fuck me like this…. Ungggg…yes harder…. Just like that…. Now spank me.” Smack “again, don’t be a little bitch about it! Spank me like a slut” SMACK SMACK “UUNNNGGGH YES!” and she started to rock back and forth on the toy bottoming herself out. It seemed like she was disappointed when she got to to end of it, like she had just ridden her favorite roller coaster one time too many and now it offered no thrill.

“Eat my ass baby. Please I’m so close I just need something!” I was afraid that she was on the verge of noticing that I didn’t really offer anything to our lovemaking, so I went into her ass hole with my tongue before she could ask a second time.

“Yessss…. That’s it. Tongue my asshole, worship that booty…” I continued to fuck her with the dildo hard and fast and tongued her ass as best I could until finally she tensed up, her knees locked and she let out a moan of exasperated pleasure. I removed the toy from her and I was rewarded with a small waterfall of her lady juices all over my hand, wrist, and the bed sheets.

I went and cleaned it off like she showed me and when I came back she was still on the bed with her ass up. I thought she was asleep but she was just too tired to move. She did askif I wanted a turn.

“N…no thanks babe, I’ve been trying to not cum as much lately, it makes me play better”. It wasn’t a total lie, it had made me play better, the fact that I was too afraid of what Reggie would do if he found out was a part of the reasoning she didn’t need to hear.

“Oh yeah that’s right Reggie mentioned that might be why you haven’t been trying to fuck me lately”. I was shocked that she so cavalierly mentioned her conversation with Reggie about me, and also that she remembers these last few weeks as me not trying to fuck her instead of her just not needing me, but okay. I chose to say nothing

Well I would have said nothing but she kept looking at me for a response so I muttered out an agreement. “Yeah I guess I’m not the first guy to think of it” I finished with a chuckle.

“He actually had an idea that might help you too…but I wasn’t sure if he knew what he was talking about, so I waited to mention it.”

I was completely at a loss for words so I let her explain. For reasons I couldn’t comprehend my dick was getting really hard. I thought for sure I would have cum after eating her ass, but I guess my stamina was starting to improve. She moved herself to sit up. and sadly took away my view of her ass.

“See I got you something which would help you not touch yourself, or get excited, or anything like that.”

“Oookay…” I said dubiously. She moved her hand toward my very hard member and cupped the whole thing in her hand. Then she started to compare it to her small dainty fingers. It was about the size of her index finger I saw. Fully erect, I was the size of my tiny girlfriend’s tiny index finger. I was thicker of course, but the length was the same.

She looked at her finger and then at my dick again but didn’t say anything as she opened her drawer and pulled out a tiny looking metal device. I had no idea what it was. It was a flat piece of metal, it looked kind of like a helmet for a thumb with very little curvature, and it had a bigger ring that latched into. She held it to my dick but realized in its current state of arousal that it wouldn’t work.

“Well you need to be soft for me to show görükle escort you… do you want to try and have sex?” She asked with little enthusiasm. “Oh you know what! I have an idea. Since you’re not touching yourself or anything, what if I got you off in a different way?!” She was excited now but I was still cautious.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked. But before she answered she put her tongue in my mouth and started making out with me. Naturally I reciprocated and eventually I started feeling around her amazing body. I cupped her ass and squeezed it a few times causing her to moan. Then I moved my hands up to her nipples and started kneading them like dough. Finally she drew in very close to me and started nibbling on my ear and sucking on my neck.

I was paralyzed in pleasure when she pushed me onto my back. Then she whispered in my ear “I’m gonna make you beg me for it.”

“Beg for what?” I asked as she started to massage my own ass. I immediately tensed up not knowing where this was going.

“Lay still baby. You trust me right?” I nodded my head. Then I felt a warm gooey liquid all over my ass. I started to retreat but she pushed my shoulder down and kissed me again. I felt her index and middle finger massage around my hole, and then finally they both penetrated. I tried to not let out a noise but I think a moan escaped my lips.

“This is as deep as your dick goes into me right now. I even used a second finger to get the girth right.” She started to go in and out and circle around. “It’s nice right?” I nodded my head not knowing what else to do. “Good… now beg me to fuck you.”

“Babe what’s gotten into you?” I asked, a little afraid. She had been getting more aggressive lately, especially with her commands during sex, but this was new.

“Just beg or I’ll make sure you don’t get a release for your little friend here” and she put her hand over my pre cum leaking dick to cover it completely.

“Please fuck me Emily, please I’m begging you”

“Fuck your what Greg?”

“Fuck my ass please I need it”

Then she whispered into my ear “good boy” and another large helping of the warm sticky fluid spread around and in my asshole. Then I felt a thick cock head demanding entrance into me. I tried to stiffen up but by the time I realized what was happening she saw my look of trepidation and quickly shoved it in too deep for me to resist. Instead of fleeing, I ended up with a few inches of silicone in me. I let out a gasp and a moan.

She was looking right at me as she started moving her really big dildo into my ass. It was slow and sensual, first it was a few inches in, then another inch and a whimper from me. Then she pulled it back and went in another inch and my dick jumped. Pre cum started to pool around my pubic bone where my own dick head was resting. Then she pulled it almost all the way out. For a second I felt empty and unfulfilled.

I couldn’t explain it but when the toy was almost out of me I felt an immense sadness for a moment. Then she drove it home all the way in and I let out a sigh of relief and a moan of pain and pleasure. She started to pick up the tempo after that and started to fuck me with her toy.

She repositioned herself to be over me while she worked it into me with a steady rhythm. “It’s a huge difference right baby? Your dick to this one?” I couldn’t do anything but nod. After all she was right, and my own dick was leaking a steady flow of precum. Then she stopped and held both my legs in her hands. She lifted them up a bit so I helped her by raising them the rest of the way. She wanted my ankles resting on her shoulders before she started back up again.

“You like this don’t you babe?”

“Mmmmmgggghhhhh yes… please don’t stop baby I’m so close” I could feel my prostate being pounded by this cock head and every thrust it felt better and better. I knew I was on the verge of cumming and in that moment it was the only thing that mattered. I would have done or said anything to cum.

“Beg me to let you cum” she ordered.

“Please baby let me cum on your dick I need it”

“Tell me how much you like my dick “

“I live your cock baby, it’s so good”

“I’m the only one with a cock in this relationship now right baby? Your little dicky isn’t involved now. Say it or you can’t cum”

“You’re the only one with a cock babe. My little guy is irrelevant now!” I screamed as she just kept pounding my prostate.

Every pound caused another bit of pre cum, until finally she pulled it all the way out again… And rammed it home with force. My ankles on her shoulders got tense, my toes curled, my legs straightened, my dick stood up away from my body and it started to spew rope after rope of thick white cum all over my stomach.

I laid there coated in my own cum from the stomach down as she dropped my feet back onto the bed. Removed her toy from my ass. She put it under hot water and soap to clean it. I watched her but I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed from that orgasm. It was incredible. It felt like all the orgasms I had up until then were removing bursa merkez escort about 75% of my cum and the rest had been building up until now. Now I had been emptied as it were.

Emily came back over and cleaned me up a bit with a towel. Then I felt cold metal around my deflated dick. I looked and saw the Thumb helmet from earlier over my head and then a cold ring around the base of my balls. Then she locked the thimble bit into the ring and showed me her key. My dick completely soft never went past the top of my balls, and this now had it pressed up tight to my body.

“Now you won’t have to worry about touching yourself for the rest of the season.” She smiled and then kissed me on the lips and went to sleep on her side of the bed. I eventually passed out where I was. Too tired to move.


After the crazy night I awoke confused and restrained. I remembered everything after a minute and tried to be positive. This was going to help me. I’d been pitching really well already, but the season was getting to the tough part and I wanted to be the best in the nation. Sacrifices would have to be made, and wearing a cock cage wasn’t the end of the world. I convinced myself of this while I drank my juice and went for a run.

I did my normal workout to cool down but decided to come home after, for my shower. for obvious reasons. The week continued on like this until Friday when we had a game against a division rival. I was more than amped. I had added another juice to my game day routine and my cage was really doing its part to ramp up my intensity.

I pitched my ass off. I went into the 7th inning with a shutout going. I had given up just one hit and my curveball was making everyone in its path look stupid. The only problem was that my team wasn’t faring much better. They had more hits and walks, but we hadn’t scored yet. Finally when the 8th started I saw Reggie getting stretched in the pen.

I knew he was going to come out this inning. The first batter I saw I stared down. Then I threw a 95 mph heater up and in for a called strike. He shot a look at me but I stared daggers into him and threw him my Change-up. That got a swing and miss and he almost fell to his knees. I wanted to come back with a high fastball but the catcher put down the sign for a curve. I wasn’t about to shake him off after how great he’d been today. I did it and we got the strikeout.

A smart pitcher has to trust his catcher and this was an example of why. He was ready for a high fastball, that’s why the curve worked. I screamed my excitement assuming I was done for the day. But the coach let me go against another guy.

I lined up, stared at him and threw a slider low and away for another swing and miss. We repeated this exactly for the second pitch except this time he fouled it off. Still down two strikes to zero balls I was in a good count. Catcher put down a fastball and I didn’t disappoint. Another one 95 mph inside part of the plate for a called strike three.

Again I let out a scream but again the coach let me stay. This time I threw a first pitch slider but he connected for a weak grounder down the first base line. Bobby should’ve made the play and ended the inning, but he booted it and let the runner reach first. I was livid. I didn’t actually say anything to Bobby but I did scream out “Fuck” as loud as I could. This time the skipper came and got me and put Reggie in.

I sat and watched from the dugout as Reggie gave up a 2 run homerun on his second pitch. I didn’t scream this time, but my rage was palpable. I threw my glove and my hat as I watched us lose the game by a final score of 2 to nothing. Fast forward to the locker room everyone has showered and changed except us 3. Coach wanted to talk to us in his office so we were delayed.

“Alright guys, let’s put this behind us okay? Reggie we’re gonna work on that split change because it’s got potential, but it cost us today. Bobby… mistakes happen man don’t beat yourself up about it. Just make the fucking play next time Alright?. And Greg. You were great tonight, sorry we couldn’t get you the win, but you pitched like a man possessed. Whatever you’re doing…keep fucking doing it.” I nodded and saw Reggie smirk a bit. Then we were dismissed.

After we got to our lockers Bobby dropped his pants and turned to me “sorry man.” was all he said as his huge piece of man meat swung free of his cup and compression shorts. I nodded, still pretty pissed off but not wanting to direct my rage at him.

He walked into the shower and Reggie turned to me. “I’d apologize, but I think you kind of owe me frankly.”

“Owe you? For fucking what? Blowing a game? Thanks dude” I said ready to tap into some rage.

“Nah, coach said keep doing what you’re doing. Who do you think sent Emily the link to buy your tiny little cock cage? Without me you might have blown this on your own. Then you couldn’t be mad at Bobby or me for this game.”

Reggie was so matter of fact that I almost bought into his bullshit for a second, but then the rage and testosterone bursa sınırsız escort hit me again and I stood up and started yelling in his face. I don’t even remember what all I said but I know I told him if he could do what I did then he would be, but since he’s a bullshit pen arm to mind his own fucking business. I said some more stuff but it kinda blurred out. Finally when I was done he looked at me with a glimmer of cold rage in his eyes.

“You’re gonna pay for that… in ways you can’t even imagine yet.” Then he dropped his pants and cup to reveal his own massive tool and walked into the shower.

When I complained to Emily she seemed more concerned with how Reggie was feeling than me. I tried to get her to uncage me and console me, but she wasn’t really into it. Finally I went to take a shower after we got home. I was getting pissy and was worried I would sound petulant if I didn’t relax. I was in there for about 20 minutes and when I turned off the water I heard Emily moaning in the bed.

I couldn’t quite make out what she was moaning but I definitely heard her say big and cock a few times. I opened the door and saw her fucking herself with the dildo and pinching her own nipple with her other hand. I stood there, naked and recently dried as my cock tried to strain against its cage. She didn’t even notice me as she picked up the tempo and started to writhe in pleasure on the bed. After a few more seconds she got very stiff and screamed out a few ‘Oh fucks’ then let out a big gasp of air and finally realized I was in the room.

“Oh hey honey” she said as she reached for her phone, and then handed me the dildo. “Would you mind cleaning Oliver for me?”


“Well I had to name it and I don’t know, he looked like an Oliver.” I smiled as I turned to go clean it in the bathroom.

Emily was asleep by the time I finished cleaning it and put it away. Her phone was locked now but I started to randomly wonder what she looked for when she randomly reached for it after cumming. I told myself it was probably nothing and drifted off to sleep.

The rest of the series went to us as we won Saturday and Sunday but all I could do was watch. Reggie pitched both games in relief and looked much better, and Bobby hit 2 home runs. Everyone ended up with a good weekend. Except me. Then came Monday.


When Monday came I woke up to a knock at the door. I threw on some boxers to cover my cage and half opened the door to see who it was. It was Reggie.

“Hello?” I said cautious and still waking up.

He pushed me out of the way and walked into the apartment. He had a demeanor about him that actually left me scared, even more than I already was.

“So you seem like you need a lesson in who’s in charge” Reggie pushed me and I instinctively worried about protecting my face. So I flinched a bit as I took a step back from the push. He scowled at me and snickered a bit. He pushed me back a few more times until we were in mine and Emily’s bedroom. Then he ordered me to undo his pants.

I don’t know why I was so scared but I was starting to shake a bit from fear of what he would do to me if I disobeyed. So I undid his belt and his jeans. Pulled down his denim constraints and I watched as his boxer briefs struggled to contain his heavy and hardening cock.

“Now free it bitch. And give it a kiss”

I gulped not looking forward to being face fucked again. I felt a strain in my cage but I couldn’t do anything about that anyway. I pulled down his tight boxer briefs and freed his giant cut cock. It was nearly fully hard now and had quite a bit of bounce after the boxers dropped. On its way up it missed my face, but back down it smacked me in the nose and lips. I kissed it like I was told to.

“Kiss it again. And say you’re sorry about getting out of line the other day”.

I did.

“Now open up.”

I opened my mouth, but he shook his head no. He wanted me to beg again.

“Reggie… can I please suck your big heavy cock, since I was so out of line on Friday?”

“Well if you really want to, Greg, what kind of a team mate would I be to refuse you your apology.”

And with that he forced his cock in my mouth. I took it as deep as I could before I gagged on it. He was about half-way inside my mouth at that point. Then I started to bob up and down his massive cock sucking and slurping like his cock was the cure to whatever ailed me.

“That’s right Greg, do what sissy white boys do best, get me off…mmmm yeah, now try to take more down your throat again.”

I tried again and this time I got a bit more down my throat. Probably 6 inches of his 8. But it was so thick that I was dying for air. When he finally pulled it out of my throat I was so happy for oxygen that I started sucking his weighty balls so he wouldn’t face fuck me again right away.

I slurped and worshipped his big balls until he patted my shoulder, then without hesitation I took him in my mouth again. I sucked and licked around his bulbous head. I bobbed a few more times but his balls were calling to me. I had an urge to kiss them with my tongue. I went down his fat long cock. Went down a bit further, it was filling my throat to the point where air was hard to come by. But i was too focused on his heavy weighty balls to worry. I breathed through my nose and went down further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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