Babbette’s Boobies Ch. 02

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The Family:

Bill Branch was born September 18, 1963 6’1″ 185 pounds Black hair blue eyes he is a corporate office manager and married Bonnie November 20, 1984 settling down in Kansas City.

Bonnie Branch was born October 3, 1963 5’7″ 140 pounds 38-26-40 Blonde hair and Green eyes she is a dentist’s secretary but considers her first job caring for her husband and their three kids.

Bobby Branch was born August 9, 1985 6’2′ 195 pounds Black hair and blue eyes he is Bill and Bonnie’s oldest child about to enter his third year of college where he is on the swim team and is admired by girls as being one of the true hunks around campus.

Babbette Branch was born June 25, 1986 5’5″ 135 pounds 44-26-42 Blonde hair and green eyes the middle Branch child entering her second year of college has looks that stop everyone guys and girls alike in their tracks.

Bambi Branch was born April 14, 1987 5’6″ 125 pounds 38-24-36 Black hair and green eyes the baby of the family who just graduated high school and was looking forward to college life but not the studying.

Brenda Cooper was born February 9, 1978 5’3″ 115 pounds 36-24-38 red hair and brown eyes Bill’s business partner and thinks other people are made for only one thing – for her to give lots and lots of oral sex to.

Brad Cooper was born December 28, 1977 5’11” 185 pounds Brown hair and blue eyes Brenda’s oversexed husband who cannot get enough of her fellatio.

Our story Continues:

Once convinced that Babbette was going to keep her husband occupied Bonnie put her own plan into action. She had intended to walk into his room like Mrs. Robinson in the 1960’s movie “The Graduate” but her plan quickly changed. As she was in her room pulling off her bra she heard footsteps in the hall. She peeked out and it was Bobby in nothing but his shorts walking toward the bathroom.

Quickly, she pushed off her wet panties and waited for the door to shut. As soon as it did she walked up and waited a few seconds to very carefully turn the knob. If she got in fwithout her son hearing the door open the rest would be easy as Bobby’s back would be to her. She giggled to herself that it sure was fun sneaking up on her kids like this.

The knob rotated smoothly in her hand and to her relief the door didn’t squeak at all as she pushed it open and closed it again as Bill had just oiled it the other day. She shuffled across the floor and gently reached around Bobby and placed her hands on his hands which were aiming his piss filled penis at the toilet bowl. Seductively she whispered, “Do you need some help with that young man?”

What the fuck, Mom is that you, what the fuck are you doing?” Shocked Bobby forgot all about his target as he nearly jumped out of his skin. He couldn’t believe his own mother was trying to hold his penis while he was pissing. His urine shot all over the place before his mother firmly grasped his penis and aimed the stream back into the water below.

“I’m trying to give my very handsome boy a helping hand, isn’t that ok,” she whispered pushing her body against his. Bobby couldn’t believe it first his sisters had sex with him and now his mother was making some kind of pass at him. It was great so he instantly relaxed and decided to do whatever mom had in mind.

“I guess so, mom, after all you are the boss.” Bonnie liked the sound of that as she watched the last drop of urine splash into the toilet bowl. Bill had taught her always to shake the penis to get the last drop of piss off of it. So she did this for her son but then continued holding the hardening member.

Softly, Bonnie began stroking his rod and reaching her other hand between them pulled down his shorts and undies. Finding his crack she felt for his asshole and jabbed a finger hard into it. Her strokes became harder and she asked “How do your mother’s helping hands feel now?”

“Oh mom, they feel fantastic.” She squeezed his prick harder and a little faster.

“Do you want to fuck your mother?”

“Oh yes that would be terrific!”

“Then Bobby, you have to ask me and use your manners.”

“Oh Mommy will you please, please fuck me?”

“Yes, Bobby I will fuck you. Now, flush the toilet and follow me to my room.” She reluctantly pulled her hands away from her kid’s body and turned to walk out.

“But, mom, what about dad?”

“Don’t worry he is kind of busy with his own fun right now,” she told the boy as she left. For a second Bobby wondered what kind of fun his dad was having. But, he shrugged his shoulders and flushed the toilet and followed his mother to her room scooping up his clothes as he went.

There was his mom laying on her side on her bed with one knee up totally nude. She was playing with one of her boobs with one hand while she rested her head on the other hand. Bobby’s mother smiled broadly at him. He gulped hard but managed to say, “You look fucking beautiful mom.”

“Well then, get over here and give me a hand with these.” While her boobs weren’t as şişli bayan escort big as Babbette’s they were every bit as sexy. She had dark brown areolas surrounding her small erect nipples. A second invitation from his mom would not be necessary as her boobs truly looked good enough to eat. He scampered on to the bed next to her.

In just seconds he had his mouth attached to the nipples of the woman who had brought him into this world. Bonnie placed one hand on the back of his head encouraging his lustful sucking and nipping. He expected that she would use her other hand to play with his cock. But he was surprised when she reached straight for his ass hole and immediately plunged two fingers inside.

He was shocked at how great this felt as his mom wiggled her fingers around about an inch inside tickling his prostate. He rolled her onto her back and continued to lick all over her sexy melons as her fingers pumped in and out of his rectum. Bonnie cooed, “You really like this don’t you? How about sitting on my face and I will kiss that sweet little asshole like it has never been kissed before.”

The sentence wasn’t even finished when Bonnie found her son’s stinky asshole less than an inch from her mouth and nose. She pulled it all of the way to her waiting mouth and dug right in. She kneaded his cheeks as her tongue played in the crack and dived in and out of his puckering hole. Bobby had never had his asshole kissed before, but found it more erotic than he had ever imagined.

Looking down he saw her tits swaying on her chest as a result of the movements of their bodies and robustly began tormenting them. He pulled and yanked on them and squeezed the nipples between his fingers as he rode his mother’s face. Bonnie reached around to his front and gently began stroking his rigid member. Excitedly Bobby blurted out, “Oh fuck mom, suck me please, come on mommy please suck my prick!”

“I thought you would never ask, now lay down on mommy’s tummy and let mommy have that big cock of yours.” she pushed on his back causing him to lay on top of her in perfect sixty nine position. As she swallowed down his erection she hoped he would take the hint and bury his mouth in her pussy.

The unmistakable flavor of cunt cum was on his prick but Bonnie decided to ignore this fact and devour the sexy rod. Twirling her tongue around the head as she sucked harder and deeper. To her relief and great joy soon Bobby was licking around the edges of her cunt lips. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and buried his face into her sweet honey pot making sure that he kissed every millimeter of her beauty.

Before long he had found her joy button and was working his mouth over it like a professional. The mixture of kissing, sucking, biting, and licking he was doing was driving her crazy and she couldn’t help but grind her cunt wildly in his face. Bobby was just as excited as he was frantically fucking her mouth with his rod as he was on fire.

With a thunderous explosion Bobby shot a load into the back of his mother’s throat. She dug her fingers into his ass as a giant wave of pleasure washed over her body spreading out from her red hot clitoris. Quickly Bobby slurped the juices running from Bonnie’s slash. As her orgasm subsided Bonnie pushed her handsome son off of her and shoved him onto his back.

Before she was too tired she just had to get his cock into her dripping twat. Straddling her little boy’s hips she grabbed his fully grown cock and flicked it against her button a time or two and then aimed his member for the center of her cunt hole and eased herself onto his flagpole. Soon she was riding him like a cowgirl and couldn’t help herself and yelled, “Giddy up, Come on and just try to buck me off!”

His mother was bouncing up and down on his prick so hard and fast that it looked like someone bouncing on a pogo stick. Up and down she went and Bobby did as she had requested and bucked wildly. His hips pounded up to meet her thrust for thrust. Reaching down Bonnie frigged her clit so fast that her fingers were a virtual blur.

Between seeing his own mother masturbate while fucking the hell out of him and watching her boobs bounce with each movement they made it did not take long for Bobby to shoot another load into his mother’s tight little cunny. Bonnie had never felt so sexy and had never came so many times in one day and was thrilled that she would get to do this all again with Bill in just a few minutes.

Gently she let her son’s slightly deflated cock slide from her pussy but was surprised that it was still about half erect. Leaning down she kissed him and purred, “That was great you Sweet Mother Fucker, and you can fuck me anytime you want. You had better go now though as your daddy will be in here soon.”

“You are wonderful mommy I love your sexy pussy!” As he grabbed his shorts his mother told him to shut the door behind him so she could get ready for bed. Bobby didn’t bother to put on the shorts as it was a short run to his room. As şişli escort soon as the door was shut Bobby felt a hand on his cock followed quickly by a mouth. It was Bambi; she was home early from her date.

As she would tell Bobby and Babbette later she had no trouble getting the guy to bed. He was pretty good at mutual oral sex and not a half bad fuck. The problem came when she wanted him to kiss her butt and rim her asshole. The guy just wouldn’t do it so she made him bring her home. She couldn’t date any guy who wouldn’t brown nose her so she called it an early evening.

“Hi, big brother, mommy’s pussy tastes pretty good on your cock. I heard you in there, now it is my turn; come to my room big boy.”

“I don’t know if I can, I’m pretty worn out.” She slid the cock all the way down her throat causing it to become fully rigid again.

“This guy here thinks that you are up to it!” With that she stood up and pulled her blouse off over her head and walked toward her room pulling down her pants as she went. Bobby couldn’t believe it, here he wanted to seduce his sisters and here they were wanting him just as bad, if not worse, than he wanted them. When he got to her she was laying on her side with her backside toward him.

“What a fucking sexy ass you have Sis.” That was just what the girl wanted to hear.

“Well, God damn it, kiss my ass then, while you fuck my little feet.” Burying his face between her big cheeks he felt her grab his cock with her feet. Soon he had his tongue exploring her entire crack and bowels as his cock went in and out between her feet. Bambi was moaning enjoying the severe tonguing her shit hole was getting as her brother’s foot fucking was getting faster until he covered her toes with his seed.

Bobby spent the night in Bambi’s room until he snuck out at about four in the morning. They tried everything they could think of. Meanwhile, Babbette was worn out as she had been the first to have everyone in the family so she slept a contented sleep. But, down the hall in their parent’s room their mom and dad were having some of the best sex of their marriage. It was as if the sex with their kids had been foreplay for that night’s fun. Bill couldn’t believe what a hell cat his wife had turned into and told her whatever had turned her on so much to just keep doing it. Bonnie laughed to herself as she fully intended on continuing to have sex with every single member of her sexy little family. Right then and there she decided to organize a family orgy and she wanted to do it the very next day. After the best fuck of their lives the couple fell asleep in each other’s arms. Restless Bill woke up at 6:30 and decided to go have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. Bambi heard him go down the hall and decided it was time to complete her circle. She knew that frequently dad wore nothing but his robe while reading the Sunday paper. So, she tiptoed up to the easy chair, totally nude, knelt and shoved the robe aside and swiftly slid his cock into her mouth. Bill nearly jumped out of his skin. Quickly he calmed down assuming it was either Bonnie or Babbette but was shocked when he looked down and saw Bambi’s head bouncing up and down on his manhood.” Bambi what the fuck is going on here?”

“Simple, it is your turn to have sex with me. I am gonna fuck you big daddy.” He laid the paper aside and leaned back in the chair to enjoy the expert blow job from his youngest daughter Soon he was entangling his hands into her hair as pressure kept building in his nuts until he unloaded his cum right onto her licking tongue.

Bambi’s pussy was on fire, yet again. Licking her lips she got on all fours on the floor showing off her ass to her father. Of course, Bill did not have to be told what to do. He slid in behind her and rammed his prick deep into her waiting cunt. As he slammed in and out of her he used his hands to milk her boobs.

Bill couldn’t help it and soon was pouring what seemed like gallons of spunk into his baby’s pussy as her juices were pouring down his balls and legs. As a worn out father settled back into his easy chair his baby daughter climbed up into his lap and gave him a very long sultry kiss.

They sat there smooching for awhile as her dad sucked her orbs and she teased his limp dick. The grandfather clock chimed 8:00 and daddy told her he had to go to an appointment and besides the rest of the family would be up soon. Dejected she got up and went back to her room pretending to be still asleep.

Hurriedly Bill got dressed and ran out the door to meet Brenda Cooper. As he stormed into her office Brenda didn’t know what hit her. Bill threw her on the desk and violently yanked off her clothing He literally tore off her panties causing his partner to yelp loudly. For her part, Brenda had never seen him like this but thought it was a nice change. He yanked his shorts and undies off of his hips and jammed his throbbing member into her love tunnel totally out of control. He grabbed onto her boobs as if they were a pair mecidiyeköy escort of handles and pounded away at her marvelous twat. The bewildered lady just gave in and met him thrust for thrust. They were calling each other every name in the book as the torrid fuck continued. Once they had cum Bill told her, “Brenda, from now on we will do this every fucking morning and there is no point of putting on panties until I am finished with your God damn cunt.”

“Well, partner, it sounds great to me but I’ll only agree if you eat my fucking pussy right now!” Instantly, Bill was bathing his partners shaved cunt with kisses and licking and sucking her until she came three more times. He wasn’t sure he liked the taste of his own cum but it was a small price to pay for the daily prize of this young lady’s sweet cunt.

Back at his home Bonnie was struggling to wake up as it was almost 8:30. She decided to see what she could accomplish with the kids while Bill was gone to his phony meeting. First she went into Bobby’s room and kissed him right on the lips while she grabbed his cock and whispered, “Put on your sexy little swimsuit and meet me in the living room in ten minutes.”

“What is up mom that I need my Speedo for?” Bonnie just put her finger over her lips to hush him up and left.

Next, she went to Babbette’s room and kissed her as well while she fingered her clit. Then she whispered, “Sweetie get your fucking sexiest short nightie on and meet me in the living room in eight minutes.”

She got the same reaction from Babbette as she had from Bobby again she just hushed her up. The final stop was Bambi’s room and the scene was repeated but giving Bambi only five minutes. Then, Bonnie hurried to her own room and found her own “fuck me” nightie. The four of them nearly ran over each other in the hallway running for the living room. The kids just stood there and looked curiously at one another.

Bobby felt his cock growing rigid and made no effort to cover it up as the three women in front of him were so damn sexy. The sister’s felt their cunts tingle and grow moist. Absent mindedly Babbette caressed the top of her breast through the sheer material of her nightie as she was the first to speak up, “Mom, what is this all about?”

“I thought the four of us might do something together while your father is at his office.” She went around to each of them and gave them a hug and a supposedly motherly kiss. These hugs and kisses were just a bit different than any she had ever given the kids in each other’s presence as her tongue quickly swiped each of their lips and she rested her hands on the top of their rumps as she pushed her cunt hard against their crotches, especially Bobby’s erection.

“Now, that I have kissed and hugged each of you good morning I want to see each of you kiss and hug each other as you haven’t done that for years.” The kids were slightly confused but Bambi was the first to obey her mom’s request and walked straight to her sister. Their kiss lingered longer than it should have. But, it was nothing compared to the kiss she gave her brother as she wiggled her hips against his crotch for about 15 seconds.

That only left Babbette and Bobby to kiss and hug each other. Excited Bobby walked over to Babsy and pulled her into his arms and they sensually hugged for a good 20 seconds. Turned on by the scene the kids were still confused and were wondering what mom would ask of them next. Bonnie slid over to Babbette and scooped up the girl’s breast in the palm of her hand and asked, “What do the two of you think of Babsy’s boobies?”

Bambi answered first, “Well, mom they certainly are big aren’t they?”

Then her brother piped up, “They are probably the sexiest boobs I have ever seen.”

Scooting over to Bambi and cupping one of her tits she asked, “Well then, Bobby, what do you think of Bambi’s or my tits?”

Quickly he blurted out, “Oh mom you and Bambi have very fucking sexy boobs, too!”

Bonnie asked, “Are they good enough to eat.”

Now horny and ready to pounce the moment his mom said he could he responded, “Oh fuck yes.”

Not quite sure where she stood with the girls but certain of the look of lust in her son’s eyes she went over to him and touch his cock through his trunks causing him to jump slightly. Wrapping her arms around him she slid her hand inside the pants and pulled out his cock and began softly and slowly stroking it and purred to her daughters, “What do you think of your brother’s cock?”

Bambi answering first said, “Oh my god mommy it is so thick and sexy.”

Then Babbette breathlessly followed with, “Fuck it is gorgeous I would love to suck a cock that sexy deep into my mouth!”

“Then do it; suck your brother’s cock into that sexy mouth. Kids I had sex with each of you yesterday so now I thought we could have some fun together, how about it? I would love to suck Babbette’s or Bambi’s tits while Bobby eats my asshole or maybe just watch two of you sixty nine while having my pussy eaten by the other one.” Startled for a second the kids were frozen in place but they were too horny to resist a family orgy. Babbette did as she was told and got on her knees in front of Bobby and sucked his manhood deep into her throat.

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