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Subject: Bad Husband 11 A new chapter for the BAD HUSBAND series. BAD HUSBAND 11 By Jesse Christian Chris here! I’m in my late 30’s, happily married guy, one son – Jesse. He’s 16 years old and an awesome kid. Outgoing and sporty. Married to my college sweetheart and best friend, Debra. But lately she’s lost interest in sex, we’ve grown apart and I’ve started discovering my taste for man sex! These are my adventures. So my last adventure ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. My son’s slutty friend Justin had seduced me in my office with his peach butt and I had creamed him right there on my desk when my assistant, Mel, walked in. There was no hiding what had just happened. My cock was literally rock hard and still dripping with cum as I pulled it out of Justin’s tight pussy in surprise. Mel was flushed as he stared at my giant pole, transfixed. He quickly closed the door behind him so nobody else could see what was going on. I should probably tell you a bit about Mel. He was young – fresh out of college but his curly hair and cherubic features with a spattering of acne made him look way younger. Still could have passed for my son’s age. His cheap oversized suit didn’t help. He always looked like a little kid playing dress-ups in his dad’s suit. He wasn’t the greatest assistant but he was so desperate to please. He’d always look at me with his little puppy dog eyes and I knew I could have asked him to do anything. Right now those puppy dog eyes were focussed right on my slab of meat. “You have… a… meet…” he trailed off, almost drooling as he shuffled towards me, his eyes never leaving his target, drawn like a magnet. I don’t think I could have stopped him, even ankara escort bayan if I wanted to, as he dropped to his knees and took my wet cock into his mouth and started cleaning it up. Even though I had just blown, my cock didn’t soften in the slightest as he tongued the swollen head, slowly working down my shaft. Justin grinned as he watched what was happening, enjoying the orgy he had created with his selfish lust. He fingered his dripping hole, wet with my creamy load as he watched my assistant blow me. I looked down at the curly head bobbing up and down on my shaft and couldn’t resist grabbing his head and pushing him further down, until the head of my cock was nestled right in the back of his throat. I pumped my hips into his receptive mouth as he moaned with pleasure. This was a boy who lived to pleasure a man! Mel’s hands reached up to play with my nipples, tweaking my lightly hairy chest, trying to arouse me further – it was working! I couldn’t believe I could feel another orgasm approaching already, so soon after fucking the teen boy still lying on my desk. With great effort, I pulled Mel’s head off my cock and turned him around to face Justin’s hole. “I think that’s going to need some cleaning up too, boy”. He stared at my juice dripping out of his freshly fucked hole and didn’t hesitate. His face latched on to the waiting hole and started Frenching it, desperately hoovering up and seed he could get. “Oh fuck” Justin groaned as he lay his head back, feeling the warm vibrations on his sensitive ass lips. He cried out, whimpering in ecstasy. I couldn’t believe how hot the scene was that I was watching. Mel was on all fours, presenting his own butt etimesgut escort to me, as his drove his face deeper and deeper into Justin’s ass. There was no way I was going to resist this. I reached down and slowly slid my hand down through Mel’s ass crack, still covering by his cheap suit pants. He shuddered with delight, quivering with anticipation of what was coming. I pulled his trousers down, revealing his pale but pert ass. He wiggled his butt at me, desperate to lure me in. I wasn’t about to resist. I dove between those cheeks, eating my second ass of the day. Knowing how much Mel wanted this, only turned me on. All thoughts of my son on his school excursion were gone as I knew I had found another willing hole to pleasure me. I couldn’t wait another second and pushed my cock into his tight asshole. Mel moaned in pleasure, arching his back to allow his hole to swallow my cock up. Justin watched, aroused, as my large cock easily slid through my assistant’s pussy. Justin leaned forward to kiss Mel, my load mingling on their darting tongues and juicy lips, savouring my manhood as they fed each other with my essence. Mel turned back to look at me, his face still flushed and red and delight in his eyes, as if all his Christmases had finally come at once. “Fuck me, sir. Use me!” He was loving every second of me fucking him doggy style. I stroked his back and smiled, knowing he always saw me as a father figure and how much this meant to him, knowing he was pleasing a superior with his tight hole. I could feel him clamping down on it, desperate to make me happy. I groaned appreciatively, rewarding his efforts. He pushed his ass back to meet kızılay escort my thrusts, his pert cheeks bouncing off my pelvis. I could feel myself getting sweaty, the room heating up with the pleasure of three men (well one man and two boys who wanted to be men). I could feel my balls were tightening, ready to unleash another torrent of hot cum into this boy’s hole. “Ready for it?” I whispered as my thrusts sped up, pummelling Mel into the ground. “Yes, sir!” he moaned, desperation in his eyes. “Yes! Yes Yes!” I pushed my cock all the way into his steaming ass and unloaded, feeling volley after volley of cum shoot into his boy-womb. The scene was too hot for Justin whose cock also exploded, spraying Mel’s cheeks and lips with his seed. We tried our best to smother our groans, aware we were still in an office setting. Finally I pulled my cock out of his slippery hole and leaned back, panting as I let my breaths return to normal. I couldn’t believe how hot this scene was. The three of us grinned as we stared at each other, wet with sweat and bonded by the kind of pleasure only men can give each other. Finally Mel spoke – “sir, you have a meeting in 5 minutes. Can I help you get ready?” I laughed and nodded. He diligently crawled over and buttoned up my shirt for me and tied up my tie, like a good little 1950’s housewife. He kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you, sir. Just.. thank you”. I cuddled him and kissed him on the top of his head, knowing how much this meant to him. Justin heaved himself off the desk and joined us in a threeway hug. A tender moment to finish our animalistic fuck. To Be Continued… AGAIN, THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR AWESOME FEEDBACK AND SEXY EMAILS! MUCH APPRECIATED! GOT A BUNCH OF TALES PLANNED ABOUT CHRIS, THE BAD HUSBAND. WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS AND SUGGESTIONS 😉 HOPEFULLY NOW WE’RE ALL IN LOCKDOWN AND I CAN DO SOME MORE WRITING… AND DON’T FORGET TO DONATE TO NIFTY!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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