At the Cabin

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: First: Read “Sharing a Shower” before reading this.

Second: “Sharing a Shower” was originally going to be a one-and-done self-contained story. However an anonymous fan of that story emailed me with an idea for a follow up story. At first I wasn’t going to do it, because I had no intention of continuing the story. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. So if that anonymous fan is reading, thank you for the idea. Although I did change a couple of things. Enjoy!

It had been six months since I had accidentally walked in on my twin sister Kiara in the shower which led to us having sex on a regular basis behind our parents backs. It was hard keeping things on the down low, because no matter how careful we were, we knew there was always the chance we could get caught.

One night after dinner while Kiara and I were about to sneak off to my room for a quickie, mom’s phone rang.

“Hello? Hey sis, how are you?”

Kiara and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Our mother’s older sister, Rose was on the phone. Now don’t get the wrong idea, we loved our aunt, and she was just as good looking as mom, but she was also something of a stick in the mud. Her husband, our Uncle Joe was very conservative (even more than Aunt Rose was), and although they never outright said it, they didn’t approve of the way our parents raised us. But they had their own kids to raise, our cousins James and Abigail.

Unlike Kiara and I James and Abby weren’t twins. James was a year and a half older than us, and Abby was a year younger. That wasn’t the only thing that differentiated us from our cousins. While they were raised in a strict conservative household, Kiara and I were raised with a lot less restrictions. We still had rules we had to follow growing up, but our parents let us have a lot more freedom when it came to most aspects of our lives. James and Abby, not so much. James went to all boys schools and Abby to all girls schools for most of their lives, only going to a coed school (that had to be approved by Uncle Joe) when their college years hit. Kiara and I went to public schools and had the freedom to choose where we went to college.

Due to that neither one of them had that much experience with the opposite sex, James had only just recently started dating a girl from their church while Abby was still single. The both of them had taken after mom’s side of the family (except for inheriting Uncle Joe’s red hair) as they were both very good looking and knew that if they wanted to, they could use that to their advantage, not that they ever had a chance to exploit it.

It had been almost a year since we had seen them due to us being almost on the other side of the city from them, but every now and then Aunt Rose would call just to say hi, and drop subtle hints about how she didn’t approve of how mom and dad were raising us. After a while she gave up when she realized she wasn’t going to change mom’s mind and just made small talk. Kiara and I normally just texted our cousins.

Anyway, back to the phone call.

“Nothing right now, just finished dinner. (pause) Really? That does sound like fun. Hang on.” She turned to my dad. “Jeff, do you think you could get a couple weeks off of work?”

“Hmm. I’d have to ask my boss. Oh, wait! I am the boss!” my dad said, referring to the gym he owned. “Yeah, I think the gym can run without me for a while. Why?”

“Well, Rose was thinking we should head up to my dad’s cabin for a couple of weeks.” mom said.

“All of us?” Kiara asked.

“Yeah. James and Abigail will be there too. You haven’t seen them in… how long has it been now Rose?”

“About a year or so.” I heard Aunt Rose say over the phone.

“Looks like you two are also off the hook for work for the next couple of weeks.” Dad said, looking at Kiara and I. He had given us jobs at the gym, making it clear that one day he’d turn the business over to us.

“Then it’s settled. When?” Mom said, turning her attention back to the phone. “Next week? Sounds like a plan.”

One week and a four hour car ride later we arrived at the cabin. Now you’re probably wondering how eight people were going to share a cabin. Well the cabin stood on land that had been in my mother’s family for generations. The cabin had been built by my grandfather strictly as a vacation house. Nothing fancy, just somewhere he could go to get away from it all for a while. Out in the middle of nowhere with the nearest neighbor over two miles away. Over the years as the family expanded so did the cabin. When it became too much for grandpa to do by himself, he hired Ataköy Escort professional construction crews to add on to the cabin. Over the years it had gone from a simple three room cabin to a two story multi-room house that had enough room for all possible combinations of the family. The cabin was also on a lake where most of us had learned to swim. I briefly wondered if the rope swing in the tree was still there.

Grandpa made it clear we could use the cabin whenever we liked. Over the years we had been there too many times to count in various combinations.

We had stopped to buy groceries along the way, and James, Abby, Kiara and I were charged with bringing them into the house, while our parents handled the luggage and room assignments.

Just as we finished putting all the groceries away mom’s phone rang. The smile fell off her face and her eyes went wide with shock.

“Hunter, what is it?” Rose asked, being the first to see my mother’s face.

“Mom and dad were in a car accident.” she said, choking back tears.

“I told them they should not be driving anymore.” Uncle Joe said angrily.

“This is not the time, Joseph.” Aunt Rose snapped, “Alright kids, pack up we have to go.”

“Joe, Rose, the kids don’t have to come with us. What are they going to do in a hospital? Read magazines that are ten years out of date? They’re responsible adults now. I think we can leave them alone for a few days.” Dad said.

After a few moments and exchanging looks, Uncle Joe sighed. “Fine, but we’re taking my truck.”

He headed upstairs to grab his and Aunt Rose’s luggage and my dad followed to grab his and mom’s bags. Aunt Rose handed James the keys to the house while mom was still on the phone with the hospital. Dad and Uncle Joe came downstairs a few minutes later with the bags and headed outside to toss them into Uncle Joe’s SUV. My dad handed me his car keys and a handful of cash, as Uncle Joe also handed some money to James.

“If we hurry we can be there by nightfall.” Uncle Joe said. “Kids, behave yourselves and pray for them.”

Mom was finally off the phone, “We’ll call you as soon as we know anything, have fun, within reason. No wild parties.”

After hugs and kisses were exchanged they were off and just like that the four of us were alone.

“Do you think they’ll be okay?” Abby asked as we turned to walk back to the house.

“Grandpa will be fine, he’s a tough old buzzard.” I said using his own term for himself, “And grandma’s no slouch either.”

“Plus, there’s nothing we can do now. It’s a beautiful day, so what say we go swimming to get our mind off of things?” Kiara said.

“Sounds like a plan.” James said, “Let’s go get changed.”

A few minutes later James and I were sitting in the living room in our swim trunks, waiting for the girls.

“What’s taking them so long?” James asked.

“Ah, you know how girls are. Time works differently for them. Five minutes really means 20. Hey,” I yelled upstairs, “You girls coming or what? We’re burning daylight here!”

“You guys go on without us,” Kiara yelled back down, “We won’t be long.”

“Whatever,” I said, grabbing my towel. “Come on James. I’ll race you to the other side of the lake. Ten bucks says you can’t beat me.”

“Oh, you’re on!” James said heading for the door.

Kiara later told me what was taking her and Abby so long. After getting changed into her bikini she saw Abby wearing a plain black one piece suit, and Abby didn’t look happy.

“Oh no, you are not wearing that nun bathing suit.” she said, taking Abby’s hand and leading her back to her room, “Come on, I’ve got something for you.”

She rummaged around in her drawers and tossed Abby a green bikini, “Here, wear this.”

“Ki, I can’t wear this!” Abby said.

“What? Why not? Come on Abs, we’re about the same size and that color looks good with your skin tone.” Kiara said, “Anyway we’re cousins, it’s just us here and we’re supposed to be having fun, not feeling all repressed. Come on, out of that boring suit.”

“What, right here, in front of you?”

Kiara laughed, “Sure why not? You don’t have anything I haven’t already seen before. I’ve got all the same parts you do.”

Abby seemed a little shy, but stripped off the one piece and tossed it on the bed.

“Oh girl,” Kiara said, “You can’t wear a bikini like that without a little grooming.” she indicated Abby’s crotch.

Abby looked down, “Really? I’ve thought about it but never had the nerve to try.”

“Ah, it’s easy, I’ll help you.” Kiara Ataşehir Escort said, “Now the question is what do we do? We could do a basic landing strip, or maybe shape it, like an arrow or a heart. Or we could just shave it all off.”

“Well, I don’t know.” Abby said, “What do you have?”

Kiara got a mischievous smile on her face and pulled down her bottoms, exposing herself to Abby, “Bald! It makes it so much more sensitive, although it does itch a little at first.”

“Let’s do that then!” Abby said, then lowered her voice even though it was just the two of them, “I saw some girls at school did it and I hate to admit, but I thought it was kinda sexy.”

Kiara laughed, “Where is Abigail and what have you done with her?” She pulled her bottoms back up and led Abby to the bathroom. “Come on, I’ll help you. Now get in the tub and try to keep still.”

Five minutes later and they were done, “Viola,” Kiara said, “Now get that bikini on and let’s show our brothers what beautiful sisters they’ve been blessed with.”

When the girls came out of the house, I looked at James “Look at that, we leave our sisters alone for a few minutes and they get replaced by two swimsuit models.”

James laughed uneasily, it was obvious this was the probably the first time he’d ever seen his sister in a bikini. I couldn’t help but admire Abby’s body myself. I had also never seen her in a bikini, and she had a killer body, in fact she and Kiara looked more like sisters than cousins. If this were a movie they would have been walking in slow motion, maybe with their hair blowing in the wind with something by Theory of a Deadman or Shinedown playing in the background.

A few minutes later as James and Abby were taking turns with the rope swing, I sat with Kiara on the grass.

“So what took you two so long?” I asked.

“I had to do a little landscaping.” Kiara said, pointing at her crotch.

“But, wait…” I said, remembering she had just shaved yesterday, then it hit me. “You mean…. Abby?”

She just nodded and smiled at me. I had to admit, I was a little jealous she got to see Abby naked.

Abby whooped with laughter as she swung out over the water and let go splashing down in the lake as James watched on.

“You ever notice those two seem more at ease without their parents around?” she asked me.

“Yeah, it seems like it.” I said, “I know Aunt Rose wouldn’t have let her wear that bikini if she was here.”

Later that night we made spaghetti for dinner and were sitting around watching TV when my phone rang. It was my mother with an update. Apparently some asshole had tried to beat a red light and hit my grandparent’s car. Grandpa ended up with a broken arm and a slight case of whiplash, and grandma had a separated shoulder and bruised hip. The doc said they were lucky things weren’t worse as they weren’t t-boned by the other car, and they narrowly avoided slamming into a lamppost. They’d be fine, but our parents were going to stay with them to take them home and keep an eye on them when they were released. Grandpa himself insisted we stay at the cabin and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Once grandpa made up his mind, there was no changing it.

We finished the movie we’d been watching and decided to call it a night and get some shut eye. I waited a couple of minutes before heading down the hall to Kiara’s room. After getting an eyeful of her and Abby earlier, I was eager to get more than an eyeful.

“About time.” she said when I knocked, throwing back her covers to reveal her naked body to my eager eyes. I threw my clothes off and practically jumped on her.

“Keep it down, the last thing we need is James and Abby finding out about this. It’s hard enough keeping it from mom and dad…” she said, cut off by my face diving between her legs and my tongue finding her clit. “Oh my god…”

I teased her nub with my tongue and she started moaning and squirming, doing her best to keep from crying out in pleasure as I slid two fingers inside her.

In the six months we’d been fucking, we learned exactly what the other liked. Some of it was from us telling the other what we liked, some of it was intuition (or should that be twintuition?), and some of it was just knowing what felt good. If it was one thing I’d learned pretty quickly it was how to eat my sister’s pussy. As I buried my fingers inside her, I sucked her clit into my mouth and gently trapped it between my teeth before teasing it with my tongue. She grabbed the bedsheets and her body shuddered with pleasure. I reached up with my Avcılar Escort free hand and grabbed one of her perfect firm 36D tits, gently pinching her nipple as I licked her pussy from her clit down to where my fingers entered her and back up.

She reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling me away from my treat and panted “Fuck me. Now.”

I didn’t need to be told twice, I crawled up her body, kissing along her toned stomach and stopping to suck on her tits before nibbling my way up her neck, across her chin and then up to her lips. Our lips met as I easily slid my cock into her, earning a moan of pleasure into my mouth as she wrapped her arms around me. I decided to tease her a bit, and once I was all the way in I didn’t move.

“JJ, don’t tease me.” she moaned.

I flexed my cock inside her and grinned. “Why not?” I asked.

She mock pouted at me, “Because it’s mean.”

I flexed my cock again, “And what about all those times you teased me?”

“I’m sorry. Just fuck me.”

“I don’t think you mean it.” I said, a mischievous smile on my face.

“I d–“

I started pumping my cock in and out of her, turning her words into a quiet moan as I gave her the fucking we both wanted. She wrapped her legs around me and buried her face in my shoulder to muffle her moans of pleasure as my cock filled her up. She looked up at me with her gorgeous hazel eyes and pulled me down for another kiss.

“Goddamn you feel so fucking good.” she growled as we broke the kiss.

“You do too sis,” I gasped, “I’ve been waiting all day for this.”

“Me too.” she moaned arching her back making her perfect tits stand at attention. I looked down between our bodies to watch my cock pumping in and out of her soaking wet pussy, loving the warm feeling on every down stroke feeling like I was going deeper and deeper into her every time our hips met. The feel of my cock moving in and out of her, her arms and legs wrapped around me, her breath on my neck, her quiet whimpers of pleasure in my ear, her tits crushed against my chest, all of that combined with my intense love for my sister was all I needed at that moment.

Our bodies moved together like a well oiled machine, Like I said, we knew just what the other wanted and we connected on more than just a physical level. Maybe it’s because we were twins, maybe it was just the familiarity with each other’s bodies, whatever it was, it connected us both physically and emotionally. We didn’t need to talk when we were fucking, there was no need. We said everything that needed to be said with our eyes and our moans of pleasure. Although a little dirty talk every now and then didn’t hurt.

I never stopped the pace of my fucking. I could feel her nails digging into my back. Had we been alone I would have been fucking her harder and faster, with her writhing and screaming in pleasure, but with James and Abby just down the hall, we fucked the way we did as if we were back home with our parents down the hall.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” she moaned, “Just a little more, I’m almost there, JJ. Make your little sister cum.”

She buried her face in my shoulder again and let loose with the quiet whimper I had come to know as her having an orgasm. I felt her body convulse and her pussy clamp down on me as her orgasm ran through her body. Once it had passed I slowed down, but didn’t pull out.

“God that felt fucking good. Now it’s your turn. Flip over.” she said smiling up at me.

Without disengaging I rolled us over, so I was on my back and she was straddling me. “You ready?”

“For you sis, always.”

She started to slowly ride me, but picked up the pace to our normal “let’s try and keep quiet” pace. I licked my thumb and reached down to rub her clit as she rode my hard cock for all she was worth. She was looking down at me with lust filled eyes, one hand grabbing one of her firm tits, the other on my chest to balance herself. Again I watched as my cock slid in and out of her. Our heavy breathing the only sound in the room. She bit her lip as I continued to massage her clit while she fucked me. Again, it was almost like we were on autopilot.

“You getting close, bro?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I’m getting there.”

“Let me know, cause I wanna taste you.” she said. “I want you to cum in your sister’s hot little mouth.”

“I’m so close, Ki.” I groaned, as she started gyrating her hips, “Just keep doing that.”

She knew exactly what it took to make me cum. Once she started gyrating her hips, she knew it was just a matter of time before I would explode.

“Oh god, sis, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum.” I groaned.

She pulled herself off of me and quickly changed position so she could get my cock in her mouth. As soon as she wrapped her lips around me the door opened.

“Hey, Kiara I forgot my toothpaste, could I– OH MY GOD!”

“Oh, shit…” I muttered as Abby stood framed in the doorway mouth open in shock.

To be continued…

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