Aunt Sabrina Pt. 02

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“You probably ought to keep your hands on the wheel,” I said, horrified at the crack in my voice, hoping that my attempt at a seductive grin let Sabrina know that her hand could actually stay right where she put it, and that I wasn’t freaking out like the inexperienced 19 year old dork I was.

Sabrina moved her hand from my thigh long enough to shift the Jeep into third gear as we pulled off the gravel road and turned onto the small highway, headed to town for groceries. As she accelerated and continued to shift gears her hand slid seductively between the knob of the gearshift and the bare skin of my leg, landing slightly higher under the hem of my board shorts each time.

“Don’t be coy. I know you liked what you saw that afternoon in the basement, and that’s why Chase let you watch us last night. I think we all know what you thought about that.” She smiled without turning her head my way, so I had to mutter an “uh-huh” since she couldn’t see me nod.

Her fingers tickled up inside my shorts and stopped at the crease of my thigh, teasing at the little bit of hair before scratching lightly back down to my knee. If I hadn’t been hard since the moment Chase insisted I go into town on this errand with Sabrina, I would definitely have gone rock solid at that moment. Her nails gave me goosebumps that made my balls tingle. My right hand clenched around the water bottle she’d asked me to hold for her.

I shifted a little in the seat, pressing my hands on the side of my shorts to get a little friction from drawing the fabric tighter across my groin. I didn’t even try to hide the bulge from her because she’d made it clear from the moment we got in the Jeep that she wanted to see me aroused. When I had casually laid my free hand across my lap after buckling the seatbelt, she had reached over and pulled it aside, explaining that the passenger seat belt was a little tricky. As she had tugged on the belt to make sure it was secure, her fingers grazed across the trail of hair under my navel. I was suddenly glad I hadn’t put on a shirt before jumping in the Jeep with her. Her fingers then roamed boldly across my stiffening cock, giving it a little squeeze at the base. With a smug grin, she had patted my hand on the seat next to my leg and said, “Keep it there.”

I spent the first five minutes of the drive trying to figure out how to say that last night had been an amazing new experience for me, and how incredibly sexy she was, and how lucky Chase was to have her, and how blown away I was that they were willing to share with me. My mind was in such a tangle of ecstatic thoughts that I almost jumped when she spoke.

“You want to know something? Something that I didn’t even tell Chase? And I tell him everything. After all, that’s the only way an open relationship works. But sometimes I keep little treasures just for me…”

I nodded again, speechless at the flood of images and sensations her mention of last night had brought up. Sabrina’s hand slid to land softly on top of mine, and she gave it a little squeeze as she spoke.

“When I was about to cum the last time, straddling Chase’s face, grinding my pussy onto his mouth…I looked up to see if you were enjoying it as much as I was. And, holy hell but the sight of you sitting in that chair across from the bed, your muscles all taut with excitement and your head thrown back with your mouth casino şirketleri open in that little “o” and your hand pounding your cock like your life depended on it – that’s what sent me over the edge. That, and seeing your cum explode out of you so hard that it landed on your face. If I hadn’t been in the throes of a multiple orgasm, I would have liked to lick you clean. But Chase and I hadn’t discussed that yet, so I just savored the sight of you. It thrilled me to know that you enjoyed it so much.”

Hearing her so bluntly talk about what happened made me feel like I was going to cream my pants right then and there. She must have felt my hand twitch to instinctively grab my cock, because she held my hand more firmly in place.

“So tell me,” she said. “What did you think when Chase offered to let you watch us fuck last night?”

“It was- I thought- Well, first I thought how lucky I was that you and Chase didn’t out me as a perv when he caught me watching you.”

“He understands how excited I get when I get to show off, and I don’t get very many opportunities. We’ve learned how to balance each others’ needs,” she said.

“That’s incredible!” I said. “You two are so lucky.”

She laughed. “It’s not as easy as it looks, especially in the beginning. But we complement each other really well, so it’s worth it. Now stop stalling and tell me – what did you think? What excited you enough to accept?” She loosened up the grip on my hand and let her fingers tease a trail up my bare arm.

“I was blown away, honestly. I thought he was pranking me at first, that I’d show up in your room and he’d be there to give me a jump scare or something.”

“So what made you decide to take him seriously and go for it?” Her hand moved across my bare shoulder and slid up my neck to take hold of my hair.

My gaze drifted over to her tan legs, watching her muscles flex as she confidently managed the clutch and accelerator. Thoughts of those legs wrapped around Chase’s waist and then neck as he pounded into her, over and over, making her tits bounce with every welcome thrust played before me as if we were in their room again.

“Because I’ve never met anyone as sexy or as confident as you, and I got a full chub just watching you get out of the Jeep that first day. The way that you move made me imagine what you’d look like, naked, on top of…me. Shit, I creamed my fucking shorts just watching you play with yourself, so I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to see you do that – and more,” I blurted in one breath.

Her hands tightened in my hair, and she laughed delightedly. “You are so sweet.”

She turned the Jeep off on a side road and pulled to a stop as I pointed out that this wasn’t the road to town.

“I know exactly what I’m doing,” she said, turning off the ignition. She unbuckled her seat belt and turned slightly in the seat, hooking her leg around the gear shift and letting her knee rest on my thigh. The feel of her smooth skin on mine was sheer ecstasy, and fantasies of her legs entwined with mine burst in my head. Even better was the view she was giving me as she eased her short skirt up around her hips to spread her legs as far as she could in the confined space of the driver’s seat. There was that beautiful, neatly trimmed pink pussy, glistening with arousal, all for my eyes alone.

“Well,” she said, indicating casino firmaları the straining bulge in my lap. “Do you want to cream your shorts again?”

I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I didn’t hesitate to unfasten my seat belt and whip my shorts down around my ankles despite my trembling hands. It was both embarrassing and exciting when my cock sprang up and left a sticky string of pre-cum on my belly.

She slid her fingers down her thighs and ran them up and down her swollen pussy, slowly caressing and circling that increasingly wet place at the center. One finger slipped in and out a couple of times, then rubbed the juices over the bud of her clit.

Without realizing it, I had started to move my hand toward my cock. I guess my brain decided that if watching me stroke myself had sent her over the edge, maybe that’s what she wanted of me. So I was a little confused and shocked when she slid her foot up my arm and nudged my hand back down, pressing it against the seat.

“I’ll let you know when you can cum,” she said. “I have to make sure that you really, really want to first.”

She leaned back against the door, tilting her hips to give me an even better view of her sexy pussy. Her fingers went back to work stroking and dipping in to get herself glistening wet all over. She paused every few strokes to bring her slick fingers to her mouth, first letting them glide across that voluptuous lower lip, then sucking them with a little pop as she let go. All the while she never broke her gaze.

My breath was coming faster, and my arm was beginning to ache from the impulse to touch my cock, not to mention how much my cock ached to be touched. When she looked down to see what effect she was having on me, I felt it twitch several times in anticipation. I looked down and saw a drop of pre-cum sliding down that sensitive notch on my cock, the head throbbing so hard that it looked almost purple. God my balls were so tight and I needed release.

“Eyes here,” she said, and patted her soft mons, making it jiggle just slightly. She began moving the fingers of one hand side to side then up and down, spread in a V shape so they rubbed both sides of her clit. Her other hand moved farther down and she slipped one, two, then three fingers inside with each successive little thrust. I could hear the delicious sucking sounds her wetness made as her fingers worked in and out of that tantalizing pussy. Frenzied thoughts of licking and sucking around her fingers as they slid around her clit, and lapping up the juices that came trickling out of her satiny folds made me moan out loud.

“Oh, you naughty boy. You really like what I’m doing. You like watching, don’t you?” she purred.

“Yes,” I groaned.

“Let me hear you say it. Tell me how much you like to watch your Aunt Sabrina fuck herself.”

“I- I-” I stammered, suddenly feeling myself blush.

Her fingers stopped abruptly, and she sat up slightly. She placed the fingers slick with her pussy juices against my mouth, slowly tracing my lower lip. “Tell me,” she said, “or you get back to the lake house with blue balls.” And then she slid one finger into my mouth and raised an expectant eyebrow. Taking her cue, I circled my tongue around her finger, then sucked it and left extra saliva on the tip as she withdrew.

“I like watching you…”

“Who?” she teased.

“I güvenilir casino like watching you, Aunt Sabrina.”

She moaned and put the finger wet with my saliva deep into her and began stroking furiously. Thinking about my tongue doing what her fingers were doing, tasting her saltiness on my lips, I panted out: “I like watching you stroke your pussy. I like watching you spread your legs so I can see your wet, hot lips while you work your fingers into your slick cunt.”

“Yes. Yesss!” she moaned. “Tell me more,” she gasped, rocking her hand against her pubic bone while she worked all four fingers inside her.

“It’s so hot watching your pussy wet and dripping, watching your clit get redder and harder. God I want to lick and suck and bury my face in your cunt, make you sloppy and wet and-“

“Fuck yes! Tell me what you’d do to me!” She slipped her fingers more deeply inside her and held them there, and I could imagine the strong ‘come hither’ movement of her fingers inside, stroking quicker and quicker while she began frantically rubbing her clit. I could see clear juices running down around her little puckered hole and pooling on the seat.

“I’d lick up all that juice with my tongue and slide it into your tight little ass while you worked your fingers in your pussy. I’d smack your clit and suck it hard, getting so hot hearing you yelp and moan. And just when your moans reached fever pitch and your pussy began to throb I’d move your hands aside and thrust my fingers into you, keeping up the hard fast strokes until you screamed as you cum and let all that wetness shower my face. Fuuuuuuck!”

She screamed it with me as she came so hard and so loudly that if I’d been in my right mind I would have thought everyone in the county would have heard her. But I didn’t have time to think because as soon as she caught a breath, she looked right at me and told me to cum, now.

Her foot had long ago slid off my hand, but I didn’t realize it until I just then when I went to desperately grab my cock. It only took a few strokes before I was yelling “Fuuuuuuck!” again and felt my cock spasm and jerk while hot cum squirted all over my chest several times. I had closed my eyes and thrown my head back, so I felt and heard – rather than saw – her cum again.

“God, do you always shoot such a big load?” she asked, a little smirk playing around her lips.

“No,” I said between breaths.

I started to reach for one of the towels in the back seat to clean up, but she leaned forward and stopped my hand. She leaned toward me and began to lick every bit of cum from my navel to my chest. Goosebumps rose all over my flesh as her warm tongue worked its way over my skin. Her breasts brushed against my deflating cock, making me groan at the touch of her blouse on my sensitive head. It had been an amazingly hot and satisfying release, but I wanted so much more.

“Ever tasted yourself?” she asked, her face just inches from mine.

I shook my head, still trying to catch my breath, still thinking about the possibilities of what she could do to me and what I could learn from her.

Her lips hovered just barely touching mine, and then I felt her warm tongue slip between my slightly parted lips. There was the sensation of extra slickness, and then a salty and slightly bitter taste on my tongue as she pulled away. With a smile, she swallowed hard and sat back on her side of the Jeep, adjusting her short skirt to cover herself before buckling her seat belt.

Turning the ignition, she grinned at me and said, “I’m pretty sure that pants are required in the grocery store.”

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