Arabian Plaything Chapter 13

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Arabian Plaything Chapter 13INTERMISSION„Yes, what is it, Kemal?“The Turk bowed low before the supreme power of Quireme. He had asked for an audience of Princess Karina, hoping she would grant an extension of the period of ‘Pony Service’ for his two Top Honor charges, Black Beauty and Saucy Lady. Since the Princess enjoyed driving this team, he had high hopes.However, his hopes were soon dashed.„I’m afraid not, Kemal,“ replied the Princess when he had made this request. „Those two are required back in the Harem.“Kemal bowed his head in acceptance. There was no question of arguing with Princess Karina. She had spoken… and spoken when surrounded by the trappings of her authority.Wearing a long, diaphanous white gown, she was seated on the purple cushion of an ornate, throne-like chair. Behind her, moving a fan to and fro constantly, stood a naked slave-girl, her bejeweled features and body painted a glistening gold.Another naked, golden slave-girl knelt at the Princess’s feet, acting as a kind of foot-stool. These were two of her Highness’s personal entourage of slave-girls, all specially selected.It was considered an honor for any slave-girl to be selected in this way. Belle, at that time living out her life as Saucy Lady, was being considered for such an honor.„Whatever you say, Highness.“„Of course.“ The words were chilly. „Surely you have some suitable candidates coming on?“„Yes, Highness, but, I fear, not of the quality of the two I have just mentioned.“„It can’t be helped. You’ll have to make the best of what you’ve got.“„Very well, Highness,“ answered Kemal, bowing lower. It will have to be Lady Longlegs, he was thinking, but as to her team-mate, that was more difficult. Dusky Damsel was not yet up to standard. Possibly Frisky Girl, he reflected. It would have to be decided upon.„You may leave,“ said her Highness.Kemal backed out of the audience chamber. There was a great deal of informality on the race-track but the Princess was very much Her Highness in the Palace of Quireme itself. He watched her pick up the slim, golden telephone receiver at his side as he was leaving. „Vesta,“ she said (Vesta being the chief overseer), „bring up that new American girl. She’s due for the second half of her whipping isn’t she?“ (A pause). „Good… I want to watch her getting it.“ The receiver went down.The life and times in the Harem of Quireme were much as they ever were, thought Kemal, as he made his way through the ante-chamber. Could Black Beauty or Saucy Lady actually be looking forward to returning there?TRANSFORMATIONA PONY GIRL RETURNS TO THEPALACE OF QUIREMELady Isabel Dysart, having servedher time as Pony Girl Saucy Lady,returns to the Harem – where herslave-girl name is Belle.Kemal’s speculation about whether or not Lady Isabel was looking forward to returning to the Harem of Quireme could certainly be answered in the negative. On the other hand, it must be said, she felt an overwhelming sense if relief at the prospect of leaving the hideous Stable… where she had spent six months of the most complete and utter degradation coupled with repeated physical exertion far beyond anythingshe had previously considered herself capable of. The Harem was inhuman but the Stables were de-human.There, she had been debased to the level of an a****l.Treated like one, used like one and, in the end acting like one. And, towards the end… incredibly… scarcely resenting it any more!Not minding the proffered lumps of sugar as a reward…Not minding the stinging whip across the juddering rump…Not pendik escort minding the cheers or the jeers… the coarse comments… the deliberate verbal humiliation… the complimentary pats on the sweating flank…Not minding, even when in public,… maybe even in the Parade Ring… she was forced to straddle her limbs and perform natural functions…Well, when one says not minding perhaps one means having been driven past all caring. Driven to accept any indignity.Because there was nothing else for it but to do so.Absolutely nothing!The only comfort, once unharnessed, was to sink down into the straw, seeking the oblivion of sleep. Hoping that one would not be disturbed by a stable hand coming to slake his lust.Small comfort.But a comfort just the same.Soon, though, this a****l existence would soon be over.She would no longer have to toss her head and whinny. She would be permitted to speak again. Even if only in the most humble way… and in answer to a question. That would be a step towards being a human again.On the last day of her services in the Stables, Kemal took Lady Isabel – still Saucy Lady – out for a final spin. It was a long one and it took in some of the steepest slopes in the Jaunting area. Kemal used a close-carriage and Saucy Lady felt plenty of leather on that strenuous outing. When at last, weak with exhaustion, she returned to the Stables, Kemal took her straight into the Tack Room behind her stall… and there, while she was still panting and wet with sweat, Kemal fucked her soundly.Enjoying an exhausted Pony was one of Kemal’s favorite pastimes!„I shall miss you, Saucy,“ he said when he had taken all he wanted.And Saucy Lady tossed her head and whinnied loudly for almost the final time.The name Saucy Lady was taken down from over the stall. Another would soon replace it. Lady Isabel… now simply Belle again… was escorted back to the Harem of the Palace of Quireme. There she was met by an assistant overseer and instinct made her sink to her knees before the figure clad in black leather.„This is the slave-girl Belle… being returned after Pony service,“ said Kemal in a matter-of-fact voice.„Ah yes…“ The overseer consulted a sheaf of papers and then looked down. „You will report immediately to Miss Liriam,“ she said. „Thank you, Kemal… and good night…“The Turk took his leave, with a last regretful glance at the superb hindquarters he knew so well. Hindquarters he had trained to perfection… hindquarters which had given him the very greatest satisfaction. In every kind of way.Belle remained kneeling, hearing the footsteps depart. The long horrors of the Stables was at last over. But what new horrors lay ahead?„Stand, slave.“Belle stood. But stood submissively, as she had learnt to do. Already she was falling back into her ‘harem ways’, despite six months of having been enmeshed in ‘stable ways’.„Follow me.“Belle followed the overseer seeing, almost abstractly, the familiar thong of leather dangling from her waist. There it was, ready to give instant pain. Belle accepted the fact. Just as she had accepted the fact that she could be made to behave like an a****l.She accepted it because she had been converted into a truly submissive slave-girl. Converted mentally as well as physically. And perhaps the mental conversation was the more important. Only slave-girls who had managed to make that mental conversion… who accepted their slavery.. were ever considered as possible members of Princess Karina’s slave-entourage.They had to have reached the condition escort pendik where they actually felt pride at being considered for such personal service.Even greater pride at being accepted.Even at being accepted in the lowest capacity. Acting for example, as one of the four bearers of her highness’s litter.However, at that moment, as she followed the overseer, Belle was not aware that she was being considered for any such ‘honor’. The name Miss Liriam meant nothing to her… for that young woman had only recently been appointed as Princess Karina’s personal slave entourage overseer.„Get on your knees. Crawl… “Belle did so, without a moment’s delay. A door opened. Belle crawled through it, following the high-heeled black boots.„Ahh… Miss Liriam… I have brought the slave-girl, Belle.“„Thank you, Miss Jevon.“The black high-heeled boots clicked away. The door closed again. Belle remained on all fours, gazing a the patterned mosaic of the tiled floor. She might be kept there a few moments… or an hour or more. It made no difference. She must not move until she received an order.Then there came the all-too-familiar sound of a rod whistling down. Belle flinched, feeling her nates contract involuntarily.But the rod did not fall across her…A breathless, whimpering gasp.Someone else was being punished.„Keep it up! I won’t tell you again!“The whistle of the rod again… the sound of it biting into soft flesh… the in-sucking ‘ooooouuuff’ of pain. Three more times the sounds came.„Alright, Tania… stand up… „A little sigh. The clicking of high heels.„When you are being for decoration in her Highness’s apartments, Tania,“ came Miss Liriam’s crisp voice, „I expect nothing but perfection. Understood?“„Y-Yes… Miss …“„Right. Next time there’s any carelessness… any slacking… you’ll get a whipping.“„Yes, Miss… „It had began to dawn on Belle that it was one of Karina’s personal slaves who had just been punished. Her heart began to thump. She must, therefore, actually be in her Highness’s apartments. Could it meant that… could it possibly be that…„Stand up, Belle.“Miss Liriam’s order interrupted Belle’s train of thought.She got to her feet and then placed her hands on top of her head, eyes half-lowered respectfully. Before her was a hardfaced woman in her mid-thirties. Her eyes were a cold blue; her black hair was streaked with gray. The customary black leather garb – bolero, short pleated skirt, calf-length boots – had gold facings and trimmings. Behind, Belle could just see the girl who had been punished. Her face and naked body were coated with some kind of gold lacquer. Yes… there was no doubt, she was in the ‘holy of holies’.„I am Miss Liriam,» came the crisp, authoritarian voice,«Chief Overseer of her Highness’s slave entourage.“Belle felt a sort of weak dizziness at being in the presence of such important rank. Some sort of special sign of respect seemed called for – some gesture that conveyed that Belle understood how high and mighty this Miss Liriam was. Almost involuntarily, she sank to her knees and bowed her head.„I told you to stand!“ grated the voice from above. Instantly, Belle was aware that she had made an error, despite the fact that her action had been well-intentioned. What a bad start!A little stab of regret went through her as she waited the inevitable order. It soon came. „Get your bottom up, slave!“Belle got it up. Well and truly. Nose to the floor, back dipping, buttocks curving high. The compulsory posture.The cane whistled and bit fiercely…Once!Twice!Three pendik escort bayan times!Belle’s teeth were clenched… and she was scarcely making more than a hissing sound at each cut…Four times!Five times!Six times!With a desperate effort, Belle was keeping her shapely bottom high and fully presented, twisting and squirming only fractionally. She must show this Miss Liriam she was an experienced slave… mature… worthy for her Highness.Seven times!Eight times!Oh God… how many where there to come? Belle could not stop herself gasping out now. There were limits…Nine times!Ten times!Belle felt her nates clench and clench in anticipation of more. But no more came. It was over…„Get up, slave.“Wincing a little, Belle got to her feet. It did not even occur to her, as once it would have done, that it had indeed been a harsh punishment for the ‘fault’ of sinking to one’s knees out of respect! Still, that was the way things were in the Harem of Quireme.„I think it best, Belle,“ Miss Liriam was saying as she flexed the supple rod, „that you learn at the outset thathere I do not accept the slightest deviation from my orders. Not the slightest, understood?“„Yes… oh yes, Miss… I b-beg pardon… Miss… I deserved to be p-punished…“The rod slashed across Belle’s left flank. Then her right.Shuddering, she absorbed the pain…„Silence slave! I am not interested in your opinions!“Belle pressed her lips tight. Perhaps she had been away from the Harem so long she had forgotten its iron rules and ways. Behind Miss Liriam she saw the girl Tania regarding her understandingly… but without sympathy. Just as she would have regarded Tania if the situation had been reversed.„You are to be considered for a place in her Highness’s slave entourage, Belle,“ said Miss Liriam, then paused. Belle experienced a sort of sickness of excitement. Of dread, too.So she was to be given a chance! Could it be said that she experienced actual pride at that knowledge, too? Still feeling the two cuts across her flanks, she said nothing. This Miss Liriam must be treated with the very greatest respect… for she must be a martinet amongst martinets to hold such a position!„A great honor, is it not, slave?“„Yes, Miss.“Oh how this lovely creature, now called Belle, had changed!And was not know even aware of it! Never… never… in a million years could she have imagined saying such a thing (and actually meaning it!) when she had been Lady Isabel Dysart!Oh what a world away that life now was!Oh what a transformation there had been!„However, you have not earned that honor yet. I shall observe you closely during the next week or two, while you are undergoing training…“ More training, thought Belle! „… training to make you worthy to serve her Highness.“Belle bowed her head just fractionally… to indicate she wished to be found worthy.„And don’t forget, Belle,“ continued Miss Liriam coldly, „while you are learning your new duties, that the standard I demand are of the highest. If I do not consider you are giving of your very best, the taste of the rod I have just given you will seem as nothing to what I will give you!“Belle did not doubt for one moment that this was no more than the truth. She felt a freezing sensation go through her.At the same time, she vowed she would do her very utmost.„You understand me fully, slave?“„Yes, Miss.“Belle felt no resentment. No sense of injustice. She had become indifferent to the barbaric inhumanity of it all.In short, she had finally and completely accepted her fate…That she was a slave-girl in the Harem of Quireme. A slave-girl who had been honored to be even considered worthy to join Princess Karina’s personal slave-entourage.And who would actually be proud if she did!

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