Au Pair Action Ch. 2

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So, on to my story of seducing a “straight” woman. Let’s see…how to begin? You know that I was living in Florida for the summer with John and Mary. What you don’t know is that after that first night I had sex with one and/or both of them on a fairly regular basis. In fact, it wasn’t unusual for Mary to call me to her bedroom in the morning after John had gone to work. I would come in in my robe, strip it off, and climb naked into bed with her. Soon enough, she would be pushing my head down between her legs to bring her off.

As the summer wore on, I felt more and more comfortable being more “open” about our relationship. Within a few weeks, it was common knowledge amongst John and Mary’s friends that I was having sex with the two of them on a regular basis. It was also common knowledge that I was becoming something of a “party” girl, and that I was pretty open to having sex with whomever John and Mary asked me to. So they would have a party around the pool at their house, and I would often end up going home with one of their friends for the night.

One night, I ended up alone in the hot tub with a friend of theirs whose name was also John. I had met him a few times before this, but this was the first time we were really alone. It was pretty late (like 3:00am), and we were both pretty drunk and stoned. I was figuring he would start hitting on me, but instead we just sat and talked. Of course he quickly turned the conversation towards sex, and began asking me about my relationship with Mary. I was pretty open about it by this time, and the drugs and booze were having their effect, so I basically told him all about it in intimate detail. It turned me on to tell him (as it turns me on to tell you about it now!), and it was also turning him on, which I bursa escort knew because I was slowly rubbing his crotch with my foot as we talked.

He admitted that two women together was a huge fantasy of his, but that he didn’t think he would ever get to see it because his wife was opposed to the idea. I had also met his wife a few times, and she was certainly someone that I was attracted to. She was about 5’5″, very slender and tanned, and with a very great set of legs and a curvy little ass. She was also very pretty, with dark hair and brown eyes to match her tanned skin. So I asked him if he would mind if I tried to seduce her. Naturally, he loved the idea! We ended up going our separate ways that night (after, of course, I’d blown him on the edge of the hot tub!), and I started working my devious little mind on ways to seduce this woman.

My first tactic was to start paying a lot more attention to her. Whenever we were someplace where she was, I made it a point to go over to her and say hi. I’d always compliment her on what she was wearing (which was easy – she always looked good!), and try as much as possible to be in contact with her physically. I’d hug her on greeting, and if we shook hands or something I’d always make sure to let my hands linger longer than was necessary. Also, I’d constantly make eye contact with her from afar. When she caught me, I’d give her a little smile and look away, but I’d start looking back at her again soon.

I would also try to find excuses to go over to her house. If she mentioned a book that she had heard about, I’d pick it up while shopping and then drop in unannounced to give it to her. If I knew she was going to the club to work out, I’d try to be there at the same time. If I knew she was coming to John and Mary’s bursa escort bayan house in the middle of the day for some reason, I made sure I was wearing my skimpiest bikini. In short, I was putting the full court press on.

And to be honest, I really don’t think it was having much effect on her. Yes, she was very warm and friendly with me, and occasionally I would catch her looking at me, but I don’t think the sexual urges were building in her like they were with me. But every time I was ready to give up, John would talk to me and tell me it was working. He said Jill (I guess I should have mentioned her name by now!) talked about me all the time, and that their sex life was growing hotter because she would talk about the relationship between Mary and me when the two of them made love. So I pressed on.

Slowly, my campaign started to work. One night the two of them gave me a ride home after we had all been out to dinner. I had thought it had been another fruitless night, but when I got out of the car, instead of the usual hug and peck on the cheek from Jill, she gave me a very light kiss on the lips. John teased us that that was no way to kiss, so we looked at each other and came together again for about a 5 second, open-mouthed, tongues intertwining kiss. I was turned on immediately, but Jill laughed things off and told John to take her home.

The next day, John called me and told me that the two of them had had fantastic sex, and that Jill was going on and on about me and how wild it had been to kiss me. I told John that if he wanted to participate, he better leave work early that day, because I was on my way to his house as soon as we hung up. I put a light sundress over my bikini, and drove over to their house. When I got there, Jill opened escort bursa the door and let me in. She asked me what I was doing there, and I started to make up some excuse about just being in the neighborhood, but then I stopped myself and told her the real reason I was there was that I wanted to talk about last night. She started to laugh off our kiss again, but I walked up next to her and, deliberately rubbing my breasts into her arm, asked her if she hadn’t enjoyed it. She admitted that she had.and I asked her if she wanted to do it again. To my surprise, she turned, took me in her arms, and started kissing me deeply on the lips.

At that point, all of her defenses crumbled. Her hands went to my breasts, as my own hands played over her ass and ran up and down her sides. I pulled her tank top over her head, and sat her down on their couch as I kneeled in front of her and began sucking on her round, 36B breasts. Soon enough, I was pulling her shorts down her legs, and burying my tongue in her soaking wet pussy. By now I had gotten pretty good at this, and I brought her to a huge orgasm in about 2 minutes. As she lay their recovering and telling me how long she had been fantasizing about that, John came home.

She told me she wanted to return the favor, and now it was my turn to lay back and let her tongue me. John was rock hard, and immediately moved to bring his cock to my mouth. I was so hot that this was all I wanted, and sucked his hard shaft for all I was worth. As he erupted into my mouth, I was erupting into Jill’s.

After that afternoon and evening, I became a regular lover of Jill’s. Not as often as with Mary, but when the two of us hooked up it was always very explosive. She turned out to love licking pussy almost as much as I did, and I remember more than one night when she wouldn’t want to be with me because she was taking home a woman she had “picked up” at a nightclub.

Well, that’s about all of the story I’m good for right now. I hope you liked it!

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