Back Aainst the Wall Part 2

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Back Aainst the Wall Part 2Stacy wanted to taste Alex so bad that they didn’t even make it to the bedroom. As soon as they came through the door she turned to face Alex and started kissing her. ” Someone is eager.” Alex chuckled. “You have no idea.” Alex replied. “but you soon will.” she winked. Stacy took a look at Alex taking her all in, and she liked what she saw!. Alex had the most amazing body she had ever seen. Her shirt was exposing some of her tight tummy. All Stacy could think about was licking it..So she did. She bent forward and ran her tongue from Alex’s hip bone across her belly button and up under her breast. “Mmmm..That feels amazing!” Alex moaned. Smiling to her self Stacy started dipping her tongue under the wast line of Alex’s pants. Eliciting a sharp intake of breathe from Alex. Stacy stood up and slide off Alex’s shirt then unhooked her bra, revealing her beautiful tits. Stacy kissed her, sliding her tongue down Alex’s throat. Then she nibbled on her earlobe, making sure to moan a little into her ear. As she made her way south Stacy dragged her Tongue down Alex’s neck stopping to nip at her collar bone and shoulder. Stacy latched on to Alex’s left tit grandbetting yeni giriş and sucked on it with all her might. “your incredible!” Alex said. “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Stacy replied with a mischievous look in her eye.I turned Alex around and started pinching her nipples while I kissed the back of her neck, sending shivers down Alex’s back. I could tell she liked it cause I felt the goose bumps pop out all over her skin. I ran my hands down her stomach until I reached her mound. She Moaned at the contact. “Spread your legs.” I commanded. She spread them wide without responding. I could hear her breathe get faster with the anticipation.I ran my fingers down her slit passing over her clit. It was hard as a rock! and she was so wet and hot. I moaned at the feel of her pussy.Alex ripped my hips as I spread her pussy open and put the tip of my finer inside her dripping folds. “do you like that?” I asked. “Fuck yeah, I need you so bad.” She replied. I released her and spun her to face me. “lay down.” I commanded again. She immediately lay down on the carpeted floor and spread her legs wide. I stood for a moment to take in the stunning grandbetting giriş view of her naked body displayed before me. I knelt down between her legs and kissed slowly from her knee down to wear the hips and torso connect. I started with one side and then dragged my tongue across the top of her pussy, barely missing her clit, and then repeating the process on the other side. Alex was writhing on the floor. “I can’t take anymore! Just eat my fucking pussy!.” She screamed. I couldn’t say no to that, so i spread her wet lips open and licked from her pussy whole all the way up to her clit. She sighed with pleasure and relief at the contact. I started flicking my tongue across her clit, first up and down then side to side. Every time I made contact with her clit she flinched. The growling moans coming from her where enough to drive me crazy. I slide two fingers inside her and made a come hither motion, hitting her g-spot and making her cry out. ” Fuck thats good! Don’t stop baby..please dont stop.” she was almost hyper ventilating. I reached down and started rubbing my own pussy to release the tension . I pulled out my fingers from her pussy and laid grandbetting güvenilirmi them against her ass hole, testing her. When I didn’t get any protests I pressed against her ass a little sliding a finger in to the first knuckle. She inhaled sharply at the flash of pain, but that was quickly followed y a moan of pleasure.I kept licking her clit, dipping my tongue inside her pussy as i pressed harder into her ass. my finger slid in up to the second knuckle and then she tightened so hard I thought my finger would break. “Relax baby, It going to feel good I promise.” I smiled up at her reassuringly. I went back to her clit and she moaned and her eyes rolled back. I slid my finger out of her ass slightly and then pressed back in harder. My finger made it all the way in and Alex moaned. I smiled to myself and then slowly started to finger her ass while I smothered her pussy. She started wiggling underneath me and i fought to keep my mouth on her pussy. “Dont stop…I’m going to cummm..mmm!!” I sucked her clit into my mouth just ass she climaxed. Her pussy juice ran down to her ass making my finger slick in her tight hole. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, she continued to twitch even after I took my finger out of her ass. “You look so fucking hot when you cum.” I said staring down at her. “Come here.” she said. She pulled me down next to her and kissed me. And as we drifted off into a blissful sleep all I could think was this was the best worst day of my life.

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