Bailee Needs a Man

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Bailee Needs a ManI met my husband on-line, back before it was cool to date that way. Before there was Tinder and Match and FarmersOnly, there were Yahoo chat rooms and one night I was watching men masturbate in a room when I saw the most gorgeous eight inch cock, wrapped by a hand that looked rugged yet capable of the most tender touch. The cock was rigid and arching and dripping with cum and I was mesmerized. I chatted with him for a while that day and over the next few weeks I watched that beautiful cock again and again and obviously fell in lust with his cock. Then over the next few months fell in love with the rest of the beautiful man who is now my husband.He was living in Atlanta when we met but his job took him to Mississippi and after a couple of years, I followed him there. I was a Chicago girl, in the heart of the Mississippi River Delta and way out of place, but thankfully I met a couple of wonderful ladies, just by chance, and to this day we are great friends. Neither of them know about the fact that I am bisexual and there is no way they would approve of that and would shun me as well if they knew how my husband and I met, but they are still great friends. I get together with one of my friends, Karen every week when she hosts a very southern girls night in for me and her daughters. We eat and gossip and maybe a little wine is drunk but mostly it is just ladies enjoying the friendship and support of other ladies. In the last couple of months Karen’s recently divorced daughter Bailee has moved back to Mississippi and is now a part of the weekly parties too.Bailee is a cute vivacious, freckled face and freckled breasted, red head with long curly hair. She was not quite thirty and was still reeling a bit from her divorce when she moved home. She, her sisters and her mom are all bigger ladies, but Bailee carries her size wonderfully. She is about 5’3″ with cute well cared for feet and short round toes which I would love to get my lips on. Her slim ankles and calves bloom wonderful into round soft thighs. Her ass is super cute with a huge but round bubble butt, curvy hips and just the perfect soft rolls up to her waist. Her tummy is amazingly smooth for her size and then, and then her most unmistakable asset, her boobs. She is blessed with the largest firmest, roundest tits I have ever seen which are as far as I have seen are completely covered in freckles. . I was a 42 G before my weight loss and boob job and thought there was no way anyone could have larger breasts than I did, but she does and I was always smitten with Bailee’s huge perfect boobs. She loves to flaunt her boobs with tight low cut shirts and dresses and I had to finally ask her bra size. She said to get a really comfortable fit she had to go with a 48 L, or M, which honestly I did not know even existed. Over the last month her conversation on ladies’ night has been more and more about how much she misses sex, now that she is divorced. She was not interested in dating and not ready for some random one night stand, but it was obvious she was horny all the time. Her very southern, very religious, preacher’s daughter mother would always try to stop her from discussing that with the rest of us, but the more the wine flowed the more she would talk about how she missed a man’s touch, his tongue and especially his cock. One night as our gathering was wrapping up, I quietly asked Bailee if we could have lunch soon, and whispered to her that I might know the man who could help her with her “problem.” She was eager to hear my thoughts and we set a date for lunch the next day.As Bailee came into the restaurant I saw that she was dressed super cutely, with a short black pencil skirt, black pumps, a yellow tank top, and black sweater buttoned up to just below her massive breasts. We hugged and took our table, and I could not help but confide in her, “You look so hot today. If you were not straight, we would skip lunch and head to my house.”Bailee smiled slyly and said, “I am very, well…almost..totally straight, unfortunately. But I always suspected you might not be. Does your husband know and does my mom know you are…I am guessing you are bi?””Yes I am bi, and yes John knows and no your Mom does not know, and that should probably be our little secret but this is not about me or us anyway,” I said. “This is about finding you Mr. No-strings-attached-only-there-for-the-sex-talented-tongue-and-stunt-cock.”Bailee chuckled at my bluntness but acknowledged my assessment of her need.”Well.” I said, “I think I may know the perfect guy for you.””Oh, Really?!” Bailee said with a huge smile. “Yes, really. He is super handsome, older than you are, not interested in a relationship, and is an amazing lover. And yes, that is a first hand recommendation because we have had sex many times and I am always left quivering.”Bailee literally leaned back in her chair and said, “Ok, but what is the catch, Misty? Is he nuts, in prison, have some disease or is he married with a jealous wife?””Well, he is married, but I know for certain that they are very open to sexual partners beyond their marriage, and I am also certain he has never been in prison has no diseases and is not nuts. He is a sweet sexy man and an amazing lover.””This is too good to be true,” she said, “What is the catch?””Well the catch is that there is no catch. But if you want to think about it, I am pretty sure he will be around when you are ready,” I said.”So who is he? Do I know this guy, do you know this guy well?” she asked.”He is a friend and lover and yes, I know him very well. And like I said, he is an amazing lover. Always hard eight inch cock, but his most amazing talent is his tongue. He has made me cum with just his tongue on my nipples before. Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you, he always begs to cleanup if he cums on or in you. “Ok, now wait a minute,” Bailee said tugging up on her tank top since it had slipped down a bit and that was exposing a tiny glimpse of her obviously huge brown areola. “He eats pussy, fucks well and eats his cum? Seriously?'”Yeap, and is same and sexy,” I responded. “Fuck, set it up,” Bailee responded. “And where is our waiter? I need some more wine.”I decided a “double date” was the safest way to set up Bailee and her new man toy, so we agreed to a weekend at the Alabama coast. Bailee and I drove to the coast together for the resort weekend and plans were set for her to meet the new man at dinner the first night. We got two adjoining rooms and after a few hours at the pool, my husband John arrived and we all went back to the rooms to prepare for dinner and for Bailee to meet her date. John was ready for dinner first tekirdağ escort and looked amazingly sexy in his khaki shorts, white linen shirt and flip flops. Now I don’t like to brag on my husband…ok, yes I do love to brag on my beautiful husband, but anyway, he is amazingly sexy. Mid fifties, although he can and does often pass for early forties. He is bald, mostly due to my request to keep his beautiful tan head shaved. Perfectly piercing amber eyes which are always smiling and which are the perfect expression of his genuine kindness. Six feet plus a little, a hundred and seventy lean pounds of beautiful man. Muscular legs, flat tummy with just a hint of cut between his abs, beautiful hard pecs and gloriously large nipples which he loves to have teased, sucked and roughly played with. He shaves his head and the rest of his body too at my request, but usually has a short stubbly beard, because I love the feel of it against my skin. His cock is perfection, eight inches from pelvic bone to tip and always, always so hard. The shaft is an inch and three quarters across all the way to the base, but his wonderfully fared circumcised cock head starts at just an inch and a half at the tip then flares quickly to well over two inches before the sharp turn back to shaft. But I digress.Bailee was looking so cute that night with a white scoop neck dress, thin enough to highlight her white lace bra which contained but most definitely did not tame her huge breasts. Her cleavage was at least a foot long, freckled and bouncing with every step. Strappy white high heel sandals exposing her cute pink toenails. When she knocked on the door of our room and I got the first glimpse I was stunned. I had admired her huge firm breasts since the first time we met, but I had never seen her nipples so erect. They were not just noticeable, but were leading her into our room. John obviously noticed too and jokingly offered to adjust the AC in her room, but she declined with a smile and said she was actually very, very hot instead.John poured us both a glass of wine, then excused himself to go down to the restaurant and make sure our reservation was all set. I finished up my makeup and Bailee and I chatted and enjoyed our wine.”John is so hot, Misty. I hope you don’t mind me saying so,” she offered.”Of course I don’t mind. I agree,” I said. Her glass of wine, and the four or five glasses by the pool, were obviously loosening her up a bit and she said, “If mystery man does not work out, maybe you can just leave our doors unlocked and send him over for a while.”I laughed and said, “Oh I am certain he would like that a lot! He thinks you are so cute and he loves your boobs. Hell, I love your boobs! He misses mine since my reduction, so I am sure he would love to get his lips on yours. And so would I,” I finished with a wink.John texted me that everything was ready in the restaurant and Bailee and I went down stairs. The hostess led us to the table and as we approached John stood to greet us. I took a seat across from John and he pulled out the chair next to him for Bailee. As soon as she was seated, she noticed that there were only three place settings at the table and said, “Only three? Did mystery man cancel?” she said. “No, he is here,” I said. “Bailee, meet John. John, this is Bailee, the beautiful, hot young, sexy lady I have been telling you about. The one who needs some attention and needs you to show her your talents.”John leaned over and gave Bailee a quick peck on the cheek and taking her hand i his said, “Good evening Bailee. It is a pleasure to meet you and you look stunning tonight.””Ahh, what? Misty, what are you doing?” Bailee said and she reached for the glass of wine that John had waiting for her. She almost downed the whole glass of wine. “Are you setting me up with John?””Well, you did say he was hot. And I told you the man was married and did not have a jealous wife,” I said.A tiny grin came over her lips and she bit her bottom lip a little as she turned her green eyes toward John for the first time. She turned back toward me and said, “Really? You are ok with this?” she said.”I am more than ok with this Bailee. I think you two are a perfect match,” I said. “Are you opening up to the idea?”She looked at John and back at me again and then at John and then at me again. “He is gorgeous, and if every thing you told me is true about his…well, his skills, then I think I am more than ok with this,” she said.”Good,” I said. “And it is all true. Now, would you prefer that I leave you alone for dinner? I feel a bit like a third wheel. I am sure I can find a cute bartender to hang out with” “Bailee? That is up to you,” John said.”Ahhh, well I am ok with you staying, Misty, I guess,” Bailee responded and then finished her glass of wine.”Good,” I said, “because I love watching my sexy man flirt with a beautiful lady and love to see a beautiful lady flirt with my man.””Well, then I think I should make you happy too,” Bailee said as she turned and gave John a tender sensual kiss on the lips. “It’s my pleasure to meet you John.”The dinner was delicious and the wine flowed freely. John and Bailee were laughing and she was definitely flirting and teasing him with her beautiful boobs. Her nipples were even harder than earlier and lifted her dress almost an inch above her boobs. The two of them were periodically holding hands and I watched as she guided his left hand down between her thighs. I saw her gasp a bit and knew John was stroking her inner thigh. By the time dessert was served Bailee and John were both eating one handed and each had the other hand busy under the table. With dessert almost finished, I suggested that John and Bailee have a drink at the bar and I excused myself to our room. Once back in our room, I slipped through the adjoining doors and set up a small video camera so I could watch the rest of their fun.I had barely gotten back in our room and was still opening the feed from the camera when I heard the door of Bailee’s room opening. I watched as they hurried inside and the two of them leaning against the door kissed passionately. Knowing I was watching, John flipped on the lights in the room as Bailee dropped to her knees and almost ripped John’s shorts off. His cock was beautifully hard and standing straight up when she pointed her phone at it and snapped a couple of photos of my husband’s rigid cock. Then an instant later it disappeared between her hungry lips. She was obviously skilled with her mouth and was stroking vigorously on his cock. I was getting so wet I had to start fingering myself as I watched her deep throating my husband. I watched as John escort tekirdağ shot some video on his phone of her sucking his cock and she looked up and gave him a nice show as he recorded. After just a few minutes, John pushed her away and pulling her to her feet, they kissed again deeply. John turned her toward the camera and from behind unzipped her dress and pushed it down to the floor. Bailee’s body was as wonderful as I had imagined with her milky smooth skin and soft gentle curves. She had a small but dense tuft of red hair above her pussy which had apparently not been covered with panties all night. John released Bailee’s bra and she leaned over and let it drop to the floor. Her breasts were nothing short of spectacular. Huge round and wonderfully firm even at their enormous size. Her nipples were long and so hard, I almost came when I saw them. Bailee turned to John and unbuttoned his shirt, then skin to skin they kissed deeply again. John’s hands cupped her bubble butt and pulled her against him. She was already squirming, rubbing against his cock. They stumbled together and tumbled onto the bed where John forced her onto her back and I could see the wetness of her tiny pussy lips as he spread her legs. His tongue touched down first on her inner thigh and she roughly forced his head to her pussy. I heard her gasping and an instant later heard, both on the camera and through the wall, her screamed, “Oh Fuck, I am cumming!!!” John worked his magic and continued to tease her clit with just the maximum amount of pressure that she she could endure and she just rode the wave of pleasure. Bailee repeatedly lifted her huge breasts and sucked in hungrily on her long hard nipples and just two or three minutes later she was bucking her hips again. She screamed again, “Shit, I am cumming again.” The sight of her sucking her nipples and of my husband tongue fucking her was too much for me and I also came as she was reaching her second climax.Bailee forced John onto his back and laid over him with her breasts wrapped around his cock. Over the next few minutes she alternated tit fucking him and stroking her mouth and lips over his cock and balls. John was sometimes videoing and sometimes snapping photos of the action. The angle was perfect for me to see her dripping wet pussy facing directly into the camera. I heard her moan,”Damn, I want to ride your cock.”John must have agreed, because she was soon straddling him. I got a tiny peek of John’s perfect cock before it disappeared and they both gasped loudly as Bailee dropped her full weight on his cock. She was sitting up very straight putting her entire weight into riding his cock. He reached up and was cupping and stroking her breasts as she rode. At least ten minutes passed and she kept a constant rocking and bouncing pace pulling her long hard nipples roughly and moaning more and more loudly. She eventually leaned forward and pressed her huge breasts against John’s face and when his lips closed on her nipple, she shuttered wildly and with just ten more strokes she was screaming in orgasm again. Bailee collapsed over John and he wrapped her tightly in his strong arms. John allowed Bailee to recover for a while and then he reignited her by passionately kissing her. They rolled over and Bailee got onto her hands and knees with her ass even with the edge of the bed. I had a wonderful side view as her massive breasts hung between her arms. John took his place standing behind her and gave me a small discreet thumbs-up to the camera as he guided his hard cock inside her. Gripping her hips John pressed his entire length into her and began his slow rhythmic assault on her pussy. His pace increased slowly but soon he was pulling her back against his cock roughly and the sound of her round ass slapping against him began to carry through the wall into my room. Her breasts were swaying wildly and swinging as he punished her pussy from behind. She turned toward the camera looking over her shoulder and said, “Pull my hair if you like and please, please spank my fat ass.”John wasted no time forming her long curly red hair into a thick pony tail. With his fingers wrapped tightly in her hair he roughly pulled her head back and his other hand began alternating slaps on each of her huge round ass cheeks. His pace now increased and he was driving her forward with each stroke and then roughly pulling her back by her hair. “Oh God yes, fuck me harder, please fuck me,” she moaned over and over again, and then louder and louder she begged until she was screaming it over the sound of my husband pounding her from behind and slapping her ass. This was too much for me and I came a second time.She suddenly bucked and arched her back and screamed, “Fuck yes….Yes, I am cumming, oh fuck, fuck I love that dick.” She instantly collapsed onto her stomach pulling away from John’s rigid cock. Her head cleared quickly and she turned and gripped his dripping wet shaft and guided his throbbing head to her mouth. I could tell John was close to climax when she had pulled away and his pace and intensity in her mouth was making it even more obvious. She sucked and licked while he stroked his hips toward her face. She occasionally gagged on his cock head but kept going back for more. John suddenly pulled out of her mouth and pushing her onto her back he stroked his cock over her huge tits. She pressed them together just as my beautiful man’s cum erupted from his love tool. Rope after rope of his delicious cum poured over her boobs and he expertly painted both of her two inch long nipples with it before the flood ended. She grabbed his cock and licked the last drops from it and then he leaned down and began alternating between her cum soaked nipples and tits. Sucking in and licking up every drop of cum he also worshipped her massive breasts and she moaned louder and louder. Her fingers slide down her tummy and between her legs and she was furiously stroking her clit when John moved from her breasts to her lips and they shared a long slow cum kiss. John covered her hand with his and with just a few more strokes of their fingers on her clit, she gripped her thighs tightly together and road the wave of a gentle but obviously satisfying orgasm. She rolled on her side and I could barely hear her saying, “Hold me a while.” I watched as they both dozed off and I also fell asleep.I awoke to the familiar feeling of my husband’s lips and tongue on my inner thighs. It was almost morning and he had slipped through the door between our rooms and was now giving me a treat with his deliciously sexy tongue. He left the doors open and I could see Bailee sound asleep tekirdağ escort bayan next door. He was obviously a man on a mission and he had me on the verge of an orgasm in just a minute or two. He raised his intensity and in just five more minutes I was gripping his head to my pussy and riding the wave of a long shuttering orgasm.”Can I get one of those too, John?” I heard Bailee’s voice and looked up to see her standing naked in the doorway. I was scurrying to cover up when John said, “Of course you can. I will be right there Sweetie.””This bed looks bigger,” she said. “Is there room for all three of us Misty?”A bit surprised but definitely excited by this development I said, “Plenty of room, join us.”John slid to the middle of the bed and patted the edge of the bed for Bailee. Bailee walked to the bed and said, “May I have the middle instead? If, it’s ok with you Misty.””Of course it’s ok,” I responded. She climbed in bed between us and with her face close to mine said, “I think I may be more bi-curious today than straight. Would you two help me satisfy my curiosity? Please?”The smile on my face must have been answer enough. She took her place on her back between us, pressed her massive breasts together and pointed toward her hard nipples. “One for each you,” she said with a grin. John and I took the hint and each sucked in one of her hard nipples. She moaned very loudly and he and I each moved a hand to her pussy as we sucked and pulled hard on her nipples. As our fingers met on her pussy, she shuttered and in a couple of seconds she was rocking her hips to meet our fingers. Our attention was more than she could withstand and in record time she was gasping for breath and began to quiver as an orgasm washed over her. Bailee recovered quickly and asked me to roll onto my back and as I did she rolled on top of me. Her lips met mine and she tentatively kissed me. I tenderly returned the kisses and stroked my fingers over her smooth soft skin and her kisses slowly grew more and more passionate. I was beginning to squirm when she broke our kiss and slide down my body. She kissed her way down my neck and across my upper chest. Then I watched as she circled and circled my nipples with her tongue until finally she opened her lips and sucked my nipple deeply into her mouth. I moaned loudly and my body shuttered as she gripped my other nipple with her fingernails. I love having my nipples teased and she was masterful at it. She suddenly relented on my nipples and was again sliding down my body kissing her way down my tummy. With a steady pace she kissed lower and lower and I spread my legs giving her full access. It was first a tender kiss that she placed on my wet swollen hairless pussy. We shuttered in unison and both moaned softly. Another slightly harder kiss and then another and another found my wetness. Her tongue finally slide between my labia and she increased her intensity. She was definitely dedicated to learning this skill and the attention she was giving me with her tongue was delicious. I was rocking against her tongue growing more and more excited.Bailee’s ass was in the air with her head down between my legs and I watched as John began to rub his hard cock against her ass and between her thighs. She jolted forward, driving her tongue deep inside me when John drove his rigid cock deep into her pussy from behind. The sight of my husband pounding her sexy round ass and the feeling of her tongue on my clit was too much for me and I began moaning and squirming with an intense orgasm. I pushed her head away from my overly stimulated pussy and slid up the bed to just watch. Bailee raised up onto her arms and the sight of her huge breasts swaying and slapping against her body as John fucked her hard doggy style was so erotic.John took a quick break to move Bailee to the edge of the bed so he could stand behind her as he fucked her. I took advantage of the break in the action to slide under Bailee in a 69 position and watched from below as my husband’s hard cock again found the dripping wetness of Bailee’s pussy. Bailee was obviously focusing on the pleasure of John’s cock inside her and my lips on her clit as she started to moan and gasp for breath. I was alternating between her clit and John’s balls and just loving the view of my man’s cock spreading her tiny pink pussy lips again and again. Bailee suddenly lurched forward, I heard her screaming and I watched as her orgasm exploded with hips bucking and her quivering pussy gripping John’s cock. John’s stamina in this position really is spectacular but I knew how to force him into an orgasm. I slipped an arm free and after wetting a couple of fingers in Bailee’s juices I circled his ass with them. He moaned but kept up his pounding of her pussy until I slipped my two wet fingers inside his tight ass. With just a few slow strokes of my fingers inside him, he was done and gripped her hips tightly as his balls rose high and his ass clamped on my fingers. He was still pumping cum into her when the first drops were forced out and started dripped down into my mouth. He laid over her body for a few delicious minutes, slipping his cock out of her wet pussy and feeding me the delicious mixture of his cum and her pussy juices. Again and again he fed me from her pussy the nectar of their lovemaking until I had gotten every last drop.We all three cuddled for a nice long time making some small talk and dozing off occasionally. I confessed to Bailee that I had placed the cam in her room and had watched her and John last night. She smiled slyly and told me that she had seen the camera and thought is was hot. She asked for a copy of the video. John finally said he was hungry and was ready for breakfast, so at that point I let Bailee know that, if it was alright with her, I was planning to go back home as soon as I showered and that she and John would have the rest of the weekend to themselves. But there was one stipulation, that I leave the cam so I can watch their fun. Bailee protested gently asking me to stay, and then agreed. John and she slipped back into her room to shower while I showered in the other room. With my shower complete and my bag packed, I eased open the door to the ajoining room and saw the wonderful sexy sight of Bailee enthusiastically riding John’s cock and him worshiping her massive breasts with his lips and tongue. I interrupted their lovemaking just long enough for two quick goodbye kisses and left for my drive back home.I spent the rest of the weekend at home watching endless sessions of my beautiful husband fucking our sexy young huge boobed friend and I masturbated nonstop. I still see Bailee weekly on girls’ night, although she no longer talks about needing a man. And every week she asks me if I think John might have time for a “handyman project” at her apartment. My answer is always yes and I set up for John to take care of what she needs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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