Awakenings Ch. 04

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With apologies, the following story segment follows Chapter 3, while Chapter 2 is still in the future timeline. All characters in this work of fiction are over 18. The story, “Spying on Mom” contained herein in fragmented form, is also being submitted as a standalone submission.


Nipples. Kath’s nipples. Orv just couldn’t seem to get them out of his mind.

Orv and his mother Kath had had lunch together half an hour ago, and she had gone off to buy some groceries. With no car, Orv knew it would be most of two hours, since Kath would be walking back to the store closer to their old apartment and 15 minutes further away.

Over lunch, they had talked about the end of school, college, and making Uncle Milt’s house their own home. Orv sensed a note of sadness in Kath’s voice when they talked about him moving out, and he tried to reassure her that he would call, and maybe they’d even figure out how to use computers to chat or share their faces or something like that.

But with her usual clothes in the washing machine, Kath had sat at the table still dressed in short shorts (with no panties, although Orv never guessed this!), a transparent bra, and a nearly transparent peasant blouse. Whenever Kath’s eyes had been focused a hundred feet below the surface of the table, like when the topic of moving out came up, Orv’s eyes had flitted quickly from her eyes to her nipples.

Her generous breasts were no longer backlit at the lunch hour, but the subtly darker areolas and nipples, easily visible through the thin layers, were like magnets. Orv was, in a way, thankful that he had on his jockeys, because that meant he could allow his manhood to swell without worrying about tenting his loose fitting shorts.

More than once, though, Orv had forced his eyes away from his Mom’s boobs to verify that her eyes were still on some distant point only to find that, without having moved her head, her eyes were, very briefly, locked on his. He was always unnerved when that happened, but at the same time, it seemed to him that there was a hint of a twinkle in her eye, and the very corners of her mouth, but no more, looked to have curled up a millimeter – the slightest hint of a smile. But that must have been his imagination.

Orv had offered to go with her, but Kath knew that Orv had homework to do, so she set off alone and Orv sat at his desk and tried to work. For a while, he made some progress. But those nipples! When the laundry was dry, he might never see them again – Kath would be back in her prim old folk’s uniform during the day, and her heavy shapeless nightgown at night.

Orv sighed and tried to concentrate, managing to write another paragraph. Then, the erotic stories just under his mattress came to mind. He could read ONE without getting too far behind, right?

He slipped off his shorts, then his jockeys, leaving them close by, just in case. Then he pulled out the folder of stories and started browsing. His eye was already trained to pick up on the words “nipple,” “breast,” “boob,” and others, and he was stroking his already hard dick as he skimmed through the stories, looking for erotic phrasing, like, “looking down, I could see that my nipples were showing through …” or “When I bent over, I knew that he could see down my blouse to my braless tits. I felt my nipples tighten, knowing that he was looking.”

Some stories quickly moved on to hard cocks penetrating sopping pussies, but for some reason, that didn’t excite Orv as much as the exhibitionist girl showing off her boobs and nipples or the voyeur guy who was lucky enough to see those displays. Maybe that would change if he ever was lucky enough to make love to a girl, but for now, nipples and breasts were fine – just fine!

He was skimming another story (funny, like a potato chip, he hadn’t been able to stop at just one!) when he read, “her boobs were oozing out both the sides and the tops of those over-stressed cups.” But his mind was processing three words that had appeared a few paragraphs higher.

Wait – did that story have the words “one way mirror?” Orv scanned the story again, and yes, there it was. He decided to read a little more carefully, starting from the top.

Accidental Arousal I was about to close my bathing suit shop one Friday night since the last customer had already kept me late. But then, this amazing beauty bounded up to the door – or at least her boobs were bounding, although she was moving at only a fast walk.

And what boobs they were! They were probably more than a full C cup, but on her petite body, they looked even bigger. I could see that she had a bra on through the thin jersey top she wore, but her rapid approach must have caused her nipples to rub against the bra cups, because they were definitely pushing through both layers of fabric. Tiny short shorts and sandals finished her outfit.

“Please, mister, could you stay open just a few more minutes?” she shouted through the closed door.

If şişli bayan escort for no more than to get a closer look at those amazing nipples, I opened the door a crack and replied, “It’s already 10 minutes past closing, miss. Can you come back Monday?”

“No, my boyfriend and I are going to the Bahamas tomorrow and I promised him I’d get something … um … sexy to wear for the weekend. Please! I promise I’ll be quick.”

Lady, just about anything you put on will be pretty sexy, I thought to myself. Aloud I said, “Well, who am I to get in the way of an exciting weekend? Alright, come on in, but I’m going to lock the door so that I can actually leave when you’re done.”

Orv skimmed down a bit. The girl selected four or five bikinis which, the clerk noted, were all unlined. He directed her to changing room

, then explained that he’d be in his office and she should call when she was ready to check out. Orv kept reading.

My heart rate was already climbing (as was my dick) as I entered my “office.” I pulled the drapes behind me, leaving me in total darkness, then I quietly sat on my stool to enjoy the show.

You see, I had set up changing room 1 with a one way mirror. With the lights out on my side, I could easily see my customer, but she had no idea she was being watched.

The girl stripped off her shorts, under which she had a pretty black thong. It was obvious that she had shaved for this little trip. She kept those on (per regulations posted in each changing room), but I held my breath as she slipped the top over her head.

As I suspected, this girl had a rack that wouldn’t quit. She must have grown at least a half cup size since she had last shopped for a bra, though, since her boobs were oozing out both the sides and the tops of those over-stressed cups. More than that, her nipples, which had flattened somewhat, were clearly visible through the lacy fabric.

Then came the great reveal – she reached behind her back and undid the catches of her bra. I sucked in my breath and held it tight as she slid the cups off her magnificent mammaries. My god, they were amazing! Perfectly round, not an inch of sag, and pointing at me like headlights. I silently dropped my drawers and began to stroke my very rigid cock.

She picked up the first bikini, pulling up the bottoms first. This afforded me a view of her tits dangling down and wobbling as she shifted positions. I do love that view of boobs hanging free.

The next move she made, though, surprised me. Before she tried on the top, she raised both hands to her boobs and spent a few seconds rubbing her nipples, which stiffened immediately. Then she tried on the top, standing and turning to look at herself from different angles in the (make that “my”) mirror. Her nipples were quite easy to discern as they poked through the thin material.

The same routine held for the next bikini, and the next – rub the nipples, try on the top, and look in the mirror. For some reason, I didn’t care if my dinner was going to be cold!

The fourth suit she tried was all white. Or at least it was white until she put it on. Again, she rubbed her nipples before putting the top on, and again, they poked out through the material. But with this white suit, you could also see the dark shadows of her areolas and nipples.

Beyond being semi-transparent when dry (my mind reeled at the thought of seeing this girl wearing that suit when wet!), it was designed so that the bottom of the cups could be slid along the string running under the boobs. The girl must have seen one before, because she seemed to know right off how to expose more of her cleavage, more of her side boobs, or both (all three? all four?).

She spent quite a bit of time modeling this suit, and while it didn’t really seem like her nipples had gone down any, she always took the time, with each alteration of the cups, to smooth the fabric over her nipples while giving them a little rub. She also spent a lot of time looking at her tits in the mirror, and I had a hard time (um, a difficult choice) deciding whether to watch her eyes watching her nipples or to look at them directly.

At this point, I was stroking my cock like there was no tomorrow! I would stay late any day for this chick!!

When she got to the last bikini, she again pulled up the bottoms and again rubbed her nipples. But this time, instead of putting on the bikini top, she kept working her nipples. With a sigh, she settled back on the little shelf in the changing room. At this point, with my peripheral vision, I noticed that she had rolled her head back to rest against the wall. She had also closed her eyes.

But her hands never stopped. Instead of a brief rub with her fingertips, she was now twisting them clockwise, then counter clockwise. I couldn’t really do that with my prick, but suffice to say, it was getting a good workout.

Next thing I knew, she was pulling each of her breasts up by the nipple, pulling until they slipped şişli escort from her grasp, causing each boob to settle back down with a delightful bobbing, swaying motion.

Looking back, I can only guess that she must have wanted to see how her nipples, if stiff, would appear in the mirror under each of the tops. Then, quite by accident, she had managed to turn herself on. And I was the very happy beneficiary!

With her eyes still closed, she then started to strum her nipples like a guitar – fingers spread, she worked her nipples with both hands, first slowly, then faster and faster. I tried to watch as one nipple or the other was depressed into her breast flesh only to pop up in the gap between her fingers. But soon her fingers were nothing but a blur. Again with my peripheral vision, I noticed that she was scissoring her legs against each other. Needless to say, I was reaching the edge of the precipice.

Finally, she went back to pulling and twisting her nips again. “Oh, YES, Ted, you know how much I love it when you pull my nipples out with your teeth,” I heard her whisper. This went on for just a few seconds before, in one quick move, she lifted her left breast to her mouth and sucked the nipple deep inside! In an instant, her whole body convulsed and I heard a low, “Unngggh …” escaping from between her lips and around her boob. And as she orgasmed, so did I, shooting stream after stream of hot jizz on my side of the mirror. I made a mental note to clean that up in the morning.

Whoa!, thought Orv, who was very close to shooting his own load. That story is SO hot! And I have my own one way mirror into the bathroom just inside the closet.

Kath, indeed, was walking in the direction of their old apartment, with her goal, the corner grocery store that lay beyond, in the back of her mind.

But in the front of her mind was the fact that she was walking around outside with no panties and only the flimsiest bra and top. She was SURE that everyone around her knew how she was dressed.

Thankfully, she had looked in the front hall closet before she left and had spotted a bolero jacket. Without it, she wasn’t sure whether she would have had the nerve to leave the house. The jacket did a just barely adequate job of covering her nipples. Luckily, the breeze was behind her, so the jacket, thankfully, stayed closed.

The breeze suffusing her pussy, on the other hand, was something else. Intellectually, Kath knew that no one could know that she had no panties on – but SHE knew! Every time the air swirled around her female parts, she shivered with the truth that she was naked under her very short shorts. And every time she shivered, her nipples contracted.

On the way to the store, she met a few well-dressed men, apparently on their lunch breaks. Through stolen glances, it seemed to Kath that they were appraising her long shapely legs, quite exposed by the short shorts, before taking in her wobbling breasts (thankfully covered up by the bolero jacket), and her pretty face and hair.

On the first encounter, Kath resolutely averted her eyes, certain that the man knew each of the secrets of her dress (or undress, as it were). But Kath was nothing if not logical, and that first man had done nothing more than smile and touch his hat brim to her. “Nice day,” was all that he had said.

With the second encounter, Kath had risked meeting the man’s gaze at least for a moment. This time, a smile and a nod was all she saw.

With this jacket on, Kath thought, there’s no way that they can see my nipples. And who would ever guess that I don’t have panties on, she mused. With that realization, Kath walked on with a bit more confidence. Both men had seemed friendly and non-threatening. After a few minutes, Kath even started to almost strut, as the knowledge that she was naked under her shorts and that her bra and blouse did little to hide her nipples was unbeknownst to anyone else finally settled in.

A slight gust of wind penetrated the inside of her shorts at that point, but Kath walked on, the shame and the trepidation fading. Before long, she realized, the breeze up her shorts and the bounce in her boobs actually felt good. She felt a smile pass across her face when she met the next business man who, like the second gentleman, gave her no more than an appraising look, a smile, and a nod.

When Kath walked into the store, the blast of cold air assaulted her on all three fronts – the front of her pelvic area, the front of her right breast, and the front of her left breast. Both nipples were instantly taut, and the breeze around her pussy made her shiver, and not just on account of the chill.

This is silly, she told herself, as she folded up her cart and shoved it underneath the grocery basket. Still, she could not take her mind off the motion of air under her shorts and the tenseness in her nips. She self-consciously worked her way through the produce section and then on through dairy and cold cuts. With Milt’s mecidiyeköy escort inheritance coming, she added more items – fresh vegetables even! – than usual. Her nipples were finally calming down – at least a little.

When she got to the deli and meat section, along the back wall, she spotted a couple about her age waiting for their order at the deli. They looked familiar, but she could not place them. The woman was quite attractive, with a generous bust line, a goodly amount of cleavage showing, and short shorts nearly as small as her own.

The man was ruggedly handsome in a tight t-shirt that showed off his broad chest and well-muscled arms. He had an engaging smile and was leaning in to kiss the woman’s cheek when she and Kath briefly locked eyes.

Who ARE those two, Kath thought, as she kept her eyes down and moved forward. Glancing up, she saw that they were now both looking at her. Who could they …. Orv’s math teacher! Miss …. Miss Smith! Yes! Kath had met her last fall.

Kath felt a bit queasy, remembering that she had always worn her hair up and had her old folk’s uniform on whenever she was out. For sure, she always had panties on, and no one in the world, save Superman, would ever have been able to see her nipples before today.

Maybe the teacher wouldn’t recognize her. Kath kept walking, eyes down.

“Pardon me,” Miss Smith said, “are you …. Are you Orv’s mother?”

“Oh – yes, yes I am,” she managed, her heart racing. “And you are …”

“Miss Smith – Amy Smith,” the teacher replied. “And this is my fiancé, Walt Packard. He’s also a teacher at Lincoln. I think you and I met in the fall, is that right? I almost didn’t recognize you – you look so … different. Orv is such a fine young man, and a brilliant student!”

Kath blushed and stammered, “Well, yes … Last fall, right … You see, we just moved, and my clothes …” Kath floundered, unable to put her thoughts in order, “My uncle Milt left these in the house. I mean his daughter! His daughter left … they both just died and we’re moving in …”

“Oh, I’m SO sorry to hear that, Miss Smith interjected.

“Oh, we weren’t terribly close,” Kath managed, then realized how awkward that sounded, “I mean …”

“Well anyway, I’m sorry to hear about your loss, and it’s nice to have you in the neighborhood. I’ve just moved in with Walt.”

“Actually, Milt’s house … I mean, my house … is most of a mile to the north.” How do I get out of this, Kath wondered.

“Our place is half a mile north, too” Miss Smith said. “Well, anyway, you look lovely in ‘your Uncle Milt’s clothes,'” she said with an appraising look, a melodic chuckle, and a wink, “don’t you agree, Walt?”

“Yes, you are quite enchanting,” Mr. Packard replied, with a theatrical bow while reaching out to hold her hand by the fingertips, which he proceeded to kiss. “Very nice meeting you, and I DO hope we meet again,” he continued, giving her a studied look and using a mock stage voice, but without a hint of insincerity.

He had taken in her shapely legs from some distance away, but had taken advantage of the girl’s talking among themselves to examine, as best he could, the design of her brassiere through her peasant blouse. The lights were bright enough that he knew there was a bra there, but it certainly looked to have very little substance. He had been wishing for a breeze to lift the bolero jacket, but no luck inside the store.

For all her shyness, Kath admired the gentlemanly display, and gave a mock curtsey in return, her eyes averted floorward, while continuing to let him hold her hand. “My pleasure indeed,” she said, although she did not realize that by holding her arm up as high as she had that she had let both Amy and Walt catch a glimpse of her right nipple through the blouse and bra as the bolero jacket lifted out of the way. The pair exchanged a quick glance but said nothing.

“Well, it’s been nice meeting you, Walt and … Amy,” Kath managed, “but I really need to finish shopping and get my laundry done so I can work tomorrow.”

“Nice seeing you again, Kath. Do say hello to Orv, will you? I know he’s going places,” Amy said. With that, they went in separate directions.

“Did you see how she was dressed?” Amy asked Walt. “I knew she was pretty, but damn she’s got quite the figure!”

“Really? Gosh, I didn’t notice,” feigned her fiancée in mock innocence.

“Oh, Walt – sometimes…!”

Back at the house, Orv kept on reading – a new story now – and kept on stroking his tool.

I watched the hired strippers as they put on a very realistic show. The girl with the medium sized boobs was hungrily licking the nipples of the girl with the bigger tits. With the attention, her nipples were definitely getting stiffer. Acting or not, it was hot – and so was I.

I had positioned myself behind the couch, then realized that the corner of the couch was at just the right height for me to lean into it. I looked around and found that everyone’s attention was focused on the two naked girls on the floor. I began to slowly rub my pussy against the corner of the couch. I felt my nipples stiffening and wished that I could give them the attention they deserved.

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