Babysitter’s Discovery Pt. 06

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Emma felt sleep dissolve, and she woke up, feeling the pleasure of Anna’s naked body against her back, her arm over Emma’s hip, still holding her close. Emma felt her bladder demanding, and she slipped quietly out of bed, trying to not disturb Anna. Anna sighed and rolled over onto her other side. Emma headed into the bathroom, once her bladder was emptied, she stopped into the nursery to check on Monica. Monica was sleeping peacefully, and Emma returned to Anna’s bedroom. She looked over at the soft glow of the bedside clock, it was 3:00 AM. Way too early to get up yet, Emma slipped under the covers, and she had the pleasure of spooning against Anna’s warm nude back. Anna stirred slightly, let out a soft sigh, and snuggled back against Emma’s body. Emma slipped a hand over Anna’s hip, holding her body close as she drifted off.

When she opened her eyes, she was face to face with Anna. Those beautiful dark eyes gazed into hers, and she was eager for more.

Anna saw the need, she was all ready to again awaken Emma’s body and mind. The sudden ringing of her cell phone, however, had different ideas.

She flipped her phone open, and Emma saw her face fall as she talked and listened.

She closed the phone, and said, “Regrettably, my little snooper, I need to get to work. The manager can’t make it in for 4 hours, and as assistant manager, I need to cover those 4 hours. My Mom wants to spend more time with sweet Monica, so I’ll call her up, she can come and take Monica for the day. I’ll be done by Noon, how would you like to meet me for lunch, and do some fun things?”

“I’d love it,” Emma replied. “I guess we’d better get going.”

At the door, Anna gave Emma a tongue swirling kiss, and cooed “Meet me at the Holstein Diner, at Noon.”

Anna pressed some money into Emma’s hand and waved to her as she walked home. Opening her hand, Emma was amazed to see a one hundred dollar bill. She walked in the front door, and made some pleasant talk with her Mom, about babysitting, Anna’s fine, the usual. In her mind, she was thinking Anna’s more than fine, she’s spectacular. Her pussy twitched as she thought about what would happen after lunch.

At ten minutes to Noon, Emma walked in the door of the Holstein diner, and she saw Anna watching for her. Anna’s smile of greeting also had that gleam of lust edge to it, and she felt her clit twitch in anticipation. Anna rose and brushed her cheek with her lips, giving her pussy a warm pulse.

“Thank you for meeting me for lunch. I have an appointment at my salon, and I want you to come along with me. How would you like to get Brazilian waxing? I’m having it done, there’s nothing like the smooth, bare feel right after waxing. We can have matching Brazilians!”

Emma was intrigued, she asked, “Does it hurt a lot? And what do you think my boyfriend would think about beylikdüzü escort it?”

Anna replied, “Well, it’s some pain, I found it not unbearable, I think the one who does it knows just what to do. After that first time, it’s like I got the sensitivity out, and each time has been just a twinge, and the payoff for that pain of the first is incredible. Your pussy will be so smooth, so naked, and so sensitive. Without any hair in the way, it’ll feel like a giant erogenous zone. It won’t be difficult, since you already have your hair as a well-trimmed, neat, and tidy bush. Join me, and if you don’t like it, well, it’ll grow back. And as for Rick liking it, he’ll go crazy over it. He won’t be able to keep his hands, his mouth, and everything else away from you. Once he sees it, all he’ll be thinking about when you’re out on a date, is how smooth, how soft and naked and beautiful your pretty pussy is under your clothes, and how soon before he gets to lick you, and ram his cock deep inside that nice, smooth opening!”

Just hearing Anna talking like that made her imagine that whole scene, seeing Rick devouring her pussy, and eagerly ramming into her, humping her wildly until his cock erupted, filling her throbbing tunnel with a sizzling, juicy load of red hot cum. Her pussy was pulsing with zings of lust-filled need, juices churning, fuck, she was just so hot and bothered, she could feel her face flushing, and her breathing deepen a bit. Anna grinned, she knew the effect it was having on Emma.

“Something else I’d like to get, I’d like one of those temporary tattoos,” Emma said, “Any chance I could get that done soon?”

“How about today?” Anna said. “That’s another thing that’ll drive Rick wild, with your body bearing a tattoo, it drives a guy crazy, your bare pussy and a tattoo that he can watch when he’s fucking you doggy style will make him wild with desire!”

They were both excited, eating a light lunch, then hopping into Anna’s car. At the salon, when Anna talked to the lady doing the waxing, she smiled, and she realized that Anna and she were going to get waxed together, side by side at the same time.

“This way, you can watch me go first, and see that it’s not so bad. We’ll break your waxing virginity, and you’ll love it!” Anna grinned.

Soon, Anna and Emma were both laying back, naked from the waist down, and Emma watched, fascinated, as the stylist applied talcum powder to the tops of Anna’s thighs. She watched the stylist spreading on the liquid wax, applying the cloth, then quickly ripping it off like a band-aid. Anna didn’t even flinch. That gave Emma a boost of self-confidence, as the stylist started on the tops of her thighs. When she felt the cloth ripping out the hair, it stung a bit, but she didn’t want to act wimpy. She gritted her teeth a bit, and let the stylist do her job.

Anna avcılar escort asked, “You okay Emma?”

Emma replied, “Yeah, I’m okay, it stung a bit, but I can handle it.”

Little by little, switching from one to the other, the stylist did her thing. Emma found that the pubic hair removal wasn’t too painful at all. All of it was removed, Emma felt lustful surges as the hair was removed from her taint, even between the crack of her ass. Her body had adjusted to the feel of her hair being removed, and Anna and Emma felt themselves being waxed until they were both bare, smooth, and totally hair-free. The stylist inspected her work, gave a satisfied nod, and applied a cool, smooth cream packed with aloe vera gel and vitamin E to the newly bare skin. Emma let out a sigh of pleasure at the feel of that cool cream being applied to her.

“This will help to minimize the redness and any bumps that might appear. It was a pleasure to wax you both, Anna, thank you for bringing in your babysitter, and introducing her to the wonderful world of bare pussy! I’ll meet you out front at reception,” she said, leaving the room.

Anna and Emma stood up and looked at themselves in the mirror. Emma was fascinated, so hair-free, it also made her very horny, looking at her freshly waxed pubes, she ran a hand down, loving the feel of bare, smooth skin under her fingers. She felt another set of fingers join hers, and Anna was standing next to her, spiraling her fingers around and around, caressing gently at her newly bare mound, gazing at her with a look of heated lust.

Anna whispered, “Like it, don’t you baby?”

Emma cooed, “Oh I love it, god, it makes me feel so horny!”

Anna said, “Now, we’ll take you out for your first tattoo! Then let’s go back to my house, and we’ll have some fun with our waxings!”

They got dressed, and out by the reception desk, Anna paid for both waxings. Emma started to protest, but Anna smiled at her and said it was her treat.

Emma relented, then said, “But the next time, it will be my treat!”

Anna grinned, and replied, “You have a deal, Emma!”

Just walking half a block to the car, Emma could feel the new sensitivity of her smooth pubic region, my god, it felt so incredibly erotic. The feel of her panties sliding against her, her jeans pressed against her, was making her pubic area pulse with sensation. In the car, she couldn’t help squirming around on the seat, trying to not be too obvious, but Anna saw what she was doing.

Anna said, “Yeah, the first time, I couldn’t sit still either. After your tattoo, when we get home, you’re gonna love what I have in mind.”

A few minutes later, the car pulled up to the Second Image tattoo parlor, and Anna led Emma inside. A young man with long black hair, sky blue eyes, a ready smile, and very elaborate ink designs up and down his arms came esenyurt escort forward.

“Anna, welcome back! Don’t tell me you’re here to get some permanent work done, I have some designs you’re gonna love!”

“No Gus, I told you, no permanent stamps on me. This is my babysitter Emma, she saw my tattoo, and she’d like a temporary tattoo also. Emma, this is Gus Rogan, tattoo artist extraordinaire.”

Gus smiled, and said, “It’s a pleasure Emma, come in the back, and I’ll show you what designs I have for temporary tattoos. And Anna, I have some more special ones in, if you’d like another design.”

“Perfect, we just got ourselves waxed, and I’d like something right above my bare pussy!” Anna said with enthusiasm.

Emma was startled by how talkative Anna was about what they’d just done, but Gus wasn’t shocked or leering, it looked like their banter was the banter of long-time friends, who could speak openly about things, and not have to censor what they wanted to say.

Emma started to look through the designs, there were more than a few. Anna was looking over her shoulder, and she pointed down at one.

“Oh, that one would be perfect for you baby!”

Emma was looking at a red heart, with a white banner stretched across it, and the word “SEXY” in black, cursive script on the banner. Emma liked it, and the fact that Anna was stroking at her back, just above her ass, decided it for her. Soon, Emma found herself face down on the tattoo couch, her T-shirt off, her jeans and panties pushed down to just below the cheeks of her ass. She felt somewhat exposed, but Gus was all business, and very soon, Emma had the heart on her back, just above where the cleavage of her ass cheeks started. Gus helped her up and angled a full-length mirror so that she could look over her shoulder at it. Seeing that “tramp stamp” on her, marking her, made her pussy churn. She felt so fucking sexy, my god, she was gonna need Anna to put out the burning fire of lust rising in her.

Anna smiled as she looked through the designs, and pointed out the one she’d like. Anna took her place, face-up, stretched out, baring her lower belly and pelvis for Gus. After Gus had applied the tattoo, it made Emma grin. A snake was wrapped around a large red apple that had a bite taken out of it. Just above the snake/apple combo, were the words, “Like a nibble?” It also made Emma’s pussy pulse, she did indeed want to nibble, but not on an apple!

Gus helped her stand up, and Anna inspected it in the mirror. She was naked from the waist down, but Gus wasn’t hanging over them or leering at their bodies. Emma realized he was a professional and had probably seen a lot of T and A from customers who wanted designs in private places.

Anna turned, caught Emma’s eyes, and she could feel the pulse of lust that Anna’s hungry eyes communicated to her. They needed to satisfy their desire for each other, Emma could feel the anticipation building, she was so wet the crotch of her panties was sticking to her bare, smooth opening, oh it was going to be so sweet.

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