Awakening Stephanie

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Many thanks to Todger65 for editing.

Awakening Stephanie

A prudish wife discovers her sexuality


John looked out the dining room window and watched Stephanie, his wife of five years, as she sunbathed. She was wearing a very conservative bikini that still barely managed to hide her amazing body. He knew every inch of her and loved all of it. Her beautiful face with those big green eyes and long dark brown hair were first to capture his attention. He let his eyes glide down her body taking in her perfectly formed c-cup breasts. Onward he looked to her near washboard abs and downward to her pubic mound. His mouth watered at the thought of her mound with its soft-landing strip waiting for his tongue. His gaze continued down her amazing long legs. The legs that stunningly contributed to her 5’10” height. She was magnificent.

John knew he had the perfect wife. If she never changed, he would be happy the rest of his life. He knew that Steph had unplumbed depths though, and he very much wanted her to discover them. When she let herself go in the bedroom, she loved sex. The problem was getting her to let go. She was so pent up it was ridiculous. She was so body shy and so prudish about sex it was a real roadblock to her being the sexual person he knew she could be.

He had tried a lot of things over the five years of their marriage in the attempt to open her up with little if any success. A tentative new plan had formed in John’s head a few months ago. Over time he had further developed it until now it was ready. The goal was to get his wife to let go of her prudish ways and embrace her sexuality. It was a delicate operation that could go south in an instant. Steph could decide to walk away and put a stop to his plans. He had high hopes that it wouldn’t occur to her in the heat of the moment to do that, or that if it did, her curiosity would win out. Fortunately, he had some good help.


It was mid-June and like every year it was time for the annual visit with John’s older sister Liz. Liz was thirty versus his twenty-eight. She lived in Ohio and the annual vacation visit was the only time the siblings could get together during the year. The two were all that remained of their immediate family, and they were very close. It was a sacrosanct holiday and nothing was allowed to interfere with it. Because of that Steph was looking at her husband in shock, “Say what?”

John could barely look at his wife, “I have no choice. This account can make me or break me. I have to be here to deal with some of the shareholders. I need you to go ahead to my sister’s. She’ll be devastated if neither of us shows up. I need, hopefully, a few days at most to deal with the stockholders. Once I’m done, I’ll fly out. We’ll still have five days after that to hang out.”

Steph looked uncomfortable and John knew why. Liz was very open about sex and that intimidated Steph. He tried to reassure her, “You know that Liz absolutely loves you. I think that you two having some alone time might be good for both of you. You’ve never really had the chance to spend time one on one with her.”

He could see that his appeal was working. Steph knew how important this vacation was to him and she couldn’t let him down. The least she could do was what he asked. She just needed to steel herself. Liz always said things that made her squirm. Sometimes the squirming was due to her prudish embarrassment. Other times the squirming was from her imagination getting ignited. With some trepidation Steph agreed to fly out ahead of her husband.

The following morning John dropped Steph off at the airport. He kissed her, then held her for a moment, “I know that Liz can be a bit much for you sometimes, but please give her a chance. Instead of blocking her out, please consider what she is saying. Open up your mind a little bit. I want you to be as happy as you can be and I think Liz can help you with that. If it brings you happiness, if it excites you, then do it. I swear I will be happy for you and I will not judge you or hold it against you. I love you.”

Steph raised an eyebrow, “What the heck was that? We definitely need to talk about whatever that was, but right now I have a plane to catch. I love you too and I will see you in two days.”

Steph walked into the airport and a few hours later was standing at the baggage claim in Columbus, Ohio. Her head was on a swivel looking for Liz and she soon spotted her. Liz had also spotted her and made her way through the crowd. Liz pulled Steph into a full body hug that seemed very intimate to Steph. Liz had pushed her leg between her own until the top of Steph’s thigh was rubbing against her crotch. Normally Steph would have pulled back in shock, but today her husband’s words rang in her ear. She knew that Liz was just yanking her chain. Deciding ‘what the hell’ She not only allowed Liz to hug her close, but she also hugged her back. She was embarrassed to realize that it felt pretty good.

She bahis siteleri gathered her suitcase and followed Liz out of the airport to her waiting car. Liz was talking her usual mile a minute during the thirty-minute drive. She was very excited about the fun they were going to have in her new pool. She also went on at some length about having drinks in the hot tub at night. Steph listened with half an ear. She kept thinking about what John had said and her nervousness about being alone with John’s sister. She promised herself that she wouldn’t let Liz talk her into anything crazy.

They had barely walked into the house when Liz’s husband Rob put a margarita in her hand. Over the next week Steph would find that she rarely had both hands free as one seemed to always have a drink in it. The margarita was the start down a path to near constant inebriation over the next week. Steph resolved to limit her drinking. In that she failed miserably. The drinks were just too tasty, and she found herself enjoying the buzz immensely. It was so much easier to put up with Liz’s playfulness when she had a few drinks in her.

Rob’s brother Bill made his appearance to say hello. Steph could easily see that the brothers were related. Both were good looking and very fit. That was something she hadn’t noticed as much until she saw them in swim trunks for the first time. They were rather tight ones at that. She also couldn’t help but notice the substantial bulges both men sported. She turned red in embarrassment, but her eyes kept stealing glances at them. John was rather well endowed, and Bill’s bulge was even bigger, but she was far from an expert. She had only seen one other erect cock before she met John. She was naturally a little curious. Only a little and that’s all.

Liz escorted her to the room she had set aside for Steph and John. The king size bed looked inviting to the tired Steph, but Liz had other ideas, “Get changed into your bikini and let’s go swimming!”

Steph tossed her suitcase onto the bed and opened it. She rummaged around in it for several minutes, then looked up in confusion, “That’s weird. None of my bathing suits are in my suitcase. I am sure that I packed them. I guess I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow for some new ones. No swimming for me this evening.”

Liz waved her hand, “Nonsense. You and I are nearly the same measurements. Yeh, you’re a bit bigger in the boob department, but you should be able to wear one of my bikinis no problem. Wait here and I’ll be right back.”

Liz flew out of the room and within moments was back. She handed Steph a white bikini that Steph looked at with some trepidation. It wasn’t a micro bikini, but it was way smaller than Steph would normally consider wearing. Still, she didn’t feel like she would be too embarrassed to wear it since she wasn’t going to be out in public. She tried it on and Liz immediately complimented her on how good she looked in it. Steph was glad that she kept herself trimmed down there. She also wasn’t all that happy with the way her boobs swelled out of the top. They felt secure enough, but very exposed.

An hour and several margaritas later Steph wolfed down a burger fresh from the grill. She hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and she hoped that the burger would offset some of the alcohol. She hadn’t counted on Rob making sure that she always had something to drink. After a while she stopped bothering to count how many drinks she had. She had passed her normal limit a while ago. By this point Steph had lost any concerns she had about the white bikini. She was laughing and having a great time.

An hour later it was full dark. Liz lit tiki torches around the hot tub, then turned off the outside lights. She walked over and took Steph’s hand, “Come on. Let’s get in the hot tub.”

Steph thought that Liz had a wonderful idea. The jets in the hot tub would feel really good on her tired body. She climbed in and sat down in the far corner. Just outside of her side of the tub was a privacy wall shielding them from a neighbor’s view. Liz got in on Steph’s left, followed by Rob. Bill got in next to Steph. Steph realized as a passing thought that she was hemmed in by the wall next to her. Her only way out of the tub was if someone moved out of the way.

Steph put her arms on the edge of the tub and tilted her head back to looked up at the stars. The jets in the tub calmed her and she began to relax even more. Her thoughts went to John. She really wished he were with her because she was getting a little horny. Liz adjusted the jets and Steph felt the bubbles begin to lightly pelt her crotch. She squirmed a little bit, but that just seemed to make it worse. After a while she decided that it actually felt kind of nice. She realized that she was getting aroused and decided to go to her room soon. This might be one of those rare nights where she masturbated. Something she rarely allowed herself to do.

She decided to wait for a while since someone would have to canlı bahis siteleri move to let her out. They hadn’t been in the tub that long and she didn’t want to bother anyone. Liz and Rob were whispering and giggling next to her. The noise of the tub kept her from hearing what had made them so giddy. A few minutes later Rob began kissing his wife and Steph thought it was sweet until their tongues got busy. She felt uncomfortable watching them yet kept looking at them from the corner of her eye. Rob and Liz had their arms under the water so she couldn’t see what they were doing.

Rob’s hands came out of the water and began to squeeze his wife’s tits through her top. Steph jumped a little in shock as she continued to watch surreptitiously. ‘I shouldn’t be watching this’ she thought, but it was kind of exciting. Torn, she sat frozen while her brother in-law continued to feel up his wife. She almost stood up when Rob pulled up Liz’s top, exposing her tits. His mouth fell onto her left breast and he began to suck and lick her nipple. Steph bit her lip, then realized that Bill was also in the tub and he was getting an amazing view of his brother’s wife’s tits. Bill continued to sit quietly sipping his drink and watching.

Steph didn’t know what to make of what was happening. One part of her demanded that she gets out of the tub and go hide in her room. Another part, that she rarely listened to, wanted to stay and watch. Steph didn’t see Liz’s hand slide over and turn the jet control. The bubbles pressing against her crotch increased in pressure and frequency, steadily increasing her arousal. Steph leaned her head back enjoying the sensation. It never occurred to her that she had stopped looking out of the corner of her eye. She was now watching them directly.

She continued to watch as Liz and her husband got more and more intense in their play. She could see that Rob was running his hands down Liz’s body until she lost sight of his hands under the water. Liz let out a loud squeal and laughed as her husband pulled her up out of the water and sat her on the edge of the hot tub. He pushed her back until she was lying on the deck and pushed her legs apart. Steph was stunned to see that Liz no longer had her bikini bottom on. Her right leg was nearly touching Steph even though it was bent at the knee. Rob was positioned right in front of her and there was no way that Steph could get out of the hot tub without interrupting the couple.

Steph was torn. She knew that this kind of exhibition was outside her experience, and it scared her. She also realized that she was very aroused and was honest with herself that she was enjoying the show. Still, she decided it was time to leave, even if she had to interrupt. She was screwing up her courage to say something when Rob’s head moved between Liz’s legs, and he began to lick her pussy. Steph had a direct view between her sister in-law’s legs and could see it all clearly. She watched as Rob’s tongue caressed his wife’s bald pussy.

Steph was entranced. She had never seen anything like this and was extremely curious. She continued to watch for several minutes as Liz became more and more vocal. She suddenly reminded herself it was time to get out of the tub and make her escape. She had no business watching such an intimate act. Firm in her decision she began to move when suddenly Liz reached out and grasped her hand. She held Steph’s hand tightly as she orgasmed on her husband’s face. The touch felt so intimate, so exciting, to Steph that she sank back down in the tub. She stared at their clasping hands, then looked at Liz’s joyful face, then back at their hands. The bubbles against her crotch continued to build her excitement.

Liz slid back down into the tub and pulled her husband into a passionate kiss. Steph realized that they were done, and she felt twinge of disappointment. She knew she would never forget what she had seen. She was now anxious to get to her room. She was definitely going to masturbate tonight, no matter how bad it was to do such a thing. Liz still hadn’t let go of her hand.

Liz smiled up at her husband and Steph saw her wink at him. Liz let go of Steph’s hand and dropped her hands back into the water. She leaned forward and her arms moved for several seconds. When she raised back up, she had her husband’s swim trunks in her hand. Rob grinned at her, “You think I won’t stand up?”

Liz chuckled mischievously, “I know you won’t.”

He took the dare and stood. Steph’s mouth dropped open. She couldn’t take her eyes off the erection that was suddenly two feet away from her face. She couldn’t help but compare it to John’s. She was very happy with her husband’s substantial cock. Rob’s looked to be a bit longer if not quite as thick. Still, it looked plenty thick enough. Steph didn’t consciously move her right hand under the water. She couldn’t have said when she started to run her fingers up and down her bikini covered crotch. Nor would she have admitted just how aroused canlı bahis she was. The thought of leaving the hot tub had completely left her mind.

She watched in fascination as Liz wrapped her hand around her husband’s cock and pulled it toward her mouth. Steph let out an involuntary whimper as Liz wrapped her lips around her husband’s cock and it gradually began to disappear in her mouth. Liz took in what she could and began to slowly pump her husband’s cock as her mouth worshiped him. Steph couldn’t remember ever seeing anything this exciting. The bubbles and her fingers were driving her close to the edge. About the time it was almost too late she suddenly realized that she didn’t want them to see her orgasm. She got quite loud when she orgasmed and the last thing she wanted was for them to hear her. She would die of embarrassment. She forced her fingers to stop moving barely in time.

Liz continued to suck and pump her husband’s cock until Steph saw his body stiffen. She watched as Liz opened her mouth and she could see his cum jetting onto her tongue. When the last spurt hit her tongue, she closed her mouth around the tip of her husband’s cock and gently sucked. Steph saw her swallow, then let her husband’s cock go. He collapsed back onto his seat in the hot tub. Steph couldn’t take anymore. She had to get to the privacy of her room. She abruptly stood and nearly fell, “I’m really tired and I need to go to bed!”

Steph didn’t remember stumbling from the hot tub. The next thing she knew she was standing in her room dripping wet in more ways than one. She crossed the hall to the bathroom and toweled off as fast as she could. The only thought in her mind was fingering herself to an orgasm. She knew it wouldn’t take long. She went back to her room and was just shutting the door when Liz stepped into the room, “Are you ok sweety? You ran off so fast I was worried about you.”

Steph stood holding the door and hoping that Liz would leave as soon as possible, “No, I’m fine. I just had too much to drink and I’m very tired.”

Liz knew better. Steph’s arousal was so very obvious. The blush ran from her chest up and over her face. Her nipples were very evidently hard as rocks poking through the bikini top, and goosebumps were on her arms. She knew that her sister in-law was desperately horny. She decided to push her a little just to see what developed. She moved against Steph and pulled her into a hug, “I’m so glad you are here. I miss you so much when we are apart.”

Their nearly nude bodies were pressed against each other, and Liz could feel Steph trembling. Liz leaned her head back so that she could look at Steph’s face. She kissed her lightly on the lips, then looked into Steph’s eyes, “You are so beautiful and such a wonderful person. It is no wonder that my brother loves you desperately.

“You know I love you too don’t you Steph and that I would never do anything to hurt you?”

Steph could only nod her head. She didn’t trust herself to be able to speak. Liz kissed her lips again a little longer this time while her hands caressed Steph’s back. When their lips separated Liz licked her lips, “Your lips are so very soft Steph, so very kissable. I hope you don’t mind, but I need to kiss you some more.”

Liz leaned in and kissed Steph as lovers do. Steph had been shocked at the first kiss. The second kiss had nearly undone her. The third kiss took away any resistance she might have had. Liz’s lips felt so good on hers and she let her mouth open to her. Liz let the tip of her tongue touch Steph’s and she responded. The two women stood and kissed passionately. Liz’s hands were in constant motion now, caressing Steph’s back, arms, and face.

Liz stopped kissing Steph long enough to kiss down her neck and back up to her ear. She nibbled her ear, then returned to Steph’s lips. At the same time her hand had wandered down and cupped Steph’s breast. Her thumb began to trace the outline of Steph’s erect nipples as they pressed against the bikini. Steph’s hands came up and sank into Liz’s hair, pulling her deeper into the kiss. Steph had no idea when her bikini top dropped to the floor. One second, she was experiencing one of the best kisses of her life and the next her nipples were being sucked on so wonderfully.

Liz slid her hand down Steph’s belly until her fingers found her bikini bottom. She slid them into her bottom and delved deeper until they found Steph’s mound. Her fingers gliding between Steph’s labia becoming instantly covered with her moisture. She began to stroke her fingers up and down Steph’s pussy. Steph’s legs began to shake as she was nearly overcome with need. Liz continued to play with her pussy, increasing Steph’s arousal to the breaking point. When her fingers began to stroke Steph’s clit, it was all too much for Steph and she let out a series of loud moans as she orgasmed. She would have collapsed to the floor if Liz hadn’t managed to guide her to the bed before her legs gave out completely.

Steph lay on the bed still trembling from her orgasm while Liz peeled her bikini bottom off. Liz pulled the covers over Steph then leaned down and caressed her face. She then kissed her deeply, “I love you Steph. Sleep well.”

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