At Master’s Table: Business Conference

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Ivan didn’t know how he did it. Five minutes into the flight, Dean Ryker had disappeared into the back of the airplane. When he returned fifteen minutes later, he sat down in his seat and picked up the brochure for the conference they were attending without saying a word. A stewardess went rushing by them, her skirt twisted and her blouse slightly untucked. When she turned, her face was flushed. When she stopped at their seats to ask if they wanted a drink, Ryker calmly said, “You have something on your chin,” without looking at her. Ivan looked at her chin as she brushed away a small white glob and her face flamed brightly. When they exited the plane in Philadelphia, her eyes had lingered hungrily on Ryker as she breathlessly said, “I hope you’ll fly with us again soon.”

Ivan considered himself a ladies man. Until recently, he had never had a problem finding a date or a sexual partner. He was attractive, had a thick European accent that women found irresistible, and drove a fast foreign car. He knew how to turn on the charm, how to touch a lady while they were dancing, and how to make her think she wanted him. Ryker didn’t have to go through all of that though. It seemed he just had to wink at a woman to get her to shed her panties or drop to her knees with her mouth open. Apparently the flight attendant had done both.

By the time Ivan had returned to their table with their drinks at the bar across the street from their hotel, three girls were sitting at the table with Ryker and they enthusiastically welcomed Ivan. Ivan knew the role he was supposed to play. He and his co-worker and best friend picked up women every time they attended a conference. Ivan had never paid attention to how easily Ryker found willing women but recent experiences had made him more observant of Ryker’s behaviors.

After three years of friendship, everything had changed about Ivan’s relationship with Dean Ryker. Two months ago, Ryker had bent Ivan over and fucked him. The experience had surprised Ivan, not because he wasn’t open to bisexual relationships, but because he had never thought about Ryker as a partner. It had also humiliated Ivan. Ryker had intended to punish Ivan and had succeeded. Ivan had been unable to think of anything else since that night. Ryker hadn’t mentioned the incident and had not treated his friend any differently, but he had a hold on Ivan. Despite multiple opportunities, Ivan had been unable to perform sexually since the night Ryker had branded him.

Ivan had been anticipating this conference since their boss said the two of them were going. He hoped that Ryker would fuck him again and release him from the spell. He tried to hide his disappointment when he realized it would be business as usual. He played his role, flirting with all three girls, allowing his hands to roam suggestively, and made certain the girls’ glasses were never empty. When Ryker suggested they continue the party in their hotel room, Ivan followed eagerly. It had been a long two months, and his cock was throbbing. Perhaps Ryker’s presence would be enough to give him release.

The ride in the elevator to their room was foreplay. Ryker had his hand on one girl’s breast while he kissed the other. Ivan was kissing the third girl, his hand beneath her skirt. Ivan tried to remember her name as she rubbed her hand over his straining fly. He thought it might be Rachel, but it could be Rayann. She had light brown hair that framed her pale face and doe eyes. As his hands slid up her thighs, he cupped her bare ass. He could feel her breasts pressing against his arm. Her hand had his fly unzipped and he was suddenly unsure that he could make it to their room.

The two with Ryker were Macie and Alicia. Macie was blonde, but Ivan was certain it was a bottle job. Her breasts were large and were spilling out of the v-neck of her sweater. Her jeans were skin tight. Alicia was also blonde, but Ivan thought it was natural. The elevator dinged and the door slid open on their floor and Ivan was grateful for the moment to gain control of his thoughts. Ryker walked down the hallway with one arm around each girl. He took turns kissing them, never breaking his stride. Rachel/Rayann giggled and leaned against Ivan as they followed.

Somehow they managed to reach their room and get inside. Clothes melted away. Rachel was on top of him, his cock pressing against her thigh. His hands roamed over the smooth globes of her breasts, his thumbs rubbing against her nipples. Their mouths were locked and he sucked her tongue into his mouth. On the bed beside them, Macie was riding Ryker. Alicia was straddling his face, her head thrown back in pleasure. Ivan rolled away from them, trying to focus on Rayann. He moved his mouth to her breast, his tongue rolling her nipple as his mouth sucked on the full flesh. He positioned the head of his cock at her slick opening, prepared to drive into her, when Macie started screaming in pleasure.

And just like that, Ivan lost his erection. artemisbet yeni giriş In an attempt to cover, and hopefully recover, he slipped his fingers between Rachel’s lips and began rotating her clit. She opened for him, moaning in satisfaction. He looked over his shoulder as his fingers sawed in and out of his partner. Alicia was on her knees now and Ryker was fucking her from behind. Macie was laying spread eagle and Alicia was eating her pussy. Ivan shifted and slipped his tongue into Rayann’s pussy, flicking her hard clit with his tongue over and over. She screamed encouragement and Ivan felt his cock stiffen again.

Behind him, he heard Ryker slapping Alicia’s ass with his open palm. Rachel reached down and rubbed his cock. “That’s it, baby,” he growled in her ear.

Ryker grunted, a sound Ivan knew meant that his friend was cumming. “What the hell?” Rayann suddenly said. Shamefully, Ivan realized he was soft again. Ryker was staring at him. Ivan felt he had to run. He grabbed his jeans and shirt from the floor and left the room without saying a word. He headed back to the bar with the intention of getting drunk.

When he returned to the room hours later, the three girls were gone and Ryker was asleep. Ivan stopped and stared at his friend. Ryker was naked. He had thick black hair but his body was smooth. Ivan tried to convince himself that he had no desire for his friend, that Ryker was not attractive, but Ivan could not win. He allowed his eyes to focus on Ryker’s cock. It lay flaccid against the inside of Ryker’s muscular leg. Ivan knew how it felt for that cock to be hard and splitting him in half.

Ivan did the one thing he had been wanting to do for two months. He crawled onto the bed with Ryker, slipped his hand around the soft cock, and began licking the head. Ryker muttered in his sleep and shifted, giving Ryker better access. Ivan’s tongue danced around the head of the thickening cock, holding it in a loose fist that he stroked up and down. Ivan licked the length of Ryker’s cock. He wrapped his lips around it and slowly took it into his mouth.

Ryker moaned as Ivan’s lips slid downward. Ivan slipped up and down, his head bobbing. Ryker moved his hand to the back of Ivan’s head, holding him in place as he licked and sucked the hard shaft. Ivan knew that Ryker had great lasting power, so he worked quickly and forcefully, his lips stretched around Ryker’s rock. He took more into his mouth with each downward thrust and soon Ryker was rising to meet him, pushing more into his mouth. Both of Ryker’s hands were in his hair now and Ivan could tell by his breathing that his friend was awake.

Ryker’s movements were quick and violent, grunting with every thrust into Ivan’s throat. Ivan held on, his mouth a vise as Ryker pulled back and then slammed upward, forcing Ivan’s head down at the same time. Ivan lost all track of time as he listened to Ryker’s grunts and groans. His nose slammed against Ryker’s stomach and Ryker’s balls slapped his chin as his friend drove deeper.

Ivan heard the familiar grunt, felt Ryker tense, and then his mouth was filled with Ryker’s hot cum. He had to swallow to keep from choking, and some of it dribbled from his lips. He felt Ryker shrink from his mouth and when he looked up, his companion was asleep again. With a smile, Ivan got into his own bed. Even though he hadn’t cum, he was relaxed for the first time in two months. He fell instantly to sleep.

He also woke first. Ryker’s back was to him, so he slipped out of bed quietly and went into the bathroom. He was halfway through the shower when Ryker stepped in with him. His friend stepped close behind him as Ryker’s hands slid down his sides, and then around to his front. Ryker wrapped his hand around Ivan’s cock, stroked down it, and let it flop back against his thigh. He repeated the process until Ivan started getting hard. “How long has it been since you cum?” he said in Ivan’s ear, the voice silky smooth. Ivan shivered despite the hot water of the shower.

“Two months,” Ivan answered.

“Two months, what?” Ryker repeated, his hand stilling.

Ivan struggled a moment before answering. “Two months, Sir.”

“Two months, what?” Ryker said again, still not moving the firm grip of his hand.

Ivan closed his eyes, attempting to focus. He had both hands on the shower wall. The hot water was coursing down his back. “Two months, Daddy.”

“Good boy.” Ryker’s hand started moving again. It started at the base, moved to the head, and released with a slight jerk. “Who made you cum two months ago?”

“Mila,” Ivan gasped.

Ryker stopped moving again. Ivan could feel Ryker’s erection pressing against his thigh. “Who?”

Ivan caught on quicker this time. “Mila, Daddy.”


Ivan was breathing hard, his cock semi-erect. His mind was whirling, trying to figure out the correct answer so that Ryker would start moving again. It seemed an eternity before it finally artemisbet giriş occurred to him the answer Ryker wanted. “Ma’am made me cum, Daddy, at your poker party.”

“Good boy.” The strokes resumed in silence. “Tell me why it has been so long.” Ryker ordered as Ivan’s cock grew fully hard.

Ivan was breathless as he answered. “Every time I tried to fuck someone, I thought of you and went soft, Daddy.”

“Not counting last night, how many people have you tried to fuck, boy?”

“Twelve, Daddy.”

“That’s a lot of disappointed people, boy. Were they all girls?”

“No, Daddy. Three were men.”

“Did you make them cum, boy?”

“Most of them, Daddy.”

“How many, boy?”

Ivan struggled to think. He knew he could make something up and Ryker would never know the difference, but Ivan felt like he owed Ryker nothing but the truth. “Nine, Daddy.”

“What do you want right now, boy?”

Ivan thought carefully for a moment, trying not to concentrate on the steady up and down movement of Ryker’s hand. He thought the answer would be for Ryker to finish the job and make him cum, but he knew that wasn’t what he wanted. “I want you…” he stopped, shook his head. “I want Daddy to fuck me until he cums.”

“And what about you, boy?”

It surprised Ivan how natural the answer came. “Whatever Daddy wants.”

“Good boy,” Ryker whispered. “Too bad our first meeting is in thirty minutes. I need to shower.” He released Ivan and waited expectantly. At first, Ivan did not trust his legs to hold him, but after a moment’s recovery, he managed to get out of the shower. By the time Ryker finished bathing, Ivan’s erection was no longer visible. As Ryker dressed, he talked about the conference as if nothing had happened and never once called Ivan boy.

Ivan attempted to concentrate on the sessions he attended during the conference and was surprised to find his mind only occasionally drifting to Ryker. They attended separate sessions and networked with strangers for lunch. It wasn’t until the afternoon that Ivan got a text from his friend. They were in the same session, but on opposite sides of the room. “This speaker is boring as hell.” Ivan discreetly looked at his phone, but did not reply. Five minutes later, his phone buzzed again with a picture message. Ivan opened the picture and attempted not to react to the image of Ryker’s cock poking through the fly of his trousers. Ivan tucked the phone back into his pants pocket and tried to catch a glimpse of of Ryker across the room. A few minutes later, Ivan received another picture message. Ivan peeked at it. Ryker’s cock was now hard.

Ivan tilted his head just in time to see Ryker slip out the back door of the conference room. Ivan ran his finger along the collar of his shirt and coughed. He was seated in the middle of a row. It would be impossible not to bring attention to himself as he left, but he couldn’t help himself. He stood, muttered a quiet excuse me, and slipped from the room through a different door. The hall was empty. After a moment’s hesitation, Ivan headed toward the men’s restroom.

He immediately realized he had hesitated too long. From the one closed stall door, he heard grunting and the familiar, wet sound of sex. A high-pitched giggle revealed that Ryker had chosen a female partner. Somehow, that made Ivan feel better. He went to the sink and watched the door in the mirror. He could see Ryker’s legs but nothing else beneath the door. Ivan could picture Ryker in the stall with the woman pinned against the door. Ryker’s hands would be under her thighs, holding her in place, her skirt bunched around her waist. Ryker was breathing hard, each thrust marked by a sharp grunt and followed by a low moan.

Ivan braced his hands against the sink, feeling his own cock harden as he listened. Ryker was moving faster and the woman’s moans increased in pitch. She was practically screaming and Ivan could hear their bodies slamming against the stall door. Ivan unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free. He started stroking it in time with the sounds echoing off the tile walls. He closed his eyes as the woman reached her climax. He heard Ryker’s familiar sound of satisfaction and remembered the feel of his friend’s release that morning. He thought how it had felt to have Ryker splitting him apart two months ago.

The door to the bathroom opened and Ivan quickened his pace, thinking the woman was slinking away in shame. Ryker would come out of the stall and watch, giving him permission to finally finish. Instead, an unfamiliar voice threw ice on Ivan. “What the fuck?” Ivan’s eyes flew open and he turned to see two strangers walking into the restroom. He stopped mid-stroke, his mouth partly open in surprise. “You sick fuck,” the second man growled and they backed out of the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Ivan heard Ryker laughing. The stall door opened and the woman scurried out after Ryker gave her artemisbet güvenilirmi bottom a pat. Ivan didn’t even notice her. Instead, his eyes met Ryker’s merry ones in the mirror. “Dammit, Ryker,” he snapped. “What the hell are you trying to prove?”

The amusement left Ryker’s eyes instantly. He crossed the distance between them in three easy steps. He wrapped his hand around Ivan’s softening cock and began jerking hard on it. The motion was so quick, so rough, and so aggressive that Ivan couldn’t breath. He struggled for breath and then realized he was shooting cum all over the bathroom floor. As soon as it was done, Ryker stormed out of the bathroom without saying a word.

Ivan thought Ryker letting him cum would create relief and end the spell that had bewitched him for the last two months. Instead, Ivan knew it was worse. Somehow or the other, Ivan had become Ryker’s slave. He knew that Ryker kept a girl at home that they all called the bitch. The bitch had been in Ryker’s life longer than Ivan, and Ivan did not know her real name, nor had he ever seen her in clothing. At Ryker’s monthly poker games, the bitch was under the table to reward the winners of each hand. Ivan had even fucked her a few times over the years, though always with Ryker’s permission and under his terms. In that time, Ivan had never really thought about how the bitch had become Ryker’s property, but now Ivan understood. He had never thought of himself as submissive, though Mila’s teasing had driven him to his knees a time or two, but at some point in the last two months, he had become Ryker’s possession.

The keynote address that evening dragged for Ivan. He couldn’t concentrate on the speaker’s words, though the man was highly regarded and the rest of the audience seemed captivated by the man’s words. Instead, he found himself staring at the back of Ryker’s head from a few rows back, attempting to make sense of his new world. He didn’t know the next step in the relationship, or if Ryker even wanted a next step. He resolved to take Ryker away from the conference for dinner and lay it all on the line before Ryker could pick new partners for the evening.

As soon as the crowd stood to applaud the speaker, Ivan began trying to make his way through the crowd to his friend, co-worker, and obsession. He kept losing sight of Ryker and when he finally caught up, Ryker was talking to the speaker. Ivan faltered in his steps. There was something about the way that Ryker was talking to the man that Ivan found familiar. Ryker had the same stance, the same expression, and the same tone of voice he used when he was picking up girls for their sexual adventures. The speaker nodded in agreement and Ryker moved aside, though he hovered nearby. He caught Ivan’s eye over the crowd and rewarded his possession with a smile. Ivan fisted his hands angrily at Ryker’s cocky, torturous grin, and spun on his heel to walk away. He forced himself not to look back, though he felt Ryker watching him the whole time, willing him to turn around. It took all of Ivan’s willpower not to succumb.

Ivan eventually found himself in a bar a few blocks from the hotel. It was not as nice as the hotel bar, but Ivan had the hope he would avoid Ryker and anyone else from the conference. He sat at the end of the bar, nursing a beer while he watched sports scores flash across the television screen. He didn’t look around, having no interest in trying to pick up any of the locals for a fling. He suspected if he did, the conclusion would be unsatisfying for everyone involved. He ordered a second beer and began calculating his return to the hotel room. He didn’t know if he wanted to be there, feigning sleep, before Ryker returned, or to wait until Ryker was asleep.

He was so lost in thought that when someone did speak to him, he was completely unprepared for the tone. “Well, if it isn’t the sick fuck jacking off in the bathroom,” a voice snarled in his ear. Ivan tensed but did not respond. “Are you trying to set a record for the number of places you can defile?” Ivan took a sip of his beer and still did not turn to his tormentor. “Better keep both hands above the bar, buddy,” his tormentor growled, nudging him as he walked away.

Ivan looked up enough to watch where the man and his friend went to sit so he could avoid that area the rest of the evening. He was about to leave when a second voice murmured low in his ear. “Maybe your hands just need something better to do.”

Ivan could feel the body pressed close to him and he attempted to see who had spoken out of the corner of his eye. The man reached across him to take some pretzels from a bowl and Ivan caught a whiff of aftershave. He walked away without another comment and took a seat so that he was facing Ivan on the other side of the room. The man was not one of the two who had caught him by surprise in the bathroom, but obviously knew what had happened. He was broad-shouldered and had skin the color of dark chocolate. He ordered a drink, and though he seemed to pay attention to his companions, every time Ivan glanced that way, it seemed the man was looking his direction. Certain he had Ivan’s attention, he drained his drink, tilted his head slightly in a silent signal, and excused himself from the table.

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