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at the laundrymatShe offered to stay and babysit the laundry load at the out-of-the way laundromat they had found. If her husband told her she was wrong about one more thing… she might need her own hotel room. Relaxing with her phone was more fun than grocery shopping with the k**s anyways.She glanced as a younger man came in. Scruffy, blonde and anxious to get the job done, he opened the first machine and started stuffing it with clothes. A young woman came up to him and a very familiar litany began: “too full” “wrong machine” “not the right way”. The housewife chewed on her bottom lip. ‘All the lonely people’ started playing on her head.Twenty more minutes: She needed a distraction. She pulled up her favourite erotica site and found a good short story. It was about cocksucking – one of her favourite themes.That served to pass some time, but now she was aroused and frisky. She had an enlightened idea! The machine she was using was one of the old ones – in the back row – and she seemed to remember that rinse cycles could be a lot of fun…She passed “Scruffy” – he was playing a pinball game. The woman with him had gone out to the car to wait and could be seen having an animated conversation on her phone. The only two people left were the father and son team of proprietors. The older man had his head in a machine doing repairs.She walked over to her machine and watched the dial click to “rinse”. She nonchalantly leaned her lower body against it. The soft rumble was enjoyable – but the thought that was making her wet was wondering if any of the men would guess what she was doing.Too soon it was over. She blinked a bit and then unloaded her things into a basket. She asked the son for help selecting the best dryer and went out of her way to ask questions – while smiling and making lots of eye contact. She thought she had raised suspicions when the father stepped up and gave short, clipped instructions that had her laundry spinning in no time – and the son back to other work.Returning to the sitting area, she thought that Scruffy spared her a glance, but she wasn’t sure. She decided drastic measures were called for. She opened up some visual porn. She started a video that made particular moaning and sucking sounds – and then quickly turned down the volume and pretended to act embarrassed. Both young men glanced şişli escort over. She made sure to hold her phone away from her so that both could see the screen as they walked by – noting that each made an excuse to do so. She sat contenting herself by clenching her pussy muscles and squirming her crossed legs against each other, so that there was light friction across her pussy lips.Scruffy and the son had been giving her side long looks and whenever she had felt a gaze, she had subtlety rubbed a nipple over her blouse. The air inside the laundromat was thick with female pheromones and male curiosity.With 20 min left on her dry cycle, she was about to excuse herself to the bathroom to finish, when an opportunity presented itself. The father called to the son that he was leaving, and moments later the woman made sure the couple’s laundry was put in machines to her satisfaction, and then she too left to run an errand.She stood up, walked over to the counter and took a chance. She announced to the room in general “I’m going into the bathroom to scratch an itch. Both of you are welcome to join me.” The room was silent behind her as she walked down the back hall. Just as she got to the bathroom door she heard footsteps. She grinned.Scruffy was first in the door. That surprised her – until she looked behind him and saw that the son had taken a moment to flip the sign to “closed” and lock the door. She didn’t waste time either. She pulled two condoms out of her purse, slipped off her bra through her sleeves (still a woman’s best magic trick), unbuttoned her top and whipped off her soaked panties – leaving all her important parts accessible, however still framed in an attractive manner. Scruffy stood stunned at the show – completely unsure of what to do next.Smiling she gestured him over by lifting up one of her breasts and presenting a puckered nipple. He was pleased to respond to direction. He bent down and took the offered breast into his mouth, nibbling and suckling – while lifting its twin in his other hand and beginning to roll the nipple between his fingers. She moaned for him and praised his enthusiasm.The son walked in the door and approached her with more assertiveness. He put one hand under her chin and kissed her, leading with a thrusting tongue. He reached under the skirt that she had şişli escort bayan left partially raised and grasped an ass cheek in a rough, strong grip. For her part, she ran her hand quickly up the front of his pants, feeling his growing erection and then immediately started undoing his belt and pulling everything down to expose him for her enjoyment.Knowing they were short on time, she pushed Scruffy to his knees, turned her back to him, lifted her skirt and bent over to present him with a choice of areas to fasten his mouth onto. He bit her ass. She approved. He pushed his face into the space between her thighs with the same sense of urgency that was driving her. Having setting contestant #1 to his task, she turned around to contestant #2 who was stroking his attractively sized erection and reaching down her top to roll the recently sucked-on nipple. She stopped him by pulling him close to her with a hand on his ass and taking the cock in her own hand, so that she could lower her mouth down on him.No time, no time – was the refrain in her head – but her senses were singing in a chorus that had been silent moments before. With only a moment to appreciate his shape, taste and texture, she started swirling and pushing her tongue around his head and down his shaft – coating him, moving his senses towards overload. She pushed her cunt backwards, more firmly into Scruffy’s sucking mouth, and then pulled the son closer to her to work her hand and mouth more fully down his cock. Her body swayed between them both setting up a rhythm.She heard a buzzer – it may have been in her brain – it was probably a machine signalling the finish – but she knew that it was time for the finale. Grabbing one condom, she waved it behind her. She knew he saw it when the sucking stopped and there was a sudden breeze across her cunt as Scruffy stood up abruptly to suit up. She grabbed the other – and regrettably, but safely – gloved her other partner. It was going to be a challenge to overcome the desensitization of the latex in time to have her blow job finish in coordination with the man taking her from behind, but she felt she was up to the task.Her bum was warmed again as thighs came up against hers and a much-needed hard cock pushed against her sopping wet pussy lips. She angled herself down, raising her hips and mecidiyeköy escort bayan groaned as he slid home. Yes. Yes. Yes. This was what she needed. She focused back on the cock in front of her, wrapping a hand around, sucking him down her throat until her mouth and hand were working together and then added the other hand – cupping his balls and occasionally moving back to play between his legs and around his ass. At his sharp intake of breath, she knew she would be able to achieve her pacing goal.Suck. Stroke. Suck. Stroke. Fuck! The first orgasm struck her from the cock ramming her from behind. Her inner convulsions inspired her sucking rhythm to increase – her strokes to be firmer. She took a brief glance sideways, and the sight of the three of them in the mirror tipped her over another peak. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the one cock slamming in and out of her cunt, and the other cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She felt balls slapping against her ass and balls being rolled and pulled in her hand.She sensed a slight hesitation behind her and – coupled with the sounds he was making – knew he was about to finish. On the crest of her next suck she moved her hand back and pressed a finger slightly into the son’s ass and pressed against the engorged tissue. The move had the desired effect and on the next pump she felt his hips surge toward her and then both men were making stifled groaning noises as they released themselves. She rode the chain reaction of explosions that the double pressure set off within her own body.A moment later, all three of them held perfectly still, bringing their laboured breathing back under control.Then they heard a banging on the outer door.Shocked into motion, bodies were separated, condoms disposed of, clothes hastily re-arranged and hands rapidly washed. Riding high on their recent orgasms, they added the thrill of almost getting caught.The son made it out the bathroom first moving to the front to let Scruffy’s woman back in. She went straight to her laundry as the son loudly apologized. I held the door open so that the sound of Scruffy flushing the toilet could be clearly heard out front to announce his re-appearance.She took some extra moments to re-dress, quickly wash, rinse and double check her look in the mirror, before also exiting from the back corridor. She moved to her own machine and had the load mostly folded when her family returned. She was able to greet them with a smile on her face – rejuvenated and ready to survive the struggle of daily life with an attitude of satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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