Back From Iraq Ch. 05

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Jack went out with Yolanda tonight. Of course, he didn’t come home.

“I bet that slut is fucking him right now,” I thought to myself. “Wait, why am I so jealous? This is totally ridiculous. Jack is my brother. Tommy is my wonderful husband.” I conclused that my head was totally fucked-up over my relationship with my brother.

Tonight, when Tommy was fucking me, I closed my eyes and pretended it was Jack. When I did this, I came in no time. When I opened my eyes, Tom was watching me. I’ve really got to snap out of this.

I slept fitfully all night. The next morning I was in my robe having coffee when Jack came strolling in. He was as cheerful as he could be. I forced a weak smile at him.

“So,” I said, trying to be nonchalant. “How was it?”

“Fine,” Jack replied. He went into the living room. I got up and followed him.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It means…we had a good time,” Jack said definitively.

“I bet you did,” I spat at him. “That Yolanda is nothing but a tramp. She told me how she took advantage of you when you were younger.”

Jack smiled up at me from the couch. “It was hardly that,” he stated. “In fact, it was the best thing that happened to me that entire summer. Why are you so bitter, Amy?” he asked. “I thought you said that we had to stop fooling around with each other. In case you’ve forgotten, we’re brother and sister, and you’re married to a great guy.”

I sat down next to him, shaking my head. “I know, Jack. You’re right. I’m losing it. You are making me a little crazy.”

“Crazy for your brother? That’s nuts,” he said. “But, if it’s any consolation to you, I was thinking about you last night.”

“That’s very interesting, Jack,” I exclaimed. “I was thinking about you when I was with Tommy. We’ve got to get this situation under control.”

“I can’t help it, sis. Ever since the night I got home I haven’t been able to help myself. It was that mind-erasing blowjob that you gave me that set this whole thing off.” Jack paused and looked at me.

He swallowed hard and said: “When I was a teenager, I fantasized about you every day. Did you know that?”

“I had a rough idea, Jack. I would see you staring at me a lot. At the time, I think I found the whole idea kind of icky.” I smiled at him. “But, now it’s kind of sweet to hear about it.”

“Amy, can I tell you one other little secret from when I was a teenager?”

I hesitated for a second. I asked myself, “How bad could this be?” I steadied myself and said: “Go ahead.”

“I used to raid your laundry hamper ever night,” Jack said while looking at the floor. “I would find your soiled panties and sniff them. The aroma from your pussy was intoxicating to me.”

I laughed. “Well, honey. I always seemed to be missing underwear. I guess that solves that mystery.”

Jack looked up at me in a relieved manner. It was apparent to me that he had felt guilty all these years for essentially normal teenaged male behavior. I stood up. casino şirketleri

“Look, Jack,” I said standing before him with my hands on my hips. “Once again, I would have been completely creeped out by this if I had found out about it at the time. But, now I really see that you were curious about the female anatomy and…”

“Not just curious, Amy,” he interrupted. “I was horny as hell,” he said, looking me straight in the eye. “One whiff from the crotch of your panties got me hard as a rock. When I licked them, I would come like a stallion.”

“Oh my god,” I exclaimed. “I had no idea.” The thought of this gave me a buzz in my girlie parts. “I guess mine was the first vagina you smelled or tasted?” I asked with a quizzical look.

With a wry smile, I asked: “Unless you were also doing this to mom’s panties?”

“Hell, no!” Jack insisted. “The thought of that turns me off. I had the hots for you, sis.”

“I’m flattered, Jackie. But, at the same time, I’m glad I didn’t find out about this back then.” I was officially ready to move on to my next topic.

“So,” I asked, moving directly in front of him. “What did you do with Yolanda last night?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he asked with a gleam in his eye.

“Don’t worry, I will. Very shortly,” I said in a devilish manner.

“You’re going to ask Yolanda?”

“No,” I said with a smile. “You’re going to tell me.”

Jack looked up at me standing before him in my silky bathrobe. “I don’t kiss and tell.”

I flashed him a radiant smile. “Would you like to know what I have on under this robe?”

Jack looked me over. I could tell he was curious. “Maybe,” he said.

“It’s a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, soldier,” I stated. It felt good to be the one holding the cards.

He looked at my body long and hard. I could tell he was trying to guess what I was wearing or not wearing. “Yes,” he said.

“All right,” I replied. My hands went to the sash securing the robe around my waist. “First things first. Take off your clothes.”

Jack broke into a smile. I could tell that he liked this game. He stood up. While looking me straight in the face, he removed each article of clothing until my brother was standing before me buck naked.

“Very good,” I said. “Now have a seat,” I instructed while gently pushing his bare chest. Jack sunk back onto the couch. I brazenly looked down at his flaccid dick to check its status.

I untied the sash, but held the robe firmly closed around my body. “Start telling me what happened. Don’t leave out any details.”

“Well,” he began. “We went to dinner. It was a nice place. We had some chitchat. And then we went for a drive.” Jack looked at me expectantly.

I opened the top of my robe revealing the straps of the Merry Widow I had put on earlier that morning. The bustier was cut extremely low. My large breasts were stacked up inside it, creating a devastating amount of deep cleavage. “Continue,” I said.

Jack casino firmaları sucked in his breath. His naked cock began to stir. “While I was driving, Yolanda kept asking me whether I was lonely in Iraq. While I told her about my experiences, she ran her hands all over my chest and belly. Then she grabbed my wang. I nearly wrecked the car.” He stopped talking. He clearly expected more from me now.

I responded by walking over to the side of the couch, taking off my slippers and putting on the pair of stilettos that I had stashed there earlier that morning. I tottered over to my brother and picked up my foot. I positioned it between his bare knees, pushing his thighs apart. When he had parted his legs completely, I placed my high-heeled foot between them, about an inch short of his swollen nut sack. His cock was now at half-mast. Jack looked up my leg, trying to get a glimpse up my robe. But I held it tightly closed.

He went on without further prompting from me. “Yolanda unzipped my fly right there in the car while I was driving.”

“I’m not surprised,” I said, surpressing my jealousy. “What else did she do?”

Jack said sheepishly, “She bent over and went down on me. I was doing about 55 m.p.h. at the time. It was all I could do to keep the car straight.”

“Did you come in her mouth?” I asked.

Now, it was Jack’s turn to look up at me expectantly. He raised an eybrow.

“Fair is fair,” I said.

I opened the robe and let it slide off me to the floor. I stood before my brother in the Merry Widow. It was tight around my abdomen, and the crotch was cut so high that Jack could see the outline of my little beaver along the edges. I saw his little soldier stand up straight at attention.

I moved my foot closer and began to wiggle my bright, red toenails, tickling his balls.

Jack was clearly in distress right now. However, upon my insistence, he continued.

“She stopped when I was on the brink. Yolanda kept bringing me to that point and stopping. We went to her house. I took her inside and attacked her.”

“Well,” I said, kneeling down on the carpet between his legs. “What did you do to her?”

“I carried Yolanda to the bedroom,” he said. My head moved closer to his dick. He went on: “I threw her down on the bed, ripped her clothes off and fucked her really, really hard.”

I began to lick his shaft. It had a tangy flavor. I knew that this was a combination of Yolanda’s pussy and Jack’s semen.

“Is that it?” I asked, slipping the head of my brother’s erection into my eager mouth.

Jack let out a little howling noise. “I really want to fuck you, Amy.” I bobbed my head leisurely up and down on his shaft.

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, “Tell me what happened next, Jack.”

“In the morning, I got hard again.” I put his cock back into my mouth and began fellating him once more. “Yolanda got onto her hands and knees on the bed, and had me put my cock into her pussy doggy-style.”

I güvenilir casino continued my cock sucking, going progressively deeper on each trip downward. My pussy was dripping into my lingerie.

“After a few minutes of fucking her cunt, Yolanda reached behind her and pulled my schlong out of her. Then, she placed it up against her asshole.”

For the first time in many years, I choked on a cock. I lifted my head off my brother’s yob. This time I was afraid for him to go on.

Jack looked at me with an extra twinkle in his eye as he said: “She then pushed back against me, and she swallowed up my cock.”

I felt like I was going to be ill. “Do you mean to tell me,” I asked, “that I have been sucking on a…”

“Yes,” Jack interrupted. “My dick was in Yolanda’s ass all morning.”

“How could you?” I screamed. “You should have stopped me.”

“Amy,” Jack said calmly. “This was your game. You sprang it on me. I had no idea that this was going to happen.”

“I can’t believe this,” I yelled. “I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Oh, relax,” Jack insisted. “It’s not that bad.” He stood up and gently pushed me back on to the carpet. “You didn’t complain yesterday when I ate your ass out.”

Jack lowered his head to my crotch. He unfastened the cute little snaps that allow access to my goodies. He lifted my legs and draped my stilleto-heeled feet across his back. Then he bent down and began to feast on my anus.

“After all,” he said looking up at me for a second. “Fair is fair.”

The breath was completely sucked out of me. I laid on the carpet inertly while my brother ate out my asshole. He licked it, and sucked it. He slipped his tongue inside my darkest passage. I moaned and writhed like a person in her last throes.

“Amy,” Jack said insistently. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

“No,” I shouted. “We can’t.”

“I’m not going to put it in your pussy. Spread your pretty ass cheeks for me.”

“Oh my fucking god,” I exclaimed. “That is so hot.” I reached down and did as Jack commanded.

Jack spit on his hands and wet the tip of his dick. My ass was already well lubricated from his loving attention of several minutes. Jack placed his cock head against my flower and gently, but insistently pushed. I opened up and accepted his head.

I love anal sex. Tommy and I do it about once a month. I have to be in the right mood. Trust me, Jack had gotten me into the right mood.

Slowly but surely, Jack worked his way deeper into my ass. Once he was all the way in, he began to drill me. I was in heaven. Every once in a while, Jack would pull out his dick and wait a second before putting back in my ass. This drove me mad. The fourth or fifth time he did this, I came like an animal. I bucked and writhed on the bed.

When I had finished, my brother began a steadier, and more direct assault on my backside. His strokes became stronger and his breathing grew shallower. In less than a minute, Jack let loose with a mighty orgasm in my ass.

We both collapsed on to the carpet. I rolled over and faced him. “So, stud,” I said. “You had the honor of fucking two women in the ass today.”

He nodded with a smile.

I paused before asking, “Who is hotter, Yolanda or me?”

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