Badger’s Lament

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Several readers have asked me if my encounters with Badger are true and I take that as a compliment because I guess the writing shows it, and it is a fact. Most of it is true with just a few additions which I hold steadfast in memory of dear old Badger who dies some two year ago.


For me he was my mentor, my lover and many more things, there will never ever be another like him who really brought me out of the inhibited state I was in, showed me my true leaning and gave me many hours absolute splendour in the confines of his allotment shed.

I am with another guy now and he is gorgeous, and I met him because of – guess what? Well he took over Badger’s allotment plot which of course meant the old shed went with it. He treats me well and we have lots of kinky treats but what can one say, he could never come up to the standard of Badger and if I close my eyes and try to imagine it is Badger behind me, because Richard is about the same age, it is just the little idiosyncrasies that remind me it isn’t Badger, because he fucks me differently – not the deep slow taking of my wanting ass like Badger enjoyed of me, and me of him, it feels different, tastes different when I suck him and his scent is different too.

It is a little strange though because there we both are, having it away in the same shed so it is no wonder I have so many reminiscences of the wonderful times Badger and I shared in our own very private space

It is the funny things I remember too, like the way Badger had to restrain himself from one of the things he likes to do with me, when the allotment was busy. The old shed wasn’t exactly sound proof but thanks to someone starting up an motorised mower, poor old Badger could have his wish and enjoy a good old fashioned spanking which, because Badger was doing it – became something I enjoyed very much, even the initial sting of his variable slaps on each of my cheeks seemed to numb giving me the most delightful kaçak iddaa sensation, and something that really made Badger’s fuck more stimulating than ever.

I so loved the musty smell of old Badger mingled with the scent of his pipe tobacco.

When I entered his shed he always had a drink waiting there for me. Advocaat or Brandy was his poison and it certainly got me in the mood for his carnal excursions, when he’d take my jeans down with much joy and enjoy my cock to the full, always making sure he made me cum warmly into his mouth before he fucked me.

And I do remember with great esteem the way he liked his roll-ups and I don’t mean making his own cigs. For his age his size and erection was still very active and it felt so good giving that wonderful length of his a very sensual ‘roly-poly’ as he called it, He just loved the feel of my palms massage his cock to his delight and I have to say mine too, because I found it so very soothing.

His balls too were still firm and very pliable for a guy his age and I remember lots of lengthy and wonderful moments cupping then and gently squeezing whilst he sucked my cock.

Then the bending across his bench how he liked me, he bought a special cushion to prop me up for his liking and I really loved to be all ass for him, it was something so special just hearing his compliments about my rear – there were no words, just gentle action at first after the primary cock sucking he loved so much, and feeling him enter me with such splendour was magic, to feel his slow thrust into me, the way he fucked me, the way he stopped occasionally and I could feel it beating so lovely inside me.

Then after the fuck he’d take time simply to enjoy my ass to the full, he just loved to stretch it the cheeks apart, which felt so lovely, then push his face into me and lick my fresh fucked hole which was truly stimulating, I can still feel him enjoying me now, even though he has been gone kaçak bahis for so long, it is as if he is still there up inside me, fucking me to his hearts content. He was a lovely soul and we had so many wonderful and happy times together.

What more can I say, except yes, my stories about Badger are true and I have discovered that being with an older guy is my kinda scene, I love the maturity and the experience and gladly take my jeans down for Richard and watch just how he grunts and groans as I teasingly reveal my ass, waiting for his deliverance – it is a different guy yes, but the same place, even the old bench was still in situ where Badger enjoyed me on so many occasions, me bent over there feeling the absolute gorgeous feeling and soothing of his fucking.

But now Richard and I we share our sexual longings, his cock is nice and big and gives me a sound fucking on all fours like he prefers, but sometimes he fucks me like a woman, standing over me as I wrap my legs around his sturdy back and feel his strong bountiful thrust take me.

He is lovely really and I mustn’t even try to compare him with Badger, I guess I will get used to Richard when once I accept there can never be another Badger and things move on.

But I can still dream and that does no harm to anyone. Yesterday when Richard was fucking me I yelled out “Badger fuck me hard” and he stopped awhile, groaned and then carried on fucking me even harsher than usual. I guess he realised my thoughts and was trying to emulate that which I had told him about Badger, I didn’t mind that at all, his fucks grew better all the time and when he’d had me I started to feel how I felt with Badger, that he was still well and truly riveting my ass, it felt numb and delightful like he was still up there inside me.

Sometimes when I am enjoying oral with Richard I find I am still closing my eyes pretending it is Badger’s ripe cock I am sucking. I guess that was on account that illegal bahis I had just shown Richard so intimate pictures of Badger and I enjoying ourselves, pictures which when Badger was alive were sacrosanct and I would never share them with anyone, they were just for our use when we were away from each other, that we might look at them and wank. But now that he had gone, and with Richard asking me things like how was it with Badger and did I have any pictures I went for it.

He lapped them up and said I looked so wonderful with Badger’s cock firmly wedged deep into my mouth, in fact I guess it made Richard all the more randy with me, trying to emulate Badger.

We had some fun doing a couple of short videos for the same purpose as I did with Badger, they have come out very well and there are some great shorts of Richard fucking me, thanks to his time lapse he could arrange his camera how he wanted.

But Badger has well and truly gone yet his spirit will always remain. But now I am thinking as once more I am bent over that bench, how lucky I am to have another older guy like Richard and as I feel him cum strong, usually wearing a ribbed condom which really does it for me, and the way he wanks me too as he deep fucks my ass.

It is all so nice and I am settling well after a long absence from sex when mourning for Badger.

But now Richard wants me, I feel I can belong once more as he so enjoys me in every position, the whole lot around the world as he calls it – and it is so very sensual watching him do things, the way he enjoys to mould my ass cheeks and suck and lick them, that feeling is so rapturous and especially the way he spends time rolling his finger gently and gradually expanding inside my hole, the way he then asks me to suck the fingers and then the way he does too.

Itr is so very sensual and something I am easily able to adapt to – like our mutual oral interlude, sometimes him on top smothering my face and then me smothering his, and then after taking each other spending time French kissing to combine the loving fresh fucked juices – an experience, a new experience which we have only recently enjoyed.

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