Ashley’s Birthday Party

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It needs to be noted that this story contains futanari so readers aren’t surprised. I picked the incest/taboo category because I could only choose one.


Ashley’s eighteenth birthday came and went with great fanfare. Her parents and older sister took her to her favorite restaurant where the waitstaff sang Happy Birthday and the other patrons clapped for her.

After arriving back home Ashley was in her room changing into a comfortable pair of sweatpants when her sister knocked and entered.

“Ready for this weekend Ash?” inquired her older sister Kate.

The female members of the family had a longstanding tradition where when a girl turned eighteen, they would meet at the family cabin for a “girls only” weekend.

“I sure am,” Ashley responded, “why did I have to wait until I was eighteen to go? Do you guys get drunk on wine or something? Hire a male stripper?”

Kate laughed. “No, nothing like that. You’ll find out. It’s a blast!”

Two days later the three Anderson women were in Ashley’s mom’s SUV heading up to the family cabin located at a pristine lake in the foothills. Ashley’s grandmother, aunt, and cousin were coming up in a different car to meet them there.

Arriving at the cabin, Ashley and Kate helped their mother Leslie carry in the supplies that would last them the weekend. Ashley’s other relatives arrived a half-hour later bringing in some additional supplies.

Being early October, it was too early for the really cold weather but there was a little chill in the cabin air. Ashley’s Aunt Christy used some of the stacked firewood to start a cozy fire in the living room fireplace. While this was going on Leslie and her mother Janet were in the small kitchen whipping up a simple dinner.

After eating while talking and laughing, Janet disappeared into the kitchen and soon brought out a tray of six tall glasses filled with a reddish liquid.

“Alright!” squealed Ashley’s cousin Jessica, “time for grandma’s famous fruit punch!”

Ashley had drunk plenty of her grandma’s fruit punch over the years. She didn’t understand why her nineteen-year-old cousin was so enthusiastic. Was there booze in it? Ashley grew excited at the thought that her straitlaced mother was going to allow her to consume alcohol in her presence. It made her feel grown up.

“Grandma is there alcohol in it? Is that why no one under eighteen can participate in these weekends? Ashley was sure this was the answer.

Oh, no sweetheart,” answered her grandmother, “what’s in this is much better than alcohol.”

At that the rest of her family giggled. Ashley was confused and decided that it was just the energy of them being together with no family men traipsing underfoot.

“Alright everyone, grab a glass and chug it.”

Six hands grasped six glasses and fruit punch was consumed.

The punch didn’t taste like her grandma’s usual fruit punch Ashley decided. It wasn’t bad per se, just different.

“Now close your eyes baby so you can receive your present from all of us,” Mom coaxed. Ashley obediently closed her eyes. Around her she heard her relatives’ giggles and the rustle of clothing. Ashley couldn’t figure out the rustling noises. The delay was killing her. Finally, her mom said, “open your eyes baby and welcome to the birthday tradition.”

Ashley eagerly opened her eyes and was shocked by what she saw. Everyone but her was naked.

“What the hell?”

“Well sis you can’t have your birthday without being in your birthday suit,” exclaimed Kate. This caused her Aunt Christy and cousin Jessica to burst into laughter. Ashley looked at her mom for support.

“It’s okay Ashley, I promise,” Ashley’s mom said soothingly, “go ahead and take your clothes off.”

“Go ahead Ash you’ll be happy you did,” added Grandma Janet.

Ashley was stunned. Were her family a bunch of nudists? It would be weird to be naked around them. Of course, being the only one with clothes on was weird too. Finally coming to a decision, Ashley swiftly divested herself of her t-shirt, shorts, and underclothes. She modestly covered her pussy and tits.

“Just in time honey,” said Ashley’s grandma.

Ashley was about to respond when a sudden pressure caught her by surprise. The pressure was centered at the top of her private area. She lifted her hand away to look down and was amazed at what happened next. Ashley’s clitoris began to grow out until it became a fully formed penis. A fully formed large penis. It was much bigger than her boyfriends.

“Fuck yeah,” came a voice to her right. Ashley looked at her sister Kate who was also growing a large penis. One by one her female relatives all grew penises. Not penises, she thought. Cocks. Big, thick cocks.

“Mom, how is this possible?”

“A wonderful secret passed down from female family member to female family member. At eighteen all female members are Ankara bayan escort let in on the family tradition.”

“Mom it is not possible for women to just grow dicks. It is scientifically impossible.”

Her grandmother spoke up. “Some things in nature cannot be explained by science. Besides, don’t you believe you own eyes?”

Ashley reached out and touched her penis. No doubt it was real. “So, we all came up here so we could all grow dicks?”

“Well that is the first step,” her grandmother replied. She quickly knelt before her granddaughter. Before Ashley could stop her, Grandma Janet engulfed Ashley’s dick into her mouth.

“Grandma what are you — oh wow.”

“Enjoy baby,” said Ashley’s mom, “your grandma can suck a mean dick.”

The other relatives crowded around to get a good look at Ashley’s blowjob. Looking to her right Ashley could see that her Aunt and cousin were slowly stroking each other’s dicks. Meanwhile her mother was squeezing her older sister’s ass while her sister repaid the favor by stroking her mother’s nipples.

Ashley had never felt anything so good in all her life. No wonder guys were always trying to get blowjobs. After about two minutes her grandma stopped, and Ashley’s mother took her place. Her mom looked up at her with pure love in her eyes as she sucked and licked. After her mother it was her sister, then her aunt, and finally her cute cousin. Each one brought Ashley unbelievable pleasure. As her cousin was blowing her, Ashley felt an urgency in her dick. Instinctively she knew she was about to come.

“I’m going to come!”

Quickly her other relatives dropped to their knees besides Jessica.

“Go ahead Ash,” her mother said huskily, “cover our faces with your jizz!”

Ashley gripped her cock and began to pump. The first barrage hit her cousin Jessica in the face. Aiming her cock, Ashley drenched her relatives in cum. Her boyfriend never came this much she thought. After she finished, Ashley took a step back, totally drained. Her relatives began to lick up and swap her cum between them.

“Time for the poker chip game, Mom?” asked Kate eagerly.

“You bet! Grab the stuff out of the kitchen drawer.”

“What is the poker chip game?” asked Ashley.

“You’ll find out cuz,” Jessica winked at her younger cousin.

Kate came back with a purple velvet bag and five clay poker chips of different colors: red, blue, white, green, and black.

“This is the first year we have had to use a black chip,” Aunt Christy remarked.

The five chips were placed into the velvet bag and swirled around. As the matriarch of the family Grandma Janet chose first and pulled out the white chip. Ashley’s mother went next and drew the black. Then in succession Aunt Christy (blue) and Kate (red) made their selections leaving Jessica to draw out the green chip.

“You see baby each color represents a part of your body. We start there and then rotate. It’s all about your pleasure for your birthday,” her mother explained.

Kate dropped in front of her sister and quickly engulfed Ashley’s cock. Her Aunt Christy also dropped to her knees but ducked lower and fastened her mouth over her niece’s pussy. Ashley gasped over the double sensations. The sensation increased when her grandmother parted her asscheeks and drove her tongue into her granddaughter’s rectum.

“Oh, grandma, that’s . . . that’s so nasty!”

“You’ve never eaten ass, Ash?” her mom asked standing in front of her.

“No, but ohhhh my god.”

Leslie smiled and passionately kissed her daughter. Ashley eagerly returned the kiss. Jessica completed the sextet but wrapping her mouth around Ashley’s left nipple and giving it a hearty suck. For the next ten minutes all that was heard were the sounds of slurping and Ashley’s mouth covered moans.

Leslie leaned back from her daughter.

“Switch,” she called out.

Silently the five women rotated. It was clear that they had done this before. Leslie dropped behind her daughter and took over ass duty. Grandma Janet slid underneath and drove her tongue deep into Ashley’s pussy. Aunt Christy swirled her tongue around Ashley’s cockhead while jerking the long shaft. Kate squeezed her sister’s tits while alternately kissing both nipples. Ashley and her cousin exchanged long sloppy kisses, swirling their tongues together.

After everyone had gotten a turn at each “station” Ashley’s five relatives walked to the back of one of the two living room couches and leaned their elbows onto the back, giving Ashley a good look at five fine looking asses.

“Time to go down the line Ashley,” called out her mother, “start with your sister on the end.”

“Go down the line?”

“Yeah sis, come on and fuck me. We all want to feel your big dick,” Kate urged.

Still trying to make sense of the situation, Ashley stepped up behind her older sister.

“Either Escort bayan Ankara hole, sis, it’s your birthday party.”

Ashley was shocked. “Either hole, do you mean . . .?”

Ashley’s mother chuckled. “You heard right Ashley. Your sister is a total anal slut.” This caused riotous laughter from the rest of the line.

“Uh, how about I start with your pussy instead Kate?” asked Ashley.

“You’re the birthday girl,” her sister replied, “maybe will save the ass for later.” Looking back at her sister Kate gave a big wink.

Ashley slid her cock into Kate’s pussy. Kate was so wet that the large appendage glided in smoothly.

“Wow, Kate, this is just wow!” Ashley was at a lost for words.

“I know how you feel Ash,” piped up Jessica, “I can still remember how it felt for me last year when I first fucked my mom.”

“Take your time sweetheart so you don’t come too fast,” advised her grandmother. It was good advice as Ashley almost came twice before she could make her way down the line.

At the other end was her mother. Ashley zealously plunged into the cunt that birthed her and began thrusting rapidly.

“Oh, god Mom I love you so much!” whimpered Ashley in the throes of passionate lust.

“I love you too my heart, my soul,” Leslie responded, “fuck me faster. Love me with your thick cock.”

A dutiful daughter always, Ashley sped up her thrusts.

“Yes! Yes!” Ashley, baby, you’re going to make me come!” Ashley’s mom felt the quavering of a tremendous orgasm.

“Fuck her hard Ash!” Kate yelled, “come in her so I can eat the creampie!”

That nasty utterance was enough to drive Ashley over the edge. With a grunt she came, flooding her mother’s cunt with thick ropes of milky white juice. Leslie howled as she came from both her pussy and cock, staining the back of the couch with her pearly essence.

Ashley stepped back and took a deep breath. To her surprise after that megacum her cock was still hard.

Aunt Christy saw the look on her niece’s face. “Don’t worry Ashley you’ll be able to fuck all night with that thing. There is no limit to how much cum you can spurt.”

Ashley looked down and saw that her sister had not hesitated. She was on her knees slurping up the tasty mixtures of fluids.

“Fuuuuck Kate! Eat it baby, eat it all,” Leslie moaned. She used her arms and elbows to support herself as she was currently and understandably weak in the legs at that moment.

Ashley felt a hand squeezing her ass. She turned her head to be kissed by her grandmother. The two generations intermingled tongues. Ashley reached out and fondled her grandma’s lush tit.

“Ready to switch it up Ash?” asked Janet.

“Switch it up? What do you mean?”

“We’re going to take turns fucking the hell out of the birthday girl,” put in Aunt Christy.

Ashley was guided to the other sofa and placed on her hands and knees. Without any fanfare Aunt Christy slid her dick up her niece’s love hole and began to vigorously fuck.

“Jerk your cock while I fuck you Ash,” Aunt Christy panted. Ashley complied, stroking her shaft as she was well fucked by her aunt’s abundant cockmeat. After ten or so minutes Aunt Christy withdrew to be replaced by her daughter. Cousin Jessica fucked with youthful exuberance, giving her cousin a powerful pussy-induced orgasm. Ten minutes later Grandma Janet took over, slapping her granddaughter’s ass heartily as she pounded teenage cunt. Janet was replaced by her daughter Leslie (who had since recovered her legs). Leslie reached under Ashley and cupped her pert breasts as she humped her daughter’s tight twat. Finally, Kate lustily pounded her sister causing Ashley’s pussy to spasm in delight.

The other family members stroked their cocks as they watch the display of sisterly affection.

“Pull out Kate so we can drown this hot slut,” Grandma Janet commanded.

“Lay on the floor on your back Ash so we can add the frosting to the cake,” Leslie joked. Ashley obeyed and lay sprawled on the thick rug between the two couches. Her five family members stood over her, manipulating their fat dicks.

Jessica spurted first, coating Ashley’s stomach in thick, white fluid. Kate followed, hosing down Ashley’s chest. Three more cocks erupted, coating Ashley from head to pussy.

Ashley’s family immediately began to lick, lap, and suck up the sweet sauce.

“Here Ashley, have a taste,” Kate stuck a cum covered finger into Ashley’s mouth. Girlcum was delicious, Ashley thought. Much sweeter and less salty than what was produced by her boyfriend.

After cleaning up the birthday girl (and exchanging several cum swapped kisses) Ashley and her family caught their breath.

“What comes next,” Ashley asked eagerly. Her family smiled at the acceptance and desire of the newest participant.

Ashley’s grandma fell backwards onto the couch. “Ashley my heart, Bayan escort Ankara why don’t you come over here and pound me with that big cock.”

Ashley smiled. “Are you saying that you want youngest granddaughter to fuck you?”

“Oh yes,” her grandmother answered, “give me that huge girldick.”

Ashley crossed over to the couch, leaned over, and slid her cock into her grandmother’s cunt. Ashley couldn’t believe how silky her grandmother’s pussy felt. The feeling was incredible.

“Oh grandma, I can’t believe how good this feels.”

“It feels great to me too sweetheart. Now give me a good, hard fuck!”

“Yes ma’am,” Ashley replied, speeding up her thrusting. Ashley’s older sister Kate darted down and began to suck her grandmother’s cock, adding to Janet’s pleasure. Not leaving her sister out, Kate reached around and penetrated her little sister’s asshole with two fingers and began to saw them in and out.

On the other couch Ashley’s other relatives were not idle. Jessica straddled the arm of the couch and fed her aunt her thick prick. Leslie sucked fervently, impatient for a bellyful of her niece’s cum. Aunt Christy lustily fucked her sister missionary style while frenetically jerking off Leslie’s cock.

The small living room echoed with the moans and groans of the rutting women. Having the least experience with a cock, Ashley came first. Shuddering, she hosed down the very pussy that her mother emerged from thirty-nine years earlier. Pulling out, a second barrage struck her sister in the face. Kate removed her mouth from her grandma’s cock and caught as much spunk as she could in her mouth.

“Katie, honey, come share that cockjuice with me,” her grandmother urged. Replacing her mouth with her hand, Kate slid up her grandmother’s lush body and swapped her sister’s cum with her grandparent.

Over on the other couch, Ashley’s aunt gave a grunt, pulled out, and sprayed Ashley’s mother’s stomach and tits with a copious amount of jism. Jessica squealed and erupted into her Aunt Leslie’s mouth. Despite her best efforts, Leslie couldn’t swallow it all and the cum dribbled down her face onto her neck. Seeing the tasty treat, Christy leaned down and began to lap up her daughter’s seed. Not wanting to be left out, Jessica dropped down and began to eat her mother’s tasty jizz off of her aunt’s bountiful tits.

After a brief respite, the celebrating family swapped partners and continued the orgy. Christy rode her younger niece’s cock, while her own dick rubbed up and down Ashley’s stomach. Kate stood up on the couch to the side and fed her thick meat to both her aunt and sister. Christy and Ashley ran their mouths and tongues over the shaft, both eager for the sweet cream.

On the floor in front of the fireplace Jessica was being spit roasted. Grandma Janet pounded the teenage pussy while her elder daughter facefucked her niece. Janet and Leslie leaned over Jessica’s back and traded passionate French kisses while Jessica jerked her own cock.

After multiple wad-spurting orgasms, more couplings. The night became a blur of fucking and sucking.

Ashley took her cousin’s dick up her ass as she fucked her mother’s mouth.

Kate and her grandmother double teamed her aunt, Kate fucking her aunt’s wet pussy while her grandmother fucked her younger daughter’s tight asshole.

Leslie gave her sister and niece a dual blowjob while mother and daughter fingered each other’s assholes and ardently exchanged kisses.

Kate fucked Ashley missionary style while their grandmother jerked a hot load over both their faces.

Janet then placed her hands on the mantlepiece bracing herself while her granddaughters ate her holes, Kate tonguing her pussy while Ashley enthusiastically ate her first asshole. Kate then bent over and Ashley kept her earlier promise by battering her older sister’s bumhole.

While fucking her sister, Ashley felt a pressure on her own ass and turned her head to see her mother preparing to sodomize her. Ashley gave her a smile and a nod. Leslie returned her smile and grinded her motherly prick up Ashley’s asshole.

At some point, the older ladies arranged everyone into a daisy chain. Christy shoved two fingers into Leslie’s twat as she sucked the sisterly pole. Leslie gorged her mouth on her mother’s cock, eager for her dam’s thick cum. Janet sucked Ashley’s cock deep into her mouth while Ashley energetically blew her older sister. Kate teased her cousin Jessica’s butthole with her finger while sliding her tongue along the thick cousindick. Jessica completed the circle by taking her mother’s cock into her throat, desiring to give Christy a shuddering orgasm. The women all shot their loads within five minutes of each other, then rearranged themselves and began sucking anew.

The orgy lasted until the wee hours. Finally fucked out, the family paired up and went off to the three bedrooms to get some much-needed sleep. As Ashley nodded off in her mother’s arms their dicks shrunk back into normal sized clits. For Ashley, it was the most incredible night of her life. She felt closer to her family than ever and looked forward to the next “girls’ getaway.”

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