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Subject: Backdoor Slider – Chapter 56 This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. This is a love story between two 16-year old boys. If this offends you, if you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal in your area, please do not read this. If you have comments, please email me at ail. This is a rewrite. I have edited and added some chapters from the original posting. I hope you enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Backdoor Slider Chapter 56 It’s been fun texting back and forth with Joshie, giving him advice… hearing about the next steps in their relationship. Luke has been doing the same with Marco. Still, reality hit me just as hard as I thought it would… soon after we got back from our campout. I fucking hate baseball now. I can’t even stand to watch it on TV anymore. I certainly can’t go to any of Luke’s games. Cade has ruined it for me. I even hesitate about a second-and-a-half before I jump Luke in his uniform. I mean, I’m only human, and he’s so fucking sexy. The team is beyond awesome this year, much of the credit going to Cade. They’ve only lost one game all season, and it was when Luke wasn’t pitching and Cade had the flu or some douche-bag illness. Otherwise, they’ve been unstoppable, usually winning by a ton. They’ve also had a lot of attention from scouts and universities, which Luke just loves. He likes to think that he’s using Cade for his own advancement, but in truth, he just loves to win and he loves having Cade on his team. They get a lot of attention. A few times, scouts have taken Luke and Cade out to lunch… fucking TOGETHER… to talk about their future. I heard it from other kids in school. Luke wouldn’t dare tell me about it, and I wouldn’t dare ask him if it were true. I’m just so sick of being mad at him. Maybe I have to accept him as he is… the fucking doof… or I’ll just drive myself crazy. The worst part of this whole baseball thing, by far, was the newspaper article. Since Luke and Cade have been winning and getting all this scrutiny, the local paper did a feature on them. Coach Vargas gave them the ironic nickname of “The Gruesome Twosome” because they’re both so good-looking, and it has really caught on. In the paper, there was a picture of them back-to-back with their arms folded looking all… gruesome, I suppose. It was just a normal picture of high school jocks trying to look athletic, cool, and intimidating. It made me sick, for sure. I allowed myself a dramatic tantrum where I tore it up, showering myself in bits of newspaper, followed by a few minutes sobbing into my pillow. The article was just as bad. It went on at length about Cade’s work with his Christian Fellowship Club at school. BARF! Of course, it didn’t mention anything about Cade’s near expulsion or his getting kicked off the football team. It did mention, however, that Cade owes his talent to Jesus and his faith. The idiots just eat that shit up. Luke’s part of the article focused on his spearheading the anti-bullying club on campus, which was all me. What really hurt was there was zero about him being gay. It also mentioned his work at the homeless shelter, which he’s been to once, last summer. It’s Denise and I that have been put in our time there. However, I keep my mouth shut… but how much can a guy take? Now, I hear a feature on the local prep-sports show is in the works. Again, I don’t want to know, and I don’t want to see it. I just want baseball season to be over so that I don’t have to think about Cade for a while. I’m sitting in my bedroom, waiting for Luke to tell me he’s home. The time varies after a game. He might be spending extra time practicing, working with coach or talking to scouts, or he might be going out with other guys on the team, including you-know-who. Sometimes I wait around for him for hours on game days. I’m already ahead on my school work, and I’m going to lose my mind if I stay here waiting for him. I decide to go to the gym. As I pack up my sports bag, I hear the text vibration from my phone, and my heart and dick both jump. I slap myself on the head a couple of times. I do not want to be that guy… waiting around for my boyfriend to call while he’s out doing whatever he wants. His text reads: “Get over to my place now and hide in the closet. You’ll know when to come out. Everything you said about him is true. He’s trying to break us up. Just trust me.” I text him back, rush downstairs and quickly out the door to jump in my car. I try my best not to speed as I head for his house. Whatever is about to happen is going to be epic. I might pee my pants. I park in a part of the lot that isn’t visible from where they’ll be walking, not that Cade knows my car, but just in case. I let myself into his place, which is quiet. I let out a large sigh of relief knowing I beat them here. I stand in Luke’s closet, leaving the sliding door slightly open so I can hear them. The anticipation is going to kill me if they don’t get here soon. I’m not disappointed as I hear their loud voices and key fumbling around in the front door lock. “… fuckin’ LOVE pussy…” I can make out three stupid words from Cade as they come through his front door, followed by, “You’ve been missin’ out, man.” “I’ve been thinkin’ about it a lot lately.” Luke is playing his part perfectly. “But Garrett just has me so fucked up in the head. I think some hot pussy would set me straight.” They sit down at Luke’s desk and Cade shows Luke some porn that he has on his phone. They go on and on with “pussy this” and “tits bursa escort that”. Normally, hearing Luke say these words would make me want to jump off a building, but right now, I’m trying my best not to laugh. “Lemme show you this clip I downloaded the other day when Garrett wasn’t here.” I hear Luke turning on his laptop, and I know exactly what he’s going to do. I feel like I’m about to burst with joy, but I hold my breath and bite my lip. I carefully take my phone out of my pocket and press “record movie”. I hope I have enough battery and memory to get the whole reaction. I’m going to watch it over and over. I lean my head over to peek out the gap of the closet door without disturbing them. Cade is totally transfixed on the screen of Luke’s laptop. I don’t think he’d even notice me if I started screaming. Luke cues up the clip of our locker room movie that we shot last year and immediately jumps to the second right before I cum on his lips and tongue. We have memorized the exact instant of the cumshots because we replay them a lot. “Ahh fuck yeah, check that shit out!” Luke says as he quickly replays the first squirt of my cumshot again. “I love that fuckin’ cum all over my face and lips… and I love to fuckin’ EAT it!” “You fuck -” Cade’s face turns red and his voice whimpers to a mouse-squeak. He snaps out of his catatonic state to try to shove Luke off of his chair. Luke is ready for a physical assault and plants himself so that Cade’s attempt does nothing. Then Luke brings the heat. He coils his entire body and unleashes the mother of all bitch slaps down on Cade, knocking him out of his chair and sending him sprawling to the floor. I step out of the closet, still recording the scene with my phone. Cade isn’t surprised to see me. Actually, he seems to not even notice me at all. He’s feeling around to see if that side of his face is anywhere on the carpet. “DAMMMNNN, Cade! After people see this video, they’re gonna rename the bitch-slap, the CADE-slap! You took it like a champ, though.” I say with mocking confidence, but my adrenaline is pumping and I’m ready for a fight. Cade looks up at me, still half-stunned. I’m ready for any move he makes. I start to see a red splotch in the shape of Luke’s hand form on his face, and I can’t help but chuckle. I can see Cade weighing his options, still on all fours. He looks at me, then looks at my phone, wondering whether a direct attack on me or a desperate lunge for my phone would be better. “If you touch him, I’ll kill you,” Luke says out of the blue with a steady, terrifying tone I’ve never heard from him before. I guess he learned a little something from Marco. His tone sends chills up my spine. Even the new and improved Cade has no chance against Luke and me together, and I’m sure he knows this. I see tears start to well up in Cade’s eyes, and he finally explodes. “Fucking FAGGOTS!” He screams like a bitch, tries to stifle his sobbing, and stomps out of the room. I bet his face still stings like a mother, and the humiliation has to sting even worse. He knocks over a lamp in the living room on his way out of Luke’s apartment. A lamp is more of a fair fight for Cade than Luke or me, anyway. Luke smiles at me with caution, hoping I approve of his methods. “There was probably a better way to handle this situation, but personally, I love your way.” I cross the room and give him a big hug. “I AM pretty awesome.” Luke gives me a big bear hug, lifting me off of my feet for a few seconds. He sits us down on the corner of his bed, and I sit on his lap. “So, he was trying to break us up?” “Yeah, he was convinced by my athletic talents that I was actually straight and that you had brainwashed me somehow.” “Those Christians will believe anything.” “Totally… I’m SO fuckin’ gay though,” he smiles, wanting a kiss. “Yeah, me too.” I nuzzle his nose with mine and then plant a hot one on his lips. “So, I want tonight to be very special. Just tell me what you wanna do, and we’ll do it. We’ll do the SHIT out of it.” “Hmmm,” I put my arms around his shoulders and look into his eyes. “Let’s both go get in the shower and get ready for a fuckfest. First, I’m gonna fuck the… Cade out of you.” I feel his boner growing against my thigh already, and mine quickly plumps the rest of the way. Seeing a little bit of that video got me started. “Then, you’re gonna make love to me-” “Done!” He picks me up and carries me to the bathroom over his shoulder as I laugh harder than I have in months. He sets me down, turns on the water, and we start to strip. “Let me finish! I want you to make love to me… AND during said love-making, it’s your job to make me BELIEVE that everything in your life really is about US.” “G!” he reaches out his arms to me, and I put my hands in his. He pulls me into the shower and he gives me a warm embrace as our dicks smash against each other. “I knew that one was gonna come back to haunt me! I don’t know why I even said that. Everything in my life should be and IS about you.” “Okay, you said it. Now, make me believe it.” I wiggle my eyebrows and he dives his mouth into mine for a passionate kiss. I never want to leave his kiss and embrace, but I know if it continues too long, I’m gonna unload between us. However, I’ve got big plans for this load. It’s been building for hours and has a ton of pent up aggression and adrenaline behind it. I give him the tap-out signal, but he ignores it at first. Then, I give him the desperation tap-out signal, which is twice as hard with a “Nnnn-nnnn” moan into his mouth. “Nnnn-nnnn,” he responds back and hugs me extra tight and kisses me extra deep, so I have bursa escort bayan to go with my last ditch effort before I go past the point of no return: a jab in the ribs. “G!” he crumples as he tries to keep himself from falling, and I wriggle out of his grasp. “Sorry, gruesome one-some, but this load’s goin’ straight up your talented baseball butthole!” “All right, but hurry up!” He groans, and we quickly get our respective asses ready for some action. Our drying off becomes a race, which Luke wins, but I beat him back to the bedroom with a strategic shove around the first corner. I lube myself up and get in position for when I fuck him, which is kneeling on the foot of his bed. He jumps into his position with an eager smile, which is on his back in bed with his legs in the air and toes flexing in anticipation. I shove my dick inside of him and start pumping away. I’m going to have to use every anti-cumming technique in my arsenal this time. I doubt anything is going to work. Luke keeps looking up at me with his lip curled and sexy getting-fucked face… and the noises aren’t helping either. He’s loving it and he’s letting me know. “Uhhhnn… G… you… feel… SO… good… in… side… me… uhh… uhh….” He squirms back and forth as I pound him. There’s nothing I can do to stop myself. I see his sexy calf bobbing on my shoulder, and his skin smells so good. I turn my head and start kissing the side of his leg as I start to feel my hot cum filling his insides. This is exactly what I needed, a major release, and Luke’s grunts become higher-pitched as he realizes I’m gushing inside him. I give him every last bit, and then some. With one final exhausted thrust, I collapse to the side. I look at him with a satisfied smile and give his stiff dick a couple of gentle jerks. “OH FUCK! That did it!” Luke grunts, holding his breath. “Gonna cum! Gonna CUM!” He flips me over and climbs on top of me in one quick motion. His dick finds its way to my hole without any trouble or hesitation, and the warmth immediately starts to spread inside of me. He plants his lips on mine and I open my mouth to accept his tongue. I close my eyes and concentrate on the movements of his body and the intense pleasure he must be feeling at this moment. It’s enough to make my sloppy, sensitive dick start to harden again. Luke’s head falls to rest on my shoulder as he tries to catch his breath. He starts to chuckle. I immediately recognize it as his “that was one intense orgasm” chuckle. Finally, we both catch our breath. “Shit,” he mutters. “What?” “The light’s still on,” he sighs. “Want me to get it?” “Nope.” “Soooo… you gonna get it?” “Nope. My dick isn’t leaving your ass for a long, long time. I still gotta convince you of… somethin’.” “That everything in your life is-” “Oh yeah, everything is about my sweet, super-hot, G.” He gives me the warmest smile and the sweetest, softest kiss, and I almost cum again on the spot. “Yeah,” I sigh dreamily. “That just helped your case.” “The light is still buggin’ me.” He looks distracted. “Lemme just go get it. I’ll be back in one second.” I like the lights off, too. Even though the sunset is a couple of hours away, I love the dim light and making love in the shadows with his blinds drawn. It’s like the world has forgotten us. We can just make love forever and no one will ever disturb us. “No chance. I’m already starting to get hard again.” “What else is new?” “Okay. I got it. Hang on tight!” I know what he’s up to, and I wrap my arms and legs around his torso as tightly as I can, but still allowing him the ability to move and to breathe. He manages to get to his feet with all the extra weight strapped to him. He plods each heavy step across the room like a monster on the rampage as we both giggle. He makes a thunderous roar of triumph as he manages to flip the light switch. He spins around and he carries me back to the bed double-time, and we collapse back in love- making position. “Much better,” I’m ready for several hours of this. He smiles at me before descending to another passionate kiss. We continue on for several more minutes as we slowly harden again and try to build up another load. Finally, Luke breaks the kiss and looks at me in the eyes as he strokes my hair. “Hi,” he says in a soft voice. I love it when he does this. “Hey.” “How’s it goin’?” “Well, I’ve had a tough day so far, but things are definitely looking up,” I say, trying not to giggle. “Looking up? Why’s that?” he says with a smile that almost makes me faint. “Cuz you’re about to thrust,” I whisper, and he immediately gives me a good one. We both moan with pleasure. “Wow, that felt way too good,” he says as he recovers his composure. “Now, what am I gonna do, Mr. Psychic?” His smile returns. “I’m thinkin’ a kiss and a thrust,” I wiggle my eyebrows. “Right again!” He lowers his lips to mine and gives me another hot pump. Neither of us is going to last too much longer playing this game. He presses his dick as far inside of me as it will go and picks his head up for some sex-halting conversation. “G?” he begins. “Yeah?” “You feel my boner?” he smiles. “Yeah, I feel it. Good work there.” “You feel how hard it is?” “Yep. At least I know for sure that boner is all about me.” I give him a devilish smile. I’m not letting him off the hook this easily. He’s gotta do some more convincing. “How many times did you cum today?” “Let’s see. Counting early this morning, I came while you fucked me before school… then you blew me in the shower… then the quickie blowjob between fourth and fifth period in our secret place at school, then the one while escort bursa I fucked you a few minutes ago. So that makes four.” “So how many times did I cum today?” “It had better be only four!” “Yep, four times. Four totally hot cum-squirts. And here I am about to explode inside of you again. Don’t you find that amazing?” “Not really… our record is seven times in one day.” “You’re missing the point!” He pinches my cheek. “Every boner that I’ve had since we started… taking care of each other’s boners… has been for you. That’s a lot of damn boners!” “Yeah, I guess all of mine have been about you, too.” I’ve never really thought about it, but once I had Luke, and since the sex has been so amazing, I’ve never really imagined anything else. I guess that is pretty amazing. “And that includes a lot of boners when we’ve been apart, too. They count.” “Same here.” “So, we can say that every boner is about you, and we can also say that everything in my life is about my boners, so that means-” “No, no. You can’t use that kind of smoke-screen on me.” I crack up. “Well, how ’bout this?” He kisses me and thrusts again, and we both moan in unison again. “Nope,” I say after I regain my senses. “How about baseball? Tell me how the baseball side of your life is about me.” “Of course it is! I mean, I hate having to play without you… but I try to be strong for the team.” “Yeah, right.” “I’m serious! I mean, the team is doing great, but everyone knows how much I miss you out there.” “Not me.” “I swear! They all make fun of me cuz I’m always lookin’ at my watch. I can’t wait to get out of there and get to you. I try to maintain my focus, but you’re always on my mind.” “Me? Or my dick? Or my ass?” “You, ya spaz! Even when you’re on my ass about school or helping my mom more or whatever, I still love being around you, and I know you’re saying those things cuz you love me.” “You do NOT love being around me then!” He’s on the right track, but I want to hear more. “Sure I do. I love the cute way you tap your foot when you’re aggravated at me… and when you get really angry or sad or upset, you get this little quiver in your lip. It’s hot as fuck.” He lays another hot, slow, sweet kiss on me, and I completely let go. I feel so close to him now. This is what I was after. “Okay, you’re off the hook,” I bite my lip and look up in his eyes. “Did I mention that when I watch you eat, I get a boner?” He can’t get the sentence out without cracking up, so I poke him in the ribs and flip him over on his back. “Quit ruinin’ the moment!” I prop myself up so I’m sitting on his lap and start pumping my hips, causing his dick to slide up and down inside of me. Luke’s laughter immediately stops. His mouth drops open in intense pleasure, and his eyes roll back with a low moan. The sight of him, along with his last words that are still echoing in my mind, cause me to go over the edge, and I squirt several hot streams of cum all over his chest. “Ahhhh G…,” he moans, and I drop down to kiss him just as he starts squirting inside of me. I continue to thrust my hips on top of him as we both slow down and eventually collapse breathlessly. “Luke?” I pant. “Yeah?” “Let’s try for eight.” “You got it.” He rolls back on top of me and we start making out again. That’s a sure-fire boner grower, even if we’re depleted. I was going to suggest that we take a break and have a Gatorade at least, but I’m not leaving now. He feels so good on top of me, and the smell of hot cum is in the air. I know I can go all night with the way I feel right now. From the way Luke is going right now, I’m sure he can, too. * * * “Guess what?” Luke says through my phone before I have a chance to say hello. It’s still about a half- hour before I have to pick him up from practice. “We’re not going for nine today. I’m still wiped out!” “No, not that,” he laughs. “Cade is gone… for good!” “What?!?” “He came to practice today, all quiet like a beaten dog. No one knew what was up with him. He obviously didn’t tell anyone what happened yesterday.” “I knew he wouldn’t.” “Yeah, so whenever we made eye contact, I kept licking my lips and smiled at him.” I erupt with laughter. “It only took a couple of times, but he snapped and jumped me-” “Did he hurt you?” “Have you MET me? And have you met CADE?” he laughs. “Of course not! It was a bummer cuz the guys pried him off before I could even get a good shot in, but he’s kicked off the team, taken away in a police car, and I’m sure he’ll be expelled this time.” “You are the BEST!” I can’t believe we’re finally rid of Cade. It doesn’t seem real. Maybe it’s not. However, I don’t think he’s ever going to fuck with us again. Now I really do feel that Luke’s life is all about me again. He just fucked up the baseball season to get rid of Cade, and he did it just for me. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I hope I’m not too selfish. “Come and get me. Practice is over early. Ooh! I have pictures on my phone of Cade being led away in handcuffs!” * * * I have published my first work on Amazon. It is called “Dinger!” and it is the first book in a serial novel, based on “Backdoor Slider”. My pen name for Amazon is Finley Cooper. If you could support me by purchasing a copy of the ebook for $3.99, it will allow me to post more work here in the future. Please send me an email if you have any questions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you’d like pictures (G-rated, of course!) of what I think Garrett and Luke look like, send me an email. I will be posting one chapter of this story every week, and I will be alternating with a new story in the Gay-Incest section called “Mason in the Center”. Check it out if a love story between brothers is your thing. Also, check out my story, “We Have the Summer” in the Gay-Incest section, which was just completed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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