As I Want You to Be Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: There’s some character development and overarching plot and some set up for future chapters here, so it’s not a pure sex story.

Reader feedback for LJ in particular is the main reason I’ve added to this story, so feedback – positive or negative – is always welcome.

Oh, and yes. It’s Kay.

What happened when Mia and LJ left The Jungle…

Mia brought her sexy high school jock back to her apartment complex and inside her fourth floor walk up. LJ followed closely, watching Mia’s strawberry blonde hair bounce and fighting the urge to take two stairs at a time.

Once inside, Mia kicked off her heels and LJ followed suit with her converses.

LJ found herself in a full kitchen with a combo washer/dryer in the corner. Over the breakfast bar, she saw an open living room with dark espresso leather sleeper couch and easy chair set, a 72 inch TV with a massive sound system, and matching dark cherry walnut end tables, bookless bookcases, and a coffee table. The only furniture that didn’t match was a rather conspicuously empty coat rack.

“Have you had any dinner?” Trying the cute boi’s tongue tempted Mia immediately, but her annoying caretaker instincts forced her to offer comfort to a houseguest first. “There are mini pizzas in the freezer and there’s root beer in the fridge. I’m going to freshen up a bit.”

While her hostess visited the little girls’ room, LJ raided the freezer. To her eyes, Mia exuded sophistication and glamour. The twenty-something lesbian apartment – complete with indulgent food and stylish furniture – didn’t diminish that for her. It screamed freedom and choice, two things LJ wanted nearly as much as she wanted Mia. She grabbed a couple grilled caesar organic 7 inch pizzas and popped them in for the 3 minutes recommended.

Mia filled her fridge with girl food (other than a pack of Marlboro Reds which confused LJ as Mia wasn’t a smoker). She kept flavored cream cheese, pakora, Barq’s, celery sticks and cut carrots, pomegranates and avocados, feta cheese, baghrir and honey butter, cranberry juice, banana chips, and…beer.

An entire shelf held various brews; blueberry harvest ale, maple bacon porter, sour cherry stout, chocolate lager, java dunkel, irish red, and more. LJ might have gotten away with chugging at least one, if she hadn’t been overwhelmed with options.

“I think I said root beer, no?” Mia smiled and got the pizzas out of the microwave. “It’s right there in the door. Glasses are in the cabinet.”

“Please? Just one beer?” LJ pleaded.

“Well…” Mia pretended to consider, thinking the allure that a forbidden beer had for the excited teen was cute. “Maybe just one. But leave the vanilla dubbel alone. Those are mine.”

LJ snatched a strawberry sour ale. Her face scrunched up when she found the taste to actually be sour, and Mia nearly fell off her stool at the breakfast bar from laughter. The teen brushed off her rumpled dignity and hurried to more conversation.

“Why do you have so many cool beers?”

“A ‘friend’ of mine works at a local craft brewery and specialty beer importer. She keeps me well stocked.”

“What do you do for her?”

Mia smiled and said nothing.


“Now, now. Wipe that wounded look off your face, Handsome. I’m thrilled to take you to bed and teach you a few things tonight, but I don’t do commitment. I’m happy to give away some free milk, but I’m not looking to buy a cow.”

“What?” The internally mixed metaphor just confused poor LJ.

“It’s an old saying and I’m not exactly sure how to apply it clearly in our case. It mainly means that I’m not looking to get relationship-y. Besides, even if I wanted the girlfriend thing, I’m way too old for you.”

“How old are you?”

“That’s a rude question.”

“You asked me first.”

Mia smiled again.

“I’m 25. And you’re making me feel ancient. So, are you ready to go have some fun before my old bones crumble?”

LJ hopped off her stool at the invitation and followed Mia to her bedroom.

The queen bed dominated the small room. The comforter and pillows were modern too and the head and foot boards were upholstered with the same dark espresso leather as the living room set. The inexperienced LJ would soon learn why that was such a good idea.

“You said something *long, lingering kiss* about wanting to lick my pussy next?” Mia asked the hot and bothered LJ.

“Uh-huh.” An aggressive Mia pulled her into another impassioned kiss. The sweet boi’s head started swimming again and she’d have said yes to almost anything. Being offered exactly what she wanted barely registered as she fell back under the sexual influence of her hot new teacher.

Mia recognized the haze of lust in her young lover. It was both flattering and energizing. Having a naïve baby butch proved a strong aphrodisiac.

Mia continued kissing LJ while removing her wool overshirt and paused briefly while pulling her tank and sports bra off. The femme drew her hips back to access Şerifali Escort and drop the baggy pants and help LJ step out of them. She also ripped off the useless thigh harness and tossed it aside.

Naked, LJ looked remarkably feminine. She certainly maintained a very high level of fitness and focused on cardio primarily, so her body exhibited long lean muscle. Yet her small breasts were pliant, her hips curved (albeit narrowly), and the pouty lips peeking from between her firm thighs were all-girl.

Mia had no “in depth” designs between those pouty lips, alluring as they were. Taking LJ’s virginity that way constituted a bigger step than Mia would undertake. Most girls feel nervous and vulnerable about their unbroken hymens, and little butch girls usually more than most. Mia just wanted a fun night and had plenty of juicy fruits in mind to sample without popping LJ’s cherry.

“It would now *kiss* be your turn *kiss* to undress me.”

Mia’s hands kneaded the newly-naked LJ’s muscular ass, which distracted the sexy young boi.

“I said, ‘undress me,’ Handsome.” Mia bit down on her lip mid-kiss to empathize her point. LJ had found herself a skilled teacher, but not a patient one. She soon also found her hands pulled to Mia’s hem in irritation. There they fumbled briefly before Mia lost her patience entirely.

“So very lucky that you’re handsome.” Mia shoved LJ backward onto her waiting bed, “I suppose I’ll have to take my clothes off myself, LJ.”

The cute young boi felt embarrassed at having failed to kiss and disrobe her consummate lover at the same time.

Any mortification she may have felt however was quickly overcome by a new wave of lust at the sight of a shirtless Mia, who’d never disappointed a woman with her nakedness.

LJ wasn’t a tough crowd either. She’d never seen a topless woman in person, outside of a locker room. There LJ discreetly avoided even glancing at other girls for fear of outing herself. From Mia’s bed, she watched with rapt attention and loved every second.

Mia herself knew she’d been a trifle too demanding and liked to show off besides, so she made some spectacle of herself as she shimmied to shake her full, bare breasts and slowly peeled off her tight blue jeans.

“Alright,” Mia relented and indicated her tiny pink and green striped thong, “you can remove the last bit.”

LJ sat up eagerly. Her fingers stretched the fabric to get between the thong and Mia’s warm skin, then pried the material down Mia’s firm thighs until it slipped off her calves.

Her landing strip was strawberry blonde too.

LJ instinctively followed the Mia’s magic scent toward its source and Mia had to stop the baby butch from going to her knees.

“Silly boi, let me lay back first and you can explore to your heart’s content.”

And LJ’s heart was very content as she feasted between Mia’s spread legs. She knelt there at the foot of the bed while Mia laid comfortably supported by a pile of soft pillows and sighed.

LJ lapped at her new fount of pleasure, losing herself in the smell, taste, and smoothness of warm, wet cunny. The soft little hairs tickled her nose and threatened to make her sneeze, but she soldiered through. Her fervent tongue dipped deep and lapped shallow, down to her taint and up to her mons, over her lips from one upper thigh to the other. She was quite determined to know her first lover’s most intimate place with utter thoroughness and devotion.

Mia sighed and enjoyed. Her hand occasionally tousled LJ’s shaggy brown locks and murmured encouragement. The teen’s tongue in her warmed snatch was pleasant, if little more than pleasant.

Going down on a woman is very like riding a bike. Once you learn to ride your first, you can apply the skill to others with slight adjustments. As you develop your skill, you can ride faster and longer. Or you can have a very satisfying, leisurely ride to your intended destination.

But it is a skill, have no doubt. And very few people are successful on their first ride. Most end up falling on their ass.

Mia let her young lover satiate her curiosity for a while, but was driven to action as her own arousal waxed and odds of satisfaction waned.

“LJ, would you like to see a real strapon?” Mia felt no urge to wound the baby dyke’s pride, but wanted something more substantial inside her than a rollicking – but directionless – tongue.

LJ’s head came up. She reluctantly abandoned her prize at the suggestion of another fantasy that was still dearer and now nearer.

Mia smiled flirtatiously and rolled over to make a selection from her toy drawer in her dark cherry walnut nightstand. LJ admired the curve of her feminine back and the rise of her smooth buttocks. Her thighs were every bit as inviting from behind and LJ licked her lips at the thought of returning to her dewy folds.

Mia’s will prevailed and LJ was soon distracted by the strapon.

It was actually fairly commonplace; about seven inches of baby Şerifali Escort Bayan blue rubberized plastic with a tapered bulb on one end and a clit-rubbing nub on the other to be attached by leather straps worn as a thong. Still, LJ had never seen anything more immediately enticing, besides Mia herself.

LJ remained kneeling mouth-agape while Mia smiled knowingly and fastened the straps onto the cute boi.

“Are you ready for this?” Mia asked, mostly playfully, but with a touch of concern. Also with a bit of dirty pool as she pressed the breasts and hips that she knew that LJ liked so well against the teen’s hard body and strapon.

“Ready, yes, I’m.” Luckily, Mia wasn’t a stickler for syntax and took LJ’s meaning instead.

LJ wanted it and bad. She wanted to tell Mia how she’d had liquid dreams awake and asleep about bringing a gorgeous – but faceless – woman to rapture, usually missionary-style and with a detachable cock. She needed Mia to know her teen gratitude for the opportunity to fulfill those ardent dreams and that Mia’s face would now be the one she saw in all her fantasies. Although LJ couldn’t express the sentiment, she thought it very hard.

And Mia knew.

She reclined back onto her back again, this time pulling LJ on top of her. The shaggy brunette’s slim hips lay against the strawberry blonde’s parted thighs, the strapon pressed between their flat stomachs.

Mia kissed the sexy soft butch atop her. She licked and nibbled the girl’s soft lips until she whimpered. She slowly gyrated her hips, letting the strapon grind into LJ’s awakened clit. From there, the gyrations grew lengthier, but remained slow and subtle.

LJ only belatedly noticed that she’d begun fucking the beautiful woman kissing her from below, and then the fucking started in earnest.

The sexy boi’s enthusiasm was poorly suited to oral, but perfect for Mia’s preference in fast and wild vaginal sex. Years of athletic endeavor had graced LJ with quickness and stamina that she put to good use with long hard strokes at a breakneck pace that had Mia quitting LJ’s soft lips to scream with the pleasure racing through her body.

Mia’s long lacquered fingernails dug into the hard flesh of LJ’s tight ass, not that the varsity tennis player needed the urging. LJ rode Mia as though it were what she’d been born to do and loved every moment of sliding in and out of Mia’s slick wetness.

The pace kept intensifying. The bed shook under LJ’s powerful thrusting and Mia’s wild bucking. The gorgeous woman’s face flushed. Her breath was short. Her head bumped repeatedly into the padded headboard. Her grunts and moans were both jarred from her by the furious pounding she reveled in. She’d lost control entirely, just giving into the primitive of joy bestial rutting.

LJ’s sex pulsed and throbbed with the rhythmic jouncing of the devilish strapon’s well placed nub against her clit. Her whole body flamed with passion. Her calves and abs burned. Her hips started to cramp, she felt as though the charlie horse in her foot would stop her, and in her inexperience she’d no way of knowing how very close Mia was.

Even though a more seasoned lover would recognize Mia as a woman on the edge, LJ couldn’t read the signs. She played through the pain though, for the sheer joy and the obvious ecstasy of Mia.

Making her beautiful lover cum was her inexorable mandate and nothing would stop her. She determined to keep thrusting for hours if needed and that thought alone made her wetter as she gave it Mia like a champion.

“Oh, oh, ohh, oh, ah!” Mia’s eyes rolled back as an enormous orgasm overtook her. Her arching back relaxed as she sighed deeply, “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

LJ stopped from instinct, realizing the Mia’d had enough, but she remained extremely excited and in need of release.

“Damn, Handsome,” Mia complimented with a lulled smile, “I haven’t had a fuck like that for a good while.

“Help me?” LJ asked the strawberry blonde in pleading tones, honestly afraid of being left frustrated. Mia wouldn’t have left her hanging, but really needed some time to regain herself after the greenhorn hammering she’d just received from the talented amateur in her bed.

Mia couldn’t lift her head, but she licked her lips suggestively and LJ took the hint. The kiss they shared was languid and sweet, with all the rich intimacy of the afterglow. Mia’s tongue moved like warm, thick, southern molasses rolling in LJ’s mouth.

Under Mia’s casual sway and sensual enthrallment, LJ’s arousal grew while her agitation lessened. She came to enjoy the gradually increasing desire that built within her and she relaxed under Mia’s gentle care.

The beautiful femme unbuckled and removed the leather harness, her hand slipped between them, her fingers curled, and LJ smiled in their kiss.

Mia affectionately masturbated the cute boi. Her fingertips stroked and teased shallowly, careful not to deflower the moaning girl laying across her. A thumb rubbed LJ’s Escort Şerifali clitoris in slow circles while Mia’s middle finger alternated massaging LJ’s warm and engorged vulva and dipping into her tight little snatch.

LJ moaned around the hot tongue in her mouth. She felt so agreeably invaded by finger and tongue that the shock of lacquered nails pinching one of her hardened nipples made her shudder and gasp.

Mia was shocked in return when that tight little snatch answered by clamping down on her finger so hard she thought it’d break in that humid sheath.

With a certain wisdom borne of experience, Mia removed her tongue from the sexy dyke’s mouth for fear her teeth would clamp shut like her pussy. Suddenly able to speak, LJ called out in compliment.

“You’re amazing, Mia, oh, Mia, Mia, Mia-!” Any other thoughts she may have cared to express were hampered by panted moans of unendurable pleasure.

Mia knew her bed guest would be cumming soon, but couldn’t resist indulging in some innocent cruel teasing.

As Mia’s middle finger continued to plumb shallowly into LJ’s juicy quim, her velvety lips journeyed over the baby butch’s lovely face, down her graceful neck, and back up to nibble LJ’s pretty earlobe.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Handsome?” Mia whispered deviously.

“Uuuuhhhhhhh! Ah. Uh.” LJ nodded furiously to augment her lack of verbal facility.

“You know I can keep you like this – on the tortuous edge of bliss – for as long as I want you to be?” Mia lied a little, “What do you think? An hour? Two? How much can you take?”

Mia accentuated her questioning by sharply tweaking one of LJ’s cherry nipples again, this time relishing the consequential muscle spasm of LJ’s hot channel entrance. The poor boi’s hips pumped slightly on top of Mia, her body naturally trying to fuck as her need began to overwhelm her mindfulness of what she was physically doing.

Ambivalence tore LJ’s brain. The idea of remaining at that level of sweet agony for hours terrified her, but Mia’s wonderful touching lasting for hours longer made her want to-

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh hhh!” Mia brought LJ back to herself with a tempo change to a flicking strumming of her hyper clit.

“Or I could make you come?” Mia queried evilly, tongue in LJ’s ear. She lasciviously reveled in the level of perceived control she had over her naïve partner. Not to mention the tactile pleasure of the wriggling hard body laying on her, “Would you like an orgasm about now?”

“Yehehsss!” LJ hissed through open teeth. Her whole being started to engage in a full body crunch, muscles flexing and unflexing, exhaling fully but unable to inhale normally, and her throat burned as she cried out.

Finally, her sex exploded with the released pressure of an opened fire hydrant and she flopped down on Mia’s lush body.

Mia’s kind hands went to LJ’s sides to stroke the satisfied pretty boi as she came down from her high. After a few gentle moments, she rolled LJ off onto her back and they said their goodnights.

As LJ lapsed into slumber, her last thought was of how amazing Mia was and how she’d see her again.

Mia took a quick glance at the clock on her night stand and saw 2:17 in bright red. She instantly regretted staying up so late and her last thought before sleep was of what outfit she’d put on for work in about four hours.

Those less than four hours sped by and Mia woke sore and sluggish to a screaming alarm. She tumbled out of bed and stumbled toward her kitchen and the smell of auto-timed brewing coffee. In her grumpy, groggy state, she vaguely resented LJ popping up out of bed like a pop tart and following her with moon eyes into the kitchen.

“Good morning!” LJ said to Mia’s swaying naked ass as she followed her hypnotically into the kitchen.

Mia grunted in response.

“Um…Did you sleep well?” The lack of enthusiasm from the strawberry blonde bombshell scared LJ a little.

Mia grunted again and started fumbling with coffee cups.

LJ managed to take the hint and sat at the breakfast bar to wait somewhat impatiently for Mia to complete her morning wake up ritual. Getting to watch her complete the ritual in the nude made it easier.

Mia put two cups of black coffee on the table, poured a generous amount of Bailey’s Irish creamer in hers, and held the bottle up in question. LJ nodded and Mia poured some in her cup as well.

After a few sips, Mia looked up.

“Sorry, Handsome, I’m no good without my morning coffee,” Mia smiled, “And I didn’t sleep nearly enough, but such is life, huh? You certainly made it worth it anyway. You should know that you fuck like a fucking jackhammer.” Mia ran her fingers over LJ’s forearm. “Mmmmm, coffee. So what bus do I need to get you on to get you to school?”

“The 7:38,” LJ smiled back, her fragile ego having gotten the stroking it needed, “But, can I get to the bathroom for a bit before we go?”

“Of course. Then go get your clothes back on and I’ll get cleaned up, dress, and put my face on. Then we’ll get that Dairy Queen I promised you on the way to the station. Alright?”

“‘Put your face on?'” LJ queried.

Mia leaned over and planted an affectionate kiss on LJ’s cheek.

“Not all of us can pull off the scruffy grunge look like you do. Now, vamoose.”

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