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Subject: Bare Middleton This is a fictional story I have about this up and coming British singer. Paul Middleton is a big hunky bear of a man that happens to have a silky smooth singing voice that can lull you into a nice peaceful state. And it don’t hurt that he is a big piece of hairy deliciousness. It is only fiction as I have never met, and may never meet this gorgeous beast. But I do hope you enjoy my little tale. Bare Middleton (1) I Heard Him on the Net… Being single and alone sucks. I will get that out of the way first. But its true. I have been in not a lot of relationships in my life, because unlike most gay men I actually want something serious in a relationship. Not just jump from bed to bed or man to man. So when I thought I had found someone I found interesting and had a connection with, I tried to make ot work. But as it were my luck in this field. Relationships. In other words my track record with relationships sucked. And it got to the point that I just gave up entirely. Hence my current state of single. And I guess I was okay with it as I went along with life day by day. bursa escort bayan My senses and heart dullened by the years of bad and unhappy heartbreak. “How sad and depression” I told myself once And it is kinda depressing. But like I said. I was used to the solitude. And seeing people coupled actually didn’t bother me anymore. I was once jealous of them. Gay or straight, holding hands, kissing and getting married. All that stuff that was expected, and everyone had wanted. But i stopped wanting it. That was until it all changed this passed 2 years. And thanks to Paul. “My Paul” I sigh as I think about him. Well last start 2 years 3 months and 6 days ago. Ad I have been alone for at least 5 years now. I stayed home mostly. I really had few friends. And nine I would really consider a close friend. So I would go to movies and hang out with coworkers and the few people I knew that I dared to tolerate. But mostly I stayed home and binged on Tv and listened and downloaded online music. I liked darker shows as the romantic junk was dull and just sad to me. So Sci-fi, murder mystery and anything dark görükle escort was my preferred viewing on the television. “Hmm. That’s sounds good” I would say when a new dark and even creepy new show was announced. “Gotta put that on my list.” So yeah the darker viewing stuff was great to me. And I watched it fervently. My problem was music. Now I love music. Almost all kinds of it. From classic rock to dance to weird electronic stuff and rap. I would listen to music dependent on my mood that day sometimes. One day show tunes. Yes that’s ‘soo gay’. And this was were the foolish romantic seemed to come in. Listening to the soft, mellow love songs. It was always nice, but then made me sad after it. Go Out I somehow wanted the love song to remind me that maybe it was out there. And in occasion I would watch a romantic comedy on TV. But usually it was loves songs that pulled me in. And I would even download some. “That’s nice” I would say as I pulled up a new one Then I came across this guy online. I had never heard of Mr Middleton before that day I was searching. He was a bursa escort bayan big near if a guy that was up and coming. The songs he sang online were cover tunes. Someone elses stuff. But he did such a great job on them. The big hunky looking bear that was easy in the eyes had a smooth and almost calming tone to his voice. And I immediately liked him. “Wow. The big guy can sing” I said “And he is not bad on the eyes either” “Big bear looking fellow” Yeah Paul was a hinky bear at that. Sandy colored hair and full bear beard in a tall and beefy body. I downloaded a few of the covers he did as I really liked his rendition if them. And once again, liked the way he looked. He was a handsome guy. And his soft green eyes were quickly pulling me in to him as much as his voice. So i think I was instantly smitten by Mr Middleton. “He is good looking for sure” I said to myself. I found myself looking at the videos he had over and over. Just to catch the big bear hunk in the only images I had of him. Of course as I was a gay man and liked his bear looks, I searched for him online in other that the videos I found of him singing. I figured he had to have a webpage if he was a singer. It didn’t take too long to find it. Heck he even had an Instagram page. And that’s when I gasped at my discovery on his page. “Holy fuck. He is gay!…” I shouted To be continued

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