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Awesome Episodes Of Pleasure With Dianna’s AI always remember the days when i had sex for the first time. I was in final year undergraduate student when i met Dianna in my college canteen. The second weekend since we met for the first time, she wanted to drink alcohol for the first time. I bought one small bottle of wine and two cans of beer. After the first bottle of wine, Dianna wanted one more and i got one more for her. We were in East Coast Park (ECP) beach. Suddenly she started smooching and started caressing my hair. That turned me on and we were kissing for more than five minutes. That’s when she whispered in my ears that she wanted to have sex for the first time. That sounded like a perfect Dairy Milk Shots add. We rushed for the cab, didn’t wanted to waste any time. During the journey her hand was caressing my dick. We sneaked in to my room. The time was already 11:30 at night. The moment i closed my room door she started getting wild and madly kissing which turned me on instantly. I started pulling her top and jeans and took of her panties and bra. The aroma of her hair was so good, my “Tom, dick and Harry” was all set for attack. She sucked my cock for two minutes and we went to 69th heaven 😉 I was sucking her pussy dry like a thirsty b**st. That turned her on and suddenly pulled my face and heard a commanding order to march in. With all respect and a salute, i slipped my man to her wet pussy. I saw bloody, even though i was a bit scared, i got my man to take charge and march further. Within two to three minutes i discharged in her pussy.We became so tired and a bit intoxicated and slept of. Dianna woke me up at 9:30AM. I realized it will be crazy if i take her out, as we will get caught in day light. She said we will bunk the class and stay for the whole day and leave at night. I got her breakfast and some juice. She was laughing at the way güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she was kissing me in the beach. Suddenly she had an idea to have sex for the whole day and wanted me to suck her pussy more as she enjoyed it the day before. That day was a sex spree day for both of us. We experimented some positions and she got madly addicted to getting cunnilingus.We had a great sexual relationship for a long period of time. My room became her second home, as she started stocking her cloths for emergency. We used to love having sex without protection as she used tell me whether it’s safe to go without condoms. There was one of this time when she was not sure, by luck one of my friend was flying from Delhi and told him to get two packs of i pill she took one to be one safe side. She kept both the empty one and new one in the hand bag.Things started going slow since her aunt came to town for a project. Dianna moved in with her aunt and we could have only “quickies” once in a while in college janitor’s room and some other places once in a while. (Truly janitors room is the worst place to have sex, but when ur man needs some real exercise than net practice, it’s OK to use janitors room).One night, i called Dianna out for a party. She kept her regular handbag in the apartment and came out with me for the night. That’s when her aunt saw the pack of ipill in her bag, both once in her bag. She waited till she came back and went through a lot of questioning. At-last she confessed of having sex with me often. Her aunt got my number and spoke to me and wanted to meet me in person.I went in her place when Dianna was in college and sat in the couch. Wow, she was awesome hour-glass kind material. She was in her office attire, which turned me on. She asked me blunt, whether i used to have sex with her niece for which i said yes. Her face tipobet güvenilir mi was showing the anger, which i was least bothered when a mirror cracking material is sitting in-front. Suddenly she asked me why she used Ipill and why didn’t i use condoms, for which i replied with a frank answer.Even though her aunt acts a bit furious she was close with Dianna and she shared her “experiences” with me one day. Dianna got a shock when she frankly asked her whether i can make love with her. I acted like i am shocked but one major part of my heart was dancing in pleasure and said yes, but not in Dianna’s presence as i am not really fond of threesome.I reached the apartment, all groomed, shaved and with some awesome fragrance. My eyes almost popped out when i saw Aunt Rose in pink satin night dress. The apartment was smelling romantic with lavender. I saw some wine glass and bottle in the table with candles all over. It gave me a good signal that she has been yearning for sex. I asked for Dianna and she went to her friend’s place. Aunt Rose poured some wine and we started chatting. She asked me what my favorite in sex is. For which i said Cunnilingus, i said even Dianna dies for it. I learned that Aunt Rose has never had sex since she was divorced 6 years ago and her husband really didn’t like oral sex. We had our second glass while sitting in the couch. My eyes where in the TV when i felt a hand running through my thighs.Aunt Rose started caressing my hair and pulled towards her lips. I enjoyed the taste of a middle aged women’s lips for the first time and realized how important sex is to a women in middle aged. She took of my shirt and felt my chest hair. I ran my hand all over her body and noticed she was not wearing her bra and panty. I played with her nipple and bit it softly with my lip over her night dress. She led me to the tipobet giriş bed room, i pushed her to the bed and took of her dress. I licked and sucked her nipples one by one, pressed her boobs and could hear the moan getting louder. I linked her stomach, belly button and reached her inner thighs and started biting softly which aroused her more.I slid my finger through her vagina lips to check if it is adequately wet. Went to her love hole which was wet and drenching. I felt the taste of her juice which turned me on, slowly stated running up and down with my tongue with sucking the pussy every now and then. Suddenly she clenched her hand in my head and pulled me towards the pussy that was the sign asking for more. I started moving zigzag in her pussy and concentrated on her clit. This worked and she started moaning violently and wild. Suddenly her hands pulled my hairs. I looked at her eyes and saw a sparkling smile. She pulled me up and kissed me passionately.Aunt Rose felt my man and pulled my pants off and started sucking my man like a lollypop. I was in great pleasure as this was the first time, i was getting in sucked so violently. After some vigorous action, i came in her mouth. She came up to kiss me for long and that gave some enough time for my boy to get hard again. We went to do 69 and get her real wet and my man stand up with a salute. I pulled her and went over the top and spread her legs. Suddenly she stopped to put on condoms and responded with a naughty smile. I went on real roller coaster ride for some time and discharged my load and rested for a while. I was thirsty and drank some water. I was able to see her face glowing.We had more encounters after and she wanted more of oral sex all the time. This gave me a license to have fun with Dianna too as the whole apartment is free during office hours and won’t be questioned. This went on till two months until Aunt Rose went back to Mumbai. I used to get calls requesting to come to Mumbai on my holidays which i agreed. Eight months after, i was caught red handed by Dianna smooching my lecturer in my room which ended up in break up. By this time, i had a craving for ladies aged 35+.

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