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Big Cock

It was hard to believe almost a year had passed since Barb first met Ken. What started out as a 19 year-old’s crush turned into a unexpected sexual relationship.

On their first date together, she discovered Ken was incredibly well-endowed.

Her first weekend staying at his place, she discovered his friends were, too. She also learned it was possible to actually enjoy the taste of a man’s ejaculate, and that weekend, it seemed she couldn’t get enough.

She spent that particular weekend allowing herself to be penetrated dozens of times by men she didn’t know, and loved it. And then, in the middle of it all, Ken admitted in a round-about way to being in love with her.

At the time, she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She was definitely infatuated with his body, his demeanor, and she thought she could be happy with just him, but he had shared her with his two roommates and two other “associates.” How could he say he loved her, and then be so willing to share her with other men?

Over time, though, she could see it in the way he treated her when she wasn’t bouncing her 5’4″ 130lb frame on his – or anyone else’s – cock. He was always nice to her, even when he didn’t have to be.

When they went on a “normal couple” date, he was a total gentleman from the time he picked her up at her Aunt Dori’s house, to the time he kissed her goodnight at the front door. After she mentioned she wanted him to meet her parents, he decided to go the extra mile and spent the next few weeks preparing for the occasion. He worked out more regularly in his basement gym. He let Barb manscape his entire body, and he even tried a conservative haircut. With the loss of 20lbs, he easily looked five years younger than his actual age of twenty-nine.

Dinner at the parent’s was mostly uneventful. Ken was on his best behavior; charming, handsome, polite. Barb’s parents were not very close to their daughter after she moved out to live with Barb’s aunt. They were not at all pleased about her choice of employment as an intentionally-exploited waitress. But during the dinner, they seemed genuinely happy for Barb. Ken’s being in the restoration business was apparently not a deal-breaker with her father, and once over that hump, the evening progressed pleasantly. Ken laughed at her dad’s jokes, and complimented her mom’s cooking. He did everything right.

Barb developed a habit for rewarding good behavior, and her face was in Ken’s lap the entire ride back home to her Aunt Dori’s.

Barb and Ken “dated” for several months, and Barb found herself flirting with her restaurant customers less and less, as she no longer pursued dating other men. She didn’t need to. She wondered if Ken still fucked other girls, not that she was jealous. She just wondered if he was satisfied with her, or if he felt he wanted or needed more.

After one of Ken’s marathon fucks during a late afternoon in Barb’s bedroom, he rolled off of her so she could lick the come from his cock the way she always did. Instead of immediately lapping at his balls, though, she reached back and pulled the jeweled butt plug from her ass, put it in her mouth, and then offered it to Ken to put in his mouth. He smiled, let her put it in his mouth for a few seconds, and then she carefully inserted in back inside her rectum.

“What was that all about?” Ken asked.

“Just seeing if you still loved me,” Barb answered.

“You could see if I still loved you by whether or not I let you put your butt plug in my mouth?” Ken asked.

“Something like that,” Barb answered, and proceeded to lick his cock, balls, ass crack, asshole, and inner thighs.

The butt plug was almost a regular part of her attire whenever she was around Ken. He hadn’t fucked her ass, himself, but he had let one of his friends and one of his associates fill her bowels over the course of a weekend. He realized his thick manhood would probably fit by this point, but she seemed to come hardest when he fucked her pussy while she had a butt plug nestled in her pretty ass. He knew he’d get around to taking her anally, later, and it would be as natural as the blowjobs she gave him almost every day.

Dori, Barb’s aunt, was no stranger to Ken’s marathon fuck sessions, having been on the receiving end herself, twice. The first was on the night of Ken’s first date with Barb, where Ken took then 19 year-old Barb to a bar where she proceeded to get stupidly drunk and passed out on the way home. Dori admired the fact that Ken wasn’t going to take advantage of her unconscious niece, and knew that he must have been as frustrated as he had been horny. She helped him with that in the hallway, just a few feet from Barb’s room.

The second time was during Barb’s first weekend at Ken’s place. Ken had left her naked with his two roommates, knowing they would keep her preoccupied while he went back to her Aunt Dori’s to retrieve the weekend getaway bag she had left behind. Dori took advantage of the unexpected visit by proving she still had the energy and endurance of girls half her age.

When she had seen that Ken had driven up her driveway, she quickly took escort bayan off her clothes, knowing Barb had given him a key to the house. At nearly twice Barb’s age, Dori still had a remarkable figure. Pierced nipples and a hairless pussy showed her playful side that she otherwise kept hidden. Those little touches seemed to shed several more years, making her look in her late 20’s or early 30’s. Putting her hair in a ponytail completed the look she had been going for. When she looked over her shoulder, smiled, and winked as she headed toward her bedroom, she knew he would follow.

Ken did.

He had barely taken two steps into her bedroom when she had dropped to her knees, unbuttoned his pants, and engulfed his thickening manhood.

“Aunt Dori?” Ken asked, impressed with both her technique and enthusiasm.

Dori looked up at Ken as she took more and more of his cock down her throat, bobbing her head and letting her pony tail swing back and forth. She let the bulbous head plop from her mouth as she caught her breath.

“Ken, did you forget something?” Dori answered.

“That time before,” Ken said, trying to sound polite. “That was a one-time thing, right?”

“Does this feel like it was a one-time thing, Ken?” Dori asked, pulling off his jacket and shirt and then placing his large hands on her even larger breasts while she tugged at his cock.

“I really have to get back, Dori…” Ken started.

“Then I suggest you start fucking,” Dori answered, matter-of-factly. “And I expect to be fucked hard, and not just in my pussy.”

Ken’s thick tool grew even thicker in Dori’s hands. “You like when I talk like that, huh?” Dori asked.

“Yeah,” Ken said, grabbing a hold of Dori’s ponytail and pushing her back down to her knees. “But I like when you suck, better.”

Three hours later, Ken showered in Barb’s bathroom, retrieved his clothes from Dori’s bedroom, dressed, and walked out with Barb’s weekend bag.

Come oozed from Dori’s pussy and asshole. She wasn’t sure how many times Ken had come inside her, as he seemed to maintain his erection and was able to continue fucking her through each orgasm. While she let him know she enjoyed the taste of his semen, he made a point of unloading in either her pussy or ass before letting her suck his cock again. When he fucked her, he fucked her harder than she could remember ever being fucked, and she was almost ashamed to admit how much she liked it. In a brief moment of vulnerability, she had told him as much. His reply, though, took her by surprise:

“Don’t expect this, again. When I want to fuck you, I’ll fuck you. When I want, not when you want. And don’t say a fucking word about this to Barb. I’ll tell her when it’s time. Until then, not a fucking word.”

Ken’s tone had scared Dori, but it also turned her on. She wiped some of the come from her face into her mouth, then did the same with come that had seeped from her gaped pussy and butthole. Finally, completely exhausted, she closed her eyes and collapsed on her bed.

Barb brushed through her dark, wet hair as she stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. Ken toweled himself dry after their shower and caught her looking at his manhood.

“Something wrong?” Ken asked.

“Not at all,” Barb answered. “I was just wondering…”

“About what?” Ken asked, stepping behind her and kissing her on the neck. His manhood growing again, and pushing between her butt cheeks.

“What do you think about Aunt Dori?” Barb asked.

“What about her?” Ken asked cautiously.

“Do you think she’s pretty?” Barb asked.

“Of course,” Ken answered. “The two of you are obviously related. You’re both pretty.”

“Would you fuck her?” Barb asked.

“What?!” Ken feigned surprise, but also wondered where this was going.

“I don’t think she gets out, much.” Barb answered. “She told me about her younger days, and she was pretty wild – for back then. She’s got to get horny, especially with as much noise as we make.”

“Maybe,” Ken said. “Didn’t you tell me she had a collection of dildos and vibrators? She probably just gets off on those, these days.”

“Maybe,” Barb said. “But isn’t that sad? I think she needs to get fucked. By a real cock. A real big cock.”

“Like mine?” Ken asked.

“Like yours,” Barb answered.

“What are you suggesting?” Ken asked.

“I don’t know… never mind,” Barb answered. “I’m being silly.”

“I don’t think so,” Ken said, kissing her ear as he gently rubbed her swollen clit. “You just want her to be happy, right?”

“Yeah, but it sounds so weird,” Barb answered, finding herself grinding her butt against Ken’s stiff cock. She hadn’t put the butt plug back in, and nonchalantly looked on the vanity for any lubricant.

“No, I get it,” Ken said, pushing her feet apart and bending her forward. She instinctively curved her back downward, arching her butt up at him. “I’ve seen you with other men, fucking other men, and I’m still in love with you. You’re wondering if you could handle seeing me fuck other women, right?” His shaft slid into her pussy easily.

“Uh-huh…” tuzla genç escort Barb muttered. “I mean, no. I just thought…”

“You just thought Aunt Dori could use a good fuck, and I was just the guy to give it to her?” Ken asked, grabbing Barb’s hips firmly and pulling her back hard onto his shaft.

“Uh-huh…” Barb muttered. “Fuck, you’re good.”

Ken smiled at her in the mirror. Slowly, a smiled formed on Barb’s face, and she smiled back, tits bouncing together, and her ass slapping against his thighs with each thrust.

After only a few minutes, Ken pulled back and out of Barb’s convulsing pussy. She turned and squatted in front of Ken just in time to catch the first spurt of come in her mouth.

As the third spurt filled her mouth, she held it for several seconds, stood up, swallowed, and then French kissed Ken.

“You know, I’m still on the pill,” Barb said.

“And?” Ken asked.

“Nothing, just… if you want to come in my pussy, I’d be okay with it,” Barb answered.

“I thought you preferred that I come in your mouth?” Ken asked.

“I do, but if you just want to, you know… come inside me and keep fucking me, I’d be okay with that, too,” Barb said with a grin.

“Okay, next time we’ll try that,” Ken smiled. With Ken, “next time” sometimes meant “now.” This was one of those times.

An hour later, Ken was asleep in Barb’s bed. Barb decided to make some tea and walked downstairs to the kitchen wearing one of Ken’s t-shirts and nothing else. Aunt Dori joined her in the kitchen a few minutes later, hearing the water come to a boil on the stove top.

“Did I wake you up?” Barb asked.

“With the sex or the boiling water?” Aunt Dori asked with a grin.

“Were we loud?” Barb asked.

“You were,” Dori answered. “Again.”

Barb opened a cupboard door above her head. She stood on her tiptoes and reached up for the honey on the shelf. The t-shirt road up, exposing her bare butt cheeks. Smeared come caught just enough light to glisten between Barb’s thighs. Dori pretended not to notice. She could only imagine Ken fucking her petite niece as hard as he fucked her. Dori wondered if he had fucked Barb’s ass, yet. From the way she walked around the kitchen, probably not.

“Sorry,” Barb said. “I guess I get lost in the moment, sometimes.”

“It’s okay, Barb,” Dori smiled. “I still love you. Besides, that’s one of the benefits of moving out of your parents’ house. Fuck when you want, right?”

Barb poured hot water in a cup with a tea bag, and then did the same for Aunt Dori. They sat across from each other at the table.

“Guessing Ken’s asleep?” Dori asked.

“Yeah, he’s out,” Barb smiled. After a few sips of tea, Barb asked, “Do you like him?”

“Of course I like him,” Dori answered, honestly. “I think he’s good for you, and he obviously makes you happy.”

“I know, but…” Barb whispered. “Do you like, like him?”

“Do you mean, do I want to fuck him?” Dori asked, not exactly convincing that she was shocked by the question. “Let’s put it this way, if he wasn’t your boyfriend, I wouldn’t turn him down if he propositioned me.”

“Why does him being my boyfriend have anything to do with it?” Barb asked, her nipples hardening and becoming clearly visible through Ken’s t-shirt.

“I don’t know,” Dori answered. “I guess it doesn’t. But, how would you feel about that? I mean, I know I’m older and all, but wouldn’t that make you jealous?”

“You’re not that old, Aunt Dori,” Barb said quietly. “I don’t know about the jealous part, but… actually, I’m getting really wet thinking about him fucking you. Is that weird?”

“A little, but I like weird,” Dori said, feeling her own pussy becoming wet at the idea. “You didn’t shower after the last time you two fucked, did you?”

“No,” Barb said, feeling as if she should be ashamed. “Do I smell?”

“Like sex,” Dori said, softly. “But, that’s okay – I like the smell of sex.”

Dori got up from her chair and walked behind Barb. She reached down and gave Barb a hug, kissing her on top of her head, and slowly let her hand glide down the front of Ken’s t-shirt.

“But,” Dori whispered in Barb’s ear. “I like the taste even more.”

Before Barb could react to what her Aunt Dori was doing, Dori slid two fingers inside Barb’s come-filled pussy, removed them, and then placed them in her mouth.

“That beats tea with honey every time,” Dori whispered as she stepped back and let her bathrobe open. “Mind if I taste some more?”

“Seriously? You want to go down on me?” Barb asked, genuinely in shock.

“Seriously, I want to go down on you,” Dori answered. “Did you ever have a girl go down on you before?”

“I don’t…” Barb wasn’t sure what to say, but her swollen clit was telling her to shut up and let Dori do whatever she wanted.

Dori pulled Barb to her feet, causing the chair to drag on the floor enough to make a brief noise. They looked at each other, waiting to see if it was enough to wake Ken. A few seconds passed, which seemed like an eternity. Dori pulled Barb close for a kiss while reaching down and inserting tuzla kendi evi olan escort her fingers, again, into Barb’s increasingly wet sex. Barb subconsciously spread her legs, allowing her aunt to really get her fingers inside her. Dori withdrew her fingers and placed them in Barb’s mouth. She tasted Ken’s come and instinctively sucked on Dori’s fingers. Dori pulled her fingers from Barb’s mouth and replaced them with her tongue. Barb let her hands wander over Dori’s breasts, as Dori gently slid her fingers over Barb’s sex.

“Okay…” Barb whispered. “Seriously, I want you to go down on me.”

In less than a minute they were in Dori’s bedroom. Ken’s t-shirt joined Dori’s bathrobe on the floor.

Dori pushed Barb onto the bed, straddling her, and letting her breasts gently brush against Barb’s face. She moved down and kissed Barb’s face, before proceeding down her niece’s body.

Barb was beside herself. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was, and Dori’s kisses on her breasts caused her nipples to stand erect farther than she had ever seen them. Dori nibbled on them, sucked, and then bit each one before proceeding further down Barb’s stomach.

Barb couldn’t help herself and pushed down on Dori’s shoulders, bringing Dori’s mouth directly over Barb’s swollen sex. Dori inhaled deeply and breathed out slowly over Barb’s raised clit.

Then, her mouth was on her.

And then, her tongue was in her.

Ken’s come and Barb’s wetness was intoxicating to Dori. She lapped at Barb’s pussy while inserting three fingers. She pressed exactly were she needed to make Barb’s pussy tighten and relax, tighten and relax. Dori’s pinky finger slid easily into Barb’s anus, prompting her to add her ring finger.

Barb’s orgasm was building to an earth-shattering level from the combination of Dori’s surprisingly talented tongue, and her pussy and asshole finger-fucking expertise. But what finally sent her over the edge was seeing Ken standing in the doorway, naked, with his eyes first looking at Barb’s face, and then to Dori’s inviting – and no doubt open – raised ass.

“Oh, fuck!” Barb cried out. Barb’s pussy – flooded with her wetness, Ken’s come, and Dori’s saliva – constricted, sending a momentary flood of liquid into Dori’s mouth, nose, and face.

“Mmmm, a squirter?” Doris asked, before lapping at Barb’s pussy with even more enthusiasm.

Ken quietly moved to the right side of the four-posted bed. He reached down with his left hand and let it glide over Dori’s right butt cheek. Dori seemed to pause for a second, but then continued rubbing her mouth and nose into Barb’s sex. Ken pulled Dori’s right ankle gently, and she spread her knees. He pulled a little more, and she realized he wanted her to change positions, with her feet over the edge of the side of the bed.

Dori looked apologetically at Barb, who seemed to need a break, anyway.

“I think your boyfriend wants to fuck me,” Dori said. “Is that okay?”

Barb pulled her legs back and nodded. She had seen Ken’s cock when she thought it was fully erect before, but this time it was angling upward when normally it jutted straight out in front of him. He was really turned on, and it was turning her on seeing him like that. Barb’s fingers found their way to her aching, swollen clit, and she began to rub.

Dori positioned herself on all fours, moved back toward the edge of the bed, and waited for Ken to put his hand between her shoulders to push her down. With her face on the bed, turned towards Barb, she reached back and spread her butt cheeks. Ken bent down, his hands gently caressing Dori’s thighs, calves and feet. He breathed on Dori’s sex, licked lightly, then moved up to Dori’s asshole. He licked around the wrinkled edges of her rectum, and Dori spread her butt cheeks further. Barb assumed Aunt Dori really liked having her butthole licked. Barb wondered if Aunt Dori was going to like having her butthole fucked, too.

When Ken stood up and moved closer to Dori’s round ass, Barb wasn’t sure how she’d ever be able to look at the two of them the same.

Ken slid his shaft into Dori’s pussy easily, entering with short, steady thrusts. Each thrust went in increasingly deeper until her pussy had stretched to its limit. Ken pulled back until the head of his shaft was about to pop out, and Dori clenched her vaginal walls on him. Ken responded by pushing his full length back inside, and then repeated the process. They repeated the cycle, picking up the pace, and finding a perfect rhythm. Ken’s hands went from Dori’s pretty feet, to her full calves, to her muscular thighs, before resting on her wide hips.

Barb couldn’t tell which one was doing the fucking, as Dori pushed herself back meeting each of Ken’s thrusts with an even harder backwards thrust of her own.

Without warning, Ken pulled out of Dori’s pussy, resulting in a slurping noise. He grabbed Dori by the hair and unceremoniously pulled her off the bed and down to her knees on the floor. He held her head in place as he pushed his cock in her mouth. Barb could tell Dori didn’t have to be told to suck his cock. Dori really wanted his dick in her mouth, but Ken held the handful of her hair tightly, anyway. He continued to fuck her face for almost five minutes, never saying a word, before pulling her mouth off his engorged shaft and motioning for her to get back on the bed.

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