At First Sight

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Hard Cock

The quicksand slurped at my thighs, pooling around my legs like thick cement, and began oozing into my shorts. I looked up again at the branches over my head, where my top was now hanging out of reach. I had reacted quickly to my peril, but in hindsight, trying to use the thin, flexing branches as a lifeline was probably not a great idea. I could feel myself sinking, very slowly. I wasn’t too worried at this stage, fretting more over the embarrassment. Trapped in quicksand, topless, and unable to cover up while keeping my arms out for balance in the soft, unstable quicksand. Whoever came to rescue me, if anyone, would be treated to an unrestricted view of my breasts.

Just as I was pondering that, my hero arrived. He was no Tarzan, but he certainly had the looks that could kill. He was of average height, but he was very fit. His dark hair was well-groomed, with just the right amount of stubble to sharpen his defined face. His muscle shirt emphasised his strong shoulders and biceps. He carried a water bottle in his hand – like me, he was probably out for a jog in the woods. He emerged from the trees, moving aside the low branches to get a better view of me, and he certainly got it. His eyes first looked at the light brown soil that I was half-submerged in, observing how close the quicksand was to my shorts, then glancing up to admire my slim, toned abdomen and then the grand prize, my soft, round breasts. His gaze danced over my pale nipples. My eyes fluttered and I blushed, both from the embarrassment flashing my tits to him, and the thought of this well-built man coming to rescue me.

“Whoa, looks like you found a soft spot there,” he said in a calm, casual tone. “Do you need a hand?”

“Yes, that would be nice,” I replied, nearly stumbling over my words. “I think it’s quicksand.”

“Yeah, I heard the recent rains had caused some instability,” he said. “I heard some noises before, but I figured that someone was getting some quality time out here. You know, being Valentine’s Day and all. I would’ve come sooner if I knew you were in trouble. The name’s Kieran, by the way.”

“I’m Tina.” The quicksand gurgled and I settled down another inch. I had gone commando today as a bit of a naughty treat for myself, and the quicksand lapped against my labia, sending a warm shudder through my body. I breathed deeply, trying to control the sudden physical and psychological arousal. “I…I can’t feel anything under my feet.”

Kieran dropped his water bottle and approached carefully. Unable to reach, he decided to scrounge around for a branch. His calm nature was surprising. I would’ve thought most guys would’ve gone into action-mode and tried to do something stupidly heroic, especially for a topless damsel in distress. Instead, he scanned for anything that could help, carefully assessing whether something was long enough or strong enough, knowing that I wasn’t in immediate danger. The more I watched him, the more aroused I became. Maybe it was the quicksand sucking against my womanhood that was forcing me to visualise him this way. I couldn’t stop a moan from leaving my lips.

“So, what’re you doing here by yourself?” he asked without looking.

I was caught off by his casual comment. I glanced down to see my shorts disappearing into the wet sand, now rippling around my hips, while underneath I could feel a different, warmer dampness inside me. bahis siteleri Focusing on what he just said, I was surprised that he didn’t throw in a cheesy comment, or even acknowledged that I was half-naked. “Well, normally I’d be on a date with my boyfriend, but we broke up a few weeks ago.” I suddenly wasn’t sure if I should be telling him this.

“Oh hey, I broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago too,” he replied. He picked up a branch and flexed it, snapping it easily. “We’d been together for a year. Nice girl. Had the ambition. Wasn’t happy with the sex.” He sighed. “Sorry if that was too much information.”

“No, it’s fine.” I could hardly believe that someone like him could be deficient in that area. The way Kieran spoke was soft, simple and sincere. She must’ve been real bitch if she dumped him because he couldn’t satisfy her needs. His self-deprecating manner fuelled my curiosity, and the stirring in my loins heightened the tension. “Actually, I broke up with my boyfriend for a similar reason.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Kieran interrupted, echoing my previous thought.

The feeling between my legs was beginning to grow too intense. I tried shifting my weight to ease the tension, but I ended up slipping to my waist. I plunged my hands into the quicksand to anchor myself, but I couldn’t get much of a hold and my arms sank to my elbows. I stopped struggling to slow my descent, which only had a marginal effect. “He was a nice guy, but too much of a straight shooter. He was too obsessed with my boobs.”

“I can understand that,” Kieran responded. “You do have nice boobs.”

It was the first time he mentioned them, and I blushed at how low-key he made it. My skin had a layer of sweat and my chest was jutted forwards, making my breasts even more obvious to Kieran, who didn’t seem to mind. He wandered away for a few moments to look for something sturdier. Meanwhile, I couldn’t handle it anymore. It started off with soft moaning, but with Kieran out of sight I felt the inhibitions go away. My hips seemed to move on their own, gyrating under the quicksand, allowing the quicksand to flow around and between my legs. It became rhythmic. It was like being on top, but at the same time not really being in control as the quicksand pulled me deeper. I tried to keep it down as much as I could. Kieran might think I was really in danger and rush back. Or maybe I was afraid he would catch me before I reached my orgasm. It was weird that I was going through that dilemma while I was in danger, but maybe that was why it was so intense. I ended up trying too hard to make it happen that it wasn’t as satisfying as I hoped, but it was a temporary relief. My breasts, noticeably larger from my arousal, were only inches from the quivering sand. Kieran finally appeared, holding a short stick.

“What took you so long?” I asked, out of breath.

“I didn’t want to disturb you,” he said with a smile.

So he knew what I was doing. I would have been embarrassed, but he didn’t make a point of it and focused on getting me out. His soft speech, his casual demeanour – you could almost say he looked indifferent – made him stand out even more. I was still feeling horny despite my guilty pleasure moments before, and that intensity spiked once more when he took off his shirt, revealing a modestly toned body. He took a few steps into the quicksand, sinking canlı bahis siteleri to his crotch, looking for a solid bottom to reach me from.

“Are you still sinking?” he asked.

The quicksand cupped my breasts, pushing them up before oozing between them. “Yes, but not as quickly. I’m just afraid that I might go under if I make a sudden move.”

“Just keep still for now. Reach out slowly when the stick gets close to you.”

Kieran soon sank to his chest, staying around his pectorals, which meant that he had probably found a solid ledge. He had to stretch out a fair way to get the branch close enough for me to grab onto. I removed my arms from the sand and held onto the stick just as my breasts were enveloped. The warm, sticky sand felt even more intimate, like a pair of hands caressing my body, sliding under my breasts and passing over my sensitive nipples. I imagined they were Kieran’s hands. Within moments, he scooped me into his arm, and his hand really did press against my breasts.

“I don’t suppose you’ll tell me why you were out here,” he said. “It seems odd to stumble across you in this pit.”

I pushed myself up to him, allowing my bare breasts to squish against his chest. I had one arm wrapped around his waist. My other hand reached through the quicksand for his erect penis. “Could I entice you to keep it a secret?”

“I’ve heard something about this,” he said, kissing my on the forehead and nudging my nose with his. “I saw it on some TV show. You really didn’t need my help, did you?”

“I’m not one to decline a helping hand from someone…like you.” I bit his lip. “But you’re right. I wasn’t in danger.”

“And something tells me that you didn’t dump your ex-boyfriend just because he was fascinated with your tits.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because I’ve been playing with them for the past minute, and you haven’t said a word.”

My body shuddered involuntarily. He had been massaging my breasts and I had been stroking his penis. Somehow we were maintaining a coherent conversation while playing with each other, submerged in the sucking quicksand. Kieran guessed correctly. The real reason was that my ex thought I was a real weirdo because of my fetish. He found my browser history and we had an argument about turn-ons and how his interests were legitimate and mine weren’t. It both surprised and hurt me. He was a real gentleman on the outside – well educated, if not a little sheltered, and I expected him to have his own quirks. But I didn’t think he’d be so insensitive – intolerant – to someone else’s. We tried to make up for it, but it kept on popping up when we were in bed, and he always sounded like he was better than me because I had this interest. I thought I could persuade him by getting him involved, but it never felt like he would ever open up enough to consider it. And here, Kieran didn’t even think about it before wading in to rescue me.

“You’re not…into quicksand too, are you?” I asked, rubbing my head against his neck while he nibbled at my ear.

“No, not at all,” he said.

“Then why did you come in to save me?”

“Because,” he replied softly, nuzzling into my cheek. “I’m into you.”

His fingers pressed against my shorts, feeling for my wet spot. It didn’t matter that he didn’t make direct contact. Just the feeling his hand between my legs led me to the brink canlı bahis of another orgasm. I pumped his shaft with my hand and kissed him with renewed vigour. My body felt light and my head cleared as I reached another orgasm, and I could feel his shaft throb from his ejaculation. We slumped into each other’s arms, settling down to our shoulders. I whispered something in his ear, and he gave a weak nod.

Without saying another word, he began to guide me across the quaking bog and towards the solid ground he entered from. The quicksand closed over my shoulders and threatened to go over my head. He pushed me forward. I kicked away from him, reach for the edge of the pit. With another surge of energy, I forced myself up. My sand-covered breasts burst from the pit. I clawed forward, wriggling my hips free, kicking my legs out until I was laying precariously on the surface. I crawled out before it had a chance to trap me again. My shorts felt heavy and nearly slipped off. I pulled them up with one hand, smiling as the trapped sand oozing between my legs. I turned around in time to see Kieran’s head go under.

“Kieran! No!”

His hand was just out of reach. The branch was stuck in the middle of the quicksand pit and I couldn’t find anything else to reach him with. Thinking quickly, I slipped off my shorts and squirmed back into the quicksand. The feeling of the churned-up quicksand swallowing my hips again, this time with nothing covering my bottom half, filled me with another wave of pleasure. Tired from my struggle, I flung one end of my shorts over his hand. He grabbed into it with strength, nearly ripping it out of my hand. I tugged weakly, unable to gain enough leverage to pull him out with my own strength, but it seemed to be enough to move him closer. His head re-emerged. He coughed and spluttered, shaking the quicksand off. I backed myself onto the solid ground and dug my feet in, pulling him towards me. His body emerged like a sloppy swamp beast. I slipped and fell onto my back, and he slide forward on top of me. His shorts were gone too, and I could now feel his large penis pressed against the folds of my labia. His hands pinned my shoulders down and he inserted himself into me. I pressed weakly against him, unable to take my mind off his strong thrusts. Our gritty bodies rubbed against each other as we shameless made out in the middle of the woods, not caring about how much noise we made. That moment of pleasure was short, and we were both exhausted, but it was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Nothing was there to inhibit me. I felt free.

We lay naked beside the quicksand pit. My hand traced lines over his abdomen, teasingly close to his penis. “I’m surprised you followed my instructions,” I said, kissing him on the cheek.

“It was nice to try something new,” he said. He sounded sleepy. He clearly had a good time as well.

“Thanks for ‘saving’ me,” I said. “I hope your reward was good enough.” A thought flew through my mind. I had selfishly asked him to play out my fantasy and he did it without complaint. Was he really a keeper, or was I only dreaming?

“Is this what you do every Valentines?” he murmured. “Or this something you do only for…special occasions?”

“Only for special people,” I said, biting my lip.

“I’m flattered.” He kissed my ear. “I don’t suppose we could have a more conventional date, could we? A nice restaurant by the beach?”

I hugged him tightly. “Only if you show me what you’re into afterwards.”

“Oh,” he said, giving me slight hesitation. He smiled again. “I think we’ll get along just fine.”

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