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Annie was in her car going to her daughter’s home; she was going there to look after Paul, her husband.

He was one of those men that could do anything outside the house.

But once inside he was a disaster area.

Everything he touched, picked up, or whatever, seemed to fall or break.

He could trip over things that weren’t even there!

Annie used to say, ‘Jenny you’ll have to spoon feed him, I’ve never seen a man so useless in a house.’

Jenny would laugh and say, ‘yes mum I know, but he has his qualities?’ And Jenny would wink at her.

The innuendo wasn’t lost on Annie; she knew what her daughter was alluding to.

She was referring to the sexual magnetism, which flowed from him. Annie was well aware of it; she felt it whenever she was close to him. He was a great looking guy, tall broad, casually well built, light brown wavy hair that he wore down to his collar.

Paul was 25, so good looking and women would seem to practically fall at his feet.

But once they had married, he focused all his attention on his wife, he loved her.

Jenny was a beautiful girl; 22 years old, she had taken her soft lovely looks from her mother, which was certain.

Paul was always a little jealous if other men paid too much attention to her.

Jenny would be too, when other women, fawned themselves over Paul.

And now Jenny was being taken to hospital because she was nearly 8 months pregnant, she had lost her 2 previous pregnancies, she had miscarried both times.

The consultant had decided that she must be in hospital at least a month before term, for bed rest, and observation.

And then she would have to stay at least 2 weeks after birth, if it proved successful, so that would be about 6 weeks Paul would be alone in the house.

Jenny had said that, if he was there all that time on his own, he’ll either end up either dead, or starved to death.

Annie and Paul had just about collapsed when she had said it, and Jenny insisted that Annie would have be there to clean up after him, and make sure he was fed.

Her own husband, Jenny’s dad, had agreed that it was for the best that Annie was there; he had said himself that the house would probably end up in a pile off ashes if he was left alone.

His own parents lived too far away to help, but would be there right after the birth.

Annie was the older version of Jenny, tall, blonde, lovely, even beautiful, sexy as hell, and still turned heads anywhere she went, even now, at 40 years of age.

She had ash blonde hair that she had strikingly enhanced highlights.

He body was full; beautiful breasts, that men drooled over, she walked with a smooth gait, never seemed rushed.

And legs that disappeared in both directions, up to a gorgeous tight rounded arse, and down to small perfectly formed dainty feet.

Her face was inviting, angelically so, lips that men wanted to kiss, apart from having their pricks sucked by them, and perfect even white teeth.

She had been targeted all her life by other men, and boys! Even in her teens she had been pursued.

And by a very lecherous, and with Annie, successful amorous uncle!

And sometimes in her marriage, she had been dazzlingly seduced by other men too.

Including her neighbour’s 18 year old son, who had let her know he was fatally attracted to her, then one day suddenly reaching out and squeezing both of her nipples, this caused her downfall in her own front room.

She couldn’t believe how sensitive her nipples were that day, and he had had the good fortune to do what he did that day.

He had done that, Annie had gasped, and nearly fallen down when her knees buckled.

He had caught before she did, laid her on the sofa, and then fucked her with all the hearty gusto only a boy can do. His stamina amazed her, and after he had come in record time, he went at her like a steam train, making her cum again, and again.

The temptations had sometimes been too great for her to deny. The heat it caused in her body was too much for her to resist them.

She was a very sensual and sexual woman, and in need constant attention, attention that she didn’t always get from her loving husband.

The last time she had been seduced was 9 months ago, and by a young 21 year old horny builder, of all people, and in her own home too.

He was in her house to re-lay all her kitchen, hall and outside patio floors in York stone slabs in her rustic house.

And he had fucked her for 2 more months after that, until it got too dangerous, he had wanted her to leave her husband, and she wasn’t going to do that!

It had happened simply because; she had cut her finger while serving him a sandwich. She had jabbed the knife she had been using into it. He had just taken her hand, and popped her finger into his mouth, then sucked and licked it clean.

It was just so endearing of him, she thought, and oh, so powerfully erotic to her.

She unknowingly laid her lovely head on his shoulder, sighed in pleasure, and thanks, for the attention to the small cut.

Whilst the Ankara escort man went on caressing her finger with his tongue, he easily accomplished his real mission. Which had been to seduce her anyway, and she had laid it on a plate for him.

He leaned over her, and kissed the top of her head. Annie had murmured something incomprehensible.

So he reached for a tissue, removed her finger, dabbed it, looked at it, and then popped it back in his sexy mouth.

These were the thoughts that popped into her head.

He kissed her head again, and again she murmured something, he took a chance and wrapped his free arm around her waist.

She audibly sighed again, and leaned into him.

He gently twisted her body to him, and then he kissed her lips softly. Annie swooned, this was so seductive, he was too ruggedly good looking, she didn’t stand a chance.

He turned more of her body to him, and kissed her again, this time more lovingly, Annie returned the kiss to him, she was, and had been now, thoroughly seduced.

Each time he had kissed her, he had popped her finger back into his hot mouth, and sexy lips.

And he did so again, while he engaged her body with his.

She was now turned fully to him, his hard prick lodged firmly into the crack of her pussy through her thin dress.

Her arms had gone around his neck, and they were both feverishly necking each other.

He picked her up and carried her upstairs where he had fucked her senseless all that afternoon.

And he made her do all sorts of nasty things, including getting fucked in her arse for the first time in her life.

But she had responded to everything he did and said, and what he told her to do, willingly.

No one was aware of her extra marital infidelities; Annie didn’t even like it happening, she didn’t even want it to happen, but she wasn’t able to resist them at times.

She didn’t attach any blame to herself, she felt slightly guilty at times, but it really wasn’t her fault.

Why? Because she totally believed it was their fault, the men. They wouldn’t leave her alone, and sometimes, she had to give in!

Now she was at Jenny’s house, Paul said ‘hi,’ and she and Jenny chatted, then she was on her way to the hospital, to have their first child.

They saw to her being admitted, made a list of things to bring during their visit that night. Mum and Paul both kissed and hugged her. Jenny making her mother vow to stop him from killing himself. They all laughed, and they left for home.

That night they returned to visit, delivered all the things they had promised for her, and said.

‘We’ll see you tomorrow darling, love you,’ and they again left.

Over the following 2 days, in their close proximity, they both felt the attraction between them, she felt his animal lure, and he sensed her sensuality.

And Annie wasn’t aware of the sexual pull she was making on Paul.

He was beginning to feel randy.

But Paul certainly felt the sensuality Annie was exuding.

Both were silently determined not to act on them.

The third night they got to the hospital, Annie stopped at the nurse’s desk to ask about progress etc, whilst Paul went straight in to see Jenny.

Jenny was feeling a bit down because of where she was, and was turned on side away from the door.

So Paul was at the far side of her bed, near the wall. But he was cheering her up. And she was coming round.

Annie came in, said hello, then sat on the chair on the opposite side, Jenny stayed where she was more or less facing her husband.

Annie was feeling a little left out of the conversation, so stood up and went to the other side of the bed.

But she had to squeeze herself into the small gap between Paul and the wall, he offered to let her sit, but she refused.

As she was leaning forward and speaking to Jenny, she felt something on her leg; she jumped in a little surprise.

She looked quickly, but accusingly at Paul.

He returned her look with one of innocence.

It was then that she realised that it was Paul’s left hand on her calf.

She didn’t react, well not immediately anyway.

But she looked at him quizzically, when he gently moved it up and down.

Then she went back to chatting with Jenny. And not revealing what he was doing. She stayed where she was, somehow thinking stupidly, that he would stop.

He didn’t!

She was thinking he was playing with her emotions, and being cheeky, and naughty.

She was right!

His hand was starting to drift higher and lower, snaking up, then snaking down.

Annie didn’t know what to do, her son in law was caressing her legs, in a slow seductive way, and she was nonplussed by it.

She shifted her stance a little, he took his hand away, but then it was back on her calf again, Annie sighed.

All the while he was chatting to Jenny and her, his warm hand was making her shiver.

What the fuck is he doing, doesn’t he know what that’s doing to me, Annie thought to her self?

Her body was heating up, it began to behave in the treacherous Ankara escort bayan way it always did, when certain types of men toyed with her.

That’s when his hand, was now at the back of her exposed knee’s, his fingers and nails, tickled her, and lightly scratched them, it was definitely one of her danger zones.

And because her right hip was against Paul, he couldn’t be seen doing what he was doing.

But Annie couldn’t make herself step away and return to the other side of Jenny’s bed.

She was effectively trapped, but by her own feelings. The state of arousal, she was now beginning to feel within her.

Pauls hand went higher, crawling inexorably up her stockinged thighs.

She silently thanked God that her legs were being held shut, because of the position she was in.

His fingers were now stroking her arse through her panties.

Annie gasped when they got there.

Jenny said. ‘Is there something wrong mum?’

Paul looked up at her quizzically.

Annie said, ‘No no, nothing’s wrong honey,’ and momentarily glared at Paul. He returned her look with his disarming smile.

His fingers were beginning to get right through to her, her pussy was getting wet, she could feel it, Paul was working her up into an unstoppable reaction.

She knew he had always fancied her, he had told her. And Oh God, did she feel the same, but never said it.

But because he was married to her daughter, he would never take it any further.

She was glad about that because, under any other circumstances, refusing this gorgeous man would have been nigh on impossible.

He was just too good looking and sexy.

She was unable to stop her buttocks swaying slightly sideways, as his fingers gently worked their magic.

She knew for certain, that when she got out of here, she was going to be done for, no way out of this seduction!

He was making it obvious, that he wanted her, and she was going to be alone with him for 6 weeks.

No contest!

He was inextricably seducing her right in front of her daughter, his wife.

And she was no more than 3 feet away from her, and him.

Then the coup de gras, he poked a finger gently, but firmly, right into her rear crack, she almost fell onto Jenny.

‘Mum,’ Jenny said, ‘what’s wrong with you?’

Annie laughed and said, ‘my feet just seemed to give way, I’m sorry.’

Pauls hand left her then, slid down her legs, fiddled a bit more at the back of her sexy knees, cementing her demise.

Then looking at the clock, he whispered that it was time to go, and they would see her again tomorrow.

They bade their farewells, and went.

As soon as they were got out of the ward, Annie complained.

‘Paul, what on earth drove you to do that to me, and in there?’ What were you thinking?’

He remained silent, but smiled softly at her.

They approached the lift, got in on their own, Paul grabbed her and kissed her fully and comprehensively, Annie couldn’t resist.

She melted I his arms.

‘I’m sorry Annie, but I have wanted you all this time, and I know you want me too, no matter the fact that, I am your son in law.’

They hurried to the car and he drove home at breakneck speed.

As soon as they were through the front door they were on each other. Ripping at clothes, grabbing, holding and trying to force each other to the floor, they both won!

They made rip roaring love right there on the carpet.

Rolling first one way, and then the other.

And right behind the front door.

He just plain fucked her with all his might, and Annie fucked him back with all of hers.

When it was over, the climax that had blasted them away from the many many months of pent up sexual desire. They had always known was there, they laughed at, and with each other.

He helped her to her feet, his shirt was hanging off him by one sleeve, and all the buttons were popped.

His trousers were round one ankle, with his underwear.

Annie’s dress was in shreds, her bra was on one arm, her panties had been ripped away, and only one shoe was on a foot.

Her hair was all mussed up too.

And Paul thought that she looked as sexy as fucking hell!

They caught a glimpse of themselves in the hall mirror, and laughed out loud.

He put his arm around her and they kissed, he asked her if she wanted something to eat, or was she hungry? As he laughed.

Annie caught the insinuation, and replied with one of her own.

‘I am absolutely starving, but I would rather have something to eat instead,’ she said, as she looked at his half soft prick.

‘Come on then, let’s go upstairs, I can’t wait to get something into my mouth too!’ He sniggered.

Annie giggled in a little school girly way.

They climbed the stairs in each others arms, and kissing all the way.

They stripped off what was left of their clothing and fell wrapped together into bed.

The phone rang; it was her husband enquiring as to the well being of their daughter.

While Annie brought him up to date, Escort Ankara Paul began to ravish her, he attacked her super sensitive nipples, sucked and licked on her belly button, he fingered her pussy, and then slid one into her slick arse.

Annie was writhing about trying to get away from him, but unable to.

She attempted to get out of bed, but he wouldn’t let her.

Her breath was becoming ragged, she was entering into a high state of arousal, and she was giving in.

And her husband would surely guess what she doing, or getting done to her.

Then he suddenly said.

‘There’s someone at the door Annie, I’ll call you in a while okay?’ and he put the phone down.

She looked at it stupidly, Paul clamped his mouth to her soaking pussy, and she collapsed backwards, in the grip of an immediate orgasm.

Her legs flew in all directions as she was thrown into spasms of an uncontrollable climax.

She cried out to him.

‘Oh my God Paul, oh Paul, oh my God, ooooh arghhhh!’

Her pussy exploded like an earth shattering bomb.

Paul lifted his head, and looked up at her, her eyes were closed, and she was breathing deeply.

‘Hey’, he said to himself, ‘she is one terrific sexy fuck,’ as he crawled up and lay at her side.

Annie opened her eyes slowly, peered at him through long lashes, and smiled; it was a smile of utter seductive beauty, and contentment.

She rolled onto her side, and wrapped herself around him.

‘My God Paul, what have we started here baby?’ she asked.

‘I’m not too sure Annie, but it sure is fucking good!’ he said.

‘Please Paul; don’t swear like that, please?’

‘Sorry Annie,’ he said, ‘I was just feeling so grand, sorry?’

Annie snuggled into him then, and caught his beautiful prick in her knowing hand, and started to work at it.

He took her nipples and began to tweak and twiddle them.

She moaned into his mouth, her lips capturing his, and holding them, no one knew how to kiss a man better than her.

Every man she had ever known couldn’t resist her lips and kiss, and Paul was no different.

The arousal they were building in each other would soon prove to be undeniable.

He rose above her and plunged his prick into her for a second time that night.

This time Annie succumbed to her son in law’s dominance of her, it was her daughter’s husband, she couldn’t respond other than to surrender to him.

He began what was to be a heart stopping pounding of her body and pussy.

He was up on his elbows above her, his hips crashing down onto hers, loins and thighs joining together in a loud slap.

His hips pulling his prick up and nearly out of her, adding much to her fears that he would, before descending upon her once more.

Then he was high above now, holding himself up on out stretched arms, thudding his fully engorged prick at her.

Annie held on to him as best she could.

But he had gained prominence, and dominance, and he was using it.

He shoved her long legs over his shoulder’s, now she was bent in half, helpless under him.

He was out to fuck her into oblivion, and he was going to succeed!

His problem was his prick was spiralling into and ejection of cum, that he wasn’t going to be able to stop.

Fortunately for him, Annie was going to blow a few seconds before he did.

She screamed out as her orgasm thrashed and trashed her body, if an orgasm had been able to kill someone, this would have been the moment.

Paul hammered his prick into her one final time, and filled her twitching, pulsing, and grabbing pussy with his love juice.

He spent what seemed like an eternity spewing it in her.

He slowly collapsed onto his beautiful sexy mother in law, her legs flopping onto the bed, and he kissed her in a so loving way.

His prick still in her, she mewled to him, stroked his body, wrapped her legs and arms tighter around him.

They fell asleep, and in their slumber he slid off her, but they never let go of the other.

And that’s how they woke together in the middle of the night, and in a sticky cold mess, they laughed and kissed, and played and loved.

Then Annie insisted on remaking the bed, and then insisted on them taking a shower.

As they climbed into the warm needles of water, he slipped and fell to his knees.

Annie shrieked with laughter.

He started to get up from his knees, he slipped again and fell over onto his backside and laughed with her.

Regaining his equilibrium and knees once more, he was facing her pussy. He leaned forward and licked it; Annie had to grab the rail to stay on her own feet as he did.

He was like a child with an ice lolly, licking and slurping away at her.

She held his head with one hand, he spread her shapely knees and got his shoulders between them, he was now right under her.

Pulling slightly away, he then drove his long tongue up and at her clit, Annie howled in her arousal.

Her knees and toned thighs involuntarily clamped to the sides of his head.

She was going to cum again, my God her addled brain thought, he is unstoppable, I have never cum t like this before, no has done it like this to me.

And once more her body wrecked her senses, the passion driving her to near insanity, overpowered her.

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