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Subject: Apple Of My Eye-Part 8 Apple Of My Eye-Part 8 IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH ITS GOAL THIS MONTH! Support Nifty in any way you can so we don’t lose this wonderful, free archive. Visit: fty/ I heard Erwin make a noise and it startled me, I had been so into what was happening that I had forgotten he was there. He smiled and said, “Thank both of you, want to have a look?” I did and it looked like Peter did too, since all of our cum had been swallowed there was no need to worry about spilling, so we both took a chair near the computer, each with a towel on it, and watched the video from the start to finnish, then near the end of the second viewing Peter said, “Damn your hole is hot, first guy in there is going to be the luckiest person on the planet.” My cock throbbed and I felt my chest puffing out at the compliment as I said, “Thanks. How was it for you the first time?” Peter smiled and then explained how he was about my age and had discovered how good it felt in the shower as he was washing and his finger ran over his hole, but he felt guilty at the same time like he was doing something wrong. It was a while before he did it again, even though he thought about it all the time, then one day in the shower he ran his dry finger over it again, then did it will shower gel and the sensation was even better. Over the next few weeks, he did it more and more until he was doing it every time he showered, now using baby oil to make it more slippery. One night after soccer he was showering at home and using the baby oil and the tip of his finger had slipped inside and how he had stood there like that, the tip inside before pushing it a bit further and then starting to slide it in and out. He recounted how intense it felt and how big of a load he shot and that he continued to do it more and more often, enough that he had to start buying his own baby oil to prevent his mother from wondering. One fingertip progressed to two and by getting into different positions he could side them in further and that was when it happed, his fingertip slid over his prostate gland and he almost screamed in pleasure, he described it like I had felt it at first he thought he was going to pee, then it got better and better and his cock exploded. After that, he told us that he played with his ass pretty much every time he jerked off. At this point, he started thinking something was wrong with him again and he stopped doing it for a couple of weeks as he was now imagining other guys doing it to him, students, and even teachers from school, but couldn’t hold off any longer. He told us he was too scared to approach anyone about it or to even mention that he was pretty sure he was gay, he thought about going to the guidance counselor or his doctor but gave up on that. He told us about having sleepovers with friends, even a couple he was pretty sure were gay, but they seemed as scared as he was. At this point he was playing with his ass not just in the shower but also on his bed, finding it even easier to access there when he got the idea to use something besides his finger. He told us that at this point he was probably 15 or 16 and came up with the idea of using a carrot. He took it from the fridge and scrubbed it carefully, placed a towel on his bed and lay on his side, covered the carrot with baby oil, and slowly started pushing ankara escort it in. He quickly became concerned that it could easily slip right in and he wouldn’t be able to get it back out so he decided to go further. He went online and found so many adult toy shops he was overwhelmed, but after quite a search he found 1 with mostly great reviews and clicked on the anal section. So many things came up, things that he didn’t even understand, but finally he found what he was looking for, anal plugs that were not too big. Again it took a lot of reading to find what he was looking for, an anal plug starter kit that had 3 cock shaped butt plugs, a small one, a medium one that was close to his own cock size, and one that was a bit larger. He ordered it, made sure of the delivery day, and a few days later hurried home from school and met the delivery guy and nervously grabbed the package from him and ran inside and upstairs. Quickly opening it there was an odd smell and after researching he found that was normal, so as instructed he washed them all thoroughly, more than was needed then lay them on his bed and looked at them. Was he really going to do this? The small one was at least 2 inches shorter than his own 6.5 inches but close in diameter, the second one now that he measured it was almost identical to his own cock, exactly the same length but not quite as thick, the larger one was almost 8 inches long with a large head, bigger than his own and about a 1.5 inches bigger around in diameter. Stripping down and grabbing some lube he greased up the small one and lay down on his side, the butt plug head felt awesome against his hole like it was made specifically for this. Applying some pressure his hole clamped down tight, so he eased off, then tried again, and about a third of the plug head slipped inside. The sensation at first was not pian, but more a tugging or pressure sensation. He told us he applied more lube and this time the entire had slipped inside and there was slight pain that quickly faded. He lay there getting used to it and slid it in a bit, then a bit more until the entire thing was inside of him. Getting on his knees he used one hand to slide it in and out as he stroked his shaft with the other and minutes later blew a huge load of cum all over his bed. At this point, Peter looked at us and said, “At that moment I was hooked. I must have used that little plug at least 3 more times that same day.” It became my best friend, but still each time I used it I was mostly thinking about one student or my history teacher, both of whom I had no chance of ever doing anything with. A few months later when I knew everyone was out for the evening, I pulled out the medium sized plug and held it beside my hard cock, the only difference being the head was slightly larger and the shaft was not quite as thick and I knew it would be harder to get in. I took a shower and played with my hole with my fingers a lot, then the small dildo for a long time. Finally, I lubed up the bigger one, lay on my back and spread my legs, and pressed the head against my hole. It felt huge, massive, and as I applied pressure there was definite pain so I slowed down and instead of pushing I ran the head up and down my hole, this seemed to help relax it, then I applied pressure and about a quarter of the head started to slide in. Over the next 15 minutes, I got it escort ankara to halfway, the biggest part but the pain and the way my hole clamped down. Frustrated I lay on my side and pulled my right leg up as high as it would go, I felt my hole stretch as I did. Then I reached around and got the head on my hole and applied pressure, this time at half the pain was less so I pushed a bit harder and the head slipped all the way in. My hole went crazy, clamping and tightening nan my cock throbbed like never before. I lay like that for several minutes afraid to move, then I began sliding it in an inch at a time. I found with the head inside the shaft moved fairly easily and after a few minutes, the whole thing was inside of me. For a moment I thought since the plug was the same size as my cock I was actually fucking myself. Still, the position was awkward for sliding it in and out, so I tried on my back and doggy style, but still too awkward, then I remembered the suction cup and got an incredible idea. I carefully stood up and let it slide out of me, then stuck the suction cup to my wooden desk chair, lubed it up, and tried to get the head back inside, it took a few minutes but once done, I very carefully and slowly sat down as the shaft slid inside of me. For the next few minutes, I stood up and then slowly sat back down as the plug fucked me, an entirely new sensation and one that was driving me crazy, my cock pulsed, and pre cum was pouring out of it. I stood up a bit further and let the head pop out of me, then this time it slipped back in easier, there was still pain but not anything like before. I was so horny I had to shoot my load so I stood up just far enough to keep the head inside and then I sat back down as fast as I could and my cock exploded, without me touching it, it went crazy as my hole clamped down tight the more my cock throbbed. It turned out to be the best orgasm I had ever had up to that point and from that day forward I tried to repeat it every chance I got, making myself cum without touching my cock. It didn’t always work, but when it did, it was and still is awesome. Peter stopped speaking an I was staring at him with my mouth open, unsure of what to say, my cock was so hard listening to him I was ready for almost anything, then, “Want to hear about the big butt plug?” “Fuck yes.” Erwin and Peter laughed, then Peter continued, Keep in mind I was still a virgin at this time, I used the medium plug for a couple of months, loving every time but I kept thinking about the larger one. I had read about larger plugs and wasn’t scared, this one was large but not huge. I knew I was going to need a lot of time on my own, so I went through my Mothers calendar and found a day that she and my sister were going shopping for lunch and then women’s day, something that always took them the entire day, leaving early and never back before 5 or 6 pm. I was up early to make sure they left, then waited around to make sure they hadn’t forgotten anything, I even went so far as to have a friend who lived near the shopping area let me know when they got there. Once that was done they were safely downtown I stripped naked, something I loved doing but with a sister and my mother, I didn’t get the opportunity very often. I walked around the house naked and hard, noticed a note on the kitchen table, and since my mother always left notes saying ankara escort bayan when she would be back and chores for me to do, I ignored it. I took a long shower, making sure every part of me was clean, especially my ass, dried off, and pulled out the plugs and lube. The small one was easy, I still enjoyed it, the medium one was still a bit challenging and took time, so once I got it in since it was made to stay in I wiped off and stood up, no walking around the house with it inside of me. I loved doing this, it was almost like getting fucked everywhere I went. I had never worn it outside yet, top scared of getting caught but I vowed to try it soon. I walked into every room naked, hard, and with the butt plug secure inside of me, hoping this would loosen me up for the larger one. Finally, it was time, I went back up and lubed up the large one, then slowly pulled the medium-sized one out of me. I tried a few positions but couldn’t get the head inside it felt massive and the splitting pain always made me stop. I ran the head over my hole for about 10 minutes, up and down and that eased it up a bit. I managed to get a quarter of the head in, but it just wouldn’t go further, after more relaxing and positions it did go a bit further, still 20 minutes later I was starting to think it was useless but not ready to give up I turned on a favorite video, lay down on my side and brought my right knee up as far as it would go and got it in a bit, then decided to do what I had done with the medium one. I pulled out my wooden chair and stuck the plug to the seat of it, it looked huge but I knew it wasn’t really that much bigger than my own cock so I lubed it well and awkwardly positioned myself over it, reached down, and pushed the head against my hole and slowly started to sit down, using my arms to support myself. With the position and my body weight the head started to slip in, I closed my eyes and imagined my history teacher sitting underneath me his cock pushing at my hole as I slowly relaxed my arms that were supporting me, then a few things happened at once. I heard movement and opened my eyes, looking back at me were my mother and sister, their mouths open and eyes wide, I momentarily forgot about the butt plug, my hands went to cover my cock and just like that the plugs head slipped past my sphincter. There was immediate pain, but it didn’t last, however with the momentum caused by my body’s weight there was no time to steady myself as the entire 8 inches drove all the way into me. To make things as bad as they could get I instantly tried to push myself up and off the plug but before I could I involuntarily groaned loudly in both pain and pleasure and my cock exploded shooting my cum all over me and the floor. There was silence for a couple of minutes, then, “And that is how I used the bigger plug for the first time.” My mouth was hanging open and a bunch of questions came out at once, “Were you okay? Did they say anything? Did they leave right away?” Peter smiled at me, “I was okay, we spoke about it the next day, it’s how I came out as gay to them and they did leave my room pretty quickly.” “How did coming out to them go, were they cool with it?” I really wanted to know how it went for him and it was a conversation I was going to have to have with my parents eventually. “They were cool with it, both of them said they had already thought I might have been gay. The important thing is they love me and we’re a family.” I still had tons of questions, but it was also time for me to get going, once dressed they walked me to the door and said they would see me tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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