Bablee Ch. 05

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3D Animation

All in the family

Bablee and Adrian were talking about school, and Jimmy told them about his job. He told them to stay in school as long as possible, because work sucked.

Bablee giggled over this, as she was twenty-six and shouldn’t have been sent back to high school. A woman in the corporation had mistaken her for her husband’s niece, and thought she was eighteen. Jet lag and suddenly entering a strange new country, had her bewildered, not understanding what was happening.

When registered in a boarding school, she thought it was some kind of strange hotel. It wasn’t until she was being fitted for a schoolgirl uniform, it became obvious what was happening, and it seemed too late to point out their mistake. As a small Pakistani woman, she found it difficult to tell the big confident Americans they were wrong. Especially an important school teacher.

Although registered as being eighteen, she wore a uniform for a fourteen-year-old. The matron had taken a look at her, and thought that was her age. Bablee accepted the youngsters uniform, not knowing its significance.

Bablee was quickly caught up in the school system. While keeping up with the busy schedule, she didn’t have time to find a way to explain who she was. In the little schoolgirl uniform she looked cute, like a fourteen-year-old, so who would believe she was a mature married woman.

From the first day in class she meekly obeyed the rules, trying hard to be a good girl, and fit into the strange environment of a boarding school.

Being treated like a child wasn’t so bad. She didn’t have to think for herself, as there were rules and a class schedule. Everything in her life was organised, such as where to be, when, and what do, even how to do it. With other girls she ate, went to class, slept, did her homework, and had her moral behaviour monitored. Her life was being organised and decided for her. Where the school rules didn’t cover something, the other girls pushed her into conforming to their rules.

It didn’t take long for her to become a well behaved, and obedient schoolgirl. Teachers favourably commented on her work and her attitude. After awhile, she didn’t think of playing at being a schoolgirl, she had simply become a little girl again.

When she met Adrian, she developed a schoolgirl crush, and was delighted when he invited her home for the summer break.

On returning to the boarding school, she would have to admit to her real age, and that she was a married woman. It just wasn’t right escaping life like that. She had to get back to her husband and the real world.


Lazing around by the pool in a brief bikini, sipping a cocktail, Bablee felt like a movie star. Two sexually demanding eighteen-year-old boys, were serving her drinks and complimenting her looks. While they stroked her ego, she forgot all about being a married woman. Both brothers were stoking her passion, keeping her hot, which meant forgetting everything of her past decent life, in this decedent house.

While teaching her to swim in the pool, Jimmy had touched every part of her body, arousing her until she became so very needy. He told her they were good boys and shared their toys. She had laughed at the idea of being their toy, not realising that was what they thought of her, and what she would become. While helplessly fired up, Jimmy had taken her.

It was then Bablee let go of the last of her morals, giving up the struggle, and became both brothers sex toy. Making the best of it, she relaxed to enjoy the American dream.

‘This is nice, very nice,’ Bablee murmured.

‘Do you want some more? Adrian’s cooked plenty of chicken,’ Jimmy said.

‘No thank you. That was plenty,’ she smiled at him.

‘Time for my reward then,’ he grinned.

Bablee was twenty-six, and a married woman from Pakistan. Cavorting with just one of the boys was very wrong. It would mean serious trouble in the city where she had lived, Karachi. Not so long ago, it would mean death by stoning in the village she grew up in. It was wrong to be laying around, practically naked, letting two boys use her like a sex doll. She’d given up fighting them off, and was just laying back enjoying it.

‘I think it’s your brother’s turn,’ she commented, and winced at the sound of those words.

‘When he’s done the washing up, he can take his turn,’ Jimmy told her.

‘Stop that, I don’t want him to feel left out. Oww! No! It’s your brother’s turn!’ Bablee complained.

Jimmy was powerfully sucking her sex into his mouth, and he was so much better at it than his brother. Bablee collapsed back on the lounger, with her legs flopping apart. ‘Resistance is useless’, a poster in Adrian’s room declared.


Bablee had given up fighting them as they were big strong American boys, and she was a typical petite Pakistani woman.

Adrian was eighteen, and his brother nineteen. Even the younger of the two had more experience than she had. Her husband hadn’t taught her anything. He rolled bahis siteleri on top of her, then rolled off again when he was finished. He was older than her and she’d hoped he would teach her about sex, but that never happened. Even the girls in school knew more about sex than she did.

When Bablee was mistaken for her niece, and placed in a boarding school, she looked young and innocent. She was then, but not now. With a fresh face, demure look, and a small frame, everyone thought she was eighteen, or even younger. She and Adrian had been in love, or at least infatuated, but that all changed on arriving at his home.

It was his parents influence that changed everything. They thought she was just a slutty schoolgirl he’d brought home to screw. It turned out they were correct in the damnable assumption. She was here to entertain Adrian during the summer break, and at first it shocked her to realise she was being used for sex. Taken home to be nothing more than his sex toy was humiliating.

The boy had done a good job training her to please. Although it was for his pleasure, she was kept satisfied too, especially when his brother joined in. The boys had the strength to overpower her physically, and the confidence to overwhelm her mentally.

The boy was working her up, then biting her sex to hold her back from tumbling over the edge. She’d been edged before by Adrian, and it was terrible. Kept a short while on the edge of an orgasm was exciting, but when it went on for too long, it became an agony of pleasure. If the two brothers decided to take turns edging her, hour upon long hour, they would break her will completely, and turn her into a whimpering mess.

They had laughed over the idea, and told her to be a good fuck doll, or they would keep her sexed up, and turn her into a nymphomaniac. They began listing the disgusting things they would get her to do, while she was desperate for an orgasm. When they mentioned the neighbour’s dog, she hit them repeatedly. They just laughed at her small fists bouncing off their muscular bodies.

Breathlessly giving up the assault, they held her down, telling her they were only joking. What frightened her, is that they were right, they could get her to do anything they wanted. With their big strong arms around her, holding her still, she felt all the more like their pathetic little sex doll. She was small and petite, formed like a little girl compared to these big muscular American boys.

‘You’re our bitch,’ Adrian said, and the boys barked at her, and licked her face.

‘Stop it, that’s nasty!’ she complained.

In recompense, the two boys made cocktails, and waited upon her. Quickly forgetting their teasing, she settled down to enjoy the pampering. Sun cream was rubbed all over her body. Not a crevice or a dimple was left untouched. Being sexed up she smiled and cooed at them, once again forgiving them everything.


Bablee put both hands on the back of his head, and ground her sex in his face.

‘Oh! God! Make me cum! Please, Jimmy, let me cum. I need to cum now!’ Bablee begged.

Now that Jimmy was sucking on her sex, keeping her on the edge of a promising orgasm, she started to worry. Trying to tell him it was his brother’s turn didn’t work, as the words were garbled, and he wasn’t taking any notice.

Adrian came out to join in the fun. He sucked on her nipples, and mauled a breast roughly, just the way she liked. Though she was no longer sure what she had once liked, as they both worked her hard, training her to like what they wanted.

Pushed over the edge by two sets of lips, she experienced a wonderful orgasm. They didn’t stop, they pushed her further, and she cum again.

‘No! Please, no more! Ohhhh! Yes! That’s is so good! Noo! Please, stop! I can’t take any more,’ Bablee pleaded.

She tried to push Adrian away from her breasts, then tried to pull her legs together, unsuccessfully. Her efforts were pathetic. After the boys had worked on her so hard, she was completely naked. After a third orgasm, Adrian pulled her onto his brothers lap, and she felt a penis between her thighs. They lifted her up, facing away from Jimmy, and lowered her down his penis. Once its head was in, her own weight pushed it deep, as she settled upon it.

Adrian’s cock was in her face, and she got the message. Sucking it into her mouth she felt both boys settle into a rhythm. Bablee was being skewered between two cocks, like a kebab. Jimmy was lifting her up, until the head of his cock was just inside her vagina. Then he let her fall down the length of his cock. Her head rocked up and down Adrian’s cock, with his hands guiding her head, so she could deep throat him.

Bablee was no longer upset over being used like a sex doll, she revelled in the feeling of being humiliated. Their every indulgence put her in place as a sex object, wickedly humiliating her, and she loved it.

‘Fuck me harder!’ she yelled from around Adrian’s cock.

The meaningless sound was ignored as they closed canlı bahis siteleri their eyes ready to cum. Adrian began to spurt his load down her throat. His brother stopped dead, forcing his hips up, and his cock as deep inside her as possible. Adrian’s legs began to judder, as he shot cum into Bablee’s stomach. Jimmy pumped her full of his semen so hard, she could feel it hitting the walls of her vagina.

She’d been stretched by their large penis’s, and had become sensitive to their every touch. Recently they only had to touch her down there for her to become aroused. Inside she felt every movement, with her vagina clamped tight around his cock. Having two boys fuck her at once was wonderful. She was being filled with their young potent sperm!

Her whole body felt full of cock, trembling and pulsing, with them spurting loads of semen into her body. As his cock came up from her throat, he was still shooting cum, so she had to swallow quickly or choke.

The three bodies parted and slumped onto the poolside tiles. Bablee was exhausted and replete. She studied the smooth white and blue tiles beneath her, waiting for her breath to return to normal.

‘It’s only three in the afternoon, and we’ve got the whole night ahead of us,’ Adrian said.

‘We’d better pace ourselves. The bitch can take all we’ve got, but we’ve limits,’ Jimmy told his brother.

‘What about me? You should consider me, I’m a person you know,’ Bablee complained.

‘No you’re not, you’re just a sex doll, cum face,’ Jimmy laughed.

He scooped some cum from her face, and wiped it on her lips. Without thinking she licked her lips, and swallowed his brother’s cum.

‘What is it like being filled with cum, sex doll?’ he asked.

‘Nice, I guess,’ she reluctantly admitted.


For the rest of the afternoon, the boys pampered her. The evening came around soon enough, and they were chased inside by the cooler evening air. They didn’t let her dress, so she lay in front of the fire, warming herself. The boys were planning something, and she hoped it was something she would like, or grow to like.

That made her think about what they had been doing to her. It wasn’t just the sex that worried her, it was the effect they were having upon her mind. It wasn’t just teasing, they were making her feel as though she were their sex doll. She’d submitted to the idea of being a sex object, and was letting them do whatever they wanted.

For a decent married Pakistani woman, all that she was doing was an abomination. They had turned her into a dirty slut, and so effectively had they accomplished it, she accepted it. In school she thought it possible to recover from this American influence, and return to her usual way of life. That was no longer possible, she’d gone way too far to return to what was once normality.

Adrian held her down on the floor, with her legs spread, until she was helplessly weak from approaching an orgasm. Her legs were over his shoulders while he licked and sucked her sex. Jimmy pushed further up her body, kissing her lips, and face. The sensations were nice, but the boys contrived to keep her from an orgasm.

One moment Adrian was kissing her between the legs, then his brother entered her. It brought on a small orgasm, while he continued to ride her. He rolled off her, and Adrian took his place.

Damn! They were keeping the orgasm going, by fucking her one after another! Another orgasm rolled through her body into her mind and burst like a firework. Relentlessly they took turns, keeping her in a state of arousal. One after another, orgasms shook her, with each one building upon the other, becoming more insistent and overwhelming.

At one point she lost it altogether. She was shrieking for mercy. Feeling one of them spurting his load into her brought her back, almost to sanity. The other brother spurt his load into her and she gasped from an all consuming orgasm. Her pussy was awash with their young potent cum. If she was going to become pregnant, this was the moment of being bred.

It didn’t matter, nothing did, nothing in the universe mattered.

All was quiet except for the sound of their deep breathing. They fell asleep on the lounge carpet. Bablee woke up when turning over between them, and feeling a cold wet patch. It was their sexual mess, hers and the boys, flowing from her. If they woke up they would make her spoon it up with her fingers, and suck them clean. It was far too much for that, and it was cold. Neither was she aroused enough to succumb to such a nasty act.

The thought of it made her heave, which she suppressed. Squeezing from between them would have to be done without waking them. Dressing in something, anything, then escaping had to be done. She was being corrupted, and soon she wouldn’t be able to tell good from bad.

They were corrupting her, corrupting her absolutely. Just the feel of their naked bodies pressing against her, was enough to heat her up. If they reached out to her she would respond. canlı bahis It wouldn’t be what she wanted, it would be an automatic response. They had effectively trained her to be a responsive sex doll. It shouldn’t be a surprise, as they had told her as much, though how could she have believed it.

Bablee tried to move away but one of them pushed his arms around her and held onto her breasts. A sigh in her ear stilled her. The other brother turned around and kissed her. Neither of them were fully awake, and soon fell back to sleep. She was caught between the two of them, unable to escape.

That night the brothers awoke to have sex with her, and then let her sleep. Several times one of them, then the other, would wake her. It was a nice sleepy pleasure, while half asleep.

Next morning her pussy was sore, but she was saved from having more sex, by the parents returning home.


It was Sunday and they all got together for breakfast.

‘Are you enjoying your stay here, Baby,’ Mrs Andrews asked.

‘It’s Bablee, mom,’ Adrian pointed out.

‘As I said. Well, Baby?’

‘Err, yes, thank you, ma’am,’ Bablee demurely answered.

‘What have you two been up to,’ Jimmy asked.

‘Just keep quiet you three, we have things to discuss,’ Mrs Andrews scolded them.

‘The investment is safe enough to add more cash to it,’ Mr Andrews said.

‘Good, then we should go ahead,’ Mrs Andrews confirmed.

The financial deals had been talked through, and so the parents returned to life at home.

‘You boys look pleased with yourselves. Have you been playing with your little friend?’

‘Yea, of course,’ Adrian answered, for both brothers.

‘Don’t wear the poor little thing out. She looks shattered. Did they let you sleep last night?’ Mrs Andrews asked.

An arched eyebrow confirmed what she meant.

‘They did, ma’am,’ Bablee said, not meaning to reveal what she had, in her tone of voice.

‘Are you sure the girl is old enough?’ Mr Andrews asked his wife.

‘The silly little thing assures me she is over eighteen. Don’t worry, dear. It’s convenient to keep the boys happy, and we don’t have to pay it. You’re not expecting a payment to entertain the boys are you?’ Mrs Andrews said, peering at Bablee.

‘Err, no, ma’am,’ Bablee cringed at the question, and mumbled the answer.

‘The little thing doesn’t look eighteen, how do you know she can screw the boys?’ Mr Andrews asked.

‘Well, whatever, she is screwing the boys, isn’t she. It’s obvious from how happy they look. I phoned the school to ask them her age, and they said, eighteen. Satisfied?’ Mrs Andrews explained.

Bablee cringed and sank further into the chair. To them, she was just a silly little slut, brought home to entertain their son. Bablee felt degraded on hearing his parents talking about her as though she weren’t there.

‘It looks stupid, and must be not to get paid,’ Mr Andrews commented.

‘Nowadays they call them a slut. They enjoy sex and will do anything to get it. Isn’t that right, Baby,’ Mrs Andrews asked for confirmation.

‘Yes, ma’am, err, no, I mean . . . ‘ Bablee sounded confused, because she was.

‘It is stupid. The standard of that school has dropped since I was there,’ Mr Andrews commented.

The thought of spending the summer break sleeping with both brothers, heated her up. She couldn’t help it, even in front of the parents, she squirmed, and pressed her thighs together.

‘She’s a horny bitch,’ the mother commented.

‘A bitch in heat,’ the father added.

In front of her and their sons, they talked as though she were nothing. Nothing of importance, just a dumb bitch, bought and paid for, like a piece of furniture. There to be used, and abused as necessary.

Bablee was there to entertaining both brothers, by sleeping in their beds at night, and during the day letting them screw her by the pool. Damn! She was getting so hot! What in hell had gotten into her? Apart from both the brothers.

A giggle was only just suppressed. She was out of control and it was their continuous sexing her up that did it. It was terrible to think she had lost all her morals, and didn’t care what they did with her body and mind.


The parents were busy somewhere, so the three of them returned to cavorting by the pool.

‘Here, put this on, doll. It’s better than the bikini,’ Adrian told her.

They were calling her doll, since she accused them of treating her like a sex doll. It was the truth, as she felt as though she were nothing but a sex object to be used. They soon treated her like a princess, to bring her around from a moody.

They could easily overpower her, leaving her naked, so she decided to go along with what they wanted. So what was different, as she was always giving in to them.

Changing in front of them out in the open, was highly embarrassing. Their parents could emerge from the house at any moment. They can see it was turning her on, as recently she found everything did. Shamelessly, she took her time, flaunting her body before them. It was their fault she acted this way, so they couldn’t blame her.

‘You have a nice, cute little bottom, Doll,’ Jimmy casually commented.

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