Apocalypse Chapter 24 + 25

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chapter 24

We jump ahead in time now to the day before the group gets ready to test fly
the ship for the first time. They have all worked hard in the last few days
preparing and gathering supplies to take with them to their new home. They
have gathered an abundance of things including any good lumber, building
materials, and wiring they could find just incase they needed to build some sort of
shack when they get to their destination. Most of the systems Adrien had put
in the cave like the power and security systems have already been stripped
out and packed away in the ships cargo area. The solar panels Adrien built that
were on top of the hill were removed and also put in the ship. The last
major thing to be removed from the cave was the Alien device they were using to
power some of their stuff and run all of their electronic gear. “Hey Adrien
are you sure that the ship isn’t gonna crash and kill us all?” Chris asked. “I
can not guarantee anything but I think we have done a good job on it. I
believe we will be fine, but I am going to test the systems personally before we
all pile inside.” Adrien said reassuring the nervous little dude. we have
already taken all of our bedding and clothes and belongings to the ship and we
all had a sleeping bag and a pillow left in the cave to sleep on our last night
in it. All of the food and provisions were packed and ready to go in the
cart attached to the back of the ATV. We are all going to sleep together as a
group tonight in the common area for security and just to say good bye to our
current home. Adrien has gotten the cloaking shields working on the ship and
the engines were working good enough to get us where we were going. I mean
it’s a space ship for shits sakes, but it is only going to fly a few thousand
miles maybe. As for the power system in the cave we are going to dismantle the
remainder of it in the morning before we leave for the last time, only so we
can have the hologram to hide the mine entrance still running over night.
Dinner would be something simple so that we didn’t need to clean up much.

The next morning came all too soon as we were piling the last of our stuff
on the ATV to take to the ship to be loaded. Once we got there Adrein went
right to work on the ship as the others unpacked the ATV. “Ok I have gone
through the preliminary check list and I believe we will have a green flag
tomorrow.” Adrien said. “You sure you can fly this thing?” AJ asked him. At first he
didn’t know what to say. “I do not know for sure. I will do my best though.
The systems are mostly automatic but we will have to program the destination.”
Adrien answered. “Ok just making sure.” AJ said giving him a sarcastic
thumbs up. Adrien looked at me and gave me the thumbs up with a puzzled look
asking me what it meant. “Don’t worry about it. He’s being his normal self.” I
told him. “You mean obnoxious and rude?” Adrien said. “Yep. That’s our Adam.” I
said laughing. “Look man it’s still early enough I’m going to town for one
last trip to get the last few things we need. I’m going to take Chris with me
maybe his nose and ears might pick something up before I do.” I told Adrien.
“Ok I will get the ship ready to fly. I want to do a test flight to make sure
the bugs are worked out before tomorrow.” He replied. I gathered Chris and
told him what we were going to do and we got on the ATV and headed to town one
last time. “What are we going after?” he asked on the way. “Well for one
thing sun block. If we are going to the tropics it’s going to be sunny there all
year so we are going to need it at first, and some swimming trunks. I mean
I’m all for being nekked all the time but I don’t want sunburn on my dick or my
ass.” I explained. We arrived at the outskirts of town a few minutes later
with our guns at the ready as usual. We go into the wal mart which is now
almost stripped of usable things and get what we need. “Hey you know what I just
thought of something. Can’t we just stop at another wal mart or something on
the way to where we are going?” Chris said making a damn good point. “Damn
that is a good idea bud. I may have to give you something special for thinking
of that.” I told him winking at him. “You mean what I think you do?” he asked.
“Maybe. You want to?” I said hinting. With out saying a word his hands flew
to his zipper and button of his jeans and in a flash they were around his
ankles and his little shaft was getting hard rapidly. Since we were at the check
out lane I helped him hop up on one of the counters and then I went to town
slobbing his yummy little knob. He moaned like he hadn’t had any kind of fun
like this in a long time, even though I knew he did daily. I was starting to
get into a good rhythm going up and down on him when something caught both of
our attention making us stop instantly. I let his pecker fall from my lips
and raised up to look at his face. “You hear it don’t you?” I said. he nodded
yes with a scared and concerned look. “Get dressed quick we have to get the
fuck out of here now!” I said stressing now. He pulled his pants back up and I
dragged him out before he even had them fastened. We jumped on the ATV and
took of for the ship as fast as I could get the thing to go. “Come on dammit!”
I said trying to push the gas pedal further and harder than I could go.
“Adrien change of plans get every one in the ship now! Chris and I are coming as
fast as we can. We’re leaving asap.” I said to Adrien through my thoughts. “I
have already started the start sequence for the engines. I sensed the threat
as well.” He said back to me. We tore through the trees and brush still
going as fast as we could up the hill to the ship. “Derrik I heard something but
what was it? I’m scared.” Chris said starting to cry. “It’s them they’re
coming.” I said referring to the monsters. Chris then began to freak out a
little. “Hey don’t worry bud. We’re going to get to the ship then it’s off to
swimming and playing all day ok so don’t worry. When we get to where we’re going
I’ll finish what we was just doing.” I said trying to calm him.

Adrien had the ship online and ready for it’s maiden flight since we
repaired it after it crashed. Everyone was inside and ready for the flight and he
had the cargo opening open so we could just drive right in with the ATV. I kept
the ATV gas pedal to the floor as we approached the ship and didn’t let off
till we were inside the belly of the ship. As soon as we were inside Adrien
closed the door and activated the cloaking shields. “Come on lets get to the
control room.” I told Chris who was still a bit shaken. We got to the control
room and everyone was there sitting on the floor except the hybrid who was
operating the control systems. The ship could only be controlled by some one
with the mental abilities that Adrien and I have. Any normal person would have
a hard time getting the ship to do much. “Adrien I know you wanted to test
this bird out, but we need to go now. They are close.” I said to him as he got
the ship systems all going. “Who is close?” Carry asked. “Monsters! I heard
them in wal mart when Derrik was su….” Chris started to give away what we were
doing when we heard them but stopped in mid sentence. “It’s a lot of them
and they are on foot.” I told everyone. Some of them started to cry in fear. I
was a little scared myself. If we didn’t die from the ship crashing with us
in it then the monsters may find us and then we’d still be in a world of shit.
“Every hang on.” Adrien said as we felt the ship begin to shutter. He turned
on the view screen and we could see the ground start to disappear under us.
We were now in flight. “Derrik please take the other position please.” Adrien
said then a chair that we didn’t know was there came up out of the floor. I
sat in it and then something came down from the ceiling and stopped just above
my head. “Try to concentrate on the ship.” Adrien said. A beam of light then
came out of the thing above me and shined on my head. All of the sudden it
felt like I was a physical part of the ship. “Wow. Do you feel this to?” I
asked Adrien. “Yes if you mean being one with the craft.” He answered. “What is
it?” Cody asked me. “It’s like I’m part of the ship. It’s wild. I can see
everything under us. It’s like being a bird and flying.” I replied. We got over
the top of town and Adrien stopped the ship in a hover. It was then we saw
something shocking. The soldier that we had dealt with previously was running
through town being chased by the monsters. “Holy shit look at all of them!” AJ
said at the large number of beasts. I turned and looked at Adrein then. “Yes
you are right.” He said. The ship then shot a burst of energy at the
monsters destroying them. “Wow did we just do that?” Donny asked. “Yes it was the
ships ion cannon.” Adrein said. “Cool! This is better than a video game!” Donny
said then. We had saved the soldier from being killed, but maybe only for
now. It was true he did cause us some hard times and pain, but we couldn’t just
condemn him to a death by those monsters. That would be inhumane even for us
dumb kids. The simple fact was we saved him this time, but now he’s on his
own. He was too much of a risk for us to try to take with is again. He tried
to kill Adam once and almost did kill Gavin when he shot him. The ship then
under Adrien’s control continued on over the landscape giving us an eagle’s eye
view of it. As we flew over the orphanage some of the others were saddened
to see that it had been seriously damaged by the monsters attack. It was
practically on the verge of collapsing. “Wow it’s a good thing we decided to get
to the mine.” Nathan said. “Well Adrien I’d say that so far it’s a successful
test flight.” Phillip told him. “Do you guys want to experience something out
of this world?” Adrien said. Everyone looked at each other then and wondered
what he was talking about. “Go for it.” I told him knowing what he was going
to do. “Whoa what the fuck?!” AJ said as he began to float off the floor.
Adrien had temporarily disengaged the gravity in the ship making it feel like
we were in outer space. It took everyone by surprise at first, but then the
younger guys loved the sensation. “Wow this is like swimming with out the
water.” Justin said making like he was paddling in a swimming pool. After a short
time of weightlessness everyone gently settled back to the floor getting a
lot of moans and groans that the thrill ride was over. “I apologize but it
takes a lot of concentration to keep the ship going.” Adrien told them. I could
feel my mind flowing even further into the ships systems as I began to figure
out how to work things. “Now that we have concluded the ship is safe to fly
where are we going?” Adrien asked. “Damn good question. I had my heart set on
the Bahamas, but I guess there are other places we could go.” I replied. “We
can try the Bahamas first and if that place is not good for us we can try
some where else.” Adrein suggested. I guess the course was set then. Grand
Bahama Island here we come.

We fly fro hours over the countryside seeing town after town that had been
devastated by the monster invasion forces. Almost every where we looked there
was devastation. The ship was not going at it’s normal blistering speed that
it was capable of when it is operating normally, but from what I could tell
we were cruising around 300 miles an hour. In only a few hours time we were
very far from home, further from home than some of us had ever been. We came
upon a town in northern Georgia that looked relatively partially intact. “Wow
check it out guys, building that aren’t leveled.” I pointed out to the group.
“Wonder why they didn’t mess this place up to.” Carry said. “Uncertain, there
doesn’t seem to be anything abnormal about the geography.” Adrien said.
“Look a wal mart imagine that.” AJ said pointing out that almost every town we
had seen so far had a wal mart in it. Only thing was this one was still
standing. “You guys thinking what I am?” I asked everyone. “Umm..shopping trip?”
Chris said. “Exactly. There has to be tons of stuff in there that we couldn’t
get at home cus it was destroyed.” I said. “I will land in the parking lot.”
Adrien said. The ship descended slowly to the ground and the landing legs
deployed so we could set down normally. As we neared the ground a few light poles
got in the way and were bent over to the ground like match sticks. One of the
landing legs settled on the top of a brand new Mercedes crushing it like a
beer can. “Hope he’s got full coverage insurance.” Cole said making every one
bust out laughing. The ship left one huge foot print in the black top of the
parking lot. Adrein opened the hatch then and lowered the ramp so we could
get outside of the ship. I disconnected my mind from the ship and got out of
the chair as it lowered back into the floor. “I will stay and monitor for
trouble.” Adrien said. “Ok I’ll try not to be in there too long dude. I know you
want to look around and spend some time with Carry.” I told him as I left the
ship with the others. Four of us had guns and had them at the ready as we
approached the front doors of the place. “Every one in a tight group. Guns up
and eyes open guys.” I told every one. I didn’t sense any presence, but that
didn’t mean there wasn’t something amiss. We went through each isle and checked
the place out thoroughly before we commenced to shop for free. “All right I
guess it’s all clear. Everyone grab a cart and go nuts.” I said grabbing my
own cart. We each had our own cart and the guys were talking about what they
were going to grab. The younger ones of course wanted toys, and I was more
concerned with what kind of food and supplies they had. We walked through the
building as a group grabbing things here and there as we went. As we approached
the toy department Zack, Justin, and Donny were practically drooling. The
twins wanted a few things, but they were in no way as hyper as the littler guys
were over the toys. We filled our carts to capacity then rolled them outside
to load them. I went up to let Adrien know that the place was a jack pot and
we could get a lot of supplies here so he agreed to keep watch a while
longer. We all went back inside this time for the essentials like food and clothes
and supplies. We all grabbed some new clothes and shoes for the next cart
load. Carry took my cart this time out to the ship as I grabbed another and
began to collect medicines and anything in the pharmacy we could use to fill
this cart with. I rolled it to the front door and set it there then grabbed one
more cart. This time I made it to sporting goods and took all the guns and
ammunition I could just incase we may need it. As I breaking open a display case
AJ walked up with an empty cart. “What should we put in this one?” he asked.
“Grab a bunch of fishing gear and stuff and pile it in there. We are going
to the tropics you know. We may need to catch fish to eat eventually.” I said.
He piled his cart full and took it out as I was filling mine up. In the end
we had nearly 40 carts full of supplies and clothes and other things we
wanted before Adrien even got to go into the building. “Ok I think you can
disconnect now and get yourself some things.” I told him as I came to the control
center when I was done shopping. “O but I want to make sure you have a handle
on the ship before I go.” He said before the chair I was in rose back out of
the floor again. I sat down and patched into the ships systems like before and
it was like I was watching everything from a high place above us and I could
see in all directions at once. Only then did Adrien leave and go inside with

Carry helped him pick out clothes and things like that to fill one cart then
he grabbed another for supplies he felt like we may need. He went to the
hard ware department and grabbed every scrap of wire he could find and anything
else that looked useful. Then it was a cartload form electronics. He had a
couple laptop computers he wanted for parts and lots of other stuff to. In the
end he had gotten 5 carts of supplies and clothes himself. He had all kinds
of things that I would have never of thought of in his carts, like bug spray. I
never gave a thought to needing it, but we might. As he was inside getting
his final cart of supplies with Carry she stopped in mid stride. “What is
wrong?” he asked her. “Oh it’s nothing.” She said holding her stomach. Adrien put
his hand on her stomach and then had an astounded look on his face. “Oh
goodness.” He said looking into her eyes. “What?” she asked not knowing why he
said that. She thought she had a stomach cramp or something. “WE have…you and I
have…”Adrien tried to say. “What?” she asked again. “Conceived.” He said
then with a look he had never shown before. It was a look of fear, happiness,
and wonder all at once. “What? You mean I’m pregnant?!” Carry asked getting a
worried look. Adrien only slowly nodded his head yes. “Oh fuck now what are we
going to do?” she said starting to hyper ventilate. “Calm down. We will work
through this I love you.” He told her as her eyes began to tear up. “That’s
the first time you ever said that to me.” She said as she smiled and hugged
him. She was happy and scared at the same time of the thought of becoming a
mother. “Are you positive I am… you know” she said hinting to her pregnantcy.
“You could say that. I felt the heart beating.” He told her. Now knowing why
she had been feeling so bad in the mornings she continued on with him
gathering supplies so the trip could proceed. In the ship they stowed the last of the
carts of supplies and walked hand in hand to the control center where the
rest of us were. “Eww gross!” Cole said as he saw his sister walk in holding
Adrien’s hand. “No grosser than you putting your brothers thing in your mouth.”
She replied making him scowl and us laugh. “We have some news.” She said
then. We all looked that the two of them wondering what was up. “Well let’s just
say it like this, uncle Cody and uncle Cole.” She said. At first they didn’t
know what she was talking about but it hit me right off. “Are you serious?”
I asked. They both nodded yes then. “I’ll be damned.” AJ said as he figured
it out. “What?!” the twins both said at the same time. “She’s pregnant you
dummies.” AJ told them. Their eyes grew to the size of pool balls then. “For
real?” Cody asked and Carry nodded and smiled.

This news left us all speechless and astounded. Could it be that Adrien has
knocked Carry up in the few times that they have had sex? Evidently it may be
so. “Ok, we’ll be uncles just as long as we don’t have to change any
diapers.” Cole said with a smile. I could sense Adrien was sort of happy but
confused and scared at the same time. He was happy because he had shared in making a
new life, and scared and confused because none of us knew how in the hell to
deliver a baby. That would be a hurtle we will conquer when we come to it.
After we had everything stowed in the cargo area we the ship lifted off and we
continued on to our destination. We did make a slight detour on our way,
some of the guys wanted to see Disney Land while we had the chance. I for one
had never been there myself so we went for the hell of it. We weren’t planning
on landing or stopping, but just flying over to say that we have seen it
before. We neared Orlando Florida a short time later and we could see the park
from a distance away. Some of the younger guys were getting excited and antsy
to see the place. As we grew closer and closer the sight before us broke our
hearts. One of the most beloved places a kid could ever visit was virtually
destroyed. There wasn’t much left of the place, only a few buildings were still
standing and a few rides had escaped destruction. Cinderella’s castle was now
in ruins. The Epcot center is a pile of shiny metal now. Zack started to cry
because he thought the monster had killed Ankara bayan escort Mickey Mouse and the rest of the
gang. “Oh honey I’m sure that Mickey and Minny and the others all got away
safely.” Carry said comforting him as he cried. It did put a lump in my throat
and a sore place in my heart to see this place like this. We were about to fly
past the ruins when Adam spoke up. “Hey what’s that down there? Look!” We
slowed the ship to a stop and looked down at the earth below us.

There in the ruins that use to be Disney Land we saw a person digging
through what looked like a trash can. A few seconds later another joined them.
“Holy shit survivors!” AJ cried out. “Should we land and see if everything is
ok?” Adrein asked. “Don’t know. What do you guys think?” I asked the others. “Of
course we should.” Carry said sternly. We descended to a low level just
above tree top high before we turned the cloaking shield off. When the two people
on the ground saw us hey freaked out. One ran away and he other dropped to
his knees and dropped their head as if they were defeated and just had enough
and were ready to die. We landed about 100 feet away and shut the engines
off. Adrien opened the hatch and we all went out to this person. They didn’t
raise their head at all to look at us. I walked up to them and knelt down in
front of them. “Are you ok?” I asked calmly. The head slowly rose and I got a
look at the persons face. I was greeted by a dirty face and the nicest blue
eyes I had ever seen. “It’s ok we’re not gonna hurt you.” I told them. At this
point I couldn’t tell if this was a boy or a girl. They had shoulder length
light brown hair and a cute face, you know the features that made a cute boy or
girl only I couldn’t tell through the dirt. When I heard the voice it told
me that this was a cute boy under all that grime. His voice was slight and
quiet, but I could tell it was a boys and also foreign to our country. “Are you
real? Or am I already dead or dreaming?” he asked. “We are definitely real.
Do you need help?” I said. “I though everyone else was dead.” He said before
he started to cry. “That we can’t answer, but we are definitely real and
alive. Can we help you some how?” I asked again. All he did was sniffle a bit. “We
saw you digging in the trash, do you have any food?” Carry asked and he
shook his head no. With out a word Carry went back inside the ship and grabbed
some water and some food and brought to the kid. He looked at us like we were
saving angels and thanked us over and over. “Who was the other person that was
here?” I asked. “That was Tyson. He must have ran back to our hiding place.”
The kid said. “Who is he? He looked older than you do.” Adam said. “He is my
commanding officer. We were in a military academy in Alabama. We got to
visit this place on a field trip and the space ships came and killed every one.”
The kid replied. I told the kid my name and all the other and he then told us
his. “I’m Maxwell Corbin. Every one calls me Max though.” “Ok Max we should
really find your friend now. It’s not safe to be out in the open like this.”
I suggested. “Very well, but he’s not my friend really. We’re just stuck with
each other.” He replied. I went back inside and grabbed a pistol and stashed
it in my waist of my shorts and went back out to the kid. “Ok I’m gonna go
with him and get the other dude. You guys stay here and go back in the ship.
Adrien turn the cloak on just incase and we’ll be back soon.” I told every one.
I stood outside the ship with Max as the others went back inside and then
ship then vanished before our eyes. “Where did it go?” Max asked. “It’s still
there, it’s just invisible now see.” I said as I tapped on the ships hull. The
two of us then walked quickly to the hiding place to try to find the older
kid. “Commander Tyson sir, are you here?” Max said as we walked into what was
left of a restaurant. As I walked in I was taken by surprise as some one
grabbed me from behind in choke hold. “Why did you bring them here private?” I
heard the other kid ask as I struggled to get free. “No sir they are here to
help us!” Max pleaded. “No private they are the enemy in disguise. You have
brought them in to our barracks and now they will kill us.” The other kid said.
I fought as hard as I could but I could feel the lights starting to go out as
he choked me. “No sir stop!” Max said then ran over and tried to help me get
free. “He’s not an alien stop!” Max pleaded as he tried to free me from the
bigger kids choke. I managed to grab hold of the gun I stashed, but I was in
no position to shoot the older kid. I squeezed the trigger just before I
passed out firing a shot in a random direction. The next thing I knew I there was
only blackness. I woke a few minutes later with a scary jolt running through
me. I was wide eyed and super sensitive to my surroundings. “Whoa slow down
Derrik. You’re ok now.” AJ said as he steadied me sitting upright on the
ground. I looked over and saw the older kid sitting on the floor and he looked to
be tied up and gagged. “What the hell happened?” I asked not knowing. “Well
we were in the ship and Adrien freaked out all the sudden and we all ran
behind him to see what was wrong. He told us you was in trouble so we went
looking for you. Adrien led us in here and we saw that dude over there choking you
from behind so we kicked his ass.” AJ said. “Thanks you guys I think you
might have saved my life.” I told everyone. “Shit dude don’t mention it you did
it for us a bunch of times.” Adam said smiling. He helped me to my feet then
and it took me a minute to regain my balance. “Man what the fuck is wrong with
you? All I was trying to do was help you.” I asked the older kid tied up. I
removed his gag and he answered me. “I am protecting our barracks from
intruders and you are definitely intruders.” “No sir they were only trying to help.
They gave me some food.” Max tried to say. “Quiet private. I decide how do
stuff here.” Tyson ordered. “Dude you are fucked in the head.” AJ said and I
gave him the evil look for cussing again. “I’m sorry Derrik but he is. He is
fucking nuts to think we are aliens and he is some kind of commando or some
shit. Dude look around you this place sucks. You got no food or nothing here.
And you’re a dick for being mean to that kid.” AJ told Tyson as he pointed to
Max. “I hate to say it but I agree with his vulgarity completely.” Carry
said. I had made a decision to ask Max to go with us and I’m sure the others
wouldn’t just leave him here with this psycho marine wannabe. “I think I speak
for all of us when I say this, Max you are welcome to come with us if you want.
You don’t have to stay here with him if you don’t want to.” I said.
“Remember who you are private. I am in command here and I say we both stay.” Tyson
said. Max had a defeated look on his face and just said yes sir. “No fuck that!
Max if you want to go with us and have food to eat instead of digging in
trash cans looking for food and have people that give a shit about you then you
can come with us. You don’t have to stay here and put up with his shit!” Adam
said very sternly while his face started to turn red. I have only rarely seen
him this upset, and upset he really was. “Commander sir, I think I want to
go with them.” Max said quietly. That made the older kid severely pissed then.
“Private I forbid you to go.” He said with a hateful look on his face. “Look
dude if you want to stay here in this hell hole go for it. Just because you
do doesn’t mean he wants to or has to.” I said. “Yeah come on Max get your
shit and let’s go.” AJ said. I could tell Max was scared of the older kid even
though he was securely tied up. Tyson stood up then and AJ pointed a gun at
him. He was easily 6 to 7 inches taller than I was and outweighed me by a lot.
If he wanted to he could have killed me and almost did. “This is treason.”
He told Max with a stare of hatred. “Yeah, yeah just shut up. I bet you feel
like a real man picking on a little kid like that don’t you.” AJ told him. “Ah
fuck it.” AJ said as he struck the kid on the side of the face with the gun
but knocking him out. “Oh no you killed him bubby!” Donny said starting to
cry. “No he’s alive just out cold.” I said checking his pulse. “He’s gonna have
a head ache and be pissed when he wakes up though. Let’s untie him and get
out of here.” I suggested. “Untie him, why?” AJ asked. “Well Adam we can’t
just leave him tied up like that can we. Even if he is an ass we shouldn’t bring
ourselves down to his level.” I said as I cut the rope around his wrist.
“Come on Max it’ll be ok. He can’t hurt you any more.” I said leading the little
guy out holding his hand. I could feel him trembling as we walked. I could
sense he was truly scared out of his wits over everything that just happened.
“It’s ok bud really.” I said pulling him closer and wrapping an arm over his
shoulder. We entered the ship and I could feel a sense of apprehension coming
from him. “Trust me it’s safe. We rebuilt this thing our selves.” I
reassured him. He swallowed a big gulp and stepped inside with us.

“In a little while we will be in the Bahamas and looking for a new home. I’m
sorry we had to leave the Tyson guy there but we can’t have a nut like that
around us we already been through that once.” I explained. “Cody, Cole why
don’t you guys help him get situated so we can take off.” I told the twins.
They helped him get ready for take off as Adrien and I got into our positions
and readied the ship for take off. The ship recloaked and we then lifted off
and began on our way to our new home. “Umm, Derrik if he’s going with us
shouldn’t we get him some clothes and stuff to? I mean we got a lot but everyone
got stuff they wanted, except for him now.” Josiah suggested. “Good idea Joe,
but we cat go back up to Georgia to that wal mart.” I told him. “Ok but
there’s a little land still between us and the ocean.” He replied. He did have a
point and maybe we could find some stores intact to check out. “Ok good idea.
We’ll look on the way.” I said. While Adrien and I flew the ship and operated
the systems Carry and her brothers cleaned up the kid we just found. When
they were done it was a night and day difference in his looks. “Wow there was a
cute boy under all that dirt.” Carry said making him smile. “Where are you
from? Your voice sounds weird.” Cole asked him. “I was born in Australia, Sydney
to be exact. I moved here when my dad’s job moved here a few years ago.” Max
explained. “How old are you?” I asked him curiously. “I’m 10. I’ll be 11 in
March.” He mentioned. “In March, um what year was you born in?” I asked. “On
March 14 1997.” He replied. “Ok I’m afraid you’re already 11 my friend. March
was a few months ago.” I said breaking the news to him. “Oh…” he said with a
sad look. You could see the grief on his face from not even knowing what
month it was and that his birthday had already passed. He was a small kid for
11. He was actually no bigger than Donny who was a few years younger. He was
definitely cute though. The dirt and grime were hiding those good looks and now
it he was bonerific, in other words he would make you hard in a second to
see his cuteness. His clothes were tattered and dirty just like his body and he
did have a slight smell, but that was expected all considering. He did have
a very cute smile though and what looked like to be a knock out little body
to. “Concentrate on the ship.” I heard Adrein think to me as I noticed my
thoughts straying to Max and I noticed I had popped a boner. “Sorry I couldn’t
help it he’s a cutie.” I thought back to Adrien. I diverted my attention to the
search for a store to stop at to find Max some clothes and other stuff to
have. We came upon a severely damaged mini strip mall and saw a half intact
sporting goods store. “Hey Adrien let’s try that place. There’s bound to be some
clothes still left in there. We may even find some stuff for our new home.”
I suggested. The ship descended once again and we touched down to the earth.
OK Every one stay on the ship this time. I’m taking Max in with me to see if
we can find him some clothes in the sporting goods store. If we find other
stuff in there we can use and it’s safe I’ll send Adrien a message.” I told the
group. I grabbed a gun once again and started to lead Max out and AJ told me
“Have fun.” then he winked his eye. Evidently he thought I was going in to
see if I could work Max out of his clothes. Actually that is exactly what I
was going to do, just not for the reason AJ was thinking. I wanted to get the
nasty ones off so we can get nice ones on.

I entered the building with the gun ready as usual and Max followed right
behind right on my heels almost. “Let’s check the place out first before we
start shopping.” I told him. It took us a few minutes but the place checked out
ok. We walked around then just looking for a few minutes to find some things
he liked. I grabbed an overturned cart laying on its side and we began to
fill it up. The place was a jackpot for outdoor wear and items. I knew once we
had Max some clothes and things I would have to get the others to come in and
gather up some things to take with us. Max collected a lot of nice clothes,
but he was lacking one thing only because I don’t think he was thinking about
it. “Um Max aren’t you going to get any under wear? I mean you don’t have to,
but well you know…” I told him. “Oh yes I forgot all about it thanks.” He
replied. We went to the boys department and they didn’t seem to have normal
under wear. All they had was the supportive athletic types. Not very comfy to
just wear casually. “Well kiddo I don’t think we’re gonna have any luck finding
them here. If we see another store we will try there.” I told him and he
smiled. “Thank you for being so nice to me. No one is ever this nice to me.” He
said losing that smile. “Why’s that?” I inquired. “My mom died when I was
little so it’s just been me and my dad for a long time now and he’s always busy
so I hardly ever see him. He sent me to that military academy so he wouldn’t
have to worry about me all the time. I hated it there. Every one was always so
mean to me there. Commander Tyson was one of the highest ranking superiors
at the academy. He was always mean to me. He use to always make me do the
worst punishments when I did something wrong.” He went on to explain. “Well dude
you don’t gotta worry about that any more. No more punishments or being
treated bad. Now you got a lot of new brothers and an older sister to take care of
you. I think you’ll be happy once you get to know all of us better.” I told
him making him smile again. “Come on lets get your stuff out to the ship so I
can tell the others about all this good stuff in here. I’m sure the swimming
floats and rafts will be going with us once they see them.” I told him. We
walked back outside and the ship appeared before us once more and the hatch
opened up. “Hey everyone this place has a lot of stuff. You guys go in and get
what you want and lets get going again.” I told the others. They all seemed
to fly out of the ship and into the store to see what goodies they could find.
Once Max and I were alone in the ship I suggested he change clothes into
some new ones and out of the nasty rags he was wearing and get cleaned up. It
appeared he didn’t have much modesty about me seeing him naked at all because
he stripped right down and stood before me naked. I couldn’t help but admire
his body. Perfectly shaped and proportioned with a nice smooth hairless shaft
dangling above marble sized balls. He didn’t seem to notice me staring at him
with a boner tenting my shorts as he picked out some clothes to wear. He
turned to face me then and noticed my boner sticking out. I looked down then
tried to turn away from him so he didn’t see so I didn’t make him feel weird or
anything. “It’s ok I seen them all the time back at the academy in the
showers. A lot of the older guys got big like that in there.” he said. Little did
he know I wanted to stick mine in his tight little ass and his in my mouth. I
tried to change the subject and told him, “Umm, do you wanna wash off before
you put the new clothes on?” “Sure but how?” he asked. I got him a towel out
of the cargo area and wet it down some wit water and a little soap. He began
to wash his nakedness off just as some of the guys walked back in. “Geez
Derrik couldn’t you wait to get him naked till we got to where we’re going?”
Chris said being a smart ass. “Ha ha smart ass funny.” I snapped back as he and
Josiah laughed. Max just went on toweling off as we made our little jokes not
having a clue of what we really meant. “He does have a nice bod though.” Joe
said. “Uh, thanks I think.” Max told him. He finished wiping off and pulled on
some new shorts and a t-shirt then. He looked a whole lot better now that he
was semi clean and in new clothes. “Wow much better.” Carry said looking him
over making him blush. He came to me then and whispered in my ear, “Has she
seen you guys naked before?” “Oh yeah all the time we see her to. It’s no big
deal.” I told him. “I’ve ever seen a naked girl before.” He replied. “Well
just wait you’ll get to see her eventually, that I promise. And she will see
you to.”” I told him. The guys had brought in a few more cart loads of stuff
from this store as well. They got snorkeling stuff, swimming floats and tubes
and beach balls and all sorts of other good stuff to have fun with. Adrien
had got maybe the only usable thing of the whole bunch. He found a spear for
spearing fish to eat, or if needed for protection. We got that stuff stowed and
were on our way once more with one passenger more than we had started with
when we left the mine.

chapter 25

The mainland of the US disappeared under us as we flew over the never ending
horizon of blue ocean under us. “Wow I never seen the ocean before.” Chris
said with his eyes glued to the view screen. It was a sight that I have come
to regard as a welcome home sign as we make our way to the islands. At the
speed we were currently going we should see the islands in a few hours or so. In
the mean time we all just watched quietly as the ocean passed us by. “Look I
see the islands!” AJ pointed out some time later. “Yep sure is.” I responded.
We slowed our speed and made a pass over the area looking for any signs f
life. The island looked relatively deserted, not that there weren’t any people
there more like there never was any people there. “Guys I think this is one
of the smaller islands. It looks like no one has ever lived here.” I told
them. Further we flew checking out the area and it was the same for the first few
islands we checked. The fourth one we did find some houses and signs of
civilization. From what we could tell the place looks like the monsters haven’t
been here. The buildings were intact and still standing. We came across a
small town and the buildings there were the same as the houses we saw. “Oh my
gosh do you think there might be people down there?” Josiah asked. “That answer
your question?” AJ said pointing at the screen. There was a woman carrying a
basket on the streets below and she looked like she didn’t have a worry in
the world. “Wow survivors!” Carry said. “Maybe, but I don’t think we should
just turn the cloaking shield off and land just yet. Let’s find a place to stay
first then we’ll come back here and check the place out.” I suggested. “That
is a reasonable offer. He is right we should find a refuge before we reveal
our existence here.” Adrien said. Now that we knew there were people alive
here we continued on checking for a place to call our own.

We checked several of the smaller islands and a few of the larger ones until
we found one that may suite our needs. It wasn’t very big, but it was just
big enough. “Wow guys this one looks like it might be a good one to set up
on.” I said as we flew over head. We came upon a sheer cliff wall and then went
past Escort bayan Ankara it and looked. “Wow look at that!” Donny said. It was a house built into
the side of the cliff face. Not just a house but a very, very expensive one.
“I bet this is one of those private islands that some rich guy owns or
something.” AJ said. “Maybe, Adrien what does the ship say about the place?” I
said. Adrien used the ship to scan the house and cliff side. “The house extends
into the cliff side quite far. I can not scan through what we can see right
now.” He said. “Well that’s good isn’t it? I mean if we can’t scan in it that
means the monsters can’t either can they?” Chris said. I looked at Adrien as
to ask if he was right. “He is right. If we can’t see in the cliff they
shouldn’t be able to either.” Adrien replied. “Cool lets land this bitch and check
it out.” AJ said anxiously. The ship settled near the house but with the
cloaking shield still on. AJ, Chris, and I left the ship with a gun each and
checked the house out. The front door was locked so we had to break a small
window out next to the door to gain access. “Wow this place is… NICE!” AJ pointed
out admiring the expense it took to build this place. If the rest of the
place was as nice as the entry way then this was a palace. We went room by room
checking for life or monsters. The house was indeed extensive. It did go deep
into the cliff face hiding its true size from being seen from outside. “Man
this place is huge!” Chris admired. It had a huge kitchen very large gathering
room and big living room with a monster TV in it and several bed rooms and
there was much, much more to it. “Ok guys I think we can call everyone else
in. I thinks it’s safe.” I told the others. We went back to the front door to
the house and I waved to the others that it was ok. “It’s ok Adrien you can
all come inside now.” I told him through my thoughts. The ship then became
visible to us and the others came out one by one into the blinding sun. “Holy
crap it’s hot!” Justin said holding his hand up to the sun to keep it from his
eyes. “What do you expect it’s the tropics. It’s like this all the time.”
Josiah pointed out. The others filed into the entry way of the house one by one
and marveled at the luxuriousness of it. “WOW!” Carry said liking what she
saw. “Ok everyone we checked most of the place out, but we haven’t went all the
way through it yet. So be careful. I don’t think any one or thing is here but
still…” I told them. We set out as a group checking the house more
thoroughly this time. In the lower levels there was a huge home office, exercise area
with all kinds of weights and machines, a large storage area, a very large
and well stocked food pantry, a wine cellar that was refrigerated, and the best
part was the recreation area which made the younger boys eyes light up with
excitement. “Cool air hockey!” Zack yelled running to the air hockey table.
“Well what do you guys think can we live here?” I asked be sarcastic. “YES!”
most of them screamed at the same time.

We continued on to the upper levels of the house checking further. There
were a few very nicely decorated bedrooms and a few modestly decorated ones all
with large beds. We came upon what had to be the master bedroom. It had a
view over looking the ocean and beach, a huge bed, and even had a hot tub built
into an area by a huge window looking at the ocean. “This is mine. You guys
can fight over the other rooms but this one is mine.” I pointed out making my
alpha male status known. If I had to do everything for everyone else I think
I at least deserve this room for myself. No one seemed to argue with me and
they all went off to find sleeping areas for themselves. There weren’t enough
rooms for everyone to have their own so everyone but me would have to share
with some one else. The twins naturally took a room together, Adrien and Carry
got their own, Zack and Justin took one together, Chris and Josiah got one,
AJ and Donny had one, and Phillip and Nathan shared one. That left me with
the master bed room and our newest friend Max with the only single bed room in
the house. From what I could guess it must have been the maid’s room or
something like that, but Max didn’t seem to mind. Since we have every ones
sleeping arrangements maid I decided to have a chat with Max to get to know some
stuff about him. I could just read his mind but I prefer to hear it from him.
“Hey bud you and the others getting along ok?” I asked. “Yeah every one is nice
to me. It’s just I know I’m like an outsider and all but I really hope I fit
in with you guys.” He answered. “Ah don’t worry about it dude just be your
self and you’ll be fine. Now there are a few things you should know about us
before you make up your mind to want to stay with us.” I warned him. “Ok like
what are you guys in a cult or something?” he asked being sarcastic. “Ok first
clothes are kind of optional with us. We have all seen each other naked
before and it doesn’t bother us to be naked all the time. So I guess what I’m
trying to say is be prepared to see a lot of skin around here.” I told him. “Ok
I guess I can deal with that it doesn’t sound so bad.” he replied. “Ok not so
fast there’s more. You see me and some of the guys like each other. I mean
really LIKE each other.” I said stressing the like part. “You mean you like
other boys instead of girls? Um… ok I guess I can deal with that, I mean I’m
not really into girls or nothing, but I don’t think I want to do stuff with
another boy.” He said stressing his true feelings. “Ok no one is going to make
you do anything, Just be prepared to be embarrassed is what I’m saying.” I
said smiling. “Why would I be embarrassed?” he asked. “Well some of the guys are
horn dogs, me included, and you are kinda cute so be prepared for some of
the guys to tell you you’re hot or cute and stuff like that.” I warned him. “Ok
I guess that’s fine. Just don’t try to bend me over or anything like that.”
he said laughing. “Deal.” I said laughing with him and sticking out my hand
to shake his. “Ok now that you know about us why don’t you go get cleaned up
and get some fresh clothes on.” I suggested. I left then to find the hybrid
wonder and see what our power situation was like in the basement utility room.

“Ok what kind of shape are we in utility wise?” I asked Adrien. “Actually we
are in excellent shape. The house is almost completely self sustaining since
it is on an island like this. There are tanks set up to collect and filter
rain water so we will have fresh water. As for the electricity I caught a
break this time. I don’t have to build more solar panels. The house has then set
up on top of the hill above the home. All I have to do is throw this switch
and the house has power again.” He said pointing to the big switch on the
breaker box. He flipped the switch and the house came to life. Lights came on all
over, the refrigerators and freezers kicked on, the air conditioning came
on, and so on. “All I need to do now is set up the security system, cloaking
shield to hide the house and ship, and set up the control center.” Adrien said.
“Ok sounds like fun…” I said being sarcastic. “I’m afraid we are going to
need more supplies. We just don’t have enough to complete the systems that we
will need.” Adrien told me. “Ok well we’ll go and get more stuff when we get a
chance. I think we will be ok for tonight. We’ll go tomorrow, that sound
ok?” I asked. “I think so.” He replied. No that that was settled we went back up
to meet the others.

I ran across Max carrying some fresh clothes to the big master bathroom to
get cleaned up. “Hey hope you don’t mind me joining you in the bath room for a
minute. I need to check some stuff out to see it is working ok.” I said to
him. “No it’s fine I use to have to shower with the other guys at the academy
in a big shower room.” He replied. We walked in together and he sat his
clothes on the big counter by the sink while I turned the faucet to the sink and
tub on to get some water flowing. I turned the hot water on and at first it
was ice cold, but in a few minutes it became scolding hot. “Dam we must have one
hell of a hot water heater.” I said shaking the hot water off my hand.
“Looks like you can take a hot bath if you want to. I wish I could, but I got way
too much to do right now.” I told him. he stripped down naked in front of me
with out a bit of modesty and stretched his nice looking body. He noticed me
staring at his dick and blushed. “Sorry I didn’t mean to stare, I told you I
was a horn dog.” I said chuckling. “It’s ok I guess. At least I know people
think I’m cute.” He said giggling. “Damn right you are!” I was thinking. He
had my dick straining my shorts to pop out and slide in his ass, but he already
expressed he wasn’t into that, so to bad for me. I left him then filling the
tub up and went to check the progress of unloading the supplies and stuff
from the ship. The kitchen had no counter space open from being covered with
food supplies and stuff we needed. The guys were busy carrying the stuff we got
from the store up to their rooms, one thing I needed to do myself. I went to
the ship and grabbed as much as I could and lugged it to my room and dropped
it on the bed. 4 more trips and I had all of my stuff out of the ship and in
my room. Late in the afternoon we had the ship finally unloaded and all our
clothes put away. Carry and her brothers were busy in the kitchen putting
food and supplies away while Adrien was busy in the utility room in the basement
setting up his electronic gizmos. The rest of the guys were just messing
around and exploring the house to familiarize them selves with it. “Um.. Derrik
can we go swimming?” Little Zack asked me. “I guess so, but let’s put some
sun screen on you first. Who all is going?” I asked the others. A few raised
their hands. Zack, Nathan, Donny, and Justin raised their hands. “Ok guys come
on to the bath room so we can get you guys all sun blocked up.” I told the
younger boys. They all followed me like hyper little puppies to the bathroom.
“Ok boys you guys wearing trunks or you want to go naked?” I asked. They
looked at each other and smiled. I knew instantly what the answer was, “Ok I’m
thinking naked right?” I asked and they all laughed and nodded. I guess it was
the appeal of being out side in the open and being but naked that intrigues
them. “Ok guys strip then. We need to put a good layer of sun block on you. And
you guys cant stay out there too long or you’ll get burned.” I warned them.
Their clothes were off in a flash and I had 4 little cuties standing but
naked in front of me waiting for me to rub sun screen all over them. Zack went
first, rubbed the lotion all over his back and shoulders and his arms and
tummy. His legs were covered very good and then his face. “Ok lil dude we got most
of it, not it’s time for the dingaling and but. We sure don’t want them
getting sun burn do we.” I told him. I squirted a gob of lotion in my hand and
grabbed his big pecker and rubbed it all over. By the time I had his crotch all
lotioned up he was sticking straight out at full size. “Wow that thing is
huge!” Donny said marveling at Zack’s big dick. I went through the other three
boys loving playing with their little rods and making them hard, and I’m sure
they were loving the attention they were getting to. I finally got them all
covered well with sun block and they were ready to go. “Ok guys now you have
to talk one of the other older guys into going out with you just incase.” I
told them. “I’ll get my bubby to go with us.” Donny said referring to Adam. He
ran his naked ass off to find AJ and nearly knocked Max down as he came out
of the bathroom. “Sorry Maxie!” Donny yelled as he ran past to look for his
brother. Max looked at me and asked, “I guess clothes are an option aren’t
they?” and then he began to laugh. “Yep the only reason we aren’t all naked yet
is because we haven’t had a chance to get that way yet.” I told him. “Well I
guess I should get use to it then.” Max said. He opened his bathrobe then and
dropped it to the floor exposing his freshly washed naked body to me. “It is
kind of comfortable actually.” He said giggling. “Sure is. Plus there’s not
much to take off if you wanna jerk off or have fun.” Nathan said from behind
me. I turned to see him and he had a stiffy from looking at Max’s nakedness.

Down by the front door I found the 4 younger boys and now AJ naked and ready
to head out into the bright sun shine. AJ was outside for all of about 10
seconds and came back inside. “Sorry guys I can’t do it the sun is too bright.
It’s blinding the shit out of me.” Adam said taking off his sunglasses and
rubbing his sensitive eyes. “Guess we’re gonna have to find you some really dark
glasses for down here aren’t we.” I suggested. “Yeah something damn!” AJ
responded. It was going to be hard on him and Adrien here with the sun being so
bright. “Ok guys I’ll see if Phil will go out with you.” I told the younger
boys. Phil didn’t have a problem with going out and swimming so he stripped
his clothes off to and went out with the younger guys. “Donny you listen to
Phil or I’ll kick your but!” AJ yelled to his brother. The 5 ran out the 50 or
so feet to the waters edge and plunged into the crystal blue water of the cove
that the house was built next to. “You ok?” I asked AJ who was still running
his eyes. “Yeah I’ll live, just a little flash blind I guess.” He replied.
“Well how about we check out the rest of the place together?” I suggested. “Ok
as along as I don’t have to go out in the sun again.” He said. We went out
the front door and then turned right to go to the deck attached to the front
of the house. It had a path leading off into the trees and we wanted to see
where it went to. AJ was still naked from getting ready to go swimming and I
was starting to wish I had stripped myself, it was blistering hot. We got about
100 feet away from the house on the path when I stopped. “Hold on dude I
gotta get these things off it’s too damn hot out here to have clothes on.” I
said as I stripped naked. “See isn’t that better?? Adam said as I picked my
clothes up and carried them. “Hells yeah it is, much better.” I responded. A
little further down the path we came to a small gazebo type structure. “What is
that?” AJ asked. “Dunno let’s check it out.” I said. We walked up to it and it
was exactly that, it was a gazebo that had a tropical theme to it. Made from
palm leaves, bamboo, and other things of that nature. “Wow this is cool!”
Adam said sitting on one of the hammocks hanging in it. “Yeah it is. It looks
like a great place to relax.” I said. “Or a great place to have fun.” AJ said
wiggling his eye brows. “Is that a hint?” I asked. “Only if you want it to
be.” He replied. “Hmm, do I want to keep exploring or do you in the but? I
wonder?” I said scratching my head being sarcastic. AJ answered the question for
me when he came over to me and got on his knees in front of me and almost
swallowed my dick. “Ok I guess I made up my mind.” I said making him giggle with
my dick in his mouth. His tongue felt great on my cock as he slid back and
forth on it. “Fuck Adam that’s great. I want your ass though.” I told him
rubbing the top of his head. He let my dick from his mouth and got up and kissed
me quickly and then smiled. “Only if I can do yours.” He then said. “Ok
deal!” I replied. He turned around and bent over slightly and spread his cheeks
apart. “I know we don’t go t no lube so be careful please.” He said as I put
the tip of m dick at his hole. I began to push forward slowly and it just
wasn’t working. The tip of my dick was starting to hurt from the pressure of
trying to force into him. “Dammit this isn’t working. We need lube.” I said. “Well
let me try. Remember I got that suntan lotion on mine so maybe it’ll slide
in you.” Adam said. We traded places and he was right, he slid right into me
with little effort. “Umm..” AJ moaned as he began to fuck away. The feeling of
him in me wasn’t all that bad, I did love the part where he hit that special
spot inside there, you know the prostate. Our pleasure was short lived when
we heard a scream coming from the direction of the beach. “Fuck that sounded
like Donny!” he said as he withdrew from me a little too fast. “Owe dammit AJ
slow down!” I cringed in a little pain. “Sorry dude but that’s my brother.”
he said once he was out of me. He took off running full speed towards the
beach with me close behind. The 5 boys were coming out of the water helping
Donny limp out. “What the fuck happened?!” AJ yelled. “I don’t know Phil said a
little scared. “What’s wrong bub?” Adam asked his brother. “I don’t know my
foot hurts. It feels like I stepped on fire or something.” Donny cried. I lifted
his foot and he had some kind of barb or something sticking out of it. “He
stepped on a sea urchin. That’s one of their spines.” I said pulling it out
slowly. Donny began to cry like crazy from the pain of me pulling slowly so I
stopped. “Ok Don I’m gonna yank it out fast ok, on the count of three, 1,2” I
said but yanked it out before saying three so he wouldn’t tense up when I
said 3. He was crying and holding his foot and the other boys looked scared and
not sure of what to do. “Come on boys lets get inside. One of you guide AJ in
I’m sure he can’t see anything right now. I’ll carry Donny in.” I told the
others. I picked the little guy up and Phil led Adam to the house while he
covered his eyes from the blinding sun.

It must have been a sight for Max to see the 7 of us walking in the front
door but naked. “What happened?” he asked wondering about Donny. “He stepped on
a sea urchin.” I replied setting him down in a chair. “I know how to help
bring him to the bath room.” Max said. I picked Donny back up and took him to
the bathroom. “Ok I stepped on one of those once to and the only way to make
it stop hurting is to..” he started to say. “To what?” AJ said. “Pee on it.”
Max replied. “You mean pee on my foot?” Donny asked. “Yeah, don’t ask me why
but it works.” Max said. Donny held his foot up and AJ was about to piss on
it. “Wait, do it in the bath tub lug nut.” I told AJ. Donny put his foot over
the bath tub and AJ stepped inside. “This is a first. I never thought I’d ever
piss on my little bro.” AJ said pointing his dick at Donny’s foot. A second
later the golden stream was flowing on his foot. “EEWWW!!!!” the other boys
said watching. Adam emptied his bladder on Donny’s foot and I don’t know how
but it seemed to help. Donny stopped crying and just sat there then. “Feel
better baby bro?” AJ asked. Donny wiped his eyes and nodded yes. Aj sat down
next to him and hugged him then. “You scared the hell outa me lil dude.” Adam
told him. “I’m sorry bubby I didn’t know I stepped on it till it was too late.”
Donny replied. “It’s ok I’m not mad. If I was mad I would’a pissed on the
rest of your leg.” AJ said poking Donny in the ribs making him giggle. “Ok
guys I think he’s ok now. Maybe you should all take a bath and wash the salt
water off you.” I suggested. AJ turned the water on in the tub for one thing to
wash the piss out, and another so he and Donny could take a bath. The rest of
the boys went to the other bath rooms in the house. Max and I walked to the
living room and sat down on the couch. I did a little slowly since AJ had left
his mark in my ass from pulling out of me so fast. “What’s wrong?” Max
asked. “You don’t wanna know.” I told him. “Dude if I’m going to live with you
guys you have to trust me. I swear I wont think anything bad.” he said. “Ok if
you really wanna know, me and AJ were doing it and he pulled out to fast and
it kinda hurt.” I told him. “Wow really? You and him were, having sex?” he
said quietly. “Yeah dude you don’t have to whisper it’s no secret. Yes we were
doing it.” I replied. He sat quietly for a minute and I could see that the
gears in his mind were working Bayan escort Ankara from the sight of his pecker getting boned up.
“Hmm sound like something to try?” I asked him looking at his hard on. He
noticed he had gotten hard and tried to cover it. “Dude come on it’s cool. Hell if
you wanna jerk off right here go for it. No one is gonna care. If any one
sees they’ll probly sit with us and do it to.” I told him. “Are you serious?”
he asked. “Well how about this to tell you how serious I am.” I said them I
reach over hand took hold of his shaft. He jerked away at first then I
reassured him it was ok. He relaxed and I began to move my hand up and down. “I never
did anything like this before.” He said. “It’s cool if you want me to stop
just say so.” I told him. “Well since every one is so free about this stuff I
guess I can try it this one time.” He said. that was just what I wanted to
hear. I gripped his dick then and began to jerk him at full speed. “Wow that
feels so much better than when I do it. Is all the stuff you guys do like
this?” he said. “Some of it is even better.” I said with a grin. “Wow. I wonder if
there any girls out there that survived that would like to do stuff with
me.” He said. I stopped jerking right then and looked at me. “Dude you don’t
need a girl to make you feel great. You just said it felt better when I jerked
you then when you did it yourself didn’t you?” I asked. “Well yeah, but I’m
not gay. I like girls.” He said quietly. “Well dude chics are a hard thing to
come by now. Carry is one of the only ones I have seen since the Aliens
attacked and the other girl I seen is dead now. If you want to wait on a girl then
you may be waiting for a long time. Now if you want to have fun with your new
friends then we can help you with that. It’s our decision.” I told him
strait up. He sat and thought on what I just said for a minute then replied. “I
guess I can try a few things, but don’t think I am gonna Do it with any of you
guys cus I’m not.” “Hey that’s fine. If you like what I was just doing then
why don’t we finish.” I suggested. He got comfortable again and gave me his
dick back and I began to stroke again. He seemed to be enjoying having a boy
jerk a lot for some one who doesn’t like boys. He began to tense up and groan
so I knew he was getting close to orgasm. He began to breathe faster and then
his body got stiff and I felt his dick twitch in my hand. “Oh gosh! Wow!” he
moaned as he blasted off into orbit. He body then went limp a few seconds
later and I slowed my jerking to a crawl then stopped. Nothing came out of his
smooth shaft yet so hopefully I would get to taste that thing some day before
it began to spit. About 3 minutes later he opened his eyes and looked at me
with a red face. “Hey no need to be embarrassed. How was it?” I asked. “It
never felt that good when I did it before.” He replied. “Well see what it’s like
to have friends that like to have fun. Any time you wanna do that again just
say so. Almost all the guys will be happy to help you with it. The only one
that isn’t into any of it is Phillip. The rest of the boys love pecker.” I
said laughing. “Thanks for the info.” He said laughing now to. “Not that I’m
begging you, but have you ever touched another dudes dick before?” I asked.
“Never.” He replied. I looked down at my throbbing hard on pointing straight up
and he asked, “You want me to do that to you now?” “Well I’m not gonna make
you, but it would be nice of you since I just done it for you.” I replied. His
hand slowly inched its way towards my dick and he got about 2 inches away and
stopped. “Dude it doesn’t mean your gay to touch another dudes dick.” I told
him. “Ok fuck it I guess I should just get use to it.” He said then with a
quick motion grabbed my dick. “Ok dude go for it.” I told him then he copied
what I did to him minutes earlier. “Damn dude for some one who’s never did
this stuff before you’re good at it.” I said loving the feeling coming from my
dick. He smiled shyly and continued stroking away. As I got closer to the edge
he noticed and began to speed up. “Oh fuck!” I moaned as my body tensed up
and my dick spasmed in his hand loving the attention of his first hand job.
Once I peaked out over the edge he slowed down like I did and then stopped. It
took me a few minutes to regain my senses and then I looked at him. “Dam that
was great!” I thanked him. “You’re welcome I think.” He said. “What did you
think of it?” I asked. “It was different. Not all that bad, but different.”
He replied. “Think you can do it again?” I asked. “You mean with you? I guess
so.” He answered. “Well not just with me but maybe some of the others. Trust
me dude there is much better stuff than just getting jerked off.” I said with
a grin. “Well I don’t know. Maybe I guess.” He said. “It’s up to you dude,
but keep in mind if you get bored or horny just let some one know and I’m sure
we can help you. Just think of us as your brothers and sister now. Or close
cousins or what ever.” I said. “Ok thanks for the, you know.” He said
pointing to his now half limp pecker. “No prob. See me later and we’ll do it again.”
I said smiling and laughing. He rolled his eyes and smiled before getting
up. I sat there enjoying the after glow of my orgasm and just relaxed on the
very comfy couch.

I sat just enjoying the time pass by when the twins walked up to me. “Hey
Derrik we was thinking, you know if other people are still alive then maybe the
internet still works.” Cole said. “You know what I never thought about that.
Good thinking dude.” I told him making him blush. “Hey it was my idea!” Cody
whined. “Ok, ok good idea you GUYS.” I restated. “That’s more like it.” Cody
said giving a little smile. “Ok come on lets get one of those lap tops
hooked up and see if Adrien can help us get online.” I told them. We had the
computer powered up and ready to go then Adrien told us that there was no internet
connection in the house. “Well that sucks. Is there any way you can figure
out a way to get us online? I need to check my myspace.” Cole said making a
joke and cracking up laughing. Cody and I laughed to, but Adrien didn’t get the
joke. “Mysapce?” he asked. “It’s a personal online thing that you put stuff
about you on so other people can see who you are.” I explained. He got it
then but still didn’t get the point of the joke. “I can construct a satellite
uplink to try and make a connection, that is if the satellites are still
there.” Adrien said. “True I never thought about that. Maybe the monsters zapped
them or some shit.” I replied. “I will add what I need to make an uplink to my
list of supplies I will need when we go shopping again.” He said. “Ok twins
sorry no internet today.” I said trying to let them down easy. “Darn no porn
today for you Cody.” Cole said running away from his brother laughing.
“Porn!?” Cody sad as he took off chasing his twin. I left Adrien to make his list
and went to check on Donny’s foot. He and AJ were in their room sitting on the
bed and just chatting. “Hope I’m not interrupting.” I said knocking on the
door. “No it’s cool come in.” Adam said. “How’s the foot stinker?” I asked
Donny. “It’s itchy now. And it still stings a little.” He explained. “Well now
you know to watch your step out there in the BIG swimming pool.” I said
referring to the ocean. “So what’s up guys.” I asked. “Nothin we was just talking
about home and stuff.” AJ said. “I know I miss my family to.” I said feeling
myself get a little choked up. I noticed Donny’s eyes get watery as he thought
about his family. “I miss mommy.” He said as he began to cry. Adam hugged
Donny and began to cry to. “Me to bubby me to.” AJ said crying with Donny. I
couldn’t help myself I walked over and hugged them both. “It’s ok guys I miss my
family to. I’d give anything to tell them just one last time I loved them.”
I said through my sobs with the others.

We sat and just cried ourselves out for a few minutes till we calmed our
emotions back down. “Come on guys it’s getting late lets grab a bite to eat.” I
told the brothers. We walked down to the kitchen with Donny hobbling limping
on the one foot. We sat down in the kitchen at the small table in there.
“What do we got to eat?” Donny asked. “Well lil dude we got all kinds of stuff.
What do you want?” I asked him. “Umm…I want waffles!” Donny said smiling.
“Waffles hmm. Ooook I’ll see if we got any in the freezers.” I said rolling my
eyes at Donny. “He was just joking. It’s a little inside joke me and him
have.” AJ said as I started to walk away. “Ok as much as I want to ask, I don’t
want to know.” I said referring to their joke. “What do you really want bub?”
AJ asked. “Do we have peanut butter?” Donny said. “Yep tons of it.” I replied.
The pantry was well stocked and did have a lot of the stuff. “Ok I guess a
PB&J sandwich then.” Donny said. “I’ll get it dude. I mean I do know how to
make one of those.” Adam said stepping up to take care of his little bro.
“Thanks dude. I’m gonna check around the house to see how things are going.” I
told them then walked away.

Most of the others were doing exactly what I was, exploring the house.
Adrien how ever was hard at work setting up his command center in the room
downstairs. I checked in on him and the room looked like a tornado had struck a wire
factory. “Holy shit Adrien! How can you tell what wire goes where?” I asked
looking at the spaghetti mess of wiring. “Simple, I ran them so I know where
they go.” He replied. “Ok, well have fun dude. I wish I could help you but
this is like a complete mystery to me.” I said. “That is ok I prefer to do this
myself it is very complicated.” Adrien replied. I left him to his work and
went on through the house. I came upon the twin’s room and the door was shut. I
was about to knock before I heard a moan come from inside. I just smiled and
went on down the hall and let them have their fun. Zack, Justin and Nathan
had gotten the tv in Zack and Justin’s room working and had the PS3 hooked up
to it playing a game. It seemed that nudity was going to rain supreme here
since almost every one I have seen in the last little while was naked. Adam,
Donny, Zack, Justin, and Nathan all were still naked and not caring one bit. I
decided to just go to my room and check out that hot tub to see how it
worked. I walked in and for the first time in a long time I had privacy. I turned
the warm water on and let the tub fill up before I turned the jets on in it. I
stepped my naked body in and settled slowly into the scolding water so that
my body got use to the temperature. Once I was adjusted I just sat back
enjoyed the view of the setting sun over the ocean and also enjoyed the feel of a
perfectly placed grip around my dick. I began to stroke slowly just enjoying
the moment and not just jerking to get off. All though the view was great and
the water felt good the time came that my dick told me I needed a release so
I began to speed up my stroking until I was pounding away making splashing
noises in the water. “Oh fuck!” I moaned as I was shaken by a great feeling
orgasm. Wave after wave washed over me as I pounded away. I slowed down
eventually to just a tender rub on my dick as the last few pulses shot through me. I
opened my eyes a few minutes later and looked out the big bay window at the
ocean. “Wow that was a good one.” I said smiling to myself. I was thinking
about what it would be like to suck and fuck Max the whole time I was jerking.
That must be why my orgasm was so good. Just as I was thinking that some one
knocked on my door. “Come in.” I yelled out. The door opened slightly and a
head popped in. “Am I interrupting anything?” the voice said. I turned around
and saw Max himself peering at me sitting the water. “No not at all I’m just
chillaxing. You can join me if you want.” I told him and he walked in the
room then. “You want the door open or shut?” he asked. “Shut please and lock it,
I forgot to when I came in.” I replied. He shut the door and locked it then
walked over to the side of the tub. “Wow I never saw a bath tub in a bed room
before.” He said. “Well actually it’s a hot tub, not a bath tub. But It has
a drain so we can bathe in it if we want.” I told him. He just stood the
admiring the view from my window. “Wow I can see why you picked this room now.
The view is awesome.” he said. He had put some shorts on since our little fun
earlier, but I was going to try and work him out of them. “Hey you can get in
with me if you want. I mean you did say you use to shower with a lot of other
guys before.” I suggested. “Gosh, I don’t know how to say this.” He said
looking like he had something to talk about. “Just say it I wont be mad what ever
it is.” I told him. “Umm.. I don’t like boy’s, I mean I don’t think I do. I
mean what we did earlier was fun and stuff, but I … I just don’t know.” He
said trying to explain. “Dude it’s fine. All I said was you could take a bath
with me if you want.” I relied. “Ok I guess I can, but no, STUFF ok. I’m just
not sure of stuff right now.” He said referring to having fun with me.
“That’s cool dude strip and get in.” I said and he did just that. He settled his
naked form into the warm water adjusting just like I did. He laid his head back
and closed his eyes enjoying the bubbling water messaging his great looking
body. After a while I decided I had enough of the water when my skin started
to look like a raisin and got out. “How long you gonna stay in?” I asked Max,
but he didn’t answer. I checked him and he was sound asleep in the water. I
dried off and kneeled down next to him by the tub. I brushed his silky
feeling hair away from his cheek and felt his rosy cheek then. His skin felt so
tender and smooth. He squinted his eyes then so I removed my hand. “Maxy wake up
dude.” I said gently shaking his shoulder. He opened those pretty eyes and
stared up at me. “Come on dude I think you need a nap. I know you aren’t into
guys, but you can crash on my bed for now if you want.” I told him. He rubbed
his eyes and stood up. His little nut sack was hanging low and loose from
being in the hot water so long just like mine was. “You sure I can sleep in
your bed? Where are you going to sleep?” he asked yawning. “I’m sleeping in my
bed. I guess I shoulda said you can share with me if you want tonight.” I
said. “Ok as long as you don’t like try to rape me in my sleep or anything.” He
said. “Dude I wouldn’t do that. I’d never try to rape you in your sleep. I’d
wait till you woke up.” I said holding back a smile. I was naturally joking,
but Max didn’t seem to pick up on it. He gave me the weirdest look then. “Dude
I’m kidding. Damn man you gotta loosen up. Look I’m never gonna try to rape
you ok, I mean you are hot and all but I’d never make you do anything you
didn’t want to. And that goes for any one else in the house to.” I said telling
the truth. “Ok I guess I can for tonight. I’m tired as heck and well…” he
said yawning again. “Ok dude dry off and hop in bed.” I told the little guy. He
stepped out of the tub as I popped the drain and he began to dry off. I
walked up behind him as he was drying his hair and put my hand on his back
spooking him slightly. “You scared the crap out of me.” He said jolting a little.
“Here give me the towel I’ll dry your hair for you.” I said. surprising to me
he let me dry him off. I took my time drying his silky hair and made sure I
got his head dry. I tried to continue on drying him and he didn’t stop me. I
went down his back and to his but cheeks and he still didn’t stop me. I went on
down the back of his legs and then continued back up them from the front.
Still he said nothing. I got to the middle of his thighs and stopped. “You want
me to stop now or what?” I asked. “You can go ahead I guess.” He said yawning
again. I went on up his legs till I came to his sagging ball sack.& I
slowly toweled his sack off so I didn’t hurt him and continued on up to the base
of his stiffening little uncut cock. I wasn’t one for uncut dicks but what the
hell, he was hot!” the towel ran from the base of his dick to the tip and it
seemed to bounce to life. Before I knew it I had dried him off to a full
boner. I went on from his stiff rod up his belly to his chest. From his hard
dime sized nipples to his ticklish arm pits. He giggled as I dried them going to
his arms. Once he was dried with the towel I dropped the towel and continued
from his arms backwards with my fingers retracing my steps. He made no
effort to stop me and said nothing as I felt his warmth. My fingers found their
way down his tight little chest and tummy back to the base of his dick and I
stopped again. “Are you sure you don’t like boys now?” I asked in his ear. “I
dunno. Maybe.” He gulped. My fingers encircled his little cock then and began
to slowly stroke him. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked him. “No way!” he
cooed. I kept stroking him then and sped up my pace. He began to breathe
shallowly so I then stopped. He opened his eyes and asked, “Why’d you stop? It felt
great!” he said. “Come on let’s hop on the bed and have some fun. You don’t
gotta do nothing you don’t want to.” I told him. He followed me to the bed
and jumped up on it. “Go ahead and lay down you’re gonna love this.” I told
him. He did what I said and I got on the bed and spread his legs. “You aren’t
gonna try to screw me are you?” he asked me. “No dude not unless you want me
to. I’m gonna do something that you will love I promise.” I replied. “Ok.” He
said and spread his legs again. I laid down on my stomach them making sure not
to crush my boner and got ready to suck him. “Ok get ready you will love
this.” I said right before I opened wide and slid his boner in my mouth. He
inhaled sharply as I closed my mouth around his shaft. “Wow, oh wow, oh wow!” he
moaned as I began to bob up and down suck him. “You were right it is
awesome!” he moaned. I let my hands explore his body from his nipples to his nut sack
as I sucked away. “Oh gosh I’m getting that feeling again like earlier.” He
said. I clamped my lips down on his pecker then and sucked even faster and
harder. “OH GOSH!” he almost yelled as I his body tensed up and he jerked
violently. “OH WOW!” he almost yelled again. “DON’T STOP! OHHHHH!!!” he moaned
loudly. A few more choice words and his body settled down and almost went limp
as he lay there breathing heavily. I let his shrinking pecker slide out of my
lips and I then slid up next to him on the bed. I rubbed his chest and tummy
then down to his half hard rod as he came back from orgasmo land. He opened
his eyes a minute later and looked at me and smiled. “You so sure you don’t
like boys now?” I asked. “I’m not sure about that, but I absolutely love what
you just did. Can we do it again?” he asked grinning. “Not now, but I’m glad
you liked it. You know when some one does you a favor like that you need to
repay the favor.” I said. “You don’t mean I have to suck yours do I?” he asked.
“Not if you don’t want to, but hey until five minutes ago you didn’t want a
boy sucking yours did you?” I asked making a point. “Don’t say no for
absolute sure until you try something.” I said. “I guess you kinda got a point, but
do I have to suck yours?” he asked. “No you don’t if you don’t want to, I’d
love it if you did, but no you don’t have to.” I said. “Well I guess I could
do what we did earlier today for you if you want.” He suggested. “What jerk me
off? Shit go for it!” I said. He slowly reached his hand over and took hold
of my rod. His hand felt great for the second time today gripping me. It
didn’t take me long to get off again from the sensations he was giving me. I
didn’t last but maybe a minute till I was going rigid and loving another dry nut.
As I opened my eyes coming back to my senses he was laying on his side
facing me. “Damn dude that was good. For a dude that says he don’t like boys you
sure can make one feel great.” I complimented. He smiled and just lay there.
“Ok I’m tired let’s get some shut eye. We got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.” I
said as I reached for the light switch next to the bed. “Good night.” Max
said yawning again. “Nite dude. See ya in the morning.” I replied

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