Arranged Marriage Ch. 01

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Fatima wakes up feeling tired. The tall, olive skinned girl just had some karate practice yesterday. She is a black belt, having trained in the martial arts for several years now. Her body is strong but still retains feminine curves where it matters. The teen still possesses full breasts and has a healthy, round butt that only looks better due to exercise. Her thighs are thick and muscular too. Fatima’s face is also gorgeous but it is hidden when she is outside by the burqa which her father makes her wear in public. She only wears it too please him, having lost faith in religion a long time ago now.

At the age of 18, some of her friends have already been married off. Her dad has thought about marrying her off too but she managed to convince him not to. She is actually in love with a boy and wants to marry him, and this is why she got her father to turn down all the other suitors. Unfortunately for Fatima, the boy she loves doesn’t know of her feelings. This makes things very complicated since he hasn’t come to ask for her hand in marriage. But she already has a plan. If she pulls this off, soon she would be married to the only boy she wants to be with.

She finds her father waiting down in the living room. He is sipping his coffee and reading his favorite newspaper. Fatima knows he is in his best mood in the morning and decides that she will talk to him now. Her father Hassan can be very intimidating to other people but he has never lost his temper at her, since she is a dutiful daughter who has never let him down before. She knows she could convince him of what she is about to suggest is she speaks in her sweetest tone, and that is what she is going to do right now.

“Father, I wanted to talk to you about something,” she says to him politely. Hassan sets his newspaper down and looks at his daughter as she sits on the opposite chair. He could see that she is feeling a little uncomfortable and tries to ease her up with a warm little smile. “It’s about marriage. I know that you wanted to marry me off before but I wasn’t ready yet, but I am now. I just wanted to ask you if you would be okay with me continuing my studies after I get married. I don’t want all the years I spent at school to be wasted.”

Hassan is pleasantly surprised by this. He didn’t think that his independent daughter would end up agreeing to this so easily. He even stopped asking her. Now that she brings it up by herself, he is caught off guard and doesn’t know what to say. “Of course!” he finally gets out. “That would also depend on your husband too though. I would have to find you a good suitor that wouldn’t mind having a wife who continues to pursue her education after marriage.” Hassan pauses to think about this for a moment then continues “I think I can find you someone like that soon.”

“I actually have someone in mind. He is the reason I refused to see any suitor,” she informs her father, who is even more surprised now than before. “I’m in love with Ahmed and want to marry him.” Ahmed is her father’s best friend’s son. She has seen him around before and is deeply in love with him. He is her opposite in every which way. While she is tall, strong and confident, he is medium height, weak and lacks self esteem. She loves him for how shy he is though, since his timid nature is so unlike other boys and makes him so adorable in her eyes.

Hassan is very surprised to hear this. He and Ahmed’s father Abdul have been very close friends since childhood. “I would be happy to give Ahmed your hand in marriage. He is a good and sensible young man,” Hassan says to his daughter. “But he is very fixated on his studies right now. He would want to wait until after university before he gets married. Abdul told me that much the last time we talked.” The man sighs. “But now that I know you want to be with him, I’ll let you wait until he is ready for marriage. Then I’ll go talk to his father about it.”

This makes Fatima frown. “But I don’t want to wait that long,” she mutters in a low voice. She isn’t going to tell her father this but she wants to marry the boy so soon so that she could have sex with him, since pre marital sex is illegal in Saudi Arabia. “I know. I have a plan. It will make him agree to marry me now,” she says to her father. “But you have to help me out. I need you to help talk to his father. The rest I can do by myself. Please help me, father. I really want to marry Ahmed as soon as I can.”

Hassan is starting to get curious about what his daughter could have possibly planned. “Tell me,” he says, waiting for her to say it. He knows his daughter is both strong and smart. Her grades has always been excellent, but matters of the heart are totally unrelated though. Still, she seems pretty confident, which makes him think her plan must be real good. Otherwise, Fatima wouldn’t be so sure of herself like this. “Please tell me you aren’t thinking of blackmailing the boy into marrying you, like your aunt did with her husband. It’s bad enough that I have an evil sister. I don’t need an evil daughter too.”

“Relax, dad. I am kaçak iddaa not going to take it that far,” she says to him. “I will lie to him though. I will tell Ahmed that you brought over an old, abusive suitor. He will believe me and sympathize, and I will tell him the only way he can save me from that is to ask you for my hand in marriage. He will do it because he is kind and compassionate, and I will get to marry the boy I love.” She pauses to take a look at her father’s reaction to her crazy idea. “Please say something, dad. I really need to do this. Otherwise I will have to wait so long before I can be with him.”

Hassan nods. He agrees to what Fatima suggested and she thanks him with a big smile on her face. She has never looked so happy before in her entire life and he is glad he made his daughter so delighted. It would be a bit difficult to pull off though. Not the practical part of it but stomaching the lie Fatima is going to tell and that he is going to be a part of. The man doesn’t want to lie to Ahmed, since he is a good kid and he has seen him grow up. Still, he will do it for his daughter’s happiness, that much he is sure of. It is just going to be very difficult. She tells him she doesn’t want Ahmed to know she has feelings for him yet and to make him think he is only saving her from an old, abusive suitor.

Later that day, he goes over to his friend Abdul’s place. Abdul and him grew up together. While his friend is well off, Hassan is much richer, owning an oil company. He has always supported Abdul whenever the latter lost money in the stock market. Granted, Abdul has always been very careful and rarely lost money, but each time he did, he lost a lot. Hassan has always been there for him though, every single time. Now is the time for him to call in a favour from his long time friend, and he intends to make sure that Abdul helps. It shouldn’t be too difficult given how close the two of them are. Hassan knows his friend adores Fatima too and wouldn’t mind having her as his daughter in law.

When Abdul opens the door, he is delighted to see his childhood best friend. “My friend, it is so good to see you,” he says and embraces Hassan. Hassan returns the hug. “Come in. I was just watching TV.” The two of them head to the couch where they sit down and watch some sports together. Both of them were track and field athletes in their youths, and both have managed to stay in reasonably good shape, despite being way past their prime. “I’m thinking about starting training again. Do you miss how it used to be, when we could just run and not think about anything else?”

“Actually, yes. I do too,” Hassan admits to his best friend. He then turns to look at him directly in the eyes. “But there is something very important I have to talk to you about today. It is about your son and my daughter.” He fidgets slightly as he tries to come up with the right thing to say. Hassan knows that Ahmed is Abdul’s pride and joy. To be honest, he isn’t even sure if Fatima deserves him. She did propose a very nefarious plan of action. He still couldn’t believe that he agreed to it so readily, even if he has always spoiled his only child.

Abdul starts to worry. “Did my son do something to dishonor her?” he asks his friend. Even though Ahmed prefers staying at home, reading in his room or helping his mom in the kitchen, Abdul still couldn’t help but fear that he did something. Otherwise, why would his friend Hassan come here to talk to him about his son? “Please talk to me. If he did do something, I will punish him severely. Just tell me what it is.” Abdul loves his son very much but still rules over his family with strict discipline, and is prepared to punish him for any wrong doing.

“Oh, no, no, no,” Hassan quickly tells Abdul. “Your son didn’t do anything. I came here because my daughter confessed that she is in love with and want to marry him.” This takes Abdul by surprise. He loves Ahmed but knows that the boy is a geek and not exactly handsome. “What would you feel about having Fatima as your daughter in law? I personally think you raised your son well and would be happy to have Ahmed as my son in law, if you will allow it. We’ve grown up together so I feel comfortable talking about this openly with you, Abdul.”

“Well, you know I’ve always thought of you as family,” Abdul begins. “The marriage will only make that official.” Hassan smiles and nods in agreement. “Yes, I think we should do this. I will talk to my son about it. Ahmed would do as I ask him. Shouldn’t have to talk much at all, actually.” The man then grabs his cup of coffee and takes another sip from it. “I am surprised that Fatima is in love with him. As much as I love my son, I know that he is no prize.”

Hassan sighs. “He might not be the most attractive boy but he is kind and nice enough for her, I suppose. As long as she is happy, I’m happy,” he says to his best friend. “And one more thing. She doesn’t want him to know about her feelings for him yet. She is worried that he might not want to get married before university. Fatima said she’s kaçak bahis going to tell Ahmed that she has a suitor who is old and abusive, and she will have to marry that suitor if he doesn’t marry her. It will make him feel sympathetic and agree to a teenage marriage.”

“That sounds like a good plan,” Abdul muses. “Seems like your daughter inherited a little bit of your cunning.” Hassan chuckles lightly and the two of them hang out there for a bit longer before he has to leave and get home.


Ahmed is reading on his bed. It is Saturday morning and most of his classmates are playing football. Not him though. He prefers to stay in his bedroom and read a good book during his free time. It is a peaceful way to spend his time. He doesn’t want to go out there and get roughed up on the field like the other guys who always end up hitting each other. It is sometimes humorous to see their attempts to strike each other but ends up getting boring really quick. Many of the other guys in his class have attempted to invite him along before, but always without any success.

His father has encouraged him to exercise more too. Ahmed doesn’t see any need to do that. He eats healthily and has an okay body shape. There is no reason for him to be concerned about his physical fitness. Walking to and from school and the mall is also enough of a work out already. His dad never stops worrying about him though, saying he needs to get out more and be more confident, and make some more friends too. He always replied by saying that those things wouldn’t help improve his performance at school, so there is no point in doing them anyway.

Speaking of whom, Abdul suddenly opens the door to the room and enters. Ahmed sets his book down and looks at his father. He is surprised by the serious look on his dad’s face. Usually, Abdul would relax and chill out during the weekend, but right now he is looking really tense like there is something important going on in his mind. “Is something wrong, dad? You look really stressed out,” he observes and then gets up from his bed. He approaches his father with a curious frown on his face as he tries to figure out what it is that made his father so tense.

“There is something we need to talk about,” Abdul replies. Ahmed watches as his father sits down on a chair. “You sit on your bed.” The boy nods and sits down like his dad orders him to. “I think you should get married soon. You are already old enough to have a wife.” Abdul watches as his son begins to sigh. “Don’t sigh like that. I mean it. I only want what is best for you. Will you just trust me on that? I have your best interests at heart, son. Believe me. I wouldn’t be telling you this if I didn’t think it would be really good for you.”

It is a conversation that Ahmed has gotten tired of. “Dad, we already talked about this several times before,” he says. “I told you many times already that I’m not ready for marriage yet. I want to go to university and graduate first, before getting married.” His father seems pretty adamant which is why he is approaching him slowly. “And I only want to get married for love, not to some girl whose family wants our money. Being your son is the only good thing I have going for me right now. I also am not going to marry someone whose parents forced her to marry me.”

“What if there is a girl who isn’t being forced by her father? Would you marry her then?” the older man asks his son with a mischievous smile. Ahmed couldn’t believe what he is hearing. There is no way his dad could have found a girl like that. It’s impossible. He knows he is a loser. The ultimate loser, in fact. Just a stick thin 18 years old science fiction geek who never works out and spends all his time reading novels in his room. “You would, wouldn’t you? She would be the perfect wife for you, son.”

Ahmed takes a deep breath. “I’m sure she’d be great if she really is as you say. I would marry her if she loves me and I think I can fall in love with her,” he says. “But how are you going to find a girl like that and be sure she isn’t saying what she’s saying just because her parents told her to? Please, just let me finish my university education and then I’ll work on it myself. I promise I will. I will be ready by then. Just not now, okay? It would really mean a lot to me if you would allow me to wait until I’ve completed my studies and gotten a job to support myself.”

“Her father is richer than me, so you don’t have to worry about her motive being money,” Abdul tells his son, who raises his eyebrows in surprise. “You’ve met her before so you can be sure that she really wants to marry you. It’s Fatima.” Now Ahmed is really shocked by what he is being told by his father. “Her father came by to see me yesterday and we started talking. He asked me if I would mind having her as my daughter in law and I said no, I wouldn’t mind. He also said he would love to have you as his son in law.”

Ahmed couldn’t believe what he is hearing. “Really? Fatima?” he asks his father. Abdul nods. “But how? Why? I met her before but she is illegal bahis way out of my league. She is really beautiful and I’m just a plain geek. How could she possibly want to be with me?” It makes Abdul feel guilty for seeing his son as a helpless nerd when he realises how little the boy thinks of himself. “Are you sure her father isn’t forcing her to marry me? Yes, he is richer than you, but he could just be trying to marry her off in a hurry.”

“She doesn’t love you,” Abdul lies, honouring the girl’s wishes as relayed to him by her father. Ahmed is now even more confused, since his dad told him she wanted to marry him. “Fatima does want to marry you but because her father is forcing her to get married to someone soon. She has a suitor but he is old and abusive. If you don’t marry her, she will have to marry that man.” He now pauses to take a deep breath. “If you won’t do it for yourself, then you can do it for her. Protect her from a lifetime of suffering. You can be a good husband to the girl.”

With a pensive look on his face, Ahmed pauses to think of it for a moment. It is starting to make sense to him. Of course she would choose to marry him over an abusive, older man. As much of a loser as he is, even he is better than an elderly bastard. “Very well. I’d like to talk to her first to make sure that you are telling me the truth,” he says, still slightly skeptical, but much less than he was earlier when his father first set foot into the room. The narrative is now much more understandable to him.

His father nods. “Of course,” he says to Ahmed. “Just take your time. Her father is bring her over this afternoon, but until then, you have many hours to think about it first.” He then leaves the room and Ahmed sits by himself. Ahmed thinks about everything his father just said to him. Before, he wanted to go to university and get a degree first, before even thinking of marrying a girl. yes, his father has talked about this before, but he was never this serious about the topic, and always gave up when he refused to get married now.

But then he thinks about how this is much bigger than just himself. Fatima’s entire future now depends on him too. If he doesn’t marry her, she could be married off to a despicable abuser, and he doesn’t want that. They might not have seen each other a lot lately, but Ahmed still cares about her. He has no idea that she, her dad and his dad have conspired to trick him into marrying her, so that she can get him to satisfy her lust and love legally. The three of them have pulled the wool over his eyes completely.

In the afternoon, Hassan brings his daughter over to their place. Ahmed politely offers Fatima’s father some cinnamon tea. “Thank you, my dear boy,” Hassan replies. “Why don’t you talk to my daughter for a while? I will be in the other room with your father to talk about some things.” Ahmed is surprised by this. He knows that his father’s friend is more progressive than many other Saudi people but didn’t expect to be left alone with Fatima like this.

As Hassan and Ahmed’s dad leave the room, he sits there next to Fatima. The athletic girl wore a burqa on her way over to the house but has removed it after entering the room. She really is very beautiful, Ahmed thinks to himself. He flushes, not sure what to do or say, feeling very awkward in this situation. The 18 years old boy has never faced a situation like this before and doesn’t know how he should handle it. It is making his head spin and he clutches the armrests tightly, his fingertips digging into them.

“So,” Ahmed finally begins. “My father told me he and your father discussed having us marry.” He feels very uncomfortable right now and assumes that Fatima feels the same way. The nerd has no idea that beneath her nervous exterior, she is inwardly grinning. Fatima’s hairy pussy is getting so wet just from being next to the shy boy and she has to resist the urge to jump his bones right now. He is so freaking adorable, she thinks to herself, eying him out of the corner of her eye. The martial arts expert can’t wait to marry him so she can have sex with him.

“You’ve got to marry me. If you don’t, my father will force me to marry this vile man who beats his wives a lot. I don’t want to be another one of his abused wives,” Fatima says to him, putting on a good show of being desperate. Ahmed is a little startled by the intensity but lets her continue. “I asked him if he will give you my hand in marriage if you want to marry me and he said yes. But he also said that if you reject me, then I will have to marry the man he chose, and that man is disgusting and I’d rather kill myself than marry him. Help me, Ahmed. You are my only hope now.”

Ahmed is overwhelmed by the sense of responsibility now resting on his shoulders. Her eyes tell him she really needs him and how can he let her down now? He still doesn’t know that Fatima is tricking him and only knows that he must do whatever he can to protect her. It is in him. The instinct to protect other people is too strong for him him to ignore or resist. “I will ask your father for your hand in marriage,” he says. “I know you don’t love me but I’ll still marry you, so that you won’t have to marry that awful man. Don’t worry about it. I’ll keep you safe, okay?”

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