Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette PartyI never knew what my friends had in store for me my bachelorette party. If I’d have known ahead of time I would’ve called the whole thing off. Fortunately for me, I didn’t. Little did my future husband know his life would change that day too. It was supposed to be just us girls sitting around my house getting drunk and talking about men. I had NO idea that they had invited a bunch of men to join us. The first men to arrive were two Black males about 30 years old. I was surprised to see Black men since as far as I knew; none of my girlfriends even knew a Black man. I gave a quick glance at one of my girlfriends who just smiled coyly and introduced me to JD and Tyrone. “So this is the married woman?” JD said to me. “Not married yet,” Jen answered. This did little to put me at ease. JD was a very attractive man, but a Black man? I’d never thought of being with a Black man. Surely my friends didn’t have anything like that in mind for the evening. About a half hour later five more Black men arrived. They now outnumbered us girls. They all seemed nice enough, although they had strange names: Bad boy, James, Tool Man, Slick Rick and B.B. It was almost comical hearing them introduce themselves. Where did they come up with these names? Susan sat on the couch between Bad boy and James, Jen was real friendly with Tyrone and sat in his lap in our lounge chair. I never knew Jen liked Black men. I wondered what her husband would think if he could see her now. Slick Rick, B.B., and JD sat with me, Jackie, and Donna around the table. We all sipped on drinks and made casual conversation. I gradually got used to every- one and we all started having a good time, laughing and telling jokes of all sorts, even Black jokes. Jackie suggested we all play cards. Donna and Slick Rick were not interested so the four card players split up into pairs to play hearts while the rest of them sat in the living room and listened to music. JD wanted to be my partner so I said why not. Jackie and B.B. paired up against us and we started to play. Things went well for about an hour until Jackie said, “Gee, I’m getting tired of playing hearts. Let’s play strip poker!” “OH NO!” I protested immediately though it was clear from the very second I said it that I was a minority of one. “Yes!” Jen said and when I turned to argue with her I was shocked to see her miniskirt hiked up to her thighs. Tyrone’s hand lay next to Jen’s white panties and his long Black fingers were inside them and were clearly inside her. She wiggled around in his lap. “Oh that tickles,” Jen said to Tyrone as she suddenly forgot about me again. “Do it,” Donna said. “Chicken!” “I’m up for it,” JD said as he winked at me. “Come on, it’ll be fun.” B.B., Slick Rick, Bad boy, James, and Tool Man all agreed. “Sure,” I said. “Are you guys going to play too?” “I will if you will,” Susan agreed. “Same here,” Donna added. It was unanimous. I was the only one who didn’t want to play. To hell with the fact that it was my party, I knew I wasn’t going to get out of this one. I reluctantly agreed and everyone came to the table except Tyrone and Jen who were still playing with each other in the chair, and Susan and her two men Bad boy and James. “We’ll play from over here,” they all agreed. “There’s not enough room at the table anyway. Even though they were right I didn’t feel very comfortable as we started playing. Bad boy and JD were the first to lose clothes and quickly pulled off their shirts. Both of these Black men were very athletic looking. Their dark hard bodies were very attractive and sexy.. With only a few more hands Susan had lost her top and was sitting in her bra between two Black men. Bad boy was wearing only his briefs while the other still had on a pair of pants. My eyes caught Bad boy’s crotch immediately. I noticed that not only was he hard, but he was big! His long hard cock was visible to everyone in the room, but nobody said a word about it. They just laughed at his bad luck in loosing his clothes so fast. Donna had now lost her blouse as well as her slacks and was sitting in only her pale blue bra and panties. Jackie and I had not lost any clothes. The other two men had lost their shirts but nothing else. As Jackie dealt the cards out for another hand I noticed Susan fondling Bad boy’s hard cock through his shorts. Bad boy reciprocated by grabbing her big breasts and playing with them through her bra. James leaned over and slid his hand between Susan’s legs and started to rub her pussy through her panties and she spread her legs to give him easy access. They were out of play so Jackie didn’t deal them any cards for this hand. I was really shocked when Susan pulled Bad boy’s shorts down over his hard cock and took it in her little white fist. I was even more shocked when she leaned over took it in her mouth and began sucking it. “It’s good to see the party get started,” Jen said as Tyrone pulled her panties off and started kissing him as he held her in his arms. James pulled off Susan’s panties now and got down on his knees between her legs. The next thing to happen was that Donna stripped off her own panties and unsnapped her bra. Tool Man stripped off the rest of his clothes to join her. Jackie dropped the cards and moved over to B.B.’s lap and he promptly began unbuttoning her blouse. “Come on Britt,” Jackie said with a smile. “You and JD should get to know each other better.” JD just looked at me and said, “You elazığ escort don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” “Oh yes!” I heard Susan squeal. I glanced over an saw that that James had gotten her on to her hands and knees on the couch and was pushing his big Black cock into her pussy while she sucked Bad boy’s long Black shaft. “Do you want me?” I asked JD as Jen now started moaning behind me. “Yes,” he said ignoring everyone else, “but only if you really want me.” I looked back at Jen and saw her sitting on Tyrone. I saw only her back side with a huge Black cock stuffed deep inside her blonde pussy. She slowly rode the monster up and down taking it deep inside her, moaning loudly each time she sat back down on it. The atmosphere was so sexually charged it was hard to resist.I stared transfixed at the beauty of it. Somehow, seeing a huge Black cock inside my friend’s tight blonde pussy was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. “It looks like everyone’s having fun but us,” I said to JD, still watching Jen working like a cowgirl up and down on Tyrone’s thick pole. From the couch the grunts and groans were getting much louder and I could now hear James’s thighs slapping Susan’s taut ass as he fucked her harder and harder. “Make me cum!” Susan screamed. “MAKE ME CUM!!!” “Okay,” I said. I was really horny after watching my white girlfriends fucking such big Black studs. “I’m convinced.” JD moved next to me and we heard Susan have the first orgasm of the party. “OH GOD YES!” she screamed. “I’m cumming!!!! UH!!! UH!!!” Susan, the eager slut, pulled loose from James and climbed up on Bad boy’s lap. “Your turn now. You big dicked fucker,” she said as she pulled off her bra and shoved her big breasts in his face. She wasted no time grabbing Bad boy’s cock and putting it right back in her sloppy brown- haired pussy. James hadn’t gotten off so he got up on the back of the couch and shoved his shiny Black shaft in Susan’s face. Just then a huge Black cock appeared right in front of my face. I hadn’t even noticed JD take his pants off but suddenly his cock was in my face and little was the LAST thing you could say about it. It was at least 10 or 11 inches long and very thick. I was so horny I grabbed it and took it in my mouth as deeply as possible. “Yes, suck it,” he said as he curled his fingers into my thick red hair and pushed my head up and down his cock shaft. In the corner I saw see B.B. lying on the floor as my naked friend Jackie sucked his large Black cock. All around me I heard my girlfriends moaning and groaning as they sucked and fucked these Black studs. That turned me on more than anything I’d ever imagined. “CUM ON MY ASS!” I heard Jen shout behind me. “OOOHHH YA!! CUM ALL OVER ME!!!” “My turn!” I heard James say and I stopped sucking JD to turn and watch James shoot his hot white cum. Susan and Bad boy kept right on fucking, but she opened her mouth wide open as James jerked his load onto her tongue and around her mouth. “Oh God,” I moaned quietly as I watched James’s cum run down Susan’s neck and onto her tits as she fucked Bad boy even harder trying to get him to cum too. In seconds Bad boy jerked and pulled his cock out of Susan’s hot pussy. I saw his beautiful cum shoot up her back and all over her pretty little ass. “Ooo,” Susan cooed. “Yes!” Bad boy grunted as he pumped his cock with his fist and stripped out all his cum on Susan’s ass. “CUM ON ME!” I heard Donna order and I turned around to see her lying on her back with a Black cock between her legs squirting cum all over her pussy hair and stomach. I had never heard my friends so wild but it was truly a mind opening adventure for of us.”Oh, oh OOOHHH!!” I heard B.B. shout as he began cumming in Jackie’s mouth as she jerked his Black cock with her little white fist. Suddenly JD and I were the only two left who hadn’t orgasmed at all. “Suck it,” Jen said to me. “Go on, suck his big Black cock.” “Yes, do it Britt,” Susan said as she sat on the couch with her two Black lovers sucking her nipples. “I felt a little bit like I was on stage but I put JD’s fat Black cock in my mouth and began sucking him off again. As I sucked harder and faster, JD groaned and pulled my hair which only turned me on more. I had to have his cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste his thick salty load so badly! All of the guys and my girlfriends were encouraging JD to cum in my mouth, saying things like, “Give it to the ho’.” and “make her eat it!” All the encouraging paid off, or at least my head job did because suddenly his cum exploded in my mouth. JD growled and jerked his hips into my face forcing his cock deep inside my throat. I had to swallow his cum as fast as I could, but it was way more than I could handle. Some of his thick creamy load seeped out and ran down my chin. My friends and all the men cheered. By the time JD and I finished, most of my girlfriends were dressed but none of the men were. “What’s going on?” I asked–as my girl- friends gathered up their stuff to leave. “It’s time for us to leave,” Jen said. “It’s YOUR party.” “WHAT?” I asked, shocked. Surely they weren’t leaving me alone with these seven Black men. “Have a good time,” Donna said as she opened my front door and walked out. “I wish I were you now,” Susan said as she followed Donna out. “Have fun!” Next Jackie left and finally Jen. “Don’t worry,” Jen said. “These guys are really nice. They’ll leave whenever you want them to.” escort elazığ With that Jen closed the door and I found myself in a room full of seven naked Black men all staring at me hungrily. “Uh guys,” I said nervously. “I don’t know if I can do this.” Bad boy was the first to approach me and stick his hard cock in my face. “Just give it a little suck,” He said pushing his cock against my lips. As if by instinct, I opened my mouth and let him push his cock between my hot lips. “Can you taste Susan’s pussy on my cock?” Bad boy asked as he watched me suck him more eagerly now. I nodded my head that I did. It made me horny knowing that I could taste Susan’s pussy juices on this man’s cock. “The next thing we have to do,” one of them said. “Is get this ho’ out of her clothes.” Suddenly two or three men were groping my body and undoing my blouse and slacks. I knew that if I took my mouth off Bad boy’s cock I would tell them to stop so I grabbed his tight Black ass and shoved my mouth into his pelvis so his cock would go deep inside my throat. I had to keep my mouth full or I’d probably chicken out. “Yes this ho’ wants it,” Bad boy said as his friends peeled off my clothes. Suddenly I felt strong Black hands pulling down my panties and unsnapping my bra. I was so nervous I started to hyperventilate. Tyrone pushed me onto my hands and knees and squeezed my ass. I was so afraid of what was going to happen next, but I just kept sucking Bad boy’s cock. I was surprised to feel Tyrone’s hot tongue lick my asshole. No one had ever licked it before, but it felt so good. I didn’t want him to stop. I started moaning loudly which got all of the guys going. Next thing I knew all the men were on their knees with me in a circle. I could feel hands all over my tits and ass and big Black cocks slapping against my back and thighs. I imagined what I looked like right now. A white red-headed whore surrounded by seven Black studs, ready and eager to suck and fuck every one of them. I promised myself that I would fuck every one of these guys tonight. I was going to have seven thick Black cocks inside me before I was done. The first stud to mount me was Tyrone. I felt him getting in position behind me, spreading my red pussy lips wide with his long Black fingers. I decided to suck Slick Rick’s cock now and took the opportunity while I switched men to talk to Tyrone behind me. “Fuck me Tyrone,” I said. “Shove that Big Black Cock up my pussy!” I could not believe the words coming from my mouth. I sounded like a common gutter slut.”Oh yes,” Tyrone moaned as he began working his huge monster inside my extremely tight pussy. I knew all this fucking was going to stretch me out before my wedding night but I didn’t care. It only turned me on more. These studs were going to fuck me till I was sloppy loose. “OH Yes!” Tyrone barked as I shoved another cock in my mouth. “You tight ho’!” “Hey save some of that for me,” one of the men shouted. “Fuck that,” Tyrone grunted. “I’m gonna wreck this pussy!” “God that feels so good!” I screamed between sucking several different men. “FUCK ME!” Tyrone was pounding my little pussy now making my ass slap against him with each thrust. “Ooooo ya,” I grunted as he fucked me. “Make me cum now. Make me cum.” I thought about these men taking a turn inside of me and I started cumming. “OH GOD!” I screamed. “I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING ON YOUR BIG BLACK COCK!” “GOD DAMN!” Tyrone shouted as he pulled out of my dripping pussy and spurted his cum up my back. “OH YES!!!” I screamed. “Cum on the bitch!” James shouted. “YES! YES!” “Oh yes James,” I said “Why don’t you try and make me cum.” I wasn’t sure how that was going to go over but I couldn’t help myself. Luckily all the guys laughed. “Yo Nigger,” Bad boy said. “Fuck the little white ho’!” James mounted me from behind and shoved his hard cock inside me. “GOD DAMN this whore has a nice pussy!” James groaned. “Fuck it!” I shouted. “Give me black cock!” James began ramming his cock in and out of my pussy with as much force as he could which instantly sent me over to another orgasm. “YES!!! MAKE ME CUM!!!! YES!!!” I screamed. Just then James pulled out of my pussy and shot his load all over my ass just like Tyrone had. “Two down, five to go.” I thought. I had been sucking Bad boy’s cock for quite some time and I knew he must be close to cumming so I chose him next. Quickly I rolled over on my back and spread my legs as the men kept pawing at my tits. “Come on somebody,” I yelled out. “Put that big Black cock in my pussy.” Someone’s cock was inside me in a flash and he began pumping away while B.B. pushed his cock into my mouth and the other guys fondled my tits. Bad boy was was ready in only a few strokes and he pulled out of me to squirt his hot cum on my stomach and tits. “Yeah, Bad boy,” I purred. “Cum on both of my nipples.” Bad boy finished by dribbling cum first on the right and then on the left nipple and then climbed off. “This little whore is mine now,” Tool Man groaned as he climbed on top of me next and forced his big cock up inside me. “I’m gonna make you cum so hard, ho’,” Tool Man said as he leaned over me and began fucking me hard with his big thick Black shaft. “DO IT!” I ordered him. “Make me cum!” Tool Man grabbed my thighs and lifted my ass off the floor and pounded my still tight pussy. I felt his big balls slapping my sticky ass and felt myself wanting to cum badly. “Okay you Black son of a bitch,” I shouted. elazığ escort bayan “You’re gonna make me cum! Does it make you feel good knowing you can make a hot White whore cum?” “Yeah,” Tool Man grunted as he fucked me harder to make me scream. “JESUS!!” I screamed. “YES!!! FUCK ME!!!” “OH SHIT!” Tool Man shouted. “Eat this!” Quickly Tool Man pulled out of me and knocked his buddies away so he could get his cock in my face. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide, but his cum shot straight across my face and into my hair. Tool Man took great pleasure in coating my red hair with his thick jizz before finally squirting the last little bit into my mouth where I had wanted it so badly. “Next time one of you fuckers wants to cum on my face, let me eat it okay?” I said sarcastically. “I’ll put it in your mouth,” B.B. said. “Great,” I said. “Then get on top of me and let me fuck that beautiful cum out of your hard Black cock and you can put it in my mouth where it belongs.” B.B. wasn’t inside me more than a couple minutes and he was ready to blast off. “Come up here baby,” I said as he quickly scooted up my body and aimed his cock at my open mouth. Thick cum shot out of the young stud’s Black cock and right into my mouth. Eagerly I swallowed as he pumped his cock with his fist to squirt it all in my mouth. “Ooo! Black Cream tastes so good,” I smiled as he finished. I looked around to see only two of the studs left, Slick Rick and JD. I was saving JD for last. Slick Rick had the smallest dick–only eight inches–so I figured I would offer him a special treat. “How would you like to fuck me up the ass, Slick Rick?” I asked. I could tell by the way his face lit up that it was a yes. “Hey, I wanted to do that,” one of the men complained. “You all had your turns,” I said snottily. “Now just watch”. I got up and walked over to the couch and got down on my hands and knees on the couch in a sexy doggie position. I offered my ass to Slick Rick. I watched my Black lover position himself behind me and prepared myself for the assault. “First,” I said, “get some good lubricant from my pussy.” He slid his “little” dick into my pussy and stroked it in and out a few times to get it good and wet. The he withdrew and I felt his Black cock pushing at my asshole trying to get in. “OH GOD!” I moaned loudly as he worked his cock in and out pushing it further each time. “I never thought I’d have a big nigger cock in my ass!” “It’s so tight it feels like you’re ripping my dick off,” Slick Rick barked. “Just a few pumps baby,” I said. “I’ll squeeze the cum out of you.” Slick Rick grabbed my hips and I looked back between my legs to admire the way his Black legs skin looked between my white thighs as he pushed his cock all the way up my ass and slowly started fucking me. I loved the feel of his big Black cock stretching my asshole and filling my ass so completely. In a few strokes he was ready to cum. “Oh shit,” Slick Rick said as he pulled his cock out of me and squirted thick cum right into my gaping and dilated asshole. I could feel his hot cum running down inside my ass. I was in heaven. “You men have all done a great job,” I purred as I turned around now and faced JD. “And now,” I said as I got up and walked over to Jay who was sitting in the chair. “JD, I want your cum inside my pussy.” “Holy shit!” One of the other men said. “You on the pill or something?” “Nope,” I said as I slowly crawled up on top of JD and took his cock in my hand. “But you could get pregnant,” another man said. “Yep,” I said as I slowly put JD’s big Black cock against my well fucked pussy and began sitting down on it. “I hope you don’t mind the other guys cumming on me,” I said softly. “OH SHIT,” JD groaned as he grabbed my slippery ass. “No, it don’t bother me.” Slowly I fucked my pussy up and down Jay’s thick Black cock making sure to let the other men see it. I pushed my white boobs into Jay’s face and let him lick and bite and suck on my nipples as I rode his big cock. “I need a baby to remind me of this night forever,” I said. “Will you give me your baby?” “OH YEAH!” JD said enthusiastically. “What’s your husband gonna think about you havin’ a Black c***d?” one man asked. “My husband knows I fucked other men before we got married,” I said staring into JDs eyes and I rode his fat Black cock awaiting his baby juice inside me. “When I have this baby he’ll know I fucked Black men too. That’s all.” “I’m almost there,” Jay said. “Are you sure?” I grabbed Jay’s hands and put them on my hips. “HOLD ME TIGHT AND DON’T LET ME OFF YOU WHATEVER HAPPENS!” I panted. And, then I began cumming for the first time in my life. Just thinking about what was going to happen had gotten me so hot, I came. “OH GOD,” I said, “GIVE IT TO ME!” “HERE IT COMES!” JD shouted as I felt the cum shoot out of his cock like a cannon into my cunt. “OH IT FEELS SO GOOD!” I screamed as I bucked and squirmed futilely. “I’M CUMMING TOO!!! Squirt your cum right up there where it belongs!” I felt Jay’s cock pulsating inside me sending gush after gush of hot semen inside me until it started running out of my pussy and down his balls. “I’m full with your cum!” I panted. “My little white girl’s pussy is full of nigger cum.” “Thank you,” Jay groaned as he slid himself out from under me and let me lay on my back to keep it all in. “Thank you guys,” I said. “I had a really great time. Please excuse me for not getting up and showing you to the door, but I don’t want Jay’s cum running out before it does its job. Jay, I want you to come back and see your baby after he’s born.” “You’re husband won’t like that,” JD smiled. “He’ll live with it,” I smiled back. “I’ll never forget you guys.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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