Back to Back Pt. 03

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It was early when I woke up Sunday, the sun just beginning to rise. The air was still chilly from the night and the sky was grey and overcast. I get the best sleep when the room I’m sleeping in is cold and the bed I’m in is toasty. I couldn’t remember sleeping this well in a long ass time. I felt like I was coming out of hibernation.

I was still on my side, having not moved an inch since falling asleep. Artie was curled practically into a ball in front of me and had my arm wrapped up in his against his chest. As comfortable as I was I also really had to piss. I tried to disentangle myself from Artie’s grip and pins and needles immediately shot up my arm.

“Fucking fuck.” I muttered under my breath.

I stopped moving completely, focusing on controlling my breathing and not groaning out loud at the sensation. I lay for a couple of moments, working up the courage to rip off the bandaid. I tried removing my arm again, much slower this time, attempting to roll over onto my back and pull my arm with me. I made it maybe a quarter of the way there before Artie shifted in his sleep, readjusting his arms around mine and pulling it back over him again. I almost screamed in agony before reminding myself to stop being such a little bitch. I pulled more forcefully and even in his sleep Artie clung on, rolling all the way over with me and onto my chest. He sighed before he dug his head into my armpit ever so slightly. Finally on my back, I felt blood rush through my arm and the pins and needles start to fade.

My relief was short-lived, though. Artie wrapped one arm around my torso, his hand finding purchase on my pec. He gripped it in his hand once, then again more firmly as he threw his leg over both of mine. His knee slid up and right over my morning wood, almost knocking the wind out of me. My whole body jerked as I flinched, and the bed started shaking as I erupted into silent laughter. Artie was ridiculous, even in his sleep.

I was planning on chilling in bed all day today but it seemed like Artie was going to make that difficult. I grabbed both his arm and his leg and lifted them off me, quietly removing myself from the bed. Artie moved around a bit before settling back into the spot I had just been laying in. So much like a puppy.

I threw on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and went to piss and get ready for the day. Twenty minutes later I felt way more like an actual person and less like a grizzly bear that just woke up for spring. Back in the room, I checked the time, 6:55 a.m. I could tell it was going to rain at any point so I decided to get in some time outside before it started to come down. I stretched briefly before putting on some compression shorts and a thermal long sleeve underneath my sweats. I grabbed my phone and headphones and dipped out the dorm. I checked out the campus map hanging on the wall of the elevator and drew myself a route to jog around campus. Once I got out the door I immediately hit the pavement, ready to finish my workout and fuck up some Lucy’s.

Usually when I’m running my mind goes completely blank and I focus solely on managing my breathing pattern, but every time I was just about to zone out my brain kept taking me back to those moments with Artie. I don’t know if I was in heat yesterday or what. I hadn’t gone without fucking for more than a few days since Nat and I first started dating, so I just chalked it up to that. I felt totally fine this morning, feeling nothing while he literally groped me in his sleep. If anything it made me laugh, which was reassuring. I took a mental note to ask Nat for some nudes that I could save, and check Artie’s schedule for times he’d be out of the room so I could jerk off. I felt good about my plan by the end of my lap around campus and considered going for another one.

Nah, time for some diner food.

I showered and got ready quick once I got back to the dorm. By now the sun had completely risen but the room was still pretty dark from the storm clouds brewing outside. Artie had thrown the covers off and completely splayed out. I almost laughed at how comfortable he was making himself in my sweatshirt and in my bed. With his hair mussed and sans glasses his facial features were on full display, and I couldn’t help but take note of how angelic they were. What stuck out to me the most were his cheekbones, which were high and well defined, his nicely shaped soft pink lips with a bottom one that almost formed a natural pout, and his button nose, straight and upturned the tiniest bit. Overall, Artie was… I don’t know, beautiful? I guess I’d describe his face as cohesive. All of his features fit together well and made him seem like someone who could pose as a model for a catalog or something. Do they still make catalogs? Again, I was surprised he was single, I felt like girls went crazy for guys that are Artie’s kind of cute. He kind of reminded me of Nick Jonas, not that they really that much alike. I definitely needed to remember to make fun of him for that.

I mobile ordered Artie’s usual order and got myself whatever sounded like it had a fuckton of protein. My mouth kaçak iddaa was salivating already. I left the dorm making my way to the diner at a brisk pace, trying to combat the cool early morning air I felt slipping up the leg holes of my sweatpants. As I was walking I texted Natalie for the first time since I got to school.

‘Hey miss you been busy with Artie call me when you wake up’

Maybe three-quarters of a mile later I arrived at a fully packed Lucy’s and I took a seat at the breakfast bar to wait. As I was people watching I heard my FaceTime ringtone from my pocket. I pulled my phone out and a picture of Nat and me from Halloween, dressed as a priest and a nun, lit up my screen. I smiled to myself, she was never up this early.

“Morning, babe!” I said full volume and extra cheerily, knowing how groggy she can be in the morning.

“Too loud,” She hoarsely whispered. I looked at the screen and her hair was everywhere, eyes half-closed, and face puffy from what must have been a good sleep.

“Morning, babe,” I whispered into the microphone.

“Better. How have you been, Miles? How is campus?”

“Good. Great, actually. Artie and I have been chilling the last couple days. And campus is cool, I ran a little earlier and everything is nicer than I was expecting.”

“I’m really glad you like it. Ready for classes?”

“Eh, I was gonna figure out the route to my classes today and check out the school store to get some notebooks and shit.”

“Well, I hope you have a good day. I’m helping my mom in the yard so I’m probably not gonna be on my phone.”

“No worries, I’ll just talk to you tonight.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

“I guess I’ll let you get ready for your day.” She was definitely going to go back to sleep.

“How considerate. I love and miss you. Talk to you soon.”

“Me too, baby. Talk later.” I cut the call. One thing I always appreciated about Nat was that she liked to keep things short and sweet. My brain has no time for pussyfooting and with Nat that just kind of went without being said.

Not long after I hung up the hostess put out a bag with two takeout containers on the mobile order pickup stand. The steam jetting from the opening made my salivary glands start to work overdrive. I jumped off the stool I was on and rushed to the stand. Mobile Order: Miles. Jackpot. I snatched that bag so fucking quick. I was about to walk out the door before I remembered my manners.

“Thank you! Have a good day!” My years of working at the register instilled in me customer service greetings and farewells, and it came out before I could even think.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. You have a good one too.” I smiled happily. I love when elderly ladies are nice to me.

Back at our building, the pancakes were still hot enough to seem fresh off of the griddle and I felt excitement bubbling. I got to our room and I held the bag behind my back, slowly entering in case Artie was awake. Shockingly, he was still sleeping like the dead right where he was when I left. Some things never change.

I toed off my shoes and sat on the edge of the bed, quietly opening the take-out container and wafting the blueberry scent toward Artie. While he did eat like a complete fucking animal yesterday, I noticed he first took the time to pour the syrup over his pancakes in a meticulous grid. I spread some butter and recreated the syrup pattern while I waited for the smell to register in Artie’s sleeping brain. Slowly he started shifting around, before shooting up into a sitting position.

“What’s that smell?” He grumbled. Eyes still closed, completely still, and barely moving his mouth to speak. He rubbed his eyes hastily.

“Make an educated guess.” His eyes shot open after that and he grabbed his glasses off the windowsill. He looked directly at the pancakes.

“Oh my fricking… Can I have some!?” I almost laughed, why else would he think I got his exact order?

“Nah, these are mine.” I moved them away from him.

“If you wanted some you should’ve come with me, I tried to get you up.” At first, it was just gut instinct to tease him but I kept going, curious how he’d respond.

“Oh…” His shoulders slumped and he eyed the platter longingly.

“Okay.” He concluded sadly.

He didn’t say anything else, just took his glasses off and slowly laid back down. Honestly, I always thought I was a shit actor but clearly I was at least halfway convincing. I tried to hold out, I really did. I grabbed a fork and knife out of the bag and was going to take a huge bite in front of him, but his expression was so forlorn I had to fold.

“Dude, I’m just kidding. This is yours.” He shot back up again.

“Miles! It’s WAY too early for emotional turmoil.” He peeled his eyes away from the pancakes and we made eye contact for the first time this morning. Without his glasses, my eyes were drawn directly to his and I felt hypnotized by the deep green color.

“Thank you.” He smiled at me so genuinely I felt like I just took a hit of laughing gas. I realized at that moment I’d do anything to get him to smile at me like that. How did I not kaçak bahis realize he had tiny little dimples. He was so fucking cute I wanted to squish him out of existence. I read an article online a while ago about cuteness aggression and was reminded of it in that moment, because I was ready to aggress.

I resisted the overwhelming urge to throw the pancakes and wrestle Artie into submission and responded by putting the container on his lap. I tossed him the utensils and he immediately went to town, not surfacing for air for a solid five minutes and until the pancakes were half-finished. I looked over from my own food and he held them up to me, his face covered in syrup.

“Want some?” I could tell he really wanted to finish them himself so I waved him off. He smiled appreciatively and finished the second half of his meal much more gracefully than the first. By the time we finished, I needed a good lay down.

“How long have you been awake already?” He grabbed his phone off the ottoman and checked the time.

“I don’t know, woke up around 6:30.” Artie’s eyes bugged out of his head.

“On a Sunday? Why!?” I pointed to the pancakes and he shook his head in disbelief.

“You really didn’t have to get these, I was supposed to pay this time.”

“Don’t worry about it dude, I wanted to.” I wondered how long I could stretch this lie about my parents giving me money out. At least a few more weeks. I felt like if I was honest with him he’d start paying for shit all the time and I like buying things for Artie. I don’t have much more of an explanation than that. It makes me feel good. Once I got my first job and started making my own money I never really had anybody to buy shit for. Until Nat, that is.

Artie got up to throw the trash away and I seized my chance. I vaulted off my desk chair and onto the bed, reclaiming my spot. I laid out on my back with my hands behind my head, ready to begin my day of vegging the fuck out. Artie surveyed the bed, before shrugging and launching himself onto the bed exactly like I did. He landed halfway on top of me, knocking the wind out of me and putting an uncomfortable amount of pressure on my bloated ass stomach.

“Fucker!” I coughed/laughed/wheezed.

He tried to put his hands behind his head like me but our arms kept bumping together so he scooted further down the bed. At eye level with my chest, he rested his head in the crook of my shoulder. I meant to get up and turn on a movie or something but I was just too comfortable to move. Artie’s body was pressing mine into the mattress just enough to know he was there, and I felt all my muscles relaxing. Something about Artie’s weight against me combined with his sweet, piney scent was lulling me right to sleep. I was resting my eyes drifting in and out when Artie spoke.

“Do you have anything to do today?” I could feel his head move as he looked up at me, and I just lay with my eyes still closed.

“Maybe later. For now, I’m laying my ass in bed.”

“Okay… Can I play on the Switch?” I looked down at him in disbelief. He had such a hopeful look in his eyes. He needed to learn to stop setting me up like this.

“Dude, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Oh. Right.” I couldn’t hold it in this time. I had to laugh out loud.

“Artie! I’m just fucking with you. You don’t have to ask unless I’m using it.” He immediately launched off the bed, turned on the console, and grabbed a controller. He was giddy like a little kid and it made me grin so quickly and so forcefully my cheeks kind of hurt for a second. He laid back down on his side next to me, resting his head on my bicep once again. He scooted his body back so we were making almost head-to-toe contact, then settled against me languidly.


Gaming while laying sideways wasn’t ideal, but I wasn’t even really playing anyway. I mostly just wanted a reason to keep laying with Miles. He was basically a human furnace and I found myself already used to having an external source of heat next to me at all times. As soon as he wrapped his heavy arm around me and pulled me to him last night, I passed out. I usually wake up to flip around at least once but not last night. I think I may have gotten the best sleep of my entire life.

And then, I woke up to Lucy’s. Having breakfast in bed for the first time I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I would have teared up if I had taken a moment away from the pancakes but there was no way that was happening. I went into the typical fugue state that I enter whenever there are blueberries within my immediate vicinity. It wasn’t until several minutes later that I remembered that I probably should offer Miles some, and he just let me have at it. I really needed to do something in return. He really knows how to treat a guy.

Now, lounging around after our meal, I couldn’t think of a single other thing I’d rather do. Maybe eat more pancakes, but I was pretty full still. My single dorm last year was really stifling and I spent a lot of time out on the greens doing my work and eating my meals. My room was basically just a place to sleep and change clothes. This year, Miles illegal bahis was probably going to have to drag me out of the dorm. I’m surprised he wasn’t trying to drag me to the gym or something right now, but It seemed like we were on the same wavelength when it came to how we wanted to spend our last day before the semester started- doing absolutely nothing.

I played through some maps on Mariokart, before switching to Zelda, and then Pokemon. By then though my eyes were practically all the way closed and my brain had turned completely off. Miles shifted onto his side and put his arm around me just like last night. His hand was spread across my pec and his nose pressing against the back of my neck.

I was just about to lose consciousness when Miles pushed his top leg into mine, rolling slightly onto me and pressing me forward into the bed. The arm he had wrapped around me tightened as his hand gripped my pec. His hips made contact with mine and I felt a steel bar press into my butt. Whatever drowsiness I was feeling before was immediately abandoned. Either Miles was keeping a PVC pipe in his pants or that was his hard cock. I was about to extricate myself from the situation when Miles started rocking his hips against mine in a slow and steady rhythm.

“Miles… What are you doing?” I whisper-yelled.

I felt his cock sliding along my ass at the bottom of my cheeks as the hand around me gripped tighter. Miles thumb, which was resting directly over my hard nipple, started moving back and forth flicking it softly. A whimper escaped me and I felt my body throb as my pelvic muscles spasmed. Miles rolled even further onto me, practically covering my body. The hand that was across my chest slid back around and gripped my hip tightly, pressing down as he drove his cock against my ass more forcefully. My brain went blank, focusing only on the fluttering in my stomach. I felt a blush rise up my chest and neck as my back arched involuntarily. Miles grumbled in my ear.

Suddenly, all movement ceased. Miles snorted bearishly before rolling over and facing the wall. I was left panting, the front of my underwear wet, with no idea what the frick just happened. Miles began snoring next to me, asleep. I scrambled out of the bed, grabbing my shower caddy and towel and stripping to my underwear. I looked down and my dick was glistening, sticking straight through the hole in my boxers. I wanted to jack it so bad.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and sprinted to the shower, immediately jumping in and turning it on full blast. My hand was already jerking my dick as I hung the towel up on the hook. I tried my best not to think about Miles as my fingers scratched and plucked at my nipple, somewhere I had no idea could make me feel so good. The hand jerking my cock slowly drifted around my back I grabbed my ass cheek hard, and I couldn’t help but go back to Miles grabbing my hip in his strong hand and holding me down, rubbing his cock up and down my crack. I pinched my nipple and squeezed my cheek at the same time and I groaned out loud, suddenly thankful for how dated the plumbing system was. Nothing could be heard over the roaring of the shower.

My back arched and my cheeks spread. My face heated up as I considered doing what I was thinking of doing. I reached down to my caddy and grabbed my body wash. I squirted some out onto my hand and started lathering. Anxiety was creeping up and I kept asking myself over and over if I was really going to do it, even as my hands continued on as if acting of their own accord. The Miles in my head gripped my hair in his hand and pulled me back to him and his other grabbed my waist, controlling my hips and grinding against me. My soapy hand slipped back in between my cheeks and my legs quivered as I pressed my first two fingers against my hole. I slowly applied more pressure, unfamiliar with the feeling but way too horny to give a crap. An image of Miles’ fat cockhead trying to open me up flashed across my vision. I was shaking as I pressed harder and harder against the tight ring. The hand still squeezing my nipple dropped to my cock and jacked wildly.

My body was convulsing at regular intervals and I felt my legs clench and unclench over and over. I pressed even harder against my hole, the muscle not giving even a little. My breath was coming short and fast as I felt my orgasm approaching. I started swirling my fist around the head squeezing hard and my hips thrust instinctively, pushing my cock back and forth through my fist. Playing with the head like that always makes me cum and this was no exception. I pushed my fingertips against my hole over and over as cum shot from my balls all over the shower. I felt every muscle from the neck down tense as I shot harder than I ever had in my life, my cum landing as high on the wall as my head. I continued to rub the head and push my fingers against my ass, and as my muscles slightly relaxed before the next convulsion I felt the tip of my middle finger slide into my hole for the first time ever. I grunted and then moaned at the stretching sensation, my brain immediately imagining what it would feel like for Miles’ huge dick sliding into me. Another big wad of cum blasted from my cock into my fist. I moved my finger around in a tiny circle and moaned again, my orgasm feeling like it would never end.

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