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“I don’t know why you talked me into staying until this morning. This is crazy, Stan: you’re skipping a class you need this morning, and if I don’t get back in time for lab at 3, I’m done as a pre-Med major.”

“Shut up, Willie. We gotta see if she was serious about what she said yesterday morning.”

“I think you heard it wrong. I know you heard it wrong. Nobody would say that on a Sunday morning in a pulpit, much less Easter.”

Stan Brown held up his tablet and tapped a couple of times. A thin, tiny voice came through the small speaker: “. . .And it’s up to me to protect you from evil, in Jesus’ name. I’m your pastor, I’m your guardian angel. I would give any young girl here my advice and help if she’s tempted, and I’ll give any man a big, sloppy gummer to keep him from defiling any innocent young girl.”

Willie Zimmerman shook his head, and looked out the window. The view was lovely: a graceful hill sloping down to a little lake with a dock, three swans undulated gracefully across the warm April morning. The Parsonage was right next door to the Victory Temple in Christ in Wheatland, and both boys had helped build it ten years ago. “Sister Aura Lee’s been around here all her life. My Grandpa used to check where Grandma was when he talked about her.”

“Yeah, my Grandpa and Grandma went to school with her, too. My Dad used to get a funny look every Saturday night before I started noticing it. Look, we gotta see if she was serious about them big, sloppy gummers.”

Willie whacked Stan on the back of his head. “You moron! Because of you, Jolene’s not talking to us anymore. Because of you, the cheerleaders of Southwest Baptist have all blocked both of our numbers. Because of you, I have to pass up every decent party around Bolivar every weekend and come home because you’ve pissed off all the people we want to hang with. I’m about ready to give up on you.”

“Oh, shut up. I bailed you out a few times, you owe me. Who else talked to you in High School when your face went spotty? Who stood up for you when you couldn’t get a date for the Prom?”

“Shut up. All right, we’ll find out Sister Aura Lee meant something else and get the hell back. What preacher offers all the red blooded men in her church a free blow job on Easter Sunday morning?”

There was a pause. “That was a wild title to that Sermon: How To Live Among the Walking Dead.”

“You idiot, it wasn’t about the Zombie Apocalypse. You know she thinks most of the people in this world are damned and only the people of the Victory Temple in Christ in Wheatland Fricking Missouri is going to heaven.”

“I don’t think she means that,” he murmured. “After all, most people in the world never heard of Wheatland.”

“Wish I didn’t.”

Willie Zimmerman and Stan Brown were two young men freshly turned 21, juniors in College at Southwest Baptist, average height and weight; Stan had blond hair and blue eyes, while Willie’s brown eyes set off his head of red hair. They wore sweatshirts and jeans, Stan’s flip flops contrasting with Willie’s black leather shoes. Willie looked off into the distance at the wonderful view while Stan flipped from on music video to another on his tablet, absorbed in the music blasting through his ear buds.

After a long pause, Martha Charles came from down the hall and beckoned to them. “Sister Aura Lee will see you boys now. Remember your manners when you talk to her.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Thank you, Ma’am,” they chorused.

“And Stan, you did an awful thing to Jolene Saturday night. I hope you see the error of your ways. Have you apologized yet?” Martha was Jolene’s grandmother, an short woman of 70 with ambiguous lumps around her waist, a big butt that made her walk a waddle, close cut grey hair and steely blue eyes.

“No, Ma’am,” Willie murmured. “She won’t answer our calls or texts.”

“Good thing!” Martha concluded, and scowled as she showed them into the pastor’s study.

Sister Aura Lee Whitherspoon was looking at a book from the top shelf of her library. She stood on a mobile step stool, her half moon glasses pulled down her nose. She was a relatively short woman: about five feet tall, slightly heavyset, wearing a silk white blouse with a grey, knee length skirt and brown sensible shoes. Her grey hair was in a huge bun on her head, held by a huge black stick that stood up from a leather sheath. Her sky blue eyes were her most captivating feature: they held a listener close and never let go, conducting praise and scorn with equal voltage. Their entry into the room didn’t faze her; she didn’t acknowledge their presence right away and gestured them into seats in front of her desk. After a moment, she put the book down and sat heavily. “Well, what can I help you boys with today?”

“I dunno,” Willie mumbled.

“I wanted to if you were serious about what you said in your sermon yesterday,” Stan said eagerly, tapping his toes.

She pulled a mobile phone from her drawer and pulled up a picture of a young woman with her shirt pulled up around her shoulders, exposing almost everything bahis firmaları above her navel. “This look familiar, Stan?”

He squinted. “I think so.”

She tapped a couple of more times, pulling up other similar shots. “I know so, Stanley Bryce Brown. This is Jolene Charles, who you went to High School with. She’s home this week from Mizzou and wanted to catch up with you. Since you’re two years older than she is, and can legally buy alcohol, you proceeded to get her drunk and talked her into giving you this little show. Do you deny it?”

Stan grinned and shook his head. “You know it, Sister. Jolene’s cute.”

“Not only did you talk her into this, but you posted this on the Internet, Stanley Bryce Brown. You have no idea what this meant to her.”

“She didn’t look at me all the way though Church,” Willie said sadly, and Stan nodded.

“No wonder. I’m amazed you were able to make it to Easter services at all, given how drunk you were Saturday night. How’s your heads today, boys?”

“I’m fine, Sister Aura Lee,” Stan said. “You?” Willie nodded sadly, not looking up.

“I’m pissed at you, Stanley. You should have known better. Just like your dad, always thinking below your waist. It’s time you got Saved.”

“I already been Saved, Sister Aura Lee. You baptized me when I was 13.”

“No, not that, although I need to follow that up a bit. But you have to make a covenant with me, young man, if we’re going to be sure your soul is really Saved.”

Stan’s face broke into a huge grin. “Yes, Sister? You gonna make good on your promise?”

She gave him an irritated look. “I’m glad you were listening to my sermon, Stanley. Given you usually can’t sit still for two minutes, and your attention span is generally around thirty seconds, I’m actually impressed you heard it. But I guess I said something that would break through your deepest slumber. All right, you must make me a sacred covenant with me that you will never bother another young woman, make an unwanted advance, take a picture without her sober consent, or do anything that could be construed as less than gentlemanly in order to get what you want.”

“What’s ‘construed’ mean?”

“Look it up. It means what you think it does. You ready to make this covenant and live up to it?”

He nodded eagerly, at the edge of his chair. “Yes, yes, yes. And you will. . .?”

“God has given me this gift to preach his Word in a special way. I have used this gift for decades, yeah even unto the third generation, to keep them safe from temptation and control their evil impulses.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah?”

“Seems like either your father or grandfather told you something. Do you remember what happened to them?”

He went quiet for a moment, reflective, and looked scared as he nodded his head. “Yes, Ma’am. I’m sorry, I won’t tell nobody, even after I get married.”

“See that you don’t. And it’s get married to the woman God meant for you. God told me about you, and you need to watch it. Behave and you will be rewarded.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Will you do what you promised?”

She nodded her head. “As I promised, I will give you the sloppy gummers to keep your evil impulses in check.”

He stood up and lowered his pants, his erection springing out at the ready. “Yes, Ma’am! I’m ready, let’s do it.”

She shook her head and moved around on her rolling chair in front of him. Her hand swept her dentures from her mouth, and she looked up at him. “Just like your Daddy, Stan. Almost walked in here with your pants around your ankles. Barely more than a mouthful.” He lurched forward and she pushed him back momentarily, reaching around to pick a Bible off her desk. “First, make the promise on the Good Book. Put your hand here, and swear you will abide by my rules so help you God.”

“I promise to abide by your rules, so help me God,” he said, giggling as his cock pulsed in expectation.

“Done,” she said, taking the Good Book away before opening her mouth to receive him. He started thrusting hard right away, but she slowed him down and made him take his time. As she started working the end in and out, he started gibbering in a high pitched voice, his hands shaking uncontrollably. “I can see you like this, Stanley. Just remember: I can stop this anytime. Cross me and it’s gone forever.”

“Ahahaha,” he shrieked as she took him in again. “I promise, I promise, Christ I never knew it could be so good. May I cum in your mouth, Sister? Please, please, please, please, please?” His voice went higher and higher with each word, and a low moan came from her throat in agreement.

Suddenly, she grabbed his balls in an iron grip and spat him out, looking at him fiercely. “You’re going to apologize to Jolene. Promise me!”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Stan’s face contorted in frustration and pain. “Please, Sister Aura Lee. Let me cum.”

“When are you apologizing?”

“Next weekend when we come home.”

“When?” She gave the end of his cock a lick, making him jump. “You’re not getting it until you promise.”

“I kaçak iddaa promise.”

“Swear by the Good Book. Swear you’ll do it today. Send her flowers.” He squired under her grasp, his mouth wide open, and she teased him enough. His cock was beet red, ready to spurt, but she squeezed it tight with her right hand while his balls were trapped by her left. “This will stop when you promise, Stan. I know you; you’ll do this to get what you want. Start talking.” She sucked hard on him a few seconds before pulling off and squeezing him again.

“All right, all right, all right,” he squeaked in a high soprano. “I promise I’ll apologize today, take the pictures down, send her flowers. I’ll order all that when I leave, before I leave, before I leave, you can watch if you want. Please, please, please, please, let me cum now, Sister Aura Lee. Please!”

“All right.” She released her death grip on his privates and devoured his sausage with gusto, taking him over the edge quickly. A loud bellow came from his throat as his moment started and he thrust the entire length of his cock down her throat. It sounded like an exorcism, his voice rising and falling, finally fading into the distance. He lost his balance, and she followed his slow collapse to the floor as best she could, letting only a few strands of white goo escape the corners of her mouth.

Sister Aura Lee rolled her chair back behind her desk. Stan was a little shaky as he pulled himself up from the floor, grinning inanely. She looked at him sternly: “Now on, Stanley, you answer to me. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook, and nothing you say there will escape my notice. You mention this and you’re toast. You say stuff behind my back and I’ll find out about it. You won’t like what happens then.”

“Yes, Ma’am, Yes, Ma’am, Yes, Ma’am. Don’t worry, Ma’am. I won’t tell.”

“Remember Goober Whitley?” He turned white as a sheet. “It could happen to you. The Lord doesn’t look kindly on those who break their promises. Now get out of here, and don’t come back until you have to.”

“What if I have to tonight?”

“You won’t. I don’t think you have more stamina than your daddy and your grandpa. You will get this once a week and that will be enough. Go!” He scrambled to pull up his pants and head through the door, not saying a word and not looking back at Willie.

Willie sat there and thought about what he’d just seen. He thought he was dreaming when she made the promise from the pulpit Easter Sunday, didn’t believe it until Stan played the clip for him. What the hell was he doing recording her message? Now he shivered as he looked across the desk at Sister Aura Lee. He knew he was wrong to go along with Stan and she intimidated him.

Sister Aura Lee wiped off her chin. Her phone buzzed and she picked it up: “No, Martha, I don’t reckon I’m done yet. You head on over to Stacy’s and I’ll catch up with you. No, I don’t think I’ll need any help, but thank you for asking. No, I’m sure, Martha, I absolutely don’t need any help. It’s not too much for me. Bye, Martha.” She took a quick peek in the mirror and put on some bright red lipstick, fussing with a stray hair escaping from her bun a little bit, and adjusted the huge bow on the front of her blouse. “Now Willie, let’s talk about you. I can tell you’re a little bit interested in my offer, but not convinced. You worried about anything?”

“No, Ma’am. Yes, Ma’am. It’s just so much, never thought it could happen. I’m such a bad boy.”

She smiled, shook her head and blinked her eyes. “You’re basically a good boy, Willie, not quite like your buddy Stan. Don’t worry about him, I’m not gonna treat you like that. I can tell; the Lord’s got great things in mind for you. You just need a little help getting your focus.” Her hands went to her throat and she began undoing the bow she’d just fussed with. “I imagine you’ve seen boobs before.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“On the Internet? DVDs?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“But not in person?”

“Once or twice, ma’am. I remember walking in on Momma last year; she was surprised and covered herself up right away.”

“And you saw Jolene’s boobs, didn’t you?” He hung his head sheepishly and nodded. “I know what happened Saturday night when you boys came home from Bolivar. She got a little drunk and gave you and your buddy Stan a little show: good thing your boys were too drunk yourselves to do much about it. Your momma’s a handsome lady, too, Lidia’s got a nice figure.” Having undone her bow into two long pieces of cloth that hung down in front of her, she started unbuttoning her blouse, one at a time. “But I imagine you haven’t faced the temptation of a real set of breasts starting you in the face while you’re sober. Well, I need to strengthen you for that trial, Willie. Can’t be letting your imagination run wild, or your mind grow weak just because you see a nice pair.”

Her blouse came open and she undid the front clasp of her bra. Two massive tits came into view, dropping down below the level of the desk before she scooped them up and laid them in front of her. “Feast kaçak bahis your eyes, Willie. This is what they look like, a great big pair of heavenly breasts. Impressed?”

Willie’s mouth was open. The bulge in his jeans started to grow stronger and he winced as it strained its confinement. “My gosh, Sister Aura Lee! Don’t know what to say! I never knew, never suspected. They’re wonderful.”

She smiled broadly and patted the tops of them. “Yes, I’ve been blessed by God, no question about that. Drove all my classmates in the Kansas City Bible College crazy, so I had to be careful how I dressed. I imagine you never knew I had these under my robe, did you, boy?” He shook his head, still dazed. “Kinda average sized nipples, but you could hang your sweater from these knobs, couldn’t you?” Her hard buds stood out in the cool office air. “There’s a question on your face. What is it?”

Willie gulped and swallowed. “I don’t know, Sister Aura Lee, this is all so sudden. Could I touch them?”

“Could you? Don’t see why not. Jesus asked Thomas to touch his hands and side: it’s the least I can do for you. Do what you want, I can’t feel much in them anymore.”

Tentatively, he touched the top of her left breast with his right hand, just to make sure it was there. She tolerated it, and he got bolder, moving his hands over her lily white skin and circling her aureolas. Her hands came up to undo her silver bun: “You can do more than that. Pull the nipples a little, give ’em a squeeze. Have fun with them, Willie.”

He pulled the nipples out a little and pulled her boobs off the desk, hanging them in mid-air. She smiled and nodded at him and he let them drop with an audible slap. Licking his lips, he looked in her eyes and she nodded: he bent over and kissed her nipple, sucking it into his mouth. Her hand cradled his head, keeping it there, and pulled it closer when he bit gently on the bud. “Give it a good workout, boy. I can take it.” He sucked the bud between his teeth and she sighed.

After a while he moved to the other breast and she encouraged him. “Come around behind me, Willie. You can get at them better that way.” He did what she asked, moving around to scoop up her tits and started milking her nipples; she smiled at him and batted her eyes. “I like that, Willie, keep doing that. You can do it harder, do it faster: I won’t break.” He was milking her more vigorously than any cow in his father’s barn and she moaned and begged for more.

“I bet you want the main event, don’t you? Are you ready for me? Let that monster loose for me.” Letting go of one breast, he unzipped his fly and fished out his cock: it stood up next to her face and she smiled. “Oh, you are a Zimmerman, aren’t you? Haven’t seen a cock this big since your grandfather’s. Don’t worry, Willie, God told me to do this so you can be strong.” She touched his penis with her soft hands and started stroking it; his hands were mauling her breasts harder and harder as he got more excited. “Yes, God blessed you abundantly, my son, and I rejoice to see it.” Her hands will all over him, from top to bottom, caressing his nuts and circling over the head of his shaft at the same time. Her breathing got quicker as her face got closer, her tongue came out to tease the crevases of his cockhead. “Oh, you are a fine blessing, Willie. Someday a lucky young woman will get to spend her life with you.”

Willie’s eyes were closed as she jacked him off, his pelvis thrust forward so she could reach him more easily. “Sister Aura Lee, how long have you been doing this?”

“All my life, Willie, all my life. God has given me this gift of holy cocksucking to keep a man of God focused on his mission in life until he finds the woman God has chosen for him.” A drop of moisture appeared at the end of his cock, and she licked it up, running her tongue all over the sensitive head. “Oh, I know what you like, I know what to do. You’ll see, just like your father and your grandfather did before you.”

With that she spun around and swallowed his cock all the way to the base, reaching up to massage his balls while her throat pulsed around his shaft. The sensations almost made him faint on the spot, but she moved her hands to his butt to keep him standing up. He groaned and moaned as she built up speed, taking him deep in her mouth before moving out to swirl her tongue all over his sensitive flesh. A gentle trembling consumed his consciousness and soon he felt the pressure building in his testicles. “Give it all to me, Willie, all of it. I want it all, that sacred juice that comes out of your cock. You taste so good; that little bitch Jolene doesn’t know what she’s missing. But God saved you for me, and I won’t let you go.” She licked his balls and sucked the end of his cock into her mouth, her tongue moving like a tornado until he let go with several spasms that made his knees as weak as his will.

Sister Aura Lee held his buttcheeks close to her as her talented mouth milked him dry. He gasped and held her head in place, her long hair cascading down her back to her butt, her skin pale white from top to bottom. After he released the last of her nectar, she kept sucking to make certain she got it all before releasing him, kissing all over his pelvis and balls before her face broke into a huge smile.

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