Arista’s Wild Night

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The hour was somewhat late but the bar was bustling with patrons playing games, or just mostly drinking. In the back poolroom a young drop dead gorgeous girl played a game against one of her friends.. Well not really a friend, just an acquaintance. The girl wore a sexy tight lil top that hugged her plump breasts rather nicely showing them off. And a matching short black skirt that only reached to her mid-thighs if that far. Long creamy legs bare down to her black boots. Her long soft blond hair spilled down her back in soft curls as she moved to take a shot. Already she’d won two games but this game was far more important. Over confident she’d taken a rather naughty wager and now was on the verge of losing. Missed shot she sighed and moved back. The man wasted no time in setting up and shooting the last shot the win the game. With a little grin he looked to her and waited..

Sighing softly, the blue eyed beauty peeked around. The other men in the room all seamed to be more intent on their own games then hers so she bit down on her bottom lip. Chewing it nervously, she reaches her hands under that tiny skirt and slips those black silk panties down her long creamy legs. Once at her ankles she steps out of them and scoops them up. Looking to the man she stuck her tongue out then tossed them over to him. He laughed and tucked them away as he looked to her… She’d never done anything so bold before but it really was something that excited her… Arista usually never let herself have any fun so tonight was different.

“Ok so you won.. now another game?” She smiled again seeing him already setting up the next round. As she moved to the end of the table she would bend over to set up her first shot… Unknown to her she now had an audience. The men at the next table over watched as she bent and that tiny skirt rode up to expose that hot lil naked cute ass and even more boldly that freshly shaven lil pussy. She didn’t know she was giving them such a show but they sure loved looking.

As the next game was played every guy there was aware of her lack of undergarments now. They watched her lewd display with great interest each time she bent over a free peep show. She knew she was being watched now and it really turned her on like never before. She didn’t know that this could be so exciting and the idea of the men all wanting her just sent chills through her. She was so horny now she could barely stand it. So, it was that when her “friend” made a new wager.. she accepted without a second thought. This time the stakes were that they were going to put on a show.. And the loser had to do certain things for the winner..

The game was fast and this time she was the winner. Grinning she turned to look to him with a wink, and placed her stick on the table. He moved towards her, hands reaching to grasp her hips and lifted her to sit up on the edge of the pool table now. Crouching down he would run his hands slowly over her silken things until his fingers touched her soft inner thighs. Her hands moved behind her to prop herself up on the table now, arching her back as she watched him through half closed eyes. Her pert nipples were easily seen poking against her tied off tee-shirt now.. His hands would then part her thighs wide, leaving her legs spread as his eyes looked to that heated moist slit and he licked his lips. She bit down on her lip as his mouth moved in and she felt his tongue starting to work on her.

“Oh god! Mmph yes…. uuh” Moaning out she panted now and her eyes closed as he started to eat her pussy out.. Such a lewd show! The other men were in shock but none were offended by it.. Turned on rather.

Her legs were lifted up to rest on the mans shoulders now as his fingers and tongue worked on her driving her wild with pent up desire and frustration. She was so excited, so wet.. Moaning and panting she was close already to cumming for him.. But he would stop when she got close and make it drag on longer.. Soon she felt hands moving up her sides.. It took a moment to register that another man was touching her. But she didn’t recoil even as those hands moved over her pert breasts and started to untie that shirt.. Pulling it off she sat there now topless as hands moved up to cup those plump tits and casino şirketleri pinch at and squeeze her hard nipples. She didn’t care, oh god it felt sooo good… such attention, so close.. moaning out she gasped and her head moved back as she started to orgasm now, cries coming from her as she was laid back onto the table on her back now.. More men moving around to look at her to touch her.. groping her in lewd places, petting her as she came.. But she was still extremely turned on as she took in a quickened breath.. This night was only just beginning it seamed, much to her delight.

She caught her breath after that orgasm, and looked to the one who had licked her as he stood. She now lay on her back with men surrounding her… But it didn’t scare her.. She loved it. She was so turned on.. Her breasts were fully exposed now and that tiny skirt pushed up about her hips to leave her practically fully naked except for her boots. One man moved down and his mouth closed over one pert nipple, sucking and biting on it gently making her moan out again. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations as the men touched her all over.. hands everywhere.. touching her breasts.. her hot slit.. her pert ass.. none left her alone.. She wanted more, oh god she wanted it all.. Eyes opening she would sit up slowly, and lick her lips as she looked around. She got to her knees on the table now and pulled one man up onto it with her.. Her hands working his pants open she would work his cock free.

Licking her lips she smiled and leaned in and slowly wrapped her sweet lips about that hard cock. She didn’t even know this man.. had never seen him before and here she was on her hands and knees sucking him off in front of other strangers… But she wasn’t left alone. Again hands moved over her hot body from all sides, and another man was moving behind her. His hands groped the cheeks of her heart shaped ass spreading them wide as his tongue flicked at her lil puckered hole, licking her good, then moving down to lick at her hot slit.. His fingers still toying with that tiny hole probing it slowly.. All the while she continued to suckle on that meaty shaft in her mouth like a lollipop…

She sucked wetly at the mans shaft in her sweet mouth licking at it as she moaned on it. The man behind her continued to toy with her hot ass and she felt a hand between her legs.. It was doing things to her that drove her wild.. Fingers rubbing at her clit, spreading her puffy lil neither lips.. then she started to get finger fucked.. “Mmph!”” Her eyes widened some and she moaned out then her eyes closed. The soft wet sucking sounds she made filling the air between the talking horny men around her.

Soon though, she got treated to a hot burst of that salty sticky goo as it filled her mouth. Her eyes looked to the man as he grunted and petted her hair as he filled her mouth and throat with his sticky goo.. Then pulled out to rub some over her sweet lips before moving back. She licked her lips and swallowed it down as best she could, then looked up as another man moved up to her. She let him pull his cock out and as he moved up she opened her lips for him to slip it inside…

This was when behind her the man no longer content to just touch her ass spread those cheeks and started to work his hard cock into her backside.. This caused her to gasp and whimper but she let him do it.. slowly stuffing her cute lil bottom full of his shaft as the one in front stuffed her mouth, and others toyed with her tits and fingered her hot cunt quickly. So much at once was more then she could handle.. almost…

The man in her mouth pulled out of her and her soft grunts were filling the air as the man behind her fucked her in the ass nice and hard. It was slow at first, but soon he started to push in faster as his hands gripped her hips and pulled her back into him. Other men would move over and hold her ass cheeks spread for him as he fucked her.. Still one man continued to finger her pussy as she got done from behind. Soft cries and whimpers coming from her as the man had his way with her cute ass until he couldn’t take it anymore. Thrusting in he soon shot a load of hot sticky cum inside her lil rear, and pulled out when done with her. She whimpered casino firmaları slowly as he moved around in front of her. The men were very dominate now it seamed but she loved it.. letting them do as they would with her. She was getting closer to another orgasm now.

“Lick me clean slut.. Use that tongue and those lips to clean my balls as these boy’s watch what a good lil girl you can be..” He said as his hands griped her hair. Looking up to him, she let her tongue dart out to slowly lick at his cock.. She licked it up and down slowly, then took it in her mouth and swirled her tongue over it sucking on it wetly as her eyes closed. Then she moved down and started to lick at his balls and took them into her mouth, sucking slowly.. Licking them as well. Finally satisfied the man moved back and grinned. “Nice little slut.. oh yah..” She was then turned and laid on her back once more.

Pulled to the edge of the table one man pulled her legs up over his shoulders and drove his hard dick deep into her wet hot pussy. She gasped and moaned out as he started to drill her hard and fast, rocking the table under her as he thrust into her fucking her. Another man moved over her straddling her stomach and pushed his hard thick cock between her plump tits. Hands griped those fleshy mounds as he started to thrust between them titty fucking her now. She moaned and whimpered louder as she got used and fucked, her eyes closing.. But yet one more man moved over her head and she looked up as his balls brushed her lips. Opening her mouth she let them slip inside her mouth and started to suckle on them wetly as she moaned and her body rocked as the two men used her tits and pussy for pleasure. The men were getting more rowdy now though and her hands were put to use as well stroking off two more hard cocks…

The man fucking her didn’t hold back one bit. His hands gripped her hips and he thrust deep with each deep thrust he made into her. Hard fast pounding thrusts as he fucked her hard and wild. Her toes curled as she moaned loving it wanting more.. Her hands stroked over hard ridged cocks she couldn’t even see as she sought to give these strangers lewd sexual pleasure with her body. Feeling one man stroking his cock between her soft breasts was a new sensation for her but a pleasant one.. She licked at the mans balls as he sat over her but soon he moved back and she was able to look up to the one titty fucking her. She moans and pants for a breath as they use her… The her second orgasm hits. Gasping she grippes the cocks in her hands tight as a vise and moans out louder as she cums. The dick thrusting into her goes deep, the man grunting as then he starts shooting his hot sticky cum deep inside her unprotected pussy filling her with his cum. Her eyes widened at the feel and she gasped softly.

Then the man on her chest would groan and thrust his cock forward. Without warning that sticky cum would start shooting out all over her tits and more on her pretty face in sticky spurts. She laid there as the sticky goo covered her face and chest. And as if on queue the two she hand her hands on started to shoot off on her also.. On her hands, arms and down to her face and hair. So much cum… They weren’t done though. One large man pulls her up off the table to her feet. Turning she is pushed to bend over the table so that cute lil rear is facing up into the air. His hands slap over her ass cheeks gripping them lewdly as he spreads them wide and starts to thrust his large cock inside her tight lil ass nice and deep.

“Uuhh!! Ooh god… its so.. so big! Ummph!” She gasps now as he starts working that large cock into her ass from behind, keeping her bent over so her tits press firmly into the pool table she was bent over.

The man only grunted in response to her cries as he thrust that cock into her ass nice and hard. He was spreading her cheeks wide so he could pump into her tight lil rump, butt fucking her like no other had. Her body rocked with his thrusts as he took her from behind. Soon he was grunting a bit louder and would pull out from her ass and turn her around. Hands on her shoulders he pushed her down to her knees before him. She peeked up at him, then opened her mouth and he pushed that large dick inside güvenilir casino her mouth. Without warning he started to shoot off his hot sticky cum inside her mouth and down her throat. Her eyes widened and she had to swallow that goo down or risk choking. Her hands lifted to his thighs as he pushed in her mouth back and forth shooting every last drop of cum he had to give her into her sweet mouth. When finally done he would pull back, that cock leaving her lips with a wet slurping sound as cum gushed out down her lips and chin some. She’d never been treated like this before.. she felt so dirty yet so horny and wanted more of it…

The men would lift her to her feet again and two men moved around her now. Lifting her up, her thighs were spread wide and wrapped around one man as he thrust his cock deep inside her hot wet pussy. His hands griped her pert ass cheeks spreading them as he held her up and another man moved behind her. She felt that mans hands moving to grope and grip her perky tits as his cock started to thrust into her ass now.. The two men sandwiched her between them as they started to fuck her back and forth cunt and ass being used roughly. All she could do was squirm between them and moan out as she got fucked and groped

The girl panted and moaned out as the two strangers used her pussy and ass for their pleasure now. Fucking her front and back. Soon though the man moved and laid back onto the table so that she was riding his cock as the other moved behind to keep fucking her lil ass. This would then give a third man opportunity to move up and push his dick into her hot mouth to suck on. Three men using her now as her mouth, ass and cunt were stuffed full of meaty cocks… What a picture she made on the pooltable. Amateur porn at its best.. Flashes were seen as some guys took lewd pictures of her getting used. Hands groped and squeezed her tits as she bounced on the cock and got fucked in the ass. All the while her sweet lips sucked and licked on another cock, eyes closed as she whimpered on it.

The man in her ass would soon cum, shooting his gooey wad deep in her backside then move out. She was lifted and turned and placed down on her back now. Men on either side of her would grip her thighs and spread them wide, holding her legs spread wide open lewdly as the man moved over her and started to really fuck her pussy hard. He pounded into her hard and deep as the men held her legs open. She grunted and moaned out as he started to pound her now, her tits bouncing wildly as she got fucked on the pooltable again.. That table rocking against the wall hard.

Loud grunts and moans filled the air over the dim of talking and cheering men as the man thrust between the hot lil blondes spread thighs fucking her tight lil pussy rough and hard. Her tits bounced back and forth until hands moved down to grope and squeeze at those mounds as they held her down on the table steady and kept her legs spread wide for that mans fast thrusts. It didn’t take long before he was cumming. He shot some off inside her hot pussy, then pulled out and shot more out over the lips of that hot cunt, the cum dripping down over her ass crack as he came on her shooting more onto her belly. When he was done he moved back and she was pulled up to sit on the edge of the table again. Then pulled off to push down on her knees once more. A man stepped in front of her and grinned some as his cock pushed against her lips, then into her mouth.

He was larger then ones shed sucked on before, so as he pushed in his dick filled her mouth and pushed into the back of her throat. She gagged at first, her hands lifting to touch his thighs but soon she relaxed and let him push it into her throat nice and deep. Eyes closed as he pushed in and out of her mouth and throat slowly. Her hands moved one to grip the cock at the base and stroke at it, the other to cup and toy with his heavy balls.. Her fingers squeezed them and rubbed on them as he used her mouth and throat for sexual oral pleasure…

Gasping she sat up in the bed suddenly and whimpered. One hand lifted to cover her chest as she took in a deep panting breath and the other moved down to rub between her thighs.. still very turned on.. Looking around she finds herself at home in her bed, hands lifting to brush her damn hair back from her eyes… Had it all been a dream? Then she remembered that she had laid down for a nap before she was supposed to get ready to go out and play pool with a friend from work tonight..

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