Aunty Part 1 (Helping My Neighbor)

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Aunty Part 1 (Helping My Neighbor)????????????????????????????I live in an apartment which has many flats above and below my flat. One day late night while I was watching IPL cricket match, I heard someone screaming for help. As I came out to see, I saw our newly moved in neighbor Namitha aunty shouting for help.So I immediately rushed to her flat. I saw her husband lying down on the floor holding his chest in pain, He had a massive heart attack. I immediately carried him in my arms and rushed him to the nearby hospital. Once we reached the hospital, the medical staffs immediately shifted him to the emergency room and they started giving him the treatment.And myself and Namitha aunty stood outside the emergency room. I saw tears rolling down from Namitha aunty’s eyes. She kept crying all the way from her home. So I was trying to console her by giving her some water to drink. Then after some time, we got the news from the doctor saying that her husband is stable. He will be shifted to the ward for two days of observation.In the meantime, some of their relatives reached the hospital for their need. So I thought to leave as it was already 2.30 am in the night. I informed Namitha aunty that I am leaving. I handed over her some cash for her emergency expenses and left the place.Then after a couple of days while I was sleeping at my flat. I heard someone knocking at the door. As I opened the door I was surprised to see Namitha aunty, “O God,” I can’t believe my eyes. She was looking damn gorgeous. She was wearing a yellow colored saree with a black colored blouse.She was looking so fair and beautiful with her black eyes, sharp nose and juicy lips with dark red lipstick. She was in her early forties. Her stats might be around 34 28 36, and 5.8 in height. After about some 10 seconds or so, she smiled at me and said, “Hello!”So I said hello. I invited her in with a smile and offered her some juice. Then we both started chatting and she enquired about my parents and my job. Then she thanked me for the help and she left my flat. In the next coming days, Namitha aunty started visiting my flat more frequently and even I started spending more time with her.We started establishing a good relationship and in no time we got close to each other. In this way, we exchanged our contact numbers and initially, we started chatting by sending some funny jokes and some pictures of morning wishes and good night messages. Later I started sharing some double meaning jokes and naughty messages which she really liked.And sometimes we use to chat in the late nights after her husband slept. We were chatting like real lovers. She started moving freely with me. I always used to stare at her body lustfully but she never gave any sign to move forward. Sometimes even I was feeling bad and thinking if she complains to her husband, it will spoil my reputation.This went on for some weeks and day by day I started liking Namitha aunty a lot. I was getting mad and restless by thinking of her. So I thought of expressing my feelings and giving it a try. The ground was now open and now it was up to me to capitalize the chance. So I was waiting for the right opportunity.Then one day evening after coming back from my office, I had been to Namitha aunty’s flat. She offered me coffee and we both started chatting. That day she was wearing a red colored saree with matching blouse. Her beauty on flashing navel in saree was killing me.She had the best pair of boobs I have ever seen in my life. They were just like two huge musk melons full of juices. She was looking damn hot like a perfect whore. There were no words to explain her beauty. I was completely dumbstruck. By seeing her I had an instant hard-on but I controlled myself.While chatting I came to know that her husband has gone out so she is alone in her flat. Then while talking to me Namitha aunty moved to the kitchen and she started chopping some vegetables for dinner. So I followed her as there was nobody at her flat. I stood behind her and I started staring at her back.I could see her beautiful structure clearly. It was arousing me heavily and I was couldn’t control pendik escort myself. So I hugged her from behind and placed my hands on her boobs and gave her a gentle squeeze. Namitha aunty got shocked.She turned back and pushed me aside. She slapped my face and started shouting “Ranjith what the hell are you doing? Now get out of here.” I felt embarrassed and I immediately left without speaking a word.Then later that night I received a message from Namitha aunty saying, “Sorry.” But I didn’t respond to her message. But after some time I heard someone knocking at the door, As I opened the door I was surprised to see Namitha aunty at this time. She immediately rushed into my flat and latched the door.Now she stood opposite to me but I felt quite embarrassed to face her so I lowered my head down. So she held my face with her both palms and she said: “I can understand your feeling Ranjith, I am sorry..!!!” But I arched back and turned against her by folding my hands.I think she felt sorry for scolding me. Later she moved towards me from behind and hugged me tightly. I was quite surprised and my eyes got popped out. I immediately turned back and I smiled at her with a surprised look. She smiled back and said, “Ranjith I can’t resist anymore, please take me I am all yours.”This was the most unexpected thing to happen!I thought that Namitha Aunty wanted the same thing that I wanted. But she was upset when I tried to touch her. Later she came to my house.I think she felt sorry for scolding me. Later she moved towards me from behind and hugged me tightly. I was quite surprised and my eyes got popped out. I immediately turned back and I smiled at her with a surprised look. She smiled back and said, “Ranjith I can’t resist anymore, please take me I am all yours.”She caught my head and she started kissing my lips vigorously. I too started responding to her kiss. Now we were trying to explore each other’s mouth with our tongues and we were exchanging each other’s saliva. While I was kissing her, I slid my hand through her saree and caught her boobs.I started fondling and caressing it. I could feel her breathing heavily as she ran her hands through my hair and pulling me closer. We both were madly sucking each other and we were deep in ecstasy. Our tongues played with each other for about 15 minutes.Then I lowered her pallu from her chest and I started unhooking her blouse hooks one by one. I removed her blouse completely, which gave me the glance of two hungry huge boobs trying to pop out from her bra. I got excited by seeing her huge milky white boobs trying to pop out from her bra.So I immediately unhooked her bra and released her huge milky white boobs,“O God.” I got stunned by looking at her beautiful boobs. Her boobs were so huge and milky white. It was so nicely shaped, Her aureoles were big and pinkish in color.Namitha aunty felt shy and ran towards the bedroom by covering her boobs with her both hands. By looking at her, I roared out in laughter and I started following her. I found her standing in the bedroom facing the wall and covering her both her boobs with her hands.I moved towards her from behind and hugged her tightly. I started kissing and licking her neck and earlobes and my dick was brushing her ass cracks. By now Namitha aunty started breathing heavily and she was getting aroused. So now I removed her loosened saree and petticoat together.I pushed her on the cot and I started removing my t-shirt and jeans. Now I was only with my boxer. I jumped over her and I grabbed her boobs with my both hands and squeezed them simultaneously. I was caressing kissing and fondling her boobs.Her boobs were so soft and I kept on squeezing those boobs and pinching her nipples. As I pressed the boobs she gasped and increased her moaning, “Yes, dear squeeze it hard…. Aaaaahhhhh… they are yours, Vikram please don’t stop.”I started massaging them and pressing them wildly. I can tell she was thoroughly enjoying it. Now she cupped her both the boobs and asked me to suck them. I got aroused by her move. So I grabbed her both the boobs and started to suck them.I tried to put the entire boobs escort pendik into my mouth as if am going to swallow it. I was sucking her boobs like a mad dog. While I was sucking her boobs, she got aroused. She placed her hand on my dick over my boxer and she started caressing it.Now I moved down and placed my hands on her waist and lowered my head to her stomach. I dipped my tongue into her belly button. She arched her back and moaned. I kissed her navel and then blew softly into it as she carried on gasping in pleasure.Now I got between her thighs and started licking all over her legs from top to bottom, right up to her toes. She was enjoying and moaning heavily. She had a beautiful pair of thighs. I placed her both the legs on my shoulder and started removing her panties and she helped me by raising her hip.Finally, I took off her panties and spread her both the legs.“O God,” what a sight to watch. This must be the place known as heaven. Her pussy was so chubby. She had a thin layer of hair over her pussy and she was already wet.I could not control the sight of her lovely leaking cunt. The odor of her cunt made me wicked. So I immediately came down between her thighs and placed my tongue on her wet pussy and started to lick it. She gave a jerk and started moaning.I kept licking her pussy like a hungry dog. She was enjoying my licking by closing her eyes and biting her lips. Then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started stroking in and out. She was shivering with a louder moan. I was enjoying each and every moment of this.Then I placed the pillow under her hip and spread her thighs more. I started licking her asshole with my tongue. She started screaming in pleasure. “Oohhh Ranjith…what you’re doing to my ass…It’s so nice… keep doing… don’t stop Yes there …. I love it… aaaaahhhhh.”Then I started licking her asshole vigorously by rolling my tongue all over her asshole. This made her go wild and she was getting hot. She couldn’t control so she wrapped her legs around my head and started pulling me towards her pussy. I started licking her pussy and asshole faster.Her body started to shiver. I knew she was about to cum and she was yelling at me, “Aaaaahhhhhh… come to lick my holes…. Keep going… Don’t stop… …aaaaahhhh. Ammmmmaaa.”She was moving her hips up and down as per my rhythm. Finally, she cummed over my mouth and face by screaming loudly. I started licking all her dripping cums and cleaned her pussy with my tongue without leaving a single drop. She kept pressing my head over her pussy by closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.Then she rolled over me by coming top of me and she started kissing me passionately for a while. Then she started caressing my chest and nipples and she started sucking my nipples. I was unable to control my urge. She noticed my dick bulging inside my boxer.So she immediately came down between my legs. She placed her hand on my dick over my boxer and she started caressing it for a while. Namitha aunty got excited by seeing my hardness and she asked about my dick size. So I told her that, “Aunty today all my dick is yours. So you can check it out by yourself.”So she smiled at me. She started pulling out my boxer and released my dick. My huge dick popped out like a king cobra. She quickly held my dick and became glad to feel its size and the hardness of my dick. I saw her looking curiously at my huge dick. she was completely awestruck.She said, “Ranjith your dick is so huge. I have never seen such a big dick. It’s too big,” and she started stroking my dick which was oozing with pre-cum. Then she spread my legs and placed her lips on my dick. She started licking it. I felt like I am in heaven.I was moaning in pleasure. The way she licked the tip of my dick with her tongue and wiped all the pre-cum by circling her tongue around my dick like a professional whore. By now she was getting wilder. She was so hungry to have my dick in her mouth. She took my whole 7-inch dick in her mouth and began to suck it like a real slut.Her warm mouth made me so high and crazy. I was pressing her head towards my dick to take it totally inside. She was fondling pendik escort bayan my balls while she was sucking my dick! It felt wonderful. Then she took my balls in her mouth and she rolled them in her mouth. I was enjoying her blowjob.By now my body started shivering I was about to cum, So she immediately held both the sides of my hip and she started sucking my dick faster. She started to show off her deep-throat skills, I was shouting at her, “Take my dick… suck me harder.”Within a few minutes, I lost control and exploded all my cum into her mouth. She swallowed all my cum without leaving a single drop. She licked the tip of my dick with her tongue and wiped all the cum by circling her tongue around my dick and cleaned all my dick with her tongue.Now I got exhausted and rested for a while. Then after some few minutes, Namitha aunty got up. She pulled me towards her and she whispered, “Hey Ranjith I want your dick in my pussy hole,” She got between my thighs and she started sucking my dick passionately for a while.Then she came over me and guided my dick into her wet pussy. The next moment my huge dick disappeared into her hot pussy. She began to ride on my dick like a real slut. She was riding my dick faster by moving her hip up and down.The excitement was getting too much for us and she was getting wild. I was looking at Namitha aunty’s boobs swinging each time while she was jumping on my dick. She was enjoying fucking by closing her eyes and opening her mouth for every thrust. Even I was moving my hip to her every thrust.After some hard riding, She got up and laid back on the bed by spreading her both the legs up to her shoulder to give me a glance at her pussy. She invited me to fuck her wet pussy with my hard dick. I got excited and I brought my dick between her thighs.I started guiding my dick into her hot pussy, She bit her lips with her teeth and gave a jerk with a loud moan. I kept pushing my dick deeper into her pussy. She helped me by spreading her legs as much as possible to take my huge dick inside her pussy. She was screaming with pleasure.She was lifting her ass for my every stroke in excitement. She was enjoying getting fucked by biting her lips and closing her eyes. Even I was enjoying seeing her getting fucked by my huge dick. Now I held her both the legs together by resting on my shoulder and started to bang her pussy harder.She was getting wild and was moaning louder. Her words were making me wild and I felt like fucking her forever. So now I positioned her in doggy position and brought my dick between her ass cracks. I started rubbing my dick over her wet pussy. She was going mad with shivering, She was moaning.I started pushing my dick into her wet pussy. I started shoving it in and out. She started enjoying it and she yelled at me Her words got me crazy. So I pulled hair and started to ride her hard like a horse. While I was riding her pussy I was slapping her ass chicks frequently.She was moaning. I was banging her hard and she was enjoying moving her ass as per my strokes, Her pussy was getting really hot and by now she was getting very loud. “I AM GOING TO CUMMMM… Ranjith.” And even I was about to reach the climax.So I lifted myself and literally sat on her ass crack and started ramming her pussy hole by holding her hips. My dick was moving in her quite easily and went on fucking her faster she was moaning. We both were so hot and sweating, Her pussy muscles were gripping hard on my dick.My dick was pulsating now. And at last, we both cummed together with a loud moan. I shot my big load of cum inside her pussy. I could feel her hot juice was flowing on my dick. We both fully got exhausted and we literally collapsed on the bed. We rested for while by hugging each other.She thanked me and kissed all over my face. She said thanks to me. This was a perfect fucking she will never forget my fucking and hugged me tightly. We continued our sessions until early morning. We had 5 rounds till that time and slept.In the morning she woke me up it as around some 4.00 am in the morning. I was lying naked in the bed. By seeing my dick she started stroking my dick and took it in her mouth. She gave me a wonderful morning blowjob.We both had the last round of fucking. When we finally finished, it was almost 4.45 am, Then she got dressed up and she left to her flat by saying bye.

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