Anything for My Domme Mommy Pt. 03

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Brenda turned off the toy and let her down. But not before her body was exhausted and her breathing was ragged. Ashley immediately kissed her hard, but Brenda didn’t return it. Instead she just said, “Go to our bed sweetheart and we’ll be along in a bit.” Ashley thought that with Mike back, she’d be back to sleeping alone. She was surprised and a little worried to find out she’d be sharing their king sized bed with them both, but she didn’t argue. Not that it mattered. Once again she was asleep before anyone joined her.

Ashley woke up in the morning to the feeling of the bed shaking. As she cracked her eyes and looked over to see that her Brenda was spooning her husband while he fucked her from behind. Ashley tried to pretend that she was still asleep, but Brenda had already noticed her stirring and pulled her over, pulling her face into massive breasts. “Good morning sleepy head,” Brenda cooed between moans, obviously enjoying her husband’s return. “Come help Daddy make Mommy feel good, baby.” Ashley didn’t need to be told twice, and latched on to her left tit while she massaged the right with her hand. She was secretly afraid that Mike would grab her, or make a move, but he didn’t. Instead they both came after a few minutes and then went off to their shower together, leaving her in a king size bed that reeked of sex.

Ashley decided to skip the shower and go for a run to clear her head. What had started as a kinky romance with Brenda was quickly becoming complicated. The obedience was hot, and even the pain was kind of sexy at the time, though she had mixed emotions about the bruises on her ass as she started to jog down the block. As a lesbian she didn’t care much for the idea of being stared at by a man, even one as handsome as Mike, but she couldn’t deny how hot it had been in the moment. It left her confused. She’d experimented with guys when she was younger, but it had never done much for her, but then she’d never been tied up and beaten either. There was a first time for everything, she supposed. At least he hadn’t tried to touch her. That might ruin this whole thing.

Half an hour later, Ashley returned to the house, and it was like last night had never happened. By the time she got out of the shower, there was no trace of any of last night’s torments or this morning’s fucking present physically or in the behavior of either of her employers. All the same Ashley kept to herself the rest of the day for a well needed break. It might have been a perfect sunny Sunday, were it not for the itch that she wasn’t allowed to scratch deep inside her needy pussy. Eventually she had to put down her romance novel and enjoy some mindless reality show because even the tame sex sequences in her book were making her uncomfortably wet. Even at bedtime all she got from Brenda was a little absent minded groping as she drifted off to sleep.

It wasn’t until Tuesday that Brenda broached the subject. “Do you understand why I want you in our life, princess?” she asked shortly after she got home while Ashley massaged her feet and the pot roast simmered a little longer, waiting for Mike to get home.

“Well,” Ashley said blushing slightly, “You said it was because I was beautiful, and you wanted to seduce me, Mommy.”

“That’s true,” the older woman nodded, “but it’s more than that. I think you know that much. I could see what a good mother you’d be as soon as you picked up Eric.”

“A mother?” Ashley asked. “Maybe someday I suppose. If I found the right woman and –“

“You don’t think I’m the right woman?,” Brenda teased, smiling.

“Well, of course I do, Mommy,” Ashley corrected herself, “But you’re already married and –“

“And a bisexual woman like me will always need two lover’s in her life.” Brenda agreed, “Mike knows he’ll never be able to satisfy all my needs. I need a man to dominate me, but I also need a pretty young woman to submit to me, as I’m sure you’ve figured out.”

Ashley failed to meet Brenda’s gaze, and looked down at the foot she was massaging. “Yes Mommy,” she practically whispered.

“But what you may not have figured out, is that Mike has one need I can’t give him.” Brenda said, keeping most of the sadness out of her voice.

“You can’t?” uşak escort Ashley asked, not quite sure what she meant.

“No baby,” she sighed. “He and I both wanted a big happy family, but careers got in the way and well… Eric is our little miracle baby. The doctor’s say I won’t be having any more children, so that’s why I need to find a special girl that wants to help me with that.”

Flicking her gaze back up briefly, Ashley could see just how intensely Brenda was staring at her, as if she could see into the younger woman’s skull and pull the answer out by force of will. This unnerved her, but not much more than her question already had. She didn’t know what to say. It was awfully sudden, and almost too much to contemplate. As if reading her mind, Brenda backed off a little bit, saying, “Don’t worry about it baby girl. You don’t need to decide anything now, but at least you finally know exactly what I’m looking for.” With that the older woman pulled her foot from Ashley’s grasp and slipped on her slippers. Then she stood, kissing Ashley on the forehead as she rose, and then went into the kitchen to check on dinner.

Ashley meant to move up on the couch, but instead she just sat there, lost in thought at everything Brenda had said. She didn’t want to fuck her, or own her. She wanted Ashley to be a surrogate and give them a house full of babies. It was all too much. Honestly up until she’d started fantasizing about sleeping with Brenda shortly after she got the job, she’d never even considered pregnancy a fetish; it was never something she’d explored. She’d be lying to herself if she said she hadn’t given it more thought since she’d gotten to nurse off Brenda’s massive milky breasts though. Several nights since then she’d look at herself naked in the mirror, wondering what her body would look like after a life had started growing inside it. Would she be as sexy as her mommy? How big would her tit’s get? She’d only thought about being pregnant though, not getting pregnant. The former was pretty hot, but the latter was definitely scary.

She was given a reprieve from these thoughts when Mike walked through the door. Once he was here, they all settled down to dinner together, and talked about everyone’s day. It was normal enough conversation, but Ashley couldn’t get her mind off of what Brenda had said. Every time Ashley looked at her, she heard ‘a special girl to me’ in her head, but even that was better than when she looked at Mike. When she looked at him while he talked to her, she couldn’t help but size him up. It wasn’t sexual like the way it was when she looked at his wife. It was more practical. She sized him up like a farmer or rancher – judging him like a prize steer to decide whether or not he’s the right breeding material. He was an excellent specimen after all. He had good teeth, and decent hair for his age. He was tall and strong, and an excellent breadwinner. As far as she knew he was healthy.

Ashley managed to get through dinner without being too awkward, while her mind was a million miles away, and then went up to her room to lay back and think. This was a lovely life – but it had only been a few months, could she really do something like this for what might amount to nothing more than a crush? Her question was answered as Brenda knocked lightly on her door before poking her head in. “It’s getting late princess,” she said quietly, “Did you want to sleep alone tonight or…”

“I’ll be right there Mommy,” Ashley answered instantly. She could lay around and wonder all night, but every time she saw Brenda she knew: she wanted this woman more than anything. She was the best mommy Ashley could ask for, and if this is what she needed to do to make this work, then they could figure it out together.

As soon as Brenda closed the door, Ashley got up and started to strip, wearing nothing as she walked to the bedroom, not caring if Mike saw or not. If she was going to be Brenda’s plaything, then she was going to look the part. When she got to the Master Bedroom, only Brenda was waiting for her, wearing a black teddy that concealed very little. Ashley crawled into the bed on hands and knees and kissed Brenda hard without a word, earning uşak escort bayan a slap for the temerity. “Does that mean you’ve decided,” Brenda asked, smiling wickedly.

“I never had a choice.” Ashley answered, “I only want you.”

Brenda pulled the younger woman’s hair, so she could kiss her exposed neck greedily. “Even if you know I’m going to let a man touch you sometimes? Even if you know you’re going to be bred sooner rather than later?”

“Anything for you Mommy,” Ashley gasped, unsurprised at how much she meant it. Brenda forced Ashley down to the mattress, and then began to slowly make a trail of kisses down her body. She started at Ashley’s neck, then traced a wet and noisy trail along her left collar bone, and across her left breast before focusing on the right, sucking on it’s nipple long and hard. It only occurred to her after a few seconds that Brenda wasn’t just sucking on her nipple – she was nursing, just as she’d taught Ashley to do so recently. The thought sent a chill up her spine.

“Do you like that baby?” Brenda asked, “Do you want me to suck on your milky breasts after you finish putting our new little girl to bed?” Ashley moaned at the idea. It was a fantasy that had never entered her head before, but now and it would never go away.

“Mmmm… Yes,” She moaned, “Oh god yes Mommy. I want that so badly.”

Brenda nipped at the younger woman’s nipple before letting her mouth drift down lower, tracing a long arc to her belly button. “Your tits will swell, princess, but not as much as your belly…” While she talked, she kissed and caressed Ashley’s taut firm abdomen. “If you let me breed you, then in a few months everyone will be able to see that you’re a knocked up little slut. Is that what you want?”

“Yehsss…” Ashley hissed, enjoying the sensations almost as much as the words. As Brenda talked, she couldn’t help but imagine the scene: taking Eric for a walk, her pregnant belly obvious for anyone to see… She could imagine the shocked look on both her queer friends and her ex-girlfriend’s faces as they saw her at the store sporting a noticeable baby bump. It was so fucking hot. Ashley had time to wonder if she would have ever enjoyed a fantasy like this without a woman like Brenda? Would her own biological clock have forced the issue on it’s own?

She didn’t have time to think about the question, because as soon as Brenda’s hand made it down to Ashley’s needy clit and aching cunt her mind short circuited. “Is this what you want, baby girl? Do you want to cum for Mommy?” For what felt like forever she hadn’t been allowed to cum, and now that she was getting the direct stimulation she craved she could barely handle it.

“Please?” Ashley whispered, “Please Mommy. I’ve been a good girl… Mmmmmm… your good girl.” As Ashley talked, Brenda stopped fondling her. Ashley had just enough time to worry she’d done something wrong, before Brenda readjusted her position, grinding on her soaking pussy with her smooth thigh. Ashley had experimented with tribbing and triadism with other girls before. That experimentation had always been so clumsy and chaotic though. With a woman who knew exactly what she wanted like Brenda though, it was entirely different. Her motions had all the force of being fucked with a strap-on, but the tangled liquid friction… the sensuous forceful heat as she pinned down and thrust against Ashley.

Ashley could feel her orgasm building almost immediately as her slick slit slid up and down her lover’s upper thigh. It seemed like Brenda was everywhere at once: their legs were tangled together, her hands were on Ashley’s breasts, and their lips were crushed together like they’d forgotten how to breathe. All that mattered was the way she was making her feel one grope, one gliding thrust at a time.

Then suddenly it stopped. Ashley opened eyes that she hadn’t realized were shut while she was lost in bliss to discover what new tease had started. What she saw was that Mike had come into the room, every bit as naked as she was, and he’d yanked his wife towards the edge of the bed, sandwiching the two women together, face to face and tit to tit as he sought to make his Wife’s pussy more escort uşak accessible. “Baby, I was trying to reward our little nanny for being such a good girl,” Brenda said, huskily.

“Well honey,” He growled, “You can’t let me find you in our bed dyking out and expect that I’m not going to fuck you. If she wants to get fucked too, she can get in line.” Ashley couldn’t see when his dick penetrated his wife, but she knew when it happened. She could see the older woman’s face go slack with pleasure before she looked down hungrily at Ashley, kissing her long and hard. While the kiss lingered, she felt the thrusts ripple through Brenda before reaching her in a strange fleshy echo. It was a strange voyeuristic pleasure, for something like this to be happening only inches from her vulnerable pussy. The woman on top of her was being fucked, with ever increasing speed, and with each thrust she could feel Brenda’s massive breasts pressing against her chest.

“Well baby. Do you want to get fucked tonight?” Brenda asked after a few thrusts. “Do you want to know how good it feels to cum on my Husband’s cock?”

“Nahhhhh… No-oooo,” Ashley moaned, looking into Brenda’s eyes, “I don’t want to cum on his dick. Not… not yet. I want him to fuck you, and cum in me Mommy. Then you can make me cum right?” Even if Ashley wasn’t getting fucked directly, every thrust ground Brenda’s pelvis against her pelvis just a little bit, and between that and the knowledge that she was being pinned beneath a couple getting fucked, she was going crazy.

It was everything she’d hoped for. “Of course baby girl,” She whispered between kisses. When Brenda thought Ashley was going to reject her husband’s cock, she looked a little sad, but she gave permission for Mike to breed her, she started to cry tears of joy. “Mike can fuck my pussy and use you as his fertile little cum dump, isn’t that right baby?” Ashley couldn’t quite hear Mike’s response over his wife’s gasps and moans, but from the way his tempo increased, the news definitely excited him. The moment took on an electric air, like you’d find in the moments before a thunderstorm broke, and everything slowed down. How many more thrusts would it take to make Brenda cum on her husband’s cock? Ten? Five? How many more thrusts until he pulled out of her and forced into Ashley’s cunt? Technically she was still a virgin; she’d ridden plenty of plastic toys, but this would be the first time a man had ever been inside her.

Six thrusts later, Brenda started to gasp and shake, too lost in pleasure even to kiss Ashley as the younger girl held her through the maelstrom of pleasure. Four thrusts after that, Ashley’s eyes suddenly widened as she felt something press against her pussy. Mike’s slick shaft buried itself inside her in a single thrust, making her gasp at the sudden sensation, in surprise as much as in pleasure. That was when she felt the cock start to throb inside her. She couldn’t feel the sperm shooting against her defenseless womb, but she could imagine it. Five jet’s of cum later, it was over, and he pulled out. By that time Brenda had regained control of her faculties and pulled herself off Ashley.

Her first action was to put a cushion under the younger woman’s hips to stop the fertile cum from leaking out. “You know baby,” Brenda teased, “The more you cum, the more of Daddy’s sperm is going to get sucked into your fertile young womb, and I owe you a week worth of orgasms…” She let the threat linger for a few seconds while she adjusted her position and her hair, before diving down into Ashley’s pussy, attacking it with reckless abandon. Ashley tried to ask which tasted better, her pussy or her husband’s cum, but her ability to talk was stolen from her the moment Brenda latched on to her clit and started to suck. For days the older woman had been teasing her, and now she was paying out all of that pleasure she owed, with interest.

Ashley lost all track of time, but in the quiet pillow talk afterwards, while Brenda held her, she discovered that it was almost an hour of sucking, tongue fucking, and fingering the resulted in at least six orgasms, a few L bombs, and hopefully in nine months – one beautiful healthy baby. But as she drifted off to sleep, she doubted that they’d leave that to a single roll of the dice. Brenda had timed this for Ashley’s most fertile week, and she was sure that the couple would do everything it took to keep her exhausted and filled until her egg was claimed and their new family together was truly started.

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