Arabian Nights

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She sneaks across the vast, dark desert, the full moon shimmering off her black curtain of hair, and flitting across her eyes as she moves closer to the tent. She can hear stirrings inside, as the men are restless in their sleep.

Her smooth face wrinkles slightly as she thinks to herself, trying to remember what corner of the tent you were in. She quietly moves in to the back corner, as graceful as a panther on the prowl. She slides down across the ground, the sand whispering and grabbing at her curves, as if they are reluctant to let her go. She slowly eases the sandbags away that are holding down the tent flap and rolls her body under it and inside, as quiet and unseen as a wisp of vapor flowing across the night. She fastens the bags back down behind her and crawls over to your bedside.

Her vision adjusts and she watches you sleep, your chest moving up and down with each of your breaths. She sighs to herself as she watches you for a moment. She loses track of time, just running her eyes over you, gazing at you hungrily.

Her body is burning under her black, skintight outfit, her heart thumping so loud she is afraid to wake the whole FOB. Thinking of the FOB, she quickly looks around, alert for any signs of movement, any soldiers that might have heard her, or just awakened to relieve themselves in the middle of the night. Reassuring herself that all is safe, she focuses back on you. She slides her boots off and puts them under your bed. She stands up next to you and slowly, as quietly as she can, zips down her body suit and peels it off of herself, before stowing it away under the bed as well.

You stir a little in your sleep. It could be her presences beside you that your detecting, that feeling that she is near. Or maybe the scent of her hot body, released from the suit, wafting over your nose and reminding you of other sweaty nights entangled in the same smell.

Whatever the case, you writhe against the bed for a moment, your tongue flitting over your lower lip, as you let out a small moan and shift restlessly against your pillow. She smiles to herself as she watches you settle back down. The cool night now plays around her naked body, little breezing blowing playfully over her skin like tiny, cold skinned faeries. She takes down her hair and runs her fingers through the tresses before moving over beside you, the smell of her stronger now on the air.

She unzips the side of the sleeping bag and sits on the edge of the bed, slinking Kütahya Escort in one foot and the other before shimming down next to you, her legs curling and wrapping around yours. Even though so much time has passed, your arms naturally reach out to curl around her form, a habit that has not broken yet it seems.

Your face nuzzles down into the curtain of her hair now spread fragrantly over your pillow, and you sign in contentment, burying your face in the crook of her neck. She smiles as her arms wrap around to embrace you back, planting small kisses over your brow. Your body suddenly stiffens, your eyes opening part way as you blink at her in confusion. Your gazes lock and your brow wrinkles as you try to think through the haze of sleep.

You quickly look around, to remind yourself of where you are, before looking back at the naked female in your arms that seemed to appear from your dreams. She smiles and plants a small kiss on the tip of your nose.

“What the….” you start to exclaim, but she silences you by bringing her mouth up and covering yours. Her tongue plays along your lips and you start to relax as you open your mouth to receive her, her taste and scent washing over you. You decide that you don’t really care if this is real or just a product of your imagination. One way or another, your lover has made it here, and you plan on enjoying it for as long as you can. Your arms wrap around her tighter, all questions flowing through your mind stopped for the moment, and replaces with a burning need. The smoldering embers in your body that have refused to go away all this time suddenly flare into a fire, coursing through your veins, your need screaming through every pore as you start to ravish her mouth.

You chew on her lips and plunge into her mouth with your tongue, your hands moving everywhere, as if afraid to stop for even a moment. As if this could all blow away on a small gust off moonlit wind. You bury your fingers in her hair, and her nails grip into your shoulder blades, as she gives it back just as good as she is getting it. Her hips rub against you, her hot, wet center caressing you through your shorts. She runs one hand down your side and over your hip, pushing your shorts down as she goes. She moves the arm she is laying on and wriggles it between your body and the bed, scooting that side of your shorts down as well. Her feet hook into your waist band, your shorts now forgotten in a bunch at the bottom of your sleeping Kütahya Escort Bayan bag.

She runs her hands back up your sides, her bare chest now pressed to yours. Your body heat and hers mix and swirl together, stoking the fire to even further depths of heat as your naked limbs entwine. She gasps quietly as your hips flex, causing the tip if your cock to run all the way up her slit, from bottom to top, nicking her clit on the way. Your cock head is already covered with her slickness, just from one touch, her need pooling at her center and covering her inner thighs.

You arch your body back and do it again, the smell of her musk coming up to the top of the sleeping bag and filling the corner of your room. You inhale the scent of her arousal deeply, burying your face into her neck and biting, her gasps and whimpers coming a little louder now. Suddenly, on one of your upward swipes between the pink petals of her womanhood, you give a little lunge forward in the middle, and the tip of your prick lodges in a curve. You wriggle and push a little at this, and slowly, with reluctance, her pussy, so tight from lack of use, opens a little, and you force yourself in her.

Your only head deep, but both of your bodies shudder already, lost in the sensation. Her pussy quivers over you, a suction forming as she almost seems to be pulling you inside deeper with just her muscles.

You groan and clamp your teeth down harder on her neck as you shove fiercely upwards again, months of pent up frustration battering at her opening. She whimpers and tilts her hips more, pushing back against you, and with one more shove, you slide the rest of the way inside.

Her hot, silky walls clamp down and massage your length, driving you mad, and seemingly already trying to suck the semen out from the bottom of your balls. You can already feel them bunching up against your body, begging for release inside her willing hole. You cling to each other, breathing hard as your bodies adjust to being fitted back together again after so long apart. Your cock pulsates and flexes inside, as her body tries to stretch open to allow your huge girth to fit in her narrow passageway.

After a moment, your instincts take over, giving you no choice, and you start to move in and out of her, in slow, sure strokes. Your mouths meet again, the need to kiss combined with the need to muffle the moans of passion as much as your capable of. Your strokes start coming faster, battering Escort Kütahya into her softness. The confines of the sleeping bag keeping you close together, your movements are more up and down then back and forth. She is panting and whimpering into your mouth as your cock brushes against her g-spot up inside with every inward stroke.

Her juices are coating your shaft and making a puddle up around your nuts as her excitement and stimulation gives her small squirts of ecstasy. You move faster now, drive up in her with savage force, feeling your climax tottering at the edge of release, like a liberated man standing with his arms spread on the edge of a cliff.

Your hands clench onto her shoulders, helping to ram her down onto you, as you move up inside her. Her legs clamp around you and her pussy spasms, exploding in orgasm around your cock, her mouth pressed so hard to yours you are certain she cut your lips with her teeth.

She tries desperately to keep her cries and moans muffled in your mouth as she clings to you for dear life. Her pussy contracting and releasing wildly over your cock, and the frantic cries in her throat push you over the edge and you explode inside her.

Your seed rushes out to fill her, splashing against her inner walls, your energy seeming to pool from your whole body for this mighty surge out your cock. Every cell of your being brought together in this gift that you deposit deep inside her. You shudder, going stiff as your orgasms keeps lingering on and on, small little upward jerks inside her as you start to wind down.

Your breathing gradually slows as your body stills and you lay quietly, wrapped in her embrace. You close your eyes, exhausted but content, your senses overwhelmed with the sensations of touch and smell.

You drift back to sleep in her arms, a smile playing on her lips and a look of love in her eyes is the last thing you see before your eyes close for the last time, and you drift back to dreams. The next day, the noise of your battle buddies wake you and you look around yourself blinking. You yawn as you sit up and stretch, your body slightly stiff and sore. You look around in confusion, trying to remember the crazy dream from the night before.

You shift a little and your crotch feels slightly stiff, as you think you must have had a wet dream. You reach down to scratch, and your eyes widen as you realize your not wearing your shorts.

You move your legs and feet around and you find them, buried at the end of your sleeping bag. You pull them out as you stare at them in confusion, before thinking that your roommates are probably looking at you like your crazy. You quickly slide them back under and pull them up before stumbling out of bed, off to start your day.

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