Ash and Abby

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I was a freshman in college the first time I ever made out with a girl. Since late high school, I had been looking at girls a little differently, and decided that I was bi-curious, and I was very intrigued by the thought of being with a girl.

Before freshman year, I had also never gotten drunk before. I drank a couple times with some friends, but there were never any girls I was interested in around. One night when I was working at the Residence Hall I lived in, I met a cute girl that was in some of the same art classes that I was taking and we began talking about assignments and teachers and such. We decided that we were both too cool to not be friends. We started talking through the internet first, but eventually, she came over to my wing and started hanging out with my boyfriend and I, and several other friends.

At first I thought Ash was adorable. Her hair is always put up cute and artsy, and she is always wearing cute, creative outfits. I finally started thinking that this might be my opportunity to experiment a bit. She went from adorable, to sexy very quickly.

One night, we were all drinking in the res halls. I was getting pretty drunk, and Ash and I kept sneaking over to my room together to get more vodka. A friend came with us one night, and before we left my room to go back to our friends, he said “Why don’t you two just kiss.” Apparently we had been “almost” kissing all night. We looked at each other and moved closer to each other, then eventually our lips met, and we kissed for the first time.

We basically made izmit escort out the rest of the night in my boyfriends bed. Her boobs are way bigger than mine and I couldn’t stop grabbing them all night.

Our relationships proceeded like this for the rest of the year. We always went to parties and made out the whole time. It seemed like we were never able to take it any further because one or both of us was always on our period. I never stopped trying to get between her legs though….

Finally, one night a couple years later, after we both turned 21, we went out to some bars in the city. All night I wanted to rip her clothes off of her so I could finally get what I had wanted for so long. I was teased and tormented all night and could hardly wait any longer.

We went to a dance club and ended up dancing out on the floor forever. It was amazing, especially because I never dance with anyone, and this felt so incredible. The whole bar was full of people, but no one in the place mattered except Ash. We were rubbing up on each other and almost kissing, but we would pull away before we did because there were so many perverted idiots around and we didn’t feel like getting stolen and raped.

On the way home, all I wanted her to do was come into the back seat so I could tear her pants off and lick her clit the way I wanted to. She told me we had to wait until we got home, because our friend was driving us.

When we got home, we stat downstairs for a few minutes and had another drink. Then, she led me upstairs, and I began to get even more turned izmit kendi evi olan escort on than I already was all night. We went up to her boyfriends room, locked the door, and she slowly started taking my shirt off. We fell onto the bed and she ran her hands up and down my tummy, making her way to my nipples, eventually letting her mouth found its way to my nipples as well.

She ran her hand down and stopped it at my belly button. I wanted so bad for her to keep moving her hand down, and into my pants, but it didn’t happen yet….

We began kissing and making out, and I took her shirt off so I could finally see what was under it… She kept looking me in the eyes and saying “you’re so pretty”, then kissing me and running her hands up and down my body.

Finally, she slowly moved her hand down into my pants, but not into my underwear. She ran her fingers down the crease of my thighs and then slowly up through the middle until she found my clit. She rubbed it a few times and pulled her hand back out. She kept kissing me and I was ready to explode and all I wanted her to do was take my pants off and lick my clit because I couldn’t take it anymore. She looked me into the eyes and said “do you think I can give you an orgasm?”. I looked back at her, smiled and said, “I don’t know, I guess you could try?” ?

She ran her hand back down into my pants, but this time she went inside my underwear, and found her way right to my clit, and slid right past it to feel how wet I was. She got her finger wet and brought it back up to my clit and rubbed it slowly. It felt so amazing just to have her beside me in bed, but she was making me feel better than I ever thought I could.

We kept making out while she was rubbing my clit and then she looked at me again and said, “I bet I could give you an orgasm with my tongue.” With this said, she pulled my pants off and positioned herself beside my body. She slowly moved her head down towards my body and when I felt her tongue touch my clit and I almost had an orgasm already. The feeling was the most amazing feeling I have had. She kept moving her tongue slowly back and forth across my clit and then she put 2 of her fingers inside of me. As she licked, she moved her fingers in and out of me which added to the incredible pleasure she was giving me. I was so turned on before we started that I knew this wouldn’t take long for me. I began writhing my body and arching my back and knew I was getting ready to have an orgasm. I was moaning and getting louder because it felt so good, and Ash tried to get me to be quieter since her boyfriend was probably right outside the door and there were others downstairs.

Finally I clenched my toes and arched my back high on the bed and had the best orgasm I have ever had. From a girl. From Ash. I wanted to return the favor so badly, but mother nature apparently didn’t want to me that night. We made out more, and laid in bed with our shirts off. We let ash’s boyfriend come into the room, after I put my clothes back on, even though as kept hers off. We all laid in bed together as I still kissed and licked Ash’s boobs.

Since this night, I can’t get my mind off of her and want to return the favor so badly! Maybe when I do, I’ll write about it again….. We’ll see.

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