Aunty Honey Part 1

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Aunty Honey Part 1Aunty Honey invites me to visit her Part 1It seemed strange to receive an invite from my Aunty Honey, I hadn’t seen her in years, though when I was younger I used to be a regular visitor. Still I thought, how nice, the old girl still remembers me! So I bought a train ticket and went to her house once again.Knocking on the door it all came back, how she seemed just a little different from my other relatives, I was much younger of course and I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it, anyway, too late! The door swung open and there she was.Just as I remembered, tall, certainly classy, slightly aloof maybe, I’m not sure, but her dress sense hadn’t changed. Four inch peep toe heels, the sheerest nylons and a two piece business suit in pink that would have got her anywhere in the City.“Tony darling, how lovely to see you, I’m so glad you accepted my invitation, come on in.”I followed her into her pre war detached house, tastefully decorated in a feminine pink and flowery style.“Sit Down darling and I’ll get you a coffee after your journey”Involuntarily my eyes followed her nylonned legs as she left the room, her heels click clacking in the wooden floor. A few minutes later she returned with a tray of coffee and biscuits.“How lovely to see you again, I’ve missed you! And I think we have always bursa escort had some unfinished business”This confused me a little but I brushed that away and sipped at my coffee.She sat opposite me and her nylonned legs loomed in my gaze, for some reason I kept looking at her lacquered red toe nails encased in her stockings trapped within her heels and then upwards as her thighs disappeared under her business skirt. I felt a little giddy.“So darling was there something you wanted to ask Aunty Honey?”“Err no” I managed to blurt out but my mind was straying again onto her gorgeous nylonned legs and heels. She smiled to reassure me and I noticed how pretty she was, perfect makeup and high cheek bones, scarlet lipstick framing perfect lips, which parted and smiled again. I felt my little cock stir.Did I tell you? I have a tiny cock. It’s haunted me all my life. Sports changing rooms at school, gents toilets where I have to turn away and try to hide it to avoid embarrassment. Girlfriends (not that I’ve had many) who when I got them to bed were too polite to laugh, but never came back for a second date.Anyway, that’s not really relevant, or maybe it is?“Tony, I asked you a question!” Firmer this time and I woke up from my reverie.She moved on the sofa opposite me and her skirt shifted slightly, did Aunty have bursa escort bayan stockings on? I couldn’t be sure but my gaze was drawn upwards.“Tony! Look at me! Are you looking up Auntys skirt?”Again my head felt a little fuzzy but I answered clearly. “No Aunty, but you seem to be very attractive today”“Oh good boy, I knew you’d see things my way when you came here again. Are aunties legs attracting your attention, her heels maybe seem a little sexier than you remember?”Yes Aunty Honey, I cant remember when you looked so lovely”“My sweet boy, now it’s time for you to flower like me”This seemed a strange thing to say but my muzzy head couldn’t process it….“I put a little something in your coffee, just to relax you a little and it seems to have worked better than expected!” She turned on the sofa towards me and opened her legs a little more, I could just see her panties, black satin with a lace front panel and what was that? Just a hint a bulge? No of course not, silly.“Like what you see darling?”“Oh God yes Aunty” To this day I’ve no idea where that answer came from, maybe the coffee…….“Well then, why don’t you take my hand and follow me…..”She held out her hand (and and of course I took it). She pulled me from the sofa and across the lounge, her heels click clack, click clack, mesmerising escort bursa me as she went. Up the stairs to her bedroom. “Sit Down darling” I sat on the bed and she closed the door.At this point I wasn’t sure what was happening to me but something in the back of my mind said Aunty will take care of you and I trusted that.“So sweetie, you know why you’re here now don’t you?”“No Aunty”“Oh don’t be so coy darling I’ve been watching your tiny cock grow since you got here, show it to me!” As if in a daze I stood and unbuckled my jeans and let them fall, my pants betrayed my tiny growing cock.“Oh darling that’s so lovely, why don’t you take all your clothes off so I can see properly.“ of course Aunty” why did I say that? But nonetheless my t shirt and pants followed and I was naked. Strangely my tiny little cock kept growing. “So darling here we are and you’re ready at last to fulfil your purpose.” She approached me, her breasts heaving, her legs swishing as her nylons rubbed together. “What can you mean Aunty.” As I said the words my knees went weak and I fell to the floor on them.“This is what I have always meant for you darling Toni” She stepped forward and lifted her beautiful two piece skirt, quickly pulling her panties aside there, in my face was a cock. Not a big cock, actually quite a small one but soooooo lovely.“Kiss it nephew!”My mind was a whirl, I didn’t know what was going on but all I could see was the foreskin, the tight red slit in the end and her balls covered in gorgeous satin. I opened my lips………To Be Continued

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