Bad Girl in the City Pt. 04

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18Th Birthday

There was a pool outside our hotel room on the roof, but because I like to swim so much and so long underwater, Blue and I went down to the larger hotel pool.

Gee, I didn’t know a bathing suit was required…Blue didn’t have me created with the knowledge of such things.

We grabbed a few chairs and dropped our stuff. Blue removed her robe and was wearing the hottest bathing suit I’d ever seen, with very sexy ruffles!

I removed my robe…

“Sunny! Fuck!”

“Yes, baby?”

“You can’t be naked here, Sunny!”

“Huh…who says?”

“Well…rules…the law…or something!”

“Eh…I wouldn’t worry about it. Prostitution is legal in this state…certainly, it’s okay to swim naked!”

“Nooooooo…it doesn’t work like that!”

I wrapped my arms around Blue with my hands holding her amazing ass…she was a little shocked…

“And I’m pretty sure we can’t do that WHILE you’re naked down here either!”

I gave her a quick kiss on her lips, then dove in the water. I swam along the bottom to the other side and back again. When I surfaced, there was the hotel girl who checked us in, talking to Blue.

“Miss Blue, your uh…ladyfriend…will need to wear a bathing suit.”

I swam to the edge and rested my arms and my tanned breasts on the tile and spoke out.

“Are you sure? Who says?”

The girl turned to me, then was noticeably uncomfortable.

“Uh…well…those are the rules, okay? Also, the law around here.”

I looked right into her face…Blue thought I was going to use my mental turn-on thing…

“Sunny? No. Don’t do it!”

The girl whipped her head around to Blue.

“What? Don’t do what?”

Then, she turned back to me, looking very concerned.

“Dammit, Sunny! No!”

The girl kept looking from me to Blue.

“No what? Don’t do what? What’s going on?”

I looked at Blue and concentrated on HER pussy…she immediately crossed her legs and remembered the safe word…

“Sunny! Stop!”

“Aaaawwwww! It would have been fun!”

The girl’s voice was more stern, now…

“Ma’am! You MUST put on a bathing suit!”

Still in the water, I laughed playfully, then turned around and dove straight down, my wet ass shining in the sun before it disappeared under water. I then did a handstand with my legs spread wide apart with my pussy in the air, out of the water. I held it about five seconds, then turned right-side up, standing on the bottom with water pouring off my body.

The girl threw up her hands and walked away. I went to the edge, hopped up and sat there, then laid back and looked backwards at Blue, playing with my wet hair to tease her…my all-over tanned body, I know, making her hot…

“Well! Looks like everything turned Bostancı Escort out okay, huh?”

Blue just shook her head, smiling…

“Sunny, Sunny, Sunny…come on, baby. I’d better get you back upstairs to our own pool. Besides, I have a HUGE double-dildo waiting for you!”

“Oh! I get the big end! Will you ram it real hard against the back of pussy? Make my pussy splatter all over both of us?”

“Oh, you have no idea! You’re such a fucking slut, I may have to spank you while I fuck you!”

I jumped to my feet…

“Fuck YES! Come on, baby!”

I held her hand and helped her out of her chair. I handed her all her stuff, draped my robe over my arm and held her hand as we walked out of the pool area.

“Still not wearing anything, Sunny?”

I laughed…

“Why should I?”

Blue just shook her head and led me hurriedly to the penthouse elevator…

The elevator ride to the top went very quickly. I had only enough time to press my body against Blue and kiss her very deeply…fucking her mouth with my tongue, then to speak very hotly against her lips…

“I know what you’re thinking about…you’re thinking about our wet asses slapping together with that double-dildo buried in both our pussies, aren’t you baby.”

Blue whimpered with her mouth open against my lips…

I bit one of her lips with both of mine and continued…

“Oh baby…I’m going to be SUCH a slutty whore for you…your bad girl will do anything you want done to you…anything…”

Then, the elevator door opened and we were in our room. I took her hand, kissed it, and led her to our bed…my hot pussy already soaking my inner thighs…

Blue LOVES to be teased…and since it makes me hot as hell to do so, and since I’m here to give her what she wants, I torment her when I tease her…

I had her sitting against the headboard, reaching up and holding onto the top of the headboard with her legs spread…I was straddling her

“Oh…Sunny…make me cum, baby…pleeeeeeeeease.”

I kissed her, then kept my lips close to hers. I know…I do that a lot, because there are few things hotter than that for driving someone out of their mind…

“Ooooohhhh…my baby will cum when I let her…not until. Now, do not touch yourself until I tell you to…if you touch yourself before I let you, I will use my mental abilities to bring you just to the edge of an earth-shaking orgasm and keep you there.”

“Sunny! You’re such a fucking whore!”

“Thank-you, my lover! You’re right! YOUR fucking whore…the hot woman whom you own and possess. The woman who belongs to you.”

I let my pussy drip on her tummy…a lot. My natural body temperature is MUCH higher than a normal human. Bostancı Escort Bayan

That’s why my cum and juices feel sooooooooo damn good on her skin.


I sat back, facing her with my legs spread, my dark, all-over tan and ass-length platinum-blond hair already making her hot. My leaned back on my hands so she could see my hairless, tanned pussy…my oversized outer lips were so swollen and excited…I let her watch them quiver for her, my juices flowing heavily from me…

“Sunny…pleeeeeeease…your baby has to suck you!”

“Don’t let go of that headboard, sweetheart.”

I watched her as I used my fingers to spread my juices all over my inner thighs, making my tanned skin glisten.

She was squirming and her pussy was soaking wet…she whimpered hotly.

I leaned over, then tossed all my hair back…she watched intently as I brushed my pussy with a handful of my hair, making my body jump a little…I saw her breathing deepen. With my brain, I sent a hard, pussy-throbbing jolt through her body…she spasmed hard, held the headboard, raised her ass off the bed and screamed…


I giggled as I raised her knees and sat on her tummy…

“You’d better not let go of that headboard, baby!”

I spread my legs so she had a nice view of my pussy. She had her mouth open, breathing even deeper now…I put my hands on my knees…

“See how bad my pussy wants you, baby? See it flutter for you, wanting to be sucked into your warm, wet mouth? Oooooooohhhhh…just look at all my juices, flowing all over your tummy…”

Blue whimpered, looking back and forth from my eyes to my pussy…I decided to make myself cum without touching myself. I wanted her to have a close view like this. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes…

“Fuck Blue! I’m cumming for you, baby!”


Out of nowhere, my thigh muscles tightened…I screamed in utter delight as my orgasm overtook me sitting on top of her! From deep inside my body, an earthquake took over and my cum flowed and flowed, soaking her!



My cum covered her breasts and her tummy…I lifted my ass and let it flow down over her pussy, burning her.

She was going crazy…she wanted me so fucking bad!


I smiled and leaned forward…I started rubbing my pussy up and down her tummy in my cum…

“Ooooooooooo…would baby like to fuck her hot nympho slut?”

Then, Blue snapped…adrenaline took over and she let go of the headboard…

I was about to get the fuck of my life…

I wanted this real bad…a Escort Bostancı good hard fucking from my woman. I knew I was going to get it when Blue spread her knees and VERY roughly pushed me onto my back. My pussy was already throbbing hard for her…

While holding me down flat on my back, and seemingly in one move, Blue grabbed our double-dildo and shoved her end in her sloppy-wet pussy…she gasped when it hit the back of her, but didn’t stop moving, scooching her pussy closer to mine…holding the toy against my dripping pussy at first, she barely slipped it inside me, then held her ass off the mattress with both hands and RAMMED that fucking big toy inside me!

I arched my back and screamed out loud!


I tried to raise my ass up to give her more of my pussy…my wild woman growled and slammed her pussy at mine, her strong muscles gripping the toy and viciously nailing the back of my hungry pussy with each long stroke she fucked into me…our juices splattering heavily all over us!


Blue fucked me even harder! She growled and screamed each time our hot pussies slapped violently together, fucking her own pussy each time! She held onto me to keep from fucking my body away from her…she had complete control of her slutty whore, having her way with me…THAT made me cum like fucking hell!!

My body went insane with deep spasms and I screamed even louder for her…my burning hot cum flowed from my pussy and she fucked me much harder to splash it on our bodies…even better, Blue came with me! She fucked her earthquake-ravaged body at me while holding onto me, her pussy and mine going crazy against each other!

After…forever…our bodies calmed and Blue fell backward onto her back, completely spent, the toy still inside us.

She propped her head on a few pillows and watched me rubbing her cum all over myself…I knew she was watching, and I sent hot little signals to her pussy with my brain…she was squirming, and that made the toy slide around hotly inside both of us…

“Sunny…no…baby, no…”

I smiled and sat up…I gently slid the toy from both of us, then I lied down and slid my face between her legs…she purred like a contented kitten when I licked the last of her cum from her pussy.

I slid our soaked, juices-and-cum-covered bodies together as I came to her mouth and kissed her deeply, sharing her cum with her. Our tongues played with it, swishing it around our mouths, letting it overflow sloppily to our cheeks. We delightfully licked it all up from our necks and cheeks, then kissed some more, holding each other’s bodies as close as possible…

“Blue, my wonderful, precious baby, I love you sooooooo very much!”

“My Sunny…I love YOU so very much…forever!

The next morning, we had to go home. We had a lot of fun in the city, but it’s always good to be home.

Thank-you so much for reading!

My love to all,


© 2017 Sunny Johansen

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