Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow Ch. 03

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We spent the afternoon lying on the sofa, watching recordings from the DVR and munching on those snacks that are bad for you except for that one time in the year when you overdose and realize why you don’t eat them all the time. Although the DVR contains programs we had selected, our active minds quickly get bored and no amount of staring at the images will spark an interest. I would have suggested a game of strip poker if we were not already naked, instead I begin to let my hands wander wherever they please and am pleasantly surprised to see and feel Lucy’s immediate arousal at my touch.

As we lie on our side next to one another with me curled around Lucy I start to gently glide my fingers over Lucy’s neck, barely touching her skin, the movement simply disturbing the air allowing the flow to transmit my touch. As I extend my reach over the side of her body I sense a short, sharp intake of breath. My hands circle the cheek of her ass before travelling back up along her spine, all the time maintaining minimal contact between her body and my hand to produce maximum sensual response: touch without contact, intimacy without coupling, reaction without obvious cause, pleasure without guilt. My fingers dance lightly over her shoulders, my hands sweep over her back before reaching around and deftly skimming my fingers over the underside of her breast, gently disturbing the surface of her skin. Extending my arm, my hand travels down towards her stomach barely touching creating sensuous tingles without physical contact. My hand lingers on her hip before extending down the outside of her leg and falling back to caress the back of her knee My journey continues up the back of her thigh, before my fingers separate allowing my thumb to travel on the outside of her cheek and my little finger to explore the crevice between cheeks. Finger nails gently raked up the spine, ending the sojourn just before it repeats its mesmerizing journey in earnest once again.

With each round trip journey of my hand over her body Lucy rolls inexorably from lying on her side to lying on her stomach. With each passage up her thigh my hand moves from the back of the thigh to the inside of her thigh; with each passage on the inside of her thigh her legs gradually part and my hand gets closer and closer to her pussy. With time her legs are parted enough to allow me to trace my fingers along the joint between the lips of her pussy and her thigh. My finger strays into the crack between her lips to find it flooded with hot, slippery fluid. I roll my middle finger along the crack to coat it with the fluid before slowly slipping it into her. With each joint that penetrates she inhales and utters a small, satisfied murmur of content until the whole of my finger is inside her.

Slow rotations and thrusts of my finger open her up more fully and increase the fluid pouring out, coating my hand, allowing my finger to be joined by a second and ultimately a third. Each entrance stretches her further allowing me to penetrate deeper, exploring her cavity, touching parts of her that have never been touched before. Slowly I withdraw my fingers leaving her empty, she utters a disconcerting cry of despair as emptiness replaces fullness. I quickly thrust my thumb in; she is once again complete and a deep sigh audibly illustrates her lustful appreciation. This new angle of penetration allows me to directly stimulate her G spot and her hips start a rhythmic movement that is a direct counterpoint to my thrusts and rotations.

As natural lubrication gushes from Lucy’s open pussy I replace my thumb with two fingers and continue to stretch and penetrate. My thumb casino şirketleri is now ideally prepared for its next task, extending away from its previous home I circle her puckered ring and spread the juices around Lucy’s ass hole. The surprise of this movement brings the rocking of her hips to a halt while she utters a strong moan of pleasure as my thumb circles her sensitive crinkled hole. With my fingers deep in her pussy and my thumb circling her ring she resumes her rocking, slowly I press my thumb towards the center of her ring and gentle push in. Her initial reaction is to tense up but eventually she relaxes and allows me to stroke her hole while at the same time pushing my fingers in and out of her pussy. Eventually I am able to push my thumb past the outer boundary, Lucy stops rocking her hips, opens her eyes revealing a faraway look, her lips part and I hear a deep satisfying “Ahhhh” come forth.

I continue my attentions to both her pussy and her ass; simultaneously circling, stroking and expanding her pussy while also circling and pushing my thumb into her. Eventually my thumb is accepted up to the first joint, I start rocking my hand in opposition to Lucy’s movement so that my fingers go deep into her as she rocks back and then in the reverse direction my fingers slide out and my thumb goes deep. We continue our dance for several minutes eventually stretching her ass enough to allow me to push past the first joint allowing me to be accepted deep inside her. Now both my fingers and thumb are buried deep inside her, alternating in penetration as she rocks back and forth; my fingers plunge deep, my thumb pulls out, the motion continues in response to the rocking of Lucy’s hips. Gradually the cadence of our motion increases, Lucy’s fingers start to grasp for any firm hold she can find, her breathing shallows and as the rate increases she starts a continuous cry of pleasure as she approaches climax.

She stops rocking, bears down through both her pussy and ass at the same time locking my fingers and thumb deep inside her, only allowing me to circle and feel the touch of each through the thin membrane that separates them. As I continue my deep stimulation Lucy cries out as the release of her climax hits her, the muscles in her pussy and ass spasm at the same time leaving her unable to control her movements and putting her in my complete control. With each spasm she utters a cry of joy until her muscles are worn out and her uncontrollable reaction abates. Unable to clench her pussy and ass on my fingers and thumb I begin slow circles inside her that touch all places deeply and occasionally touch through the adjoining tissue. The continued stimulation of Lucy’s fully relaxed body leads to occasional whimpers as she undergoes additional climaxes that eventually subside leaving her spent and exhausted.

As I withdraw from her body I hear her say, “Thank you, that was incredible.”

She remains still, glazed eyes stare distantly into space. I can’t help but look down at my own cock, standing rigidly to attention, coated with precum wondering how and when I will get release of my own needs.

I lie next to Lucy, shielding her body, sharing our body warmth, waiting for the return of movement. Eventually she stirs, sleepy eyes look into mine and a smile breaks out on her face just before she says “Hi.”

I hold her close and gently massage her body to bring sensation and movement back. After a while she begins to stretch, slowly extending muscles whose only motion a short time ago was an uncontrollable quivering as she climaxed. As normal movement returns she places her hand on my casino firmaları chest and starts to gently rub it with the palm of her hand. She reaches over and begins to pinch my nipple with her nails, forcing it to become erect and firm to the touch. Meanwhile her mouth clamps over my other nipple and she focusses on bringing it to life. Sucking it into her mouth she flicks her tongue over the engorged nipple while simultaneously pinching the other one between her fingernails making both tender to the touch and yet screaming for further attention.

Her mouth moves from my nipple and traces a path directly for my rigid, erect cock that has been in need of attention for a long time, her firm tits drag across my body. Holding my member in both hands she brings her pursed lips to the tip and lightly kisses it taking in some of the precum that has leaked out. Extending her tongue she runs it down the back side of my cock slowly moving towards my balls where she opens her mouth and takes one of them into her mouth, sucking it, rolling it around and lapping it with her tongue. After she has had her fill of one she moves to give equal service to the other. When my ball sack has been sucked, licked and mauled Lucy raises her head to the tip of my cock, parts her lips creating a small “O” and pushes down on my throbbing cock taking me into her. The warmth and wetness surround my cock, driving me crazy with the desire to grab hold of her head and fuck her mouth until I explode inside her.

Lucy however, has another opinion; she holds my hips down to stop me moving and starts to post up and down with her mouth wrapped around my cock, gradually pushing me deeper into her. On the upstroke she sucks me hard to coax every drop of blood into my stalk and every drop of precum into her mouth; on the down stroke she relaxes so that she can take me deeper with every thrust. The combination pushes me to the limit but the hold she has on me stops me from getting loose and forcing my cock all the way down her throat to blast a sizeable wad of cum deep into her. With the continued motion I feel the pressure rising in my balls and my breath become shallower and more rapid. I am getting ready to explode and then suddenly Lucy releases all contact with me, automatically my hips start to buck, desperately trying to find purchase to allow me to climax. But instead of that much sought after friction I find myself bucking against air, no contact, no connection, no climax. Lucy looks at me and grins.

She rocks back, placing her knees on either side of my legs, raises her hand to cup her breasts before tweaking her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. As I survey the site my eyes scan down her body: the grin on her face, the fall of her breasts, the arrow of pubic hair pointing directly to her pussy. Her pose forces the outer lips of her pussy apart revealing the delicate petal lips surrounding her prominent clit. Her inner lips are wet, slick and shiny from the flowing juices coming from her insides; the flow traces a path down her inner thigh – I can only gasp at the wonders on view.

With a big smile Lucy turns around so that her back is towards me and her pussy is directly over my cock. Reaching down she parts the lips of her pussy and impales herself on my cock in one quick motion, oh the relief of feeling something warm, firm and wet around me once again. After settling down on me she starts a slow upward motion that only stops when the tip of my cock is dangerously close to coming out of her, followed by a rapid downward motion that forces me to her deepest point in one quick motion. The pattern repeats for several güvenilir casino minutes until she leans forward, arches her back, moves her weight forward supporting herself on her hands, her breasts drop down and she thrusts her buttocks up and back. This exposes the bottom of her shaved pussy to full view, my cock pushed deep inside, stretching the inner tissue to accommodate my girth, fluid pouring around my impaled cock and running down my shaft onto its base. It also opens up her butt cheeks and provides a clear view of the butt hole that I had penetrated earlier with my thumb. Although it has now assumed a shape and form closer to that before my exploration it has not fully closed and provides another invitation for further exploration.

I reach forward and coat my middle finger in the juices collecting at the base of my cock before moving the fingertip to the slightly open puckered ring in front of me. Rotating my finger around the edge of her ring spreading the lubrication I sense Lucy relaxing into my touch. Applying gentle pressure I push the tip of my finger past the outer rim before stopping to allow Lucy to relax into the expansion. She starts to rock on my cock stimulating me as I alternate from being deep in her one moment and close to the edge of rejection in the next. In return I rotate my finger in her ass trying to expand her opening to prepare for deeper penetration. As I feel the relaxation of her muscles my finger gradually works inward before stopping at the first joint. Lucy continues to rock back and forth, stimulating my cock to new levels, increasing the inner pressure and bringing me closer to climax, I only hope that this time she doesn’t pull back from the final moment.

As Lucy shows no sign of stopping I push further and feel the sucking sensation as my finger is accepted past the first joint. Lucy’s head rocks back, her eyes close and her mouth opens slightly, passage of my finger up to the next joint is easily accepted and I am now able to rotate and waggle my finger simultaneously inside her allowing a fuller exploration of this virgin territory. Now Lucy concentrates her movements on the top of my shaft gently moving over the bulbous head of my swollen cock. In response to this mesmerizing motion I push on, rotating and pushing to expand and penetrate; my finger slips past the final joint and I am accepted all the way into her rear cavity. In recognition of this Lucy pushes all the way down and my cock slips deep into her front cavity; we are one locked together in two places.

Moving my finger inside her I feel the sensations on my cock as my touch is transmitted through the thin separating membrane. Lucy is now motionless on top of me; her breathing quick and shallow; her eyes closed and mouth open with clear cries of pleasure emerging. I continue my internal stimulation and her cries become louder and her breathing quicker; the increased pressure in her pussy squeezes my cock tighter and sucks me further in. The combinations of sensations push me closer to climax and I let loose a cry of release as my cock finally jerks and releases my seed into her. I feel the continuing spasm in both my cock and my finger as the seed gushes out of me, splashes on her inner walls, expands to fill the space and drips back along my cock. On my third spasm Lucy cries out and her muscles also contract around my cock and finger; their rhythm drains me of my seed and she relaxes onto me.

Loathe as I am to separate from this moment I slowly withdraw my finger, feeling the “plop” as it exits. Lucy raises her hips allowing my now deflated cock to slip out followed by a flow of the white creamy cum I had just deposited in her. She turns to look at me with a broad grin of satisfaction before collapsing onto my chest, her hot breasts lie on top of me and we embrace in the aftermath of our successful and extraordinary union.

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