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I have always craved for sexy women and have had a special attraction for older women. I always look forward to family gatherings, as it gives me an opportunity to come close to my sexy aunts. My favorite aunt is Aunt Anju who is around 44 or 45. She is married to my uncle (mother’s brother) Jaipratap Singh, who is a senior officer in the Army. My uncle is posted near the border and is usually away for long periods.

Although Aunt Anju is at least about 12 years older to me, I have always been attracted by her. She is a very beautiful smart lady, and is tall, slim and has very sharp features. She always stays fit and maintains her figure. She takes a lot of care of herself; she dyes her hair, treats her hands and feet to make them always look luscious. She always dresses up properly, and usually wears clothes that accentuate her height and her curves. I specially find her long slender legs and firm curvaceous butts very sexy. Her boobs are not very large, but they are round and firm, and she has wide hips that sway sexily as she walks.

Mrs Anju Singh is always very friendly to me, and on occasions like birthdays and festivals instead of giving a short peck, I have deliberately kissed her for a few seconds longer. I have a few times placed my hand on her thighs as if to help myself stand up, or deliberately kept touching her bare arm or hand for a few seconds longer than required. I am sure she must have noticed and secretly accepted my special attention. I have always thought of Aunt Anju as a hot woman, hungry for sex. As my uncle is away most of the time and their children are in boarding schools, she is usually alone at their home in Delhi.

Once I was surprised to meet her at a party hosted by my boss. It seemed my boss’s wife was her school classmate. Anju looked very sexy in a pink sari and a very thin blouse through which I could make out her lacy bra. I noticed she had been drinking wine, and saw her on the dance floor flirting seductively with some guys. After the party she asked me to give her a lift back to her home. This was what I had always dreamed and longed for. When we reached her place my Aunt urged me to come inside for a drink, and so I followed her to the living room.

I took off my coat and tie. She took out a bottle of white wine from the bar, and I helped her open the bottle and pour the drink for both of us. She then put on some soft music, closed all the curtains, took off her spectacles and asked me to dance with her. I then got the feeling that tonight my Aunt Anju had more than just some drinks to offer me. Ankara bayan escort As we danced I looked into her eyes and caressed the part of her naked back between her blouse and sari, and I grabbed her butt and pressed her closer to me, and I made sure she felt my slowly developing hard-on. I then kissed her softly first on her cheeks, and as we got more aroused, passionately on the lips and mouth. Anju had soft thin lips, and I enjoyed playing with her tongue.

My sexy aunt then pulled me to the big sofa and unbuttoned my shirt and I too started fondling her breasts and stroking her thighs. She also had her hands all over me, and she deliberately pulled her sari a few inches up to show her white stockinged legs and high heels. I then said, ” Anju Auntie, I find you very sexy and want to make love with you tonight.” She replied, ” Viru Darling, I feel very sexy tonight. Please take me upstairs to the bedroom and just fuck me hard.”

As we climbed the stairs, I put my arms around her and kept kissing her. In the bedroom she first took off her sari and blouse. As I took off my trousers and briefs, she was quick to grab my erect penis. The sight of her wrists full of bangles, and her finger with her wedding ring busy caressing my cock was exciting. We sat on her master bed and I unhooked her bra and gently cupped and fondled her breasts and softly pinched her nipples. I sucked on her boobs and licked her nipples. As she was enjoying the sensation, she continued stroking my penis.

I then untied the lace of her petticoat, and she slid it off from herself. I then took off her stilettos and then her white silk stockings slowly one by one. I enjoyed caressing her legs and feet. I found my aunt’s red nail-polished toes and feet very sexy, and noticed that she was wearing a ring on her second toe, which was longer than her big toe. I have always found this very sexy, so I sucked and licked her feet, and she thoroughly enjoyed my attention. I massaged and lovingly caressed Anju’s long sexy legs and inner thighs.

I then pulled her white lace panties down, and was delighted to see her beautiful pussy. I tickled her labia and outer cunt lips, massaged her pussy and gently inserted a finger inside her slightly wet cunt, and fingered her all over inside her tight cunt. At the same time I sucked her boobs and kissed her on the mouth from time to time. Anju started moaning when I sucked her nipples and tickled her enlarged clitoris with my finger at the same time.

She was definitely now in the mood as she then turned over to a sixty-nine Escort bayan Ankara position and took my penis in her mouth and licked it from top to hilt with her tongue. It was such a nice feeling with her tongue and lips all over my penis. I asked my sexy aunt what she thought of my cock. She answered, “It’s long, hard and very thick.” I had to stop her from time to time as it tickled me uncontrollably.

I then said, “Yeah auntie suck my cock harder.” Anju started sucking and licking my cock faster and faster. I then licked her cunt and spread her cunt open with my fingers and put my tongue slowly inside her cunt. I licked all over her pussy and when I found her clitoris, I licked it with the tip of my tongue. My aunt must have been busy the whole day, as I noticed a strong vaginal smell. But I sort of liked that too.

I then made my aunt lie on her back, as I climbed on her and continued kissing and caressing her boobs. As I was kissing and sucking her nipples, her Mangalsutra (wedding necklace) came on the way. I pushed it slightly up, to which auntie smiled and asked, “How does it feel to fuck someone else’s wife?” I replied, “Just great Anju. Specially one as sexy and as mature as you.”

I then placed my cock on her cunt, and asked her, “Auntie, guide my cock inside your pussy.” She grabbed my cock and placed my cock head at the entrance of her cunt, and I then gently pushed it in slightly. Anju was still holding my cock at the hilt, so she then wiggled my cock with her finger further inside and around her cunt as if it was a dildo. I rhythmically fucked her with slow gentle pushes of my cock all the way from the entrance of her cunt to her deep inner sanctum.

Anju closed her eyes in ecstasy, and exclaimed, ” Darling, fuck your auntie hard with your big naughty cock.” I then picked up the tempo and took faster strokes. She reciprocated by pushing her hips and cunt closer in the same rhythm. We were both enjoying ourselves. I kept on fucking her. I slowed down a little and then picked up again, slowed down a little and picked up again. Auntie moaned and when she started being sexually satisfied she exclaimed, “Yeah, that’s the way Viru. Faster and deeper with your thick cock. I am cumming.”

As I continued making love, I kissed Anju and caressed her boobs. I told her, ” My sexy auntie, I have wanted to fuck you like this for so long. You are the sexiest woman I have ever fucked. Anju, you are so beautiful and you have such a sexy body.”

She then said, “Yeah Viru, that’s the way. Fuck me faster my dear Viru. Faster. Yeah Bayan escort Ankara deeper all the way Viru.” Anju auntie then asked me to suck her boobs as we were fucking. She murmured and panted in satisfaction, “Umm ahh yeah oohh Umm Yeah Yeah that’s the way.” I ejaculated more than twice inside her.

With my softened penis still partially inside her I kissed her on the mouth passionately, and told her, “Anju Auntie, I love you. Please let me be your secret lover for ever.” She hugged me tight and said, ” My dear Viru, of course. I am usually alone in this big house. I was lonely and I wanted someone like you. Fuck me like this and, I am always yours.”

Just then the phone started ringing. I turned to the side, and auntie stood up and went to pick up the phone. It was Uncle Jaipratap. Anju then sat down on the sofa next to the phone. I felt sort of guilty, but I also got a nice sexy feeling when I heard Auntie talking with Uncle without giving away anything. I also stood up and sat down next to my naked auntie. I put my arms around her and started caressing her boobs and thighs as she was talking intimately with her husband. I put my cheeks next to hers and I could hear my Uncle lovingly talk with his wife, totally oblivious to the fact that his nephew was in the middle of a sexual sojourn with his lovely sexy wife. Auntie started stroking my penis, and she repositioned slightly to enable me to finger her again, as she was talking.

After Anju hung up the phone, she came on my lap facing me and straddled me. I stretched myself slightly lower on the sofa, so that it was easier for her to lower her cunt onto my penis. I then sucked on her boobs as she started jumping on top of me with renewed enthusiasm. Her phone call with Uncle must have made her even kinkier, and she became wild with sexual desire for me. I grabbed her buttocks and lifted her up and down on my lap in consonance to her pace. She was enjoying herself very much as my cock went all the way inside her, and she could satisfy herself as she desired.

We then shifted to the bed again, and Auntie lay face down and lifted her butt up a bit and asked me to take her doggy style. I put myself on top of her and inserted my cock inside her wet cunt and continued banging her. I squeezed my hands beneath her and grabbed both her breasts and played with her nipples. We both came almost together after some time. I then reclined to my side and spooned her and again inserted my cock inside her from behind and kept embracing her and holding her boobs. It was an awesome feeling to touch all parts of my sexy Aunt Anju’s body intimately like this. Aunt Anju said that she had a very nice time and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We were both totally satisfied sexually, and we fell asleep sometime after that entwined in each other’s arms.

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