At Grandma , Grandpa’s Ch. 02

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I woke up early the next day feeling exhilarated and excited beyond belief. The sun was shining in through the window, and by the looks of things, today would be a good day. I looked over at my sister in the bed next to me; her long, silky auburn hair glistening in the morning sunlight. Her face was so beautiful as she was sleeping, and my emotions and feelings for her started to rise up. I wanted to reach over to her and kiss her on the lips, but I was still a bit reluctant. I mean, just what would she say and think. I loved my sister with all my heart and I wanted to shout it all out and tell the world, but I still thought that would be wrong in so many ways.

Then I noticed that Angie’s covers were down and her breasts were exposed. I knew beforehand that Angela had big gorgeous tits, and sure I had sneaked a peak every now and then when she was in the shower and thought no one was looking, but now I looked at them in a very different way. They looked absolutely stunning as they heaved every so slightly with her breathing, quite possibly the best pair of tits I had seen in my life. My sister moaned lightly as she turned her head towards me, still sleeping and her magnificent breasts still unveiled for my viewing pleasure. Her nipples were quite large and looked a bit stiffened, as if she was dreaming some exciting dream. Maybe she was dreaming about grandpa, after everything that happened yesterday her brain must be recalling all sorts of wonderful things.

That was not all that was stiffening either, as my dick was starting to harden. I wasn’t touching myself or anything, my deep love for my sister was still mixed with feeling of respect for her. Even though she was sleeping and would never notice, I still felt slightly guilty about touching myself in front of her. I wanted to, with all my might, but I felt I should restrain myself. Right now, I was just content to lay there and look at her naked self.

All of a sudden she awoke, her eyes open and looked at me. She smiled, a big and warm smile, almost as warm as the sun shining in on her milky white tits.

“Hi, darling brother.” she beamed at me and in an instant noticed that I was trying not to (but failing miserably) look at her breasts. She probably caught the big bulge I was trying to hide as well.

“Do you like my tits?” she giggled at me and without hesitating took them in her hands and squeezed them, pushing them together and forward to make them look even more round and supple. There was a little space in between our beds, but it still felt like those hard nipples were right up in my face. I wanted to reach out and suck on them, but just nodded silently at her question.

“You want to see my pussy too, don’t you?”

Wow, little Angie was getting frisky here, and I wasn’t going to lie to her so I nodded yes and told her that I did. Without even blinking, she removed the covers and revealed her fully naked body to me. Her pussy was neatly shaved except for a small tuft of hair, and in the summer sun I could see tiny droplets of clear liquid on her cunt lips. My little sister was getting turned on by all of this. Without asking me if I wanted to see her touch herself, she started to finger her pussy. Slowly and seductively. The bulge in my pants grew into a raging hardon (as our grandpa would put it) and I started to rub it through my briefs.

“Take it out,” my sister moaned. “I want to see it, I want to see you play with it.” I wasn’t going to disappoint her, so I pulled down my briefs. My dick was pointing straight out, and by now it was rock hard.

“Go ahead, jerk it for me. Jerk your cock for your sister, but do it slowly. I want to see everything.”

I started to tug on it, taking my sweet time when pulling down the foreskin on my uncircumcised dick, exposing the head to my now bug-eyed sister. I don’t think she was aware of it, but she started to lick her lips and fingering herself even faster. The pace of my masturbating picked up as well, I wasn’t really trying to cum just yet but I could feel that it would soon be inevitable. My sister now had several fingers up her cunt and was really going at it, I had a feeling she would be cumming soon. Before I could finish that thought, her eyes rolled back, she tilted her head backwards and tried her best to muffle her loud moans and squeaks. She was cumming alright, big time.

My sister was laying in her bed and positively glowing, absolutely radiating in the wake of her powerful orgasm. I was still jerking off to the unbelievable sight, getting closer and closer to cumming with every second and every stroke. As I was nearing orgasm, my sister looked my dead in the eye.

“Jerk it off all over my face!” I asked her if she was sure, and she said she couldn’t be more sure. “I want your cum all over my face, my sweet brother. All over my face and in my mouth, just spray it all over me.”

That was all it took, and I stumbled over to the side of my sister’s bed and started to jack off in front of her. Angela tilted her head Kars Escort backwards, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. In seconds, my balls started to tingle and I could feel my cum well up from my balls. I was cumming, and I was cumming hard. My sister’s head jerked backwards ever so slightly as my first shot of sperm hit her square on her forehead. As it dribbled down onto her nose, my second string of gooey sperm landed across her cheek. Then I remembered that she wanted that cum in her mouth as well, so I pointed my cock towards it and let the next three big pumps of cum go directly down her throat. Without wrinkling her nose or gagging, she drank it all down like milk. I couldn’t believe it, my little sister was a certified cum drinker!

I was still stroking my dick and breathing heavily when grandma called to us from the kitchen. It was time for breakfast, and even though we were both famished we thought it was best if we both took a shower first.

“We’ll be down in a second, grandma! Me and Angie are just going to take a shower first, ok?” I yelled back.

“Sure thing, hun! Just don’t take all day, your breakfast’s going to go cold on you!” We promised we’d make it a quick one, so we decided to share a shower, me and my sister. Time to wash all that sweat and cum off ourselves. We started to lather ourselves up, but pretty soon we were soaping up each other, touching and squeezing and feeling one another. I looked at my sister, my gorgeous darling sister, and before we knew it our lips met in a passionate kiss.

“I love you, Angela,” I said as we broke our kiss. “I love you too brother, I always have,” Angie replied and we kissed again. A deep and long kiss, a kiss between two siblings who loved one another.

When we had cleaned and dried ourselves, we both hurried into the kitchen, totally naked of course. We were starving, and grandma Sylvia had created a veritable feast for our breakfast. She was wearing nothing but an apron (amusingly one of those “Kiss the Cook” ones), and that poor apron did its best to contain her hot and sexy body. Those big boobs of hears were definitely overflowing, to put it mildly. Angie and I both agreed that we had one hot granny, and we let her know this.

“Thanks, sweeties. You’re not so bad yourselves, you know that? I’ve got a slutty granddaughter with a nice set of tits, and a sexy ass hunk for a grandson, with a massive dick to boot. What more could a grandmother want?” Me and Angie both giggled at granny, we’d never heard her talk like this before but we definitely welcomed the change.

“Where’s grandpa?” Angela asked and giggled.

“Oh, he’s out mowing the lawn. We’ll be having a little party our in the yard today as well, if you know what I mean. Me and grandpa thought we’d teach you kids a few things, if you’re up for it,” she answered and blew us both a couple of kisses. And boy, were we ever up for it! “But finish your breakfast first kids, you’ll need all the energy you can get,” she said laughing. She didn’t have to tell us twice, we were hungry as hell and excited to find out what our grandparents had in store for us.

“So, did you kids get a good night’s sleep?” grandma asked us, “or did you do other things besides sleeping?”

“Actually, we slept like babies,” Angie said, “but we managed to have some fun before you called us down for breakfast.”

“Go on, tell me what happened. Did you suck your brother’s dick, sweetheart?”

“Nothing like that. Yet..” she said and smiled at me. “We just masturbated a little, and he came in my face.”

“That’s great, dearie. I’m sure there will be plenty more of that before you have to go back home to your parents.” I was sure of that as well, in fact I was pretty damn positive.

We finished our breakfast and joined grandpa out in the yard. He had just finished mowing the lawn and the sweat was glistening off his naked body. For his age, he still looked very muscular and fit. Angie couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Wow grandpa, you look hot as hell, sweaty and all. Makes me dripping wet for your hard cock again.”

“Kind of hard to say no to that, don’t you think Sylvia? Come and get it, if you want it.” he laughed and laid down on the freshly cut lawn. His cock was already stiff and Angie wasted no time. She was already down on her knees and in between grandpa Joe’s legs, sucking his balls, caressing the shaft and licking his massive head. Grandpa put his hands behind his head and let out a loud groan.

“That’s it, you little minx. Your mouth and tongue feels so good on grandpa’s cock.” Angela, with her mouth full of cock, moaned in appreciation and started bobbing her tight little mouth up and down grandpa Joe’s member. A huge grin spread across his face as Angie put her tongue to good use, licking the bottom of the cock as her head kept on bobbing.

I was getting hornier by the second, and started to touch myself, rubbing and stroking my penis. I wanted to walk over to the twosome and start Kars Escort Bayan to feed my sister my dick, but then thought to myself that my time would come. I couldn’t deny grandpa his moment of pleasure, no matter how good it would feel to have that sweet 19-year old mouth all over my dick. Grandma was no slouch when it came to dick sucking, but Angela obviously had plenty of practice in that area.

I was just about to ask my granny if she wanted to suck me off, when I noticed that she had positioned herself right next to grandpa Joe, with her knees up and her legs spread. I had front row seats to her pussy, and it looked very moist and inviting.

“Care to come on over here and lick your grandma’s pussy, sweetie?” she asked me, her finger beckoning me. I wasn’t very skilled in that area of expertise, yet I started to walk over to her without thinking twice. Wobbly-legged and with a tingle in my stomach, as if I was entranced, I dropped to my knees and crawled in between her nice and plump legs. I started to caress grandma Sylvia all over her body, across her tits, across her stomach and all over her marvelous thighs. Before diving headfirst into pleasuring her pussy with my tongue and mouth, I let my lips travel all over her, kissing as they go. I started to kiss my way up her belly, kissing her belly button before finally arriving at her massive mammories. As I kneaded and caressed her left breast, I gently took her right nipple into my mouth and started to suck on it. Grandma started to pant and moan, her hands clutching my back and ass cheeks. As I sucked harder and more intently on her nipple, her fingers started to drill themselves deeper into my cheek. Not to the point that it started to hurt, but it turned me on like hell. Before I knew it, and this took me somewhat by surprise, her index finger found its way towards my asshole. She didn’t try to pry it open with force, but gently massaged the entrance and every now and then stuck the tip of her finger ever so slightly into my rectum.

“Oh shit, grandma. That feels so amazing!” I groaned and moaned as I took my mouth off her nipple with an audible plop.

“It does, doesn’t it? Grandpa loves it, I knew you would too. Tell you what, I want you to stick your tongue in my mouth and kiss me deeply.” Didn’t need a second invitation for that, as our lips met and I started to french kiss my grandmother.

Right next to us, Angie was working her oral magic on grandpa’s throbbing dick. Her saliva was going everywhere, as she was really slobbering and drooling all over the entire length of the shaft. I was wondering if he would be able to hold out much longer, but grandma ensured me that he would be able to cum at least one more time during the day, maybe even twice.

“I think it’s time for you to put your tongue up my cunt, what do you say?” she smiled at me and kissed me once again.

“Sure grandma, I’ll do anything you want me to.” I said with an even bigger smile, and kissed my way down towards her cunt lips. As I parted the big, meaty lips, my grandma told me that I didn’t need to be scared about getting dirty and messy down there.

“Just get that tongue deep in there, swoosh it all over the place and really lick the shit out of my pussy! And don’t feel afraid about using your fingers in there, I like three or four of them up there so just do whatever feels good.” With that, I dove down and stuck my tongue right up her cunt.

“Oh dear lord, that feels good!” Grandma started to scream and groan and rub her big titties while I flicked my tongue up and down her cunt slit. I tried to be everywhere at the same time to try and give granny all the pleasure I could. At times I kissed and sucked upon her clit, then licked up and down and side to side all over her meaty flabs and every now and then I darted my tongue in and out of her hole. All the while, grandma was shivering and shaking and calling me all sorts of obscene things. All in the throes of passion, sex and amazing incest of course.

“Oh, you fucking cunt licker! Shove that fucking tongue up my cunt, do it, DO IT! Over and over and over, suck on it, lick on it, bite on it!” I tried to please her the best I could, but I quickly came to realize that when I stuck my tongue up her pussy, my grandmother turned into a beast. A frickin’ sexual earthquake, and I was feeling every tremor as she gyrated her pussy all over my face.

It must have been quite a sight. Grandson and granddaughter, on that lawn, showing their love by orally pleasuring their loving grandparents. Our tongues and mouths working up and down on that cock, and in and out of that cunt. The same cock and cunt that once helped create their own mother, it was a strange and bizarre feeling, yet it felt so incredibly good. Every single piece of this puzzle fit perfectly, so there was no hint of regret in this party of four.

Grandmas pussy was warm and dripping wet, and it tasted delicious. Tangy to the taste, but with a sweetness to it that was indescribable. Escort Kars It was unlike anything I’d ever tasted before, I could go on licking this thing forever. And I’m guessing I would get no complaints from grandma.

“Shit, that feels good baby! Oh, fuck! You’re gonna make grandma come! Soooooooooon.. gaaaaah, oh shit! Keep working that hairy fucking pussy, my sweet wonderful grandson! Grandma’s gonna blow sky high right about now!” With that, I clasped my mouth all over her clit and started to suck and lick like there was no tomorrow, and jabbed a few of my fingers up her cunt for good measure. Grandma’s entire body started to quiver and eventually arched upward as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. Her deep groan turned into a torrential scream that soon morphed into a massive roar. She came like that orgasm had hit her like a ton of bricks, and once it all subsided and she came back down to earth, she was just laying there spread eagle in all that freshly cut grass, panting and gasping for air.

“Holy shit, that felt good! My grandson sure knows how to eat a pussy.. you were amazing.” I took that as a great compliment, coming from a sexual predator like my own grandma, and especially since I didn’t even know I had it in me. I’m guessing the amazing body and sexual appetite of grandma Sylvia brought out the very best I could possibly muster.

It was then that our attention was turned elsewhere, as grandpa started to huff and puff and let everyone know that he was going to be cumming. My sister Angela, who was sucking him with slow and deep mouthfuls, took her warm and soft mouth off grandpa’s cock and started to jerk him off. In seconds, our grandfather sent his huge load shooting straight up into the air. Angie stuck out her tongue and caught several strings of sperm on her tongue as his massive amount of cum went flying into her mouth and across her face. Angie started to cough as a lot of the sperm went straight down her throat. When grandpa had stopped cumming, Angie started to lick his cock and balls clean of any cum that had been left behind, to the intense pleasure of our granddad.

“Let’s go inside kids, I think the two of you are ready for some serious fucking, don’t you think?” my grandma stated boldly with a huge grin on her face. I looked at my sister and smiled at her, and she just smiled back at me. This was it, the big one. We were finally going to be fucking grandma Sylvia and grandpa Joe. We walked up the patio and entered the house, my hand in grandma’s and Angie’s hand in grandpa’s, and all four of us eventually ended up in our grandparents great big bed. Me and gramps started to touch and caress our respective lovers, and soon we were all kissing and fingering each other. I was kissing my grandmother and shoving a couple of fingers up her pussy, causing her to moan into my mouth. Grandpa was laying next to my sister, touching her all over her body and gently kissing her as well. The sounds of lips smacking against each other started to intertwine with the sensual sounds of us moaning, as the sun shone in through the purple drapes. Me and my sister were about to get inducted into the upper echelon of incest sex, and we were both trembling with the excitement.

“What do you gals say you get on all fours next to each other, and scoot down to the edge of the bed here? Time to start this thing off on the right note, with some serious doggy.” My sister giggled like the little school girl she was and puckered up her sweet little ass, ripe for grandpa’s taking. Granny Sylvia did the same, and parked her plump, juicy butt right in front of me.

“Come and get us, boys! Fuck the shit out of us!” grandma commanded and pulled her ass cheeks apart for easier entrance. Angie was flaunting that shapely butt of hers, licking her lips with anticipation as grandpa was stroking his dick and preparing to enter her pussy.

Being the eager little 18-year old that I was, I was the first one to take action. I grabbed hold of granny’s hips, put the head of my cock up against her cunt and gave it a gentle push. As I slid more and more of my cock up her pussy, she started to groan and make all sorts of noises.

“Ooooooh, aaaaah, oh! Man, that feels… grrrrnnnnnnnn.. uuuuugh!” She was squeaking and squealing and started to thrust backwards to meet my pounding dick. In no time, we had a nice pace going. My hands around her hips, and her hands grasping my legs tightly. Her mouth hung open, her ass cheeks started to shake like jell-o from the motion and her huge tits swung wildly as I was fucking her from behind. Her “oohs” and “aahs” started to grow louder and louder with each thrust, soon that was all your could hear.

Grandpa and Angie were fucking up a storm right next to us, grandpa giving my sister everything he had with deep and hard jabs into her cunt. Whereas grandma had a deeper and lower voice, Angela expressed her excitement and horniness by letting off these shrill shrieks, or “peeps” if you will. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hang ajar, as her grandpa fucked her from behind, reaching in front of her to grab hold of her boobs as he pounded into her. Grandpas big balls were slapping soundly against my sisters ass, and it felt as if the whole bed shook as the four of us were fucking.

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