Bane of my existence

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Bane of my existencei love this story from : QSQuinnI loved being home for the summer. At least at the beginning of the vacation, while my parents were both still at work and Casey still had another week left of school.I had the house to myself, which I celebrated, as you might expect, by stripping naked and walking around the house with my cock and balls swinging freely in the crisp morning air.I strolled around the house, making myself breakfast and watching a bit of TV, occasionally playing with my semi-erect member. It was a very pleasant way to spend a morning and I can highly recommend it.In truth though, I was actually trying to put something off. I was trying to distract myself from an itch in the back of my mind. I kept pushing it away or trying to ignore it, \live amateur girls at szaab dot com \but it grew more and more insistent. I knew that I was k**ding myself that I could hold back from the painful urge building inside of me. I already knew where my little naked walk would eventually lead me.My sister’s room was down the hall from mine, and I had avoided the place ever since she hit her teens and developed something of a nasty streak.Casey was a senior now, recently turned eighteen, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t begun to notice the way her flourishing body had begun first to fill, and then overfill her clothing.It was hardly my fault that I could not stop staring at her. She always seemed to be close to spilling out of her clothes. Every corner I rounded in the house she was there, bending over, showing me a sliver of plump ass cheek in her tight little gym shorts, or far too much butt crack to be considered decent when she squatted to get a book out of her school bag. If she dressed that way for school every day, I am surprised that she has not yet been suspended.Cautiously I entered her room. For some reason this felt riskier than parading around the rest of the house naked. Almost thoughtlessly I found my hand resting atop the laundry hamper by her door.I wouldn’t have done anything really, but they were just sitting there, right on top of the pile. A pair of soft cotton panties. The panties were a pale pink, the very color I imagined her nipples to be. They were light in my hand, barely there, a tiny scrap of a thong that would not cover very much at all.I lifted them gingerly from the laundry basket, rubbing the thin material between the pad of my thumb and my forefinger. I imagined I could still feel heat where her pussy had snuggled up against this soft material.I knew what I was doing was bad. But really I blame her. Since I had come home from college and found her metamorphosed from a chubby teenager into a stunning curvy woman, how I saw her in my mind had shifted dramatically. The way she spoke, dressed and acted seemed deliberately intended to provoke a response in me.I gave the panties a tentative sniff. They smelled like her. At least, they smelled of the citrus perfume she wore. But there was also a certain musky tang I recognized. It was the scent of her sex. Alike, and yet different from girls I had gone down on before.My exposed, semi-hard dick twitched and swayed from side to side.I took a last, careful look around Casey’s room. No one was there. No one would be home until this afternoon.Carefully, I stretched the panties and pulled them over my head. I nestled my nose into the part where her crotch would have rested and let the elastic snap tight around my head. The holes where her legs went made a perfect, if odd-looking, mask through which I could see.I wouldn’t say I was proud of what I was doing. I purposefully avoided looking directly at myself in the mirror. But I could not fight the growing urge I had to be close to my little sister. This way, at least, was relatively safe and harmless.I took a deep breath in through my nose. Her scent filled me. My dick’s response was instantaneous, elongating and fattening like a feeding leech before my eyes.Though my cock was begging for it, I didn’t touch myself just yet. That was a special reward for a bit later. Instead, I perused her room, fingering her collections of knickknacks, most of which were from her recent c***dish past.There were some signs of her newly sprung adulthood. Some new books and posters, as well as pictures on the wall, but a lot was unchanged from when she had been my bratty teenage sister.Actually, she was still my bratty teenage sister. But having the number “eighteen” attached to her changed the way I thought about her a lot.One picture in particular caught my attention. It had its corner wedged into the frame of her mirror. Ignoring the reflection of the naked man with the pink panties over his face, I peered closer. It was of her and her friend Jordan. They had their arms around each other and both were in swimsuits. Jordan was in a green bikini, which displayed her flat stretch of slimly muscled belly. Casey had her more womanly body encased in a blue one-piece. Its plunging neckline, and the high angle from which the selfie was taken, meant that the view into Casey’s ample cleavage was deep and enticing.Using only the flat of my hand I began to stroke the top of my dick. It wagged in appreciation.Of course, I knew it was wrong to jerk off to my sister, but who would know? Her body had developed into the sexiest I had ever seen, thick in the bust and backside, both of which flared out dramatically from her tiny waist.It was the type of figure, almost absurd in its cartoonish proportions, no woman could maintain past the first flush of womanhood. Eventually metabolism, age, and gravity would catch up with her, as it did with everyone. So it felt only right that I should appreciate it now, like a fragile blossom before a storm.I wrapped my hand around my length and was beginning an easy stroke. It was still early in the act, I intended to prolong it as long as I could, but I checked Casey’s desk to make sure she had some tissues on hand. I did not want to have to clean up a big mess afterward.That was when I heard the soft rasp of someone clearing their throat.Instinctively I spun, dick still in hand, panties over my face.My sister was leaning casually against the jamb of her door, her cellphone in one hand, its camera pointed directly at me.”What the fuck are you doing?!” I squeaked.She gave me a partially-amused frown before saying, “You know, I was just about to ask you the same question.””Fuck!” My mind raced, desperate to think of some kind of excuse, any excuse to explain away this situation. But every time I dug, right down to the bottom of the barrel, desperately trying to pull up an excuse, the same message kept being dredged up: “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!””Pink is a good color on you,” she mused dryly, her attention returning to her phone screen.When I failed to answer again, the sound of my beating heart seeming to drown out all other thought patterns, she continued, “Care to explain the headdress? It looks familiar, but I can’t quite place it. Is it cultural in some way?”My mind ran in a loop of self-defeating terror.”It couldn’t possibly be your little sister’s panties. That would be perverse.””Um,” I fumbled with the words, before finally managing “I’m working on my Bane impersonation?”When she looked unconvinced I added in a gruff voice with its signature squeak, “You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it.”An uncanny impression, even if I say so myself.”Maybe it would be more convincing if Bane walked around naked, with his erection in one hand.” She thought for a moment and then added, “Actually, that is a movie I might pay to see.”Realizing she was right I yanked my hand off my shaft like it had been burned. Strangely my erection had not lessened during this entire catastrophe. If anything it seemed to flare painfully under her scrutiny.”You’re not meant to be home,” I rounded on her.”You’re not meant to be jerking off with your sister’s panties over her face, but life is full of surprises.””I mean, you’re supposed to be in school.””Meh,” she shrugged, “School is boring. Especially the last week before vacation. I bunked out after morning register. Jordan is covering for me. She’ll tell them I’m in the bathroom or doing something for some other teacher. I do it all the time. This,” she nodded in my direction, “This is far more interesting. I am so glad I came home early.””What are you going to do?” I asked, unable to hide the thread of desperation that was winding itself around my voice.”You know, it’s kind of hard to decide. There are so many things I could do, especially now that I have this video.” she tapped her phone with the long nail of one finger.The creeping terror inside me rose. Instinctively I made a move towards her, intending to grab the phone but she forestalled me by holding out the flat of her palm.”Uh, uh, uh,” She tutted, “This is already on the cloud. You can’t touch it. One more step and I post this on the family group chat.””You wouldn’t!”She didn’t say anything, but look she gave carried the clear message, “Wouldn’t I?””It would kill grandma!””Hey, you’re the one who taught her to text.””Delete it. Please delete it!””Hold on, I’m going to need some things first.””Like what?” I was too frantic to escape the situation to worry about why she was taking this all in so easily. Surely your older brother jerking off to a picture of you warranted a little less calm detachment.Casey was as cool as ever though, as she said, “Like, I want to borrow your car this Friday.””Never!”She shook her head in mock sadness and, looking down at the phone, said “Dear grandma, Edward wanted you to see this video. Look closely and you can see that the panties he has over his face belong to me, his blood relative.” Tapping her lip with one finger she added, “Hmm, I don’t think they have an emoji to represent i****t.””Fine.” I growled, “What else?” There always was something else with my sister.”Your phone.””Fuck off.””I’m not getting an upgrade for another year and yours is so shiny and new. Plus,” she added as she slid a finger up the side of her phone, “This one is now full of dirty videos.””Anything else?” I asked through grinding teeth.”I’ll need time to think it over. There is really so much I can do with this now.”She cocked her head to one side. I instinctively tried to cover myself with my hands as her focus dropped down to my still erect penis.”But, why don’t you start by carrying on where you left off.””What?!” I blurted.”You heard me. Take that big ‘ol dick in your hands and start beating it.””Are you fucking with me?””Nope, and let’s make it interesting. You have to jerk yourself off, but you are not allowed to come. If you can do that I’ll consider letting you delete the video.””And if I do come?””Then this finds its way onto the internet.””You have to be k**ding me.””Nope. I am quite serious. If you come I am going to post this everywhere. Seriously. There will be tribes in Amazon rainforest who have not had contact with the outside world in centuries who will be talking about the guy jerking off with his sister’s panties over his face.””Fuck you!””You wish,” she said and then added with an eyebrow quirked in the direction of my still swollen cock, “Apparently.””Why are you doing this?” I asked, a pleading tone entering my voice.”I’m bored, remember? And making you suffer amuses me. And this is just too good. I mean who would have thought my dickhead brother has the hots for his little sister?””I don’t. I…” I tried to argue back, but it is hard to make a point when half your face is covered by your accuser’s pink underwear.As I lifted my hand to remove the garment my sister tutted and waved a finger at me. She was still looking at her phone, but I stopped what I was doing.”Wait, are you still recording me?!!””Yup, the first one was so good I decided to make a sequel. You had better start listening if you don’t want these to see wide release.”In frustration I let my hand fall to try and cover my crotch and then I glared at her with as much venom as I could muster.”Uh, uh uh.” She motioned to the hand. “Come one, big boy. Show me what you got.”I knew my sister well enough to realize that she was not about to relent. Added to that was a certain kind of thrill I got each time she peeked over the top of her phone at my bare cock.I mouthed the words “Fuck you” directly into the camera, but I capitulated nevertheless and wrapped my hand around my cock once more. It throbbed painfully.I stood there for a long moment until my sister finally looked up into my eyes with an implicit challenge and mimed her hand jerking an imagined cock.Slowly, and making sure she saw the protest in my eyes, I took a long pull on my hard dick.Casey smirked in such a way that it made the dimple on her left cheek appear. It sent a warm tingle through me that I suppressed beneath a mask of anger.”That’s it, Eddy boy. Beat that meat. Flog that dolphin,” As she spoke she moved into the room, keeping the camera trained on me. Not taking her eyes off me, she found the edge of the bed with one trailing hand and sat her generous rump down. She was close enough to me now that, if she leaned forward and stretched out, she could touch my cock.Her camera was directed right at the head of my dick.I maintained my look of stoic detachment while I slowly massaged my cock. It would not have been enough to get me stimulated under normal circumstances and, I figured, that if I did this for a while she would get bored and let me go. Whether she would let me get my hands on the video was another matter. But for some reason, the sheer wrongness of having my little sister watch me touch myself, completely naked, in broad daylight and in her bedroom was doing something strange to me. Already I could feel an intensely pleasurable buzzing sphere of energy just behind my dangling testicles which warned of an approaching climax.I shifted uncomfortably on my feet, trying to reset the detonation sequence which had already started. When this didn’t work I slowed down even further.”That’s not good enough,” She observed in a sing-song voice.”You said I had to jerk off you didn’t say how fast,” I retorted.”Okay then, but if you are going to cheat, then so am I.””What do you mean?”But she did not respond verbally. Instead, I watched in fascinated horror as she hooked a finger into the deep vee of her top and gave the material a little tug. I tried hard to look away, but the jiggling of those plump tits and the increase in her already scandalous cleavage was maddening. On my next downstroke, I had to pause and pinch the base of my cock to try and calm myself down.”Aw, what’s the matter?” She asked in a sarcastic pout, “You gonna come already? What are mom and dad going to say after they see this? Especially if you kill Grandma.””I’m not going to kill Grandma!” I said angrily. I could see this level of control was making her giddy. She was enjoying this far too much and I had to bring myself back down. I could not give her victory, no matter how much my cock was begging me to unload itself all over the indecently exposed skin of her breasts.I sucked in a deep breath and relaxed and flexed the muscles beneath my perineum. This gave me some level of control back. Added to this was the list of every Star Wars character I knew, which I had begun reciting in my head to try and distract my mind. Slowly but surely I began to push back my rising orgasm.As I felt my control return it was my turn to smirk down at my little sister as I stroked my cock lazily while enjoying her incredible cleavage. Maybe this wasn’t so bad. I just had to keep going exactly like this and I would win. Not only that but I would have a rich tapestry of new masturbatory material I could draw on later when I was on my own again.I saw the annoyance flicker across Casey’s adorable heart-shaped face and it only made me feel more confident that I could wait her out.I should have known Casey would not let that happen.I saw her tense the muscles in her shapely jaw and narrow her eyes in determination. When she looked up at me again her expression had changed to a pathetic wide-eyed innocence that I knew was total crap. It didn’t stop it from being incredibly hot.She shifted on the bed as if suddenly in discomfort before asking, “Do you mind if I take off my bra?” She asked in a sweet little voice that I only heard from her when she wanted my dad to buy her something, “It’s really tight and I could do with a break.”It always worked on him. I was determined it would not work on me.”Fuck off,” I hissed through clenched teeth.”It’s just that they’ve grown so big lately and mom hasn’t yet taken me to buy new bras, like she promised. I’m sure you won’t mind if I just take this one-off. It is my room after all.” As she spoke she reached behind her and under her shirt.I saw the self-satisfied grin on her face just before I heard the crack of her bra clasp being released.I let out an involuntary groan as her heavy breasts sank visibly after being released from their constricting bonds.Casey pretended to ignore me then as she performed a complicated maneuver under her shirt which allowed her to slip the straps of her bra off without removing her shirt. With a final tug and a flourish, she drew out a white padded bra with pink lace trim at the edges.She held it up in front of my face. Her expression was impassive, but I saw the crinkle of amusement in her eyes as my hips gave an involuntary jerk forward.She dropped the bra on the bed and leaned back on her hands, pushing out her impressive chest.I swore softly, I could now see her high, erect nipples poking through the material of her thin top.But I kept myself together, just. This was about more than just the video, the car or the phone now. I could feel we had entered some sort of silent battle of wills. There was no way my bratty little sister would win.For a time she pretended not to notice her brother stroking his cock at the end of her bed. She looked around the room, puffed out her cheeks, crossed and recrossed her legs. All the while she made certain that every movement was transferred to her tits, which jogged and bobbed enthusiastically with even the slightest twitch.I gnawed at the inside of my cheek, hoping this was a sign that she was getting bored.When she looked back at me she did indeed appear to be bored at first, but then something caught her attention. Her expression lit up and she shifted her weight forward.”Oh dear, big brother, looks like its soon going to be all over,” she crowed, as she stared directly at the purpling tip of my dick.I looked down to see what she meant and saw the clear bead of liquid that had formed in the pit of my urethra.”Hmph, It’s just precome,” I grunted. “I can do this all day.””Yeah, Ed, we all already know you’re a jerk off,” she answered, but I could see this presented a fresh challenge to her. Grim determination set itself into her features and she finally turned off her phone’s camera and set the device to one side of her.Under the guise of increased scrutiny, she leaned forward. As she did so her massive tits threatened to spill out of her top. Any pretense that this might be unintentional was ruined by the arm she had slipped under her breasts to lift and push them outwards.She halkalı escort stared at the painful-looking inflammation of my glans before saying, “I don’t know, it looks ready to pop.”With her beautiful face right in front of it, I had to really fight back the urge to prove her right. I was so tempted to disgorge the entire contents of my testicles all over her smug little face.Clearly sensing she had regained the upper hand she looked up at me again. Through large, liquid eyes,and cooed, “You want to come for your little sister?”As she taunted me she pulled at the neck of her top. When I looked down I could see right past the fertile valley between her magnificent orbs. The pale untanned flesh of each breast was exposed to the point where I could just barely make out the darkening tinge of her areolae.My eyes narrowed to slits in concentration, and I had to slow down my already glacier slow slide up and down my shaft even further.”If I show you my tits will you come all over them?” She asked playfully. “Do you want to shoot your hot load all over your sister’s melons?”I wanted to say that her pathetic attempts at dirty talk were having no effect on me, but that was plainly a lie. Even though I knew it was fake, even though I found the faux girlish coyness annoying, it did not stop my idiotic body responding to it.”Here it comes,” she taunted, sliding one hand over her right breast while the other hand lifted it from below. She held it there, just millimeters from exposure, occasionally juggling it slightly for my benefit.But through a superhuman effort I do not think I could have maintained under any other circumstances, except out of the deep spite I felt towards me evil little sister, I managed to back away from the edge.My whole body shook with the effort from resisting the urge to shoot my load. The expression on my sister’s face suggested that she knew it was about to be all over.It very nearly was when, as the game of sexual chicken spiraled more and more out of control, she took her teasing just a little too far. Without warning, her pink, ripened nipple popped free of her top and pointed proudly at my groin. It was a shade or two darker than the panties I wore, but more perfect than I imagined.My cock responded with a dribble of precome which leaked out onto her carpet. This seemed to give her encouragement and instead of covering up, my sister reached in and lifted her entire weighty breast out of her top.”Fuck!” A glared hatred at her for being willing to take this grotesque standoff so far. Her only response, both to my horror and joy, was to double down on her gamble, and haul out her other mound of perfectly formed flesh.I looked down in stunned silence at the beautiful pair of tits my little sister flaunted shamelessly before me.”Come on, give up already. It’s so easy,” she taunted me, twisting her torso from side to side so that her breasts swung tantalizingly, “You were going to do it anyway, and now you have the real thing right in front of you. Surely this is better than a picture? Just let go.”I could not look away from her beautiful tits. Each was far more than a handful, and though they quivered and swayed with their tightly packed weight, they were still firm with youth.”You’re cheating, you bitch!” I growled out. “You want to post that video.””Me? Why would I do such a thing? I’m just airing out my girls here. It is my room after all. Why, do you like them?”I tried to convey my hatred for her, but her breasts were just too magnificent. As she leaned back on the bed they shifted and swung weightly with her. Each was milky pale where her swimsuit tanlines ended and I could see the faint blue lines of the veins which helped circulate the prodigious blood supply such a rack must have required. At this distance, I could see her areola were so wonderfully smooth and puffy that they did not even have the little bumps on them I had seen encircling other girl’s nipples.And what nipples they were. Though they had seemed to stand out proudly beneath her shirt, I could see now that they were actually quite small. Little bumps that just barely rose above the surface, just begging to be sucked on until they stood to attention.Obviously tracking my focus, Casey teased me by using the index finger of her right hand to draw a wide circle around one of her large areolae.”They’re so sensitive,” She sighed. “It feels really good when I touch them.” She continued to trace the circle tighter, glancing up occasionally to see if I was ready to succumb.I tried not to reveal it, but a remarkable thing had happened. I had found my second wind. I think my body suddenly realized that something amazing was happening right in front of it and, if it could hold back just a little longer, there might be even more to come.I already knew this day would be the feature presentation in many thousands of my sexual fantasies to come but, as she went further and further, I was increasingly motivated to stave off my own inevitable capitulation. Casey was in a strange mood and I had to see how far she was willing to go.I took a step forward to stand defiantly at the foot of her bed, almost between her knees. I knuckled my fat cock right in front of her face while she began to pinch and roll one of her rubbery little nipples between two of her fingers.I felt like I was gaining back all the ground I had lost on the will power front. Annoyed that I had risen once more to her challenge, Casey cast me a dirty look before leaning back on her bed and resting on one elbow. She continued to play with her nipple, which now stood erect and enticing, as her mind worked behind her sly blue eyes.When she saw my glance drop to where her skirt had ridden up to reveal her thick, pale thighs, she seemed to reach a decision. She moved the hand of the arm she was resting on to start fondling her other breast, while she did this her right hand slipped down her body. It came to rest on the hem of her tartan skirt, just below her crotch.”Maybe panties are your thing?” She asked, a twinkle returning to her eyes. “Is that what turns you on big brother?” She emphasized the word “big,” with a glance down to my penis. This was aimed at her chest now and looked primed to fire in its over engorged state. Its tip swayed like the head of a snake as I used my fist to roll the soft skin up and down the solid steel cylinder beneath it.”Do you want to see what I’m wearing down there?” She plucked at her skirt casually.I remained unmoving, my face a stony mask. But internally I willed her slim fingers to start raising that maddening hem.”Maybe I’m not even wearing panties,” she threw out in a bored sounding tone. But when my knees buckled slightly and my hand slipped off my cock her mood flipped around to that of a hunter with the scent of blood in its nostrils. A sharp-toothed, predator grin spread her lips as she sensed her quarry falter.”Wanna peek?” She asked drawing the skirt up a few tantalizing millimeters.My mouth was dry. Another bead of precome dripped off the tip of my dick as she slowly raised the edge of her skirt.I peered intently as each micron of pale thigh flesh was revealed to me. It almost came as a disappointment when I finally glimpsed her white panties. I had been silently praying to see her pussy bared to me. That would have certainly pushed me over the edge.As it was, I managed to just contain my over burgeoning desire as she drew the skirt up to her waist and let her legs fall wide apart.”Holy shit,” I croaked.Casey sat up eagerly, her huge breasts swaying pendulously with the sudden movement. “What?” She demanded, “Are you coming?!” There was genuine excitement in her voice.”No,” I said with a small chuckle, “You’re wet.””What?” She asked crossly.”You’re fucking wet!” I said, my laughter grew louder as I stared down at the darkened patch of fabric between her thighs. The barest hint of pink skin was visible through the reduced opacity of my sister’s damp panties.”You wish,” she pouted, but seemed troubled by my pronouncement. She squirmed under the scorching gaze I was focussing between her legs. As I watched, she let her hand drop and she rubbed a finger through her panties. It gave me a momentary glimpse of her cleft as the material was pressed into it.She brought up her wet finger and looked at it accusingly.I let out a loud bark of laughter, “This is turning you on you self-righteous little slut!””Fuck you,” she fired back with venom. Gone was her triumphant smirk, “You are hardly one to talk, you fucking pervert, with your sister’s panties on your face and your cock drooling all over my carpet.””Oh my God,” It was my turn to crow, “I know I am fucked up and a perv, but sweet, innocent princess Casey is getting turned on by her brother’s cock? This is too priceless!””Ooh, yeah. God, Ed, your big hard cock is turning me on,” she said with withering sarcasm.I wasn’t buying it.She continued in a defensive tone, “I’ve been playing with my nipples, okay. That always gets me going. Don’t think this has anything to do with your sad little cock.” she waggled her pinkie finger at me.I shrugged, letting her know I was unconvinced by her protestations, “Prove it,” I challenged her.”What?””Show me you’re not even a little turned on by this.””And how would I do that?””Touch yourself.””What?!”I knew I was stretching things too far, but there was already a video of me jerking off over my sister. I figured I couldn’t make things much worse.”Go ahead, touch yourself. Show me that this,” I patted my cocked so that it bobbed its head like an obedient dog, “Does nothing for you.””Why would I do that?” But this reply came back after a beat of hesitation, just long enough to let me know I had a nibble on the line. It was time to strike.”Tell you what. You touch yourself, like I’ve been doing for you, and if you come before me you have to give me your phone, and help me delete the video of me off your cloud account.”Her lips moved while she thought and I could tell she was chewing thoughtfully at the side of her mouth. Eventually, she asked, “And what do I get?The idea had swum quickly through my mind. It was a big risk, but I was so hyped up by the opportunity this presented I was willing to take it.”My car.””You already said I could use that.””No, I mean that if I come before you, you can have my car. Forever.”I knew it was a dumb idea. My balls were in desperate need of release. They ached with a pent-up desire that suggested I could not realistically last much longer. But, in my defense, most of the blood that should have been going to the decision making parts of my brain had been diverted to my overinflated dick.I heard her suck in a breath between her teeth as she considered the proposal. Her eyes traveled from my face, down to where my cock twitched before her. I adjusted my weight to brace myself in case she tried to slap me for my audacity.”You already have a huge advantage, I’ve been doing this way longer than you.” I let the incentive dangle before her. She eyed it suspiciously, her lovely face just barely hinting at the myriad of conflicting thoughts she was experiencing.Finally, with a look that caught me completely off guard with its genuine sincerity, she gave me a small nod.The thrill of the anticipation almost ended the competition before it began. Would she really do it?”Why have you stopped?” She asked, her snarky tone returning.I grinned back wickedly and used my hand to encircle my cock again.Casey leaned back onto her elbow and, keeping her eyes trained on me, let her hand drift down over her breasts and her stomach to her mound, starkly pronounced beneath her panties.She cupped herself with her hand and looked up at me with a fire burning in her eyes, daring me to make a comment.I held my tongue. I held my dick too, and gave it just the slightest jerk in the first salvo in this silent war with my sister.I watched with complete fascination as she gave her pussy a squeeze through her panties. I could see her juices seeping out of the material to coat her fingers. I hadn’t realized how wet she really was. She was practically gushing.Unlike her, I had had a little time to develop a margin of comfort with this insane situation. So I pressed my advantage by shuffling another half step closer to her and staring deep into her eyes while I tugged on my knob.Her eyes narrowed, but she held my stare. In my peripheral vision, I caught her hand moving in slow circles over her sex.I was between her legs, my cock aimed directly at her. If I unleashed now I would drench her fat, quivering tits and probably her face as well. She seemed oblivious to her danger though. She even resumed her taunting again.”Does watching me touch my little pussy turn you on, big bro? Do you think you can come for your horny little sister?” I knew she was just talking like that to incite me, but it worked regardless. I felt a warmth in my chest growing as I pulled on myself and stared into her eyes.Weirdly, I was beginning to realize, this was one of the most intimate things I had ever done with anyone. I had had sex that was less intimate, less intense and which caused less strange longings in my body. Performing this act with Casey was like the first hit of a new d**g. As it coursed through my bloodstream I knew that no matter what, from now on, I would forever crave it.The more she talked the easier the words came to her and the more it seemed that she was beginning to believe them too.”My pussy is so wet, Ed. Can you hear how juicy it sounds?” She increased her tempo so that I really could hear the squelch of her sopping cunt with each roll of her wrist.”Don’t you just want to come all over my tits? I’ll let you. I think you want to give me your car, don’t you? Come for me, brother.”Despite myself, I found I had increased my tempo to keep up with her. Try as I might I could not will myself to slow down, It was just too hot, stroking myself off at the same pace as my sexy little sister.”You want to see my pussy? Huh? Will that make you come? You want to see how dripping wet my pussy is?”I nodded, hardly believing she would let it get that far. But, either she too was getting lost in the moment, or else she really really wanted my car because once more she shocked me.It was so unexpected, so incredibly glorious, that it seemed to happen in slow motion. I saw Casey’s hands release her breast and pussy at the same time. They moved around and under the flap of her skirt to hook into the elastic band of her panties. In a single fluid movement, she bounced her butt up off the bed and slipped the panties up her legs, which she had raised up to point at the ceiling.Saliva filled my mouth as I saw her thighs jiggle and part, affording me an unobscured view of her perfect, puffed-up clamshell and down to her pretty bud of an anus.She seemed almost rushed, only bothering to get the panties off one leg before she let her thighs spread wide again.Her pussy lay wet and open before me.I took in its finely sculpted beauty of delicately frilled folds and intriguing creases begging to be explored. Her pubic hair was sparse and neatly trimmed. I ached to bury my face between her generous thighs and taste her.My voice was reduced to a thick, wet series of broken vowels.Sensing her approaching victory, Casey slipped two fingers into her cleft and spread her pussy for me, letting me see the wet, shiny inner membranes and her tight little entrance.”Fuck!” I grunted and was jack-knifed in half by a spasm through my body. I only stopped myself from falling right on top of her by gripping one of her soft thighs. My cock was now just inches above my sister’s bared pussy, ready to lace it with my come any second.I growled and, with a superhuman effort, beat back my impending climax by pinching the base of my dick so hard it hurt.Casey looked at me from under hooded eyelids, her face already the picture of smug victory.Finally getting my strength back enough to speak I gasped out, “Why have you stopped?””Hmph,” she said through pursed lips, “Still got a little fight in you brother? Not for long though. Why don’t you just give me the keys? Come on, I’ll let you come anywhere you like.”I shot back, “Go fuck yourself,” before adding, “Literally.”I was so close to her now that I could smell her. It was way stronger than the scent I had gotten off the panties I still had over my face, and it sent my heartbeat pounding through my head. No woman I had ever been with had had an effect even close to this on me. I wanted nothing more than to shove my hard cock into the fragile entrance she was so brazenly presenting.Though she acted casual, her pussy was telling me a different story. Her lips were clearly inflamed and reddened with blood flow and I could see the shining rivulets where the liquid from her drenched pussy had run over her chubby ass cheeks.”Okay,” She sighed as she curled two fingers over her clitoral hood, “But I don’t know why you don’t just put yourself out of your misery. We both know you don’t stand a chance.”Slowly, and making certain I was watching every movement, she began to circle her clit. She was far too pleased with herself to support the lie that she was still only doing this for the car.Biting down hard enough on the inside of my cheek to taste blood, I began to move with her.This was not over yet.When I looked at her face the first expression I saw was annoyance but then, each time I looked up again I saw a subtle change occurring. As her fingers began to dance an intricate pattern over her swollen clit her breathing grew sharp and shallow. I could see it in the shuddering of her breasts. I grinned to myself and straightened slightly. She was starting to suffer the same as me, and I was loving it.”Does that feel good, Casey?” I asked in a hoarse whisper. “Is that little pussy of yours ready to explode?””No,” She said, but a little too sharply, a breathy quality entering into her voice.I snorted as I watched her give a small shiver and gooseflesh rose up all over her body.I was right up to the edge of the bed now and standing nearly erect. I massaged my dick directly over her jerking, shuddering body, willing her to come first.I relished how her lovely face pulled into a rictus of painful restraint as she continued to worry her clit with more and more erratic movements.”Come on Ed.” She whined, “Come on, I know you can do it. Just come already. Just fucking come already!”I reveled in her approaching orgasm, but could feel I might still lose the race. My body was responding to hers, accelerating the pace of my climbing orgasm to keep up with her. Maybe she realized this too and decided to play her final gambit.In a flash she was half upright again, her right hand still buried in her folds, while her left shot out and snapped tight around the end of my cock.We both paused there for what seemed like an age. My face must have been a ridiculous sight of wide-eyed disbelief, while hers was the evil grin of the victorious.I could do nothing to prevent her, had not the will power within me to do it anyway, as she crushed down on my shaft and began to jerk me hard and fast.”Ch-che-cheat!” I stammered as I felt nişantaşı escort the end approaching. I threw my head back and closed my eyes as tight as they would go. This was it.”We never said I couldn’t touch you,” she giggled.Something happened to me then. I was poised over my sister, back arched, my cock in her tight grip and it should have been all over for me. I had never reached this height in a climax before, the peak of my orgasmic parabola had always occurred far lower down. The hormone levels in my blood had to be off the charts and my nerve endings were firing like high voltage lines in a puddle of water. But in that moment I reached deep down inside of myself and, with an effort that felt like it might tear every muscle fiber in my body, and I squeezed down that which was inevitable.I crushed it with everything I had, harder than she was crushing my shaft, slowing it and slowing it until it paused. It felt my orgasm was like liquid boiling up to the very rim of a pot. Any microsecond it could reach just the right temperature to allow it all to come bubbling up over the edge.But I held it there as long as I could and then, just as Casey stroked her hand up my shaft, I felt a bubble rise to the top and burst, sending boiling liquid over the edge. A globule shot out the tip of my cock, arced through the air and landed with a wet slap on Casey’s jiggling tits.She let out a cry, either of triumph or satisfaction and her mouth spread into a relieved grin. She released my cock, but did not stop grinding her hand into her crotch with increasing speed and fervor.She was making happy little yips and cries as she rode her own hand furiously.I watched, transfixed with delight as she gasped and went as rigid as if she had just had an electric current pass through her. She arched her back off the bed and grimaced in pleasure as the muscles at her core snagged together like broken gears.I stood over her, liquid still dripping off the tip of my cock and pooling on her shaking thigh muscle. Then the long spasm broke and she turned to jelly, shuddering and shivering down into a human puddle as the force of her orgasm wracked her body. I had never seen anyone come so hard.She had curled her entire body around the hand she still had cupped around her gasping sex as she gave involuntary jerks and spasms. Her heavy breathing made her enormous breasts rise and fall like they were on an ocean swell.Even as she drifted back down from the heights she had achieved, she began to laugh. A low chuckle at first, it rose to a full-throated laugh as she lay on the bed before me.”Why are you laughing?” I asked.”Because I just won your fucking car!” She rolled onto her back, her breasts swaying and jerking with her laughter.”No, you didn’t,” I replied in a quiet voice.Maybe she didn’t hear me at first, or else my comment took time to sink through her orgasm muddled mind.But a moment or two later her laughter cut off abruptly and her hard gaze returned.”What do you mean?” she demanded.”I mean, that I didn’t come first.””Uh, hello?” She said derisively as she dipped a finger into the streak of liquid that had begun to run down over the swell of her tits. She held it up for me to see.”Precome.””Fuck off. That worked last time, but do you really expect me to believe this whole mess,” She drew my attention again to her magnificent breasts, partially coated with a liquid sheen, “Was just precome? Come on, just hand over the keys.””Look,” I said, nodding my head down.”At what?””I’m still hard.””So?””So, if I had just come this thing would have started going soft already.””Bullshit,” But there was a hint of doubt in her voice.We both stared at my shaft for a long moment as it hung in the air, occasionally swaying slightly under its own weight. It remained granite hard.”You can’t have… It’s not possible.””Hey, I’m as shocked as you are. I mean I thought I was coming too. I fought it really hard, but I thought that was it. But you released me a second too soon and I somehow rode it out. They should give me a fucking medal.”I glance up at the ceiling and added in a reverential voice, “It almost makes me believe in God.””No, that is bullshit. You came.” I heard her bratty teenage voice return. She sat up on the edge of the bed and stared hard right down the barrel of my cock as if this would give her confirmation.”If I had, then I wouldn’t be able to come again for a while, right?””So?””So, test me out if you doubt me.””Haha. Nice try.””Well then, let me show you.”Having just seen her cream herself while watching me jerk off, I felt reckless and bold. Without stopping to ask for permission I reached down and grabbed the sides of her incredible breasts. I half expected her to slap me or punch me in the balls, but all she did was raise an eyebrow and warily eye my hands as they sank deep into her forgiving flesh.”What are you…” She started and then cut off as I pushed my dick into the wonderful marshmallowy softness of her compressed cleavage.”Oh fuck,” I grunted, feeling the heat of her surrounding my cock. Her tits were already lubricated with my precome so I slid into her front cushioning easily and only stopped when I hit her breastbone.”Um,” She looked down at my cock, buried almost to the root in her cleavage, but made no effort to stop me. If anything she seemed a little curious. Or maybe it was that she still believed I was lying.Either way, I was able to thrust myself between her meaty mounds several times. I had already gone past the edge before she had stopped earlier, and I had somehow brought myself back through some kind of Jedi mind-discipline I would probably never know again in my life. But it meant that the fuse I had managed to douse a fraction of a second before detonation was now so short as to be almost non-existent.It was barely relit before I exploded between my sister’s tits.Hot come spurted up through the narrow fissure between her breasts, dashing against her chin and leaving a couple of sticky strands hanging off her jaw. I fired directly into her chest, watching as more semen bubbled up between her breasts while, at the same time, it streamed down her front.It was a lot of come and my sister sat there unmoving, taking it without complaint, her mouth slightly agape as the proof of my claims ran down her upper torso and soaked into her shirt.In the final throes, I had my eyes closed and head thrown back. When I finally released my grip on her tits and looked down I saw I had left most of her body between the neck and her waist covered in my seed. I could still see the red handprints where I had squeezed down hard on her tits during my climax. She was glaring at me under heavy brows and I genuinely thought she was going to hit me.”Worth it,” was the only thought that entered my mind.Immensely satisfied, I panted out, “Told you. “Now, give me the phone.””No way.””Yes way. Give me the phone, Casey. You lost.””No way. You fucking cheated!” She said as she stood up and shoved past me. I was still weak and slow from my mind-bending orgasm and failed to put up any resistance.”How did I cheat?””I don’t know, but I am not giving you this.” She held up her phone as she backpedaled through the door.I was slow to react, mostly because, with her shirt pulled down under her tits and skirt still hiked up, I could still see her incredible naked body. This was made worse by the fact that it all now glistened with a thick basting of my come. With some effort, I finally managed a lame, “Wait, come back.”But it was too late, she had already turned and had dashed out of her room.Recovering myself as best I could, I half ran, still hunched over and stark naked, down the corridor and in the direction I had seen her heading.”Casey, I want that phone!” I yelled, starting to recover as my wilting cock slapped against my thighs with each footfall.Fortunately, she couldn’t go far, given that she was hardly in a state to leave the house. I eventually cornered her in the living room. She stood behind the sofa, brandishing the phone with one finger on a button, saying “Just one more step, Ed and this goes viral.”I was done playing her game though and, after a few feints to either side of the sofa I surprised her by simply stepping over it. She seemed stunned that I had so easily breached her not-even-waist-high defenses and this gave me enough time to get to her before she could follow through on her threat.Then I had my arms wrapped around her. Pinning her arms, I crushed her naked body to mine, feeling her breasts squash against me and balloon upwards. I felt the tackiness of my drying seed on her skin and shirt and I got another blast of her scent again, this time mingled with my own.It made my head swim and my dick jump up to greet her.”Let go of me, asshole!” She spat, kicking ineffectually at my shins. I happily obliged her by tipping her sideways onto the sofa. She bounced hard and I took a moment to appreciate the effect it had on her huge, wobbly tits.Then I was on top of her.I straddled her waist and grabbed at the hand holding her phone. I managed to snatch it away after a very brief tussle. She tried to sit up and grab it back but, being much bigger and stronger than her, I pinned her down. I held her down by her clavicle with one hand, just below her neck, and tried to open her phone with the other.She had locked it though, so I had to grab her hand back. She fought me hard, punching and clawing. She even tried to sit up and bite my hand. But I managed to force her thumb onto the home button and unlock her screen before shoving her back down.”Asshole!” She shrieked, chafing against my restraining hand, “Give that back!””Nope,” I panted as I attempted to fend her off and navigate her phone simultaneously, “A deal is a deal.”All the squirming and close physical contact, combined with the vision of her sexy naked body writhing beneath me, had started to inflate my cock again. I had to fight to focus as my dick rubbed against her gummy skin.While she struggled and hurled abuse my way I went through her phone, trying to find her picture and video gallery. As I might have expected, her phone was a jumble of random apps arranged in no particular order. My task was made harder by her bucking and thrashing beneath me. It had the combined effect of having to make me work harder to keep her pinned, while at the same time stimulating my dick back up to nearly fully ripened proportions.I had just located her videos when she jerked and twisted with what had to be all her strength. I lost my balance and went down on the floor, catching myself with one hand.Casey slipped out from between my legs and made a lunge for the phone. Her soft naked body wrapped itself around me. I managed to regain my balance though, and rose up. I had the height advantage and held the phone high over my head.She dropped off me and jumped at it. Then she tried to climb up my body. I stood still and momentarily enjoyed the press of her bare breasts against me as she struggled ineffectually.Then the phone began to ring.She stopped and we both looked up at the device, now vibrating in my hand and playing an annoying song.On the screen, the title “Mom” hovered big and bold above the large red answer button.A moment passed between us and I was gifted a rare glimpse of an unguarded expression on her face. She must have seen the germination of the smile on my face because, with sudden wide-eyed terror, she stepped back and said, “No. Don’t answer!”She should have known that was the sibling equivalent of a spur to my side. I immediately hit the answer button.I was surprised when Casey dropped to her knees in front of me, like a puppet with its strings cut. I held the phone to my chest a moment and looked down at her. Her fierce demeanor had vaporized and she was now before me, literally begging.Slightly taken aback I raised the phone to my ear and answered in a now uncertain voice, “Hello?””Ed?” My mom asked, sounding confused.Casey was histrionically acting out a kind of begging prayer at my feet, mouthing the word “Please!” Over and over.”Uh,” I hesitated.”Ed? Is that you? Why do you have Casey’s phone? Ed?”But my ability to speak had evaporated as fast as Casey’s attitude. In a sudden flash of desperation, my sister had wrapped both her hands around my now proudly erect member and had guided my tip down until it came to rest on her bottom lip and tongue. This last-ditch effort to stop me talking to our mom certainly had the desired effect. My mouth suddenly emptied of words as my sister’s mouth was slowly filling with my cockI let out a loud and entirely involuntary moan right into the ear of my mother on the other end of the line.”Ed? Can you hear me? God damn it, this signal is terrible.”As Casey sank the head of my cock into her hot, warm mouth and sealed her lips tightly around me I distantly heard my mom shouting, “I’ll call you back! Just stay by the phone. Ed? Damn. I’ll try it over the WiFi.”The phone went dead, but I still held it to my ear, my jaw slack as I watched my sister, eyes closed, take a long, slow suck on my cock.”Casey?” My voice came out as a choke.Taking a moment longer than was strictly necessary, Casey slowly relaxed her suction on me and opened her wide eyes to look up at me. There seemed to be a subtle change in her expression, a calmness, which had been brought on by the crossing of this very definite boundary in sibling relations.She let my dick pop free of her mouth and, wiping at her bottom lip she explained, “You can’t tell mom I am here.””It’s too late for that. She already knows I have your phone and she knows you would never leave it at home by accident. This thing is practically grafted to you, Casey.””Shit.”As we spoke I was thrilled to notice that her left hand still tightly encircled my girth and she made no effort to remove it. In fact, as she pondered whatever dilemma she was in, she absently played with it, sending little jolts of pure pleasure into my shaft.The phone began to ring again, but this time it was a different tone and the icon that popped up showed that my mom was now trying to video call me.”Shit. Shit. Shit! Don’t fucking answer that.””I have to, she knows I have your phone, Case. She’s going to want an answer.””Damn it. She was not supposed to find out. I’ve already been caught bunking twice this year. Jordan said she would cover for me. God damn it. Mom must know, she would never try to call me at school.”I waggled the phone in front of her, showing her I was about to answer.”Lie for me?” She begged, “If mom finds out I’m skipping school again I’ll be grounded. Worse than that, she said she would take away my phone!”I thought about this for a second, considering how much worse things would be if my mom took Casey’s phone and somehow saw the video. But, I also realized I now had the advantage again, and I had every intention of using it.The phone stopped ringing for a moment as my mom gave up on this attempt. There was a brief silence and then it started once more.My sister tried again, “Please? You know she won’t give up. And, if you don’t answer, she’ll come home. I’ll be fucked.””What’s in it for me?””I’ll delete the video!””You said that last time.””This time I swear I really will. Please, Ed. Please?”I shrugged noncommittally and her response was immediate, she jumped face first onto my cock and devoured my length, her big eyes now doing her pleading for her. It was her way of raising her offer, and it as working.”Fuck,” I sighed and settled down onto the couch. This round went to Casey, butI was hardly going to complain about it, as she lapped at my dick. Careful to frame only my head and shoulders in the screen, I tapped the answer button.”Shit! Wait!” Casey yelped, after hurriedly spitting out my dick.”What?” I asked, dumbly looking between her and the phone.”Ed?” My mom said, only her voice coming through at first, while the screen still remained blank.Casey made a frantic gesture around her face and it took me an instant to realize what she meant.Just as my mother’s face appeared on screen I snatched the panties off my head and grinned innocently, the redness in my cheeks barely noticeable.”Oh, hey mom,” I said, trying to sound as casual as I could as I bunched my sister’s panties up in my free hand and hid them behind my back. This forced casualness was made even more difficult as Casey lowered her head once more to begin softly suckling on the end of my dick.”Ed? Can you hear me now? The signal was terrible earlier, all I could hear was moans and grunts. Are you okay? it sounded like you were in pain.””Oh, yeah, sorry. It was nothing, just a bad line. I could barely make you out,” I lied, “But it’s all good now, I can hear you just fine. What’s up?” I looked down at where my cock was buried to the halfway point in Casey’s mouth, fighting the urge to wink at her to see if she caught the double entendre. Apparently, she did because she rolled her eyes theatrically, but kept her mouth locked around me.”Eddy, why are you shirtless? And your hair! Have you just gotten out of bed? It’s 11 o’clock in the morning.””Jeez, mom. I’m on holiday.” I managed to get out, my voice nearly cracking as Casey, unbidden, pumped my cock in her fist while her mouth moved down to nuzzle my balls.”That doesn’t mean you get to lie around all day while the rest of us work. What about the list of chores I left you?”I glanced to the fridge, where my mom had left a list I had every intention of ignoring until the vacation was over. When I looked back at Casey she was smirking at me again from behind my dick.I could not help giving her a glare.”Is there someone with you? Why do you keep looking off?” My mom asked.”No, mom. It’s just the dog,” I emphasized the last word, “The little bitch is being a real pain in the ass.””Edward!””What? That’s what you call a female dog.””I know, but that stopped being funny when you were f******n, Ed. Maybe she’s hungry. Did you feed her? That was the first thing on your list.””I’m going to feed her right now,” I said, reaching down with my free hand and using it to tap the end of my cock against my sister’s lips.She mouthed a very rude word back at me. But she swallowed my cock again regardless.”This is all besides the point, Ed. Where is Casey and why do you have her phone?”I hesitated, suddenly finding myself unable to think of a convincing lie. Casey must have decided I needed some extra incentive because she spat out my dick and rose up off her knees.”Uh,” I stammered again as she turned and began to sway her hips languorously in front of me. As she did so she pulled down her skirt to flaunt her perfect, generously proportioned backside.”Ed?” My mom barked at me, “Ignore whatever the dog is doing and answer me.””Sorry, it’s really distracting.” Casey rolled her ass cheeks up and down while her skirt slid down her legs and pooled at her feet along with her panties, which had remained hooked on one ankle up until now.”I need you to focus, Ed and tell me why you have your sister’s phone. It had better be good too, because I just got a call from her principal to say she ducked out of school this morning sometime between attendance and şişli escort first break. This is not the first time she has pulled this little stunt.”Casey was backing herself up onto me as my mom spoke. She leaned forward and gifted me a view into the gap between her thighs, where the perfectly sculpted shells of her little pussy nestled. It was dripping wet again. Her hand reached back and wrapped around my cock. Then, while she twisted her torso around to look at me, she put a finger to her lips while, at the same time, she guided the tip of my cock into the depression just above her narrow entrance.I felt the heat of her pussy kiss the bottom of my glans. I let out a strangled sigh.”Ed!” My mom shouted this time.”What? Oh, yeah. Casey. Not at school.””Ed are you high? Are you smoking pot again, Ed? Because I swear if you are…””Yes,” I said as Casey stopped her gradual sink back onto my dick while giving me a look that asked, “Do you want me to continue?”I did. More than anything in the world.Then realizing what I had said to my mother I almost shouted, “No!” and then changed it to, “No, mom,” In case Casey though I was speaking to her. I really wanted her to continue. I needed to feel her around me.I had to fight to cry out as the tip of my dick sank an inch into her soft, elastic pussy.”No mom, I’m not high. I’m just…” I thought for an excuse, “I’m just having a really good vacation. I’ve never felt so relaxed.””Well, good for you, Ed,” my mom said with dripping sarcasm, “But some of us have to work for a living. So can you ignore whatever the dog is doing and give me your attention for five minutes?”With another superhuman effort, I turned my attention back to my mother. Casey, meanwhile, was mouthing a word to me over and over while she hovered her pussy just above complete penetration. Even in my periphery I could see she was saying the word: “Lie. Lie. Lie.” Over and over again.I lifted my head and, as I did so she sank down a fraction. When I brought my head down in a long, slow nod, she sank with equal slowness down my length. I did this three times, maintaining eye contact with my mom as I did so, until I was completely engulfed in the constricting little furnace of Casey’s pussy.”Yes, yeah, uh, Casey,” I fought hard to steer my mind back from the miracle occurring on my lap. “Yeah, she’s at home.”Immediately Casey began to rise up. Where our skin broke contact my dick felt cold.I grabbed her hip and stopped her climb. She gave me a threatening look.”What I mean is that she is home sick.” I spoke through my teeth, letting Casey know I was not finished with her or my lie, “Wait that sounded wrong. Not homesick. She is home… sick. She’s not feeling well.””Sick?”Casey settled her rump back down on my lap, letting my shaft penetrate deep inside her. I felt her clench her sheath around me as a reward.”Yeah, that’s what I said,” I grunted, ” she’s really, really sick.”Casey flipped me the middle finger, but it did not stop her giving my slick cock a long, wringing stroke with her insides.”So sick,” I muttered.”Well, why didn’t the school call me then?””They don’t know. It was really sudden. One minute Casey was fine and the next she was down on her knees. You should see her, mom, she’s a real mess.” Casey tossed her hair and gave me a stony glare.”She called me directly and I rushed over to help her.” The lie began to build more easily as Casey and I settled into a very slow, patient rhythm which would, hopefully, not register over the phone.”I know I should have let the school know I was fetching her but I forgot. Sorry, this is all my fault.”Casey rewarded this self-sacrifice by shifting her weight slightly forward so that she could take me in even deeper. I used my free hand to draw a line up the depression over her spine, brushing the ridges of bone beneath soft skin.I hoped my mother could not hear the soft wet sounds of our two bodies locking gently together over and over. I had never penetrated anyone so carefully. It was both incredible and frustrating at the same time and I ached to buck my hips up and slam into the soft pillow of my sister’s ass.”Oh, thanks, Ed. But you really have to let the school know if you taking her out. Casey knows better too, she should have gone to see the school nurse. Anyway, it can’t be helped now. I am glad you were there, I am trapped here waiting for a client to call. I would not have been able to fetch Casey until later. It’s a good thing you were there to pick her up.””No problem, I am more than happy to give her a ride any time.”Casey ignored this one, she was so intent on her actions. I could feel my cock thicken inside her. Her tight, clenching walls rasped against the head of my dick with increased friction as it grew harder for her to maneuver on the broad shaft that filled her so completely.I heard her moan softly as she shifted her weight forward again. With her hands on my knees, she was able to lift her backside up and down with improved leverage on my dick.She was so wet that, as she began yet another slow descent down my cock I could see liquid being squeezed out between the almost negligible gap between our bodies. It ran down my length in a thin stream that beaded in my pubic hair.”Are you sure she is okay?””Huh?” I was too mesmerized by my violation of my sister’s perfect body to fully comprehend what my mother was saying.”Casey, is she okay?” She spelled it out in the same way she spoke to foreign people, “I swear, something is up with that girl lately. She has been skipping school and answering back. Honestly, I don’t know what has gotten into her.”Unable to meet my mother’s eye after this comment I coughed and looked sideways.”What?””Nothing. She’s fine, mom.” I definitely wasn’t though. If the earlier torture of trying not to come before my sister had been infuriating, this slow-paced i****t fuck was beyond what any mortal could endure.Casey looked thoroughly pleased with herself, enjoying how her languorous movements were taking me right to the edge, but never quite letting me see over it.My mom sighed, “I wish she would talk to me. Or talk to anyone, she’s clearly going through something.””She’s still a teenager, mom. They’re all going through something.” Those words, combined with the renewed realization of what we were doing right in front of our mother was nearly, but not quite, enough to make me spurt inside my eighteen-year-old sister.Casey must have sensed it because she stopped riding me. She sat down fully on my lap so that I was buried as deep in her as I could go. Which, given the cramped feeling I had all around my member, was as deep as she could take me. Then she began to very subtly roll her backside around on me like a ball resting in a socket. Her hips swiveled and the teasing of my cock went to a fresh new height of exquisite discomfort.”What about you? Will you try to talk to her? You two used to be so close.””I am really close,” I muttered.”What?””I said we’re still pretty close, Mom. Closer than you might expect, anyway.” I tried to stop my voice from coming out as a hiss. The look my sister was giving me, back over her shoulder, her long hair falling across her face in a soft cascade, was devoid of all mockery. All I saw there now was hunger. I did my best to stop myself from mirroring that look, which I felt tenfold internally, for fear that my mother would figure out immediately what I was doing when she saw it.”That is good to hear. Will you check on her for me anyway?””Check on her?””Go and feel her and see if she is hot or anything. I’ll wait. I’m still waiting for that client to call me back anyway””Uh,” I looked to Casey, but she just met my questioning look with a smoldering gaze that melted my insides.It was the last straw.”Yeah, okay. I’ll go see to her.” I spoke through clenched teeth, giving Casey some warning of what was to come. Then I dropped the phone onto the couch, face down and covered it with a cushion, just to be safe.Casey gasped as I wrapped my arms around her, under her heavy breasts, and pulled her back against me. Then, with a grunt, I stood and lifted her with me. She was generously built and not easy to carry, but I was fueled by an unstoppable desire.Casey raised and spread her legs as I took a step forward. I was still buried deep in her pussy. Our heads were together and she turned her face to mine. I could not help it, I was so kinetically charged with desire for her I planted a rough kiss on her lips. Her reaction was a feral snarl, but turned into another kiss. Our bared teeth clicked together, our tongues fought each other for dominance and our lips felt bruised from the force of it.I managed to heave Casey over to the opposite couch before I dropped her onto all fours. I landed with my weight atop her and used the momentum to thrust even deeper into her core.She cried out. I covered her mouth with my hand and curled my body over hers, the sweat between us making our skin slick. “You’re going to have to be quiet while I fuck you and make you come harder than you ever have before, little sis.”She mumbled some retort back through my fingers, which I had no doubt was laced with derision. But, I could see a twinkle of anticipation in the one eye she had turned to me in profile.I pulled back and slammed into her, driving her hard into the sofa, nearly toppling her over. She moaned wetly into my hand. My other hand was busy too, obeying the request of my mother, and feeling my sister.I groped rudely at one of her swaying breasts, pawing over it until I felt the hardened nub of her nipples poking out between my fingers.As I began to pound into Casey, aware that my mother could grow suspicious at any moment, I tugged and worked her little nipple until she was panting into my hand, her voice coming in a series of muffled groans.I knew we had little time, and Casey was already primed, so I did not give her breasts as much attention as they deserve. Instead, I released my grip, eliciting a sigh of disappointment from her, and I used my fingers to dig into the tender oyster flesh between her thighs until I came up with a pearl.My thighs were slapping violently against her ass, sending bowshocks of force rippling through her fleshy rump, as I tickled her hardened bead of a clit.I could feel my climax rising inside of me again. But, my heroic stand earlier had set a precedent, so I bit down hard on my lip and rubbed forcefully into her slippery crevice.Her tight bundle of nerve cells was a switch under my rapidly moving fingers. I flipped it up and down with increasing speed.Casey would have been baying loudly if I had not kept my hand clamped tightly over her mouth. She was insensible to everything around her but the pummeling her brother’s dick was giving her bruised pussy.Finally, I sensed the repeated stress my switch-flipping was putting on her internal circuitry was starting to have an effect. Her system could no longer handle the alternating and cumulative power input it was getting. In a sudden live-wire spark of a convulsion, Casey cried out into my hand as her insides twisted around me in an almost painful muscle constriction. The pressure she put on me as her orgasm drew tight was like someone stepping down on a full juice box.I let out a long, satisfied groan as I burst inside of her. Casey’s climax peaked a moment after mine and, as she descended in sharp, jagged switchbacks from a tremendous height, she shuddered and made small a****l cries into my palm.I poured out another full load, and what felt like many times more, into her cramped, thirsty, passage. I drenched her cervix in hot seed, not caring to ask if she took precautions, knowing, even as I filled her up, that my sperm could right now be swimming into my sister’s womb and seeking an egg to impregnate.In that moment I could not have cared less.As the last sputtering spurts were pumped into her from my depleted balls I sucked in ragged breaths, dr****g my naked body heavily across hers. When I finally released her mouth she too was panting and barely able to stay up. At the same time she seemed to buzz with a satisfied energy that, if she were a cat, I could have sworn would have manifested as a purr.She buckled and I went with her, down onto the sofa. When I rolled off her, resisted by the sticky, clinging sweat and body fluids between us, my drained cock slipped out of her snug channel. A thick mess of white come was squeezed out of her contracting vagina. It narrowly missed the sofa cushions and, rather fortuitously, began to form a decent sized puddle on the floorboards between our feet.I only realized this later because, even before her head hit the sofa cushion, my mouth was on hers and we met in a far more gentle, passionate kiss than the one before. I knelt beside her as she turned her face to meet mine. We could hear each other breathing hard through our noses as our tongues slid over each other.I might have carried on like that until I grew hard again which, given my sister’s effect on me, would not have been very long. But, Casey broke the kiss and pushed me back. It had none of the force and aggression she had shown me earlier, but the wide-eyed expression she gave me made me pause.”Mom!” She hissed.”Shit!” I had completely forgotten in my overwhelming lust.”Uh” I stammered as I vacillated over what to do.”Pick up the phone,” Casey whispered insistently. “Go!”I stood up on shaky legs. Casey came up with me. More of my seed slopped out of her as she moved, adding to the already impressive creamy puddle on the floor. I hesitated over it, knowing it would have to be cleaned up but Casey shoved me. “Leave it and go and talk to mom!”She was right. Already too much time had passed. I gave her one last look and then made a dash for the phone. Casey moved fast in the other direction, back towards her bedroom, her hand cupping her sex in an attempt to catch my come, which was still dripping out of her and running down her thighs. She gave me one last enigmatic look over her shoulder, before she moved out of sight.I knocked the cushion off the phone and picked it up. I had the presence of mind to turn the phone away from me so that my mom was not presented with a close up of my junk, still semi-erect and dripping with my sister’s juices.I was still out of breath from fucking my little sister when I turned the screen to face me.”Ed?” My mom asked, sounding peeved, “What took you so long?””Sorry mom, I was giving Casey a hand.””And a lot more,” I nearly added.My mom gave me her best you-have-wasted-my-time look before asking, “And?””And what?””And, how did she feel.”The word “incredible” burned on the tip of my tongue, but I settled for the less suggestive, “Hot. She felt really really hot.””Oh, okay.” She sounded dubious, “Are you out of breath?””Yeah, I ran back from the bedroom.””You are really unfit, Ed. Maybe you should get some exercise while you are on vacation.””Maybe, yeah. Good idea. I think I might have found a training program I can really get into.””And, Casey?”I hesitated a moment, a small flicker of panic that maybe she had heard what we had been doing.I was relieved when she added, “Can I talk to her?””I guess,” I shrugged and began heading to Casey’s room, happy to pass my mom onto someone else. I needed a moment to get my head right.”Hey, Case?! Mom wants to talk.” I practically yelled it, hoping she would figure out a plan before I got there. It was just as well I did. From outside the room I could see she had been using a hand towel to try and mop up her dripping mess of a pussy. At the sound of my warning she dropped the towel and rolled into bed, wriggling her beautiful, naked backside under the covers.When I got to the bed she was just squirming into place and cramming her enormous breasts back into her top.”Here she is.” I gave her a cheeky grin as I handed over her phone. She stared daggers back at me, clutching her duvet tight across her chest, but she took the phone all the same.Immediately, as she took the device, her manner changed. Her eyelids drooped and her mouth sagged. “Hello?” She said in an exaggerated croaky voice, “Mom?””Casey? Are you alright sweetie? You sound terrible. And you are so flushed!”I looked at Casey again and saw what my mom did. Casey still had pink rosy cheeks from the vigorous fucking and the knee-shaking orgasm I had given her. That, combined with the stubble rash I had left on her cheek, the running mascara from our exertions, and the mussed state of her hair added up to a pretty messy picture.I grinned widely at her. But, she was too good a little actress to respond to me directly in her present state.”Yeah, Mom. I’m okay. I just feel exhausted. Sorry I left school without telling anyone. This thing, whatever it is,” Casey gave me a pointed glance, “It was completely unexpected. It hit me hard and fast and it left me thoroughly wiped out.””I can see that, baby. You really don’t look well. I am sorry to have bothered you. Rest up well, alright?””Okay, Momma. Sorry again for making you worry. But, I’m feeling much better since Eddy took care of me.” Casey replied in her best little girl voice. It was my turn to roll my eyes.”I’m glad to hear it. Make sure he keeps looking after you. I know he’s not doing his chores, so if you need anything make sure you ask him.””Okay mom,” She gave a theatrical yawn, “I feel pretty sleepy, I think I’d like to go back to bed now.””Alright, Casey. Sleep tight.””Bye Mom.” and with that, she hung up the phone.After a moment she looked up at me through thick lashes. Despite her messy appearance, she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I felt something give in my chest then and I knew I had to get out of there before things got too intense. I couldn’t let her see that this was starting to mean a lot more than just a once off fling to me.”Well?” She asked.”Well… I think I’m going to go take a shower,” I said as I turned towards her door, “Will you delete the videos?””That depends.””On what?” I sighed, not feeling like I had the energy for more of Casey’s mind games.”On whether or not you follow mom’s orders.””What orders?””She said you have to do whatever I say, and I say that before I delete these videos I want to complete the trilogy.”I stopped. Unsure of what to do next, I turned back to Casey. There was heat in her eyes now and I felt my limp cock perk up and thicken.I really did need some time to try and process all this but no matter what my brain was thinking, my hand pushed the door closed anyway and I took a step back towards the bed.Casually Casey tossed aside the duvet. \live amateur girls at szaab dot com \Now I could see all of her again. She was naked from the waist down with her knees bent and her thighs parted to present her sloppy, cream-filled pussy to me.I swallowed hard on a lump in my throat.With one hand she directed the phone’s camera towards me. With the other she tossed a small bundle in my direction, saying, “Better get into character.”Thoughtlessly I snatched the object out of the air and let it unfold in my hands.It was a pair of panties.The same pair of white panties she had been wearing when she came home from school.”Let’s see that Bane impersonation again, big boy.”A heat burned inside me and I could not stop the smile spreading across my face as I pulled the panties over my face and took in a deep lungful of her scent.”I think I already have title for our little film,” She smiled and her sexy little dimple returned. I followed the direction she was pointing the camera down to my crotch.”We can call it The Dark Knight Rises.”

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