Annette and the Professor Ch. 03

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Body Cumshots


I awoke with a start. I was alone in bed. I’m not usually disoriented when I wake up, but after a night of frequent sex and bathroom pee games, I wasn’t my fully rested self.

But where was Annette? And I had to piss—badly. The usual piss hard-on was evident.

As I walked out of my bedroom to the bathroom, I heard noises in my kitchen. Curious, I decided to investigate.

Sitting at the table was Annette, nude, with a bunch of peonies from my flower bed strewn all over the table.

She looked up at me. “Hi. I see you’ve recovered from last night.”


She directed her eyes downward while she was arranging the flowers. “Is that for me?”

“Oh. Well, I’ve gotta piss. Yes, it’s for you if it stays hard.”

“Come here,” she commanded, standing up.

She took a strong grip on my penis while she kissed me; then she literally pulled me by the penis to the outside door leading to the pool area.

She took a cushion and placed it at my feet and then kneeled on it so that her face was level with my erect cock. She stroked the foreskin back and forth.

“Pee or cum—I don’t care which, but no matter; he’s mine until you do either one or both.”

I wasn’t about to argue: I have a nude blonde goddess (should I dare call her Aphrodite?) at my feet willing to bring my wildest fantasies to reality.

The pee won. Poor Annette—she was trying to swallow, but the piss was running out of her mouth; in desperation she gripped my penis and pulled it from her mouth and sprayed my pee all over her face and chest.

Once the flow abated, I could feel myself becoming detumescent—rapidly.

“Damn, he got soft fast. I’m going to have to bring him back to life,” she said.

“Don’t you have to pee?”

“Yeah . . .”

“Stand up then. You’re not going to take this lying down.”

I laughed at my own weak joke, but apparently it was lost on her. She stood up and spread her legs, as this is what we had done during our pee games in the shower last night.

I kneeled down on the same cushion she used and craned my head into her pussy, using my fingers to spread her lips. No sooner than my warm breath made contact with her cunt, her pee came in torrents. It went onto my face, up my nose, and down my body. Some of it even managed to get into my mouth.

When the last trickle dripped from her pubic hair, which I licked off, she pulled up a cushion and sat next to me. I am sure that to an outsider both of us smelled strongly of urine.

“You had to have been saving all of that for me,” I said.

“Remember last night, during our last pee games in the shower, when I suggested we go to sleep?”


“And you wanted to have one last fuck before we slept?”


“Well, as soon as you entered me, you fell asleep. Not that I minded; I loved having you close to me. But I awoke later, and I had to pee. You had slipped out of me—in fact, you were soft—but with you on top of me, I couldn’t get out of bed to pee. When you finally rolled off me, it was morning. So I got up and decided to save my pee for you. Tending to the flowers kept me busy until you got up.”

She güvenilir bahis reached over and kissed me.

“I love you,” she said.

“As do I.”

“And we need to do some shopping together.”

“Oh, why?”

“We need to buy several sets of rubber sheets or waterproof mattress covers. That way we can do our pee play in bed and mix the sex with it. And if you fall asleep on me while we’re making love again, at least I can pee when I want to. We’ll save water, too.”

“We’ll still have to wash the sheets.”

“Oh, yeah . . . Hadn’t thought of that.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah, new sheets. Yours are threadbare and drab. You need color. Also, my big toe got caught in one of the holes.”

“Any color you want is okay by me—as long as you’re on top of the sheet.”

“You might regret that; I might never want to leave,” she replied.

“Speaking of that, did I hear you say you’ve applied to graduate school nearby?”

“Yeah, Illinois State University. It’s just a few miles from Central State College, and I know my chances of getting accepted there are very good.”

“You’ve planned this all out very well, haven’t you?”

“From the first course I ever took from you at Central State. When I discovered we live just down the street from you, I was elated. I knew that I had to have you, and the age difference be damned. And do you know what?”

“What?” I asked.

“You won’t turn me away. Before yesterday and before we started all of this, I’ve noticed how you’ve always paid extra attention to me. You’ve made me feel special, and the intimacy we share with the pee games makes me feel even more special. The fact that you and my brother are also having a love affair even makes it sexier.”

I stood up and held my hand out to her and pulled her up to a standing position. “Let’s take a quick dip in the pool and then shower together. After that we can go out to eat for breakfast, unless something else comes up.”

“You mean this?” She squeezed my penis and then kissed me. Sure enough, it came up.


We spent enough time in the pool to relax and get the worst of our mixed urine off our bodies. However, we didn’t ignore the erotic aspects of nude swimming. Every chance we got we would touch each other. For her it was a constant tug on my penis, pulling my foreskin back and forth. For me it was my fascination with her tits, her waist, and her buttocks—especially her anus; her ass cheeks were small, and the cleft between them was wide enough for me to fondle her asshole easily.

Tired from the exertion, we waded to the somewhat shallower part of the pool. I jumped up on the edge, my feet dangling in the water. She stood between my legs, her face directly in front of my hard-on.

“I love the extra skin. My ex-boyfriend is circumcised, and his penis wasn’t as easy to play with. Your penis has something extra for me to play with.”

She leaned over and took the head of my cock in her mouth, working her tongue around it while stroking the rest of my cock with her hands.

I could never get tired of this, and I was thanking my lucky stars that this beautiful young girl güvenilir bahis siteleri found me desirable. At that point I figured I had better stop thinking and do more enjoying.

“Um, would you like to do a sixty-nine instead?” I asked.

She pulled her lips off my penis but still held on to it with her hands.

“No; if you eat my pussy, I won’t be able to concentrate on this,” she said as she continued sucking.

The attention she was giving to my penis was nothing short of exquisite. She concentrated on the glans, especially the underside, flicking her tongue where the foreskin is connected to the glans. I could feel my balls contracting, my penis expanding, and the cum rising.

At the same time she squeezed my penis hard as she pulled my foreskin all of the way back. My breath was coming in short gasps; my orgasm was powerful, and I gripped her shoulders hard as I filled her mouth with my cum.

After a few minutes of silence while I regained my breath and composure, she said, “You taste so good.”

I slid back into the pool so I could kiss her.

“I love you,” she whispered into my ear before she brought me into a deep, hungry kiss.

“Do we need to take care of those peonies before we go shopping?” I asked.

“Of course. And if we get horny before our shower and our trip to the mall . . .”

“Then the shopping can wait,” I interrupted.


It was almost two hours later that we had finally arranged all of the flowers in vases around the house. Annette was pleased with the arrangement.

As she bent over to pick up some of the stems and leaves that had fallen on the floor, I got behind her and gripped her ass cheeks and brought my face into her pretty little rosebud anus and tongued it forcefully.

“Oh, my god!” she squealed.

She almost fell over, but I had a good grip on her. I still had my tongue on her rosebud.

“You almost scared the shit out of me!”

I released my mouth and commented, “Now that wouldn’t be nice, would it?”

“You’d’ve had a shit-eaten grin, that’s for sure.”

“Let’s take a shower and get going. I’m hungry for some food.”

“Not hungry for me now?” She pouted, and then gave me a wide grin.

“I’m always hungry for you, and you know it.”

She ran to the bathroom ahead of me and had the water running when I entered. She saw me looking at the toilet.

“What’s the matter?”

“It hasn’t been used since yesterday afternoon.”

“Well, we’ll save on water, won’t we?”

“Unless I scare the shit out of you again.”

“Ha! Come on in so we can wash each other.”

Our shower time lasted until the water began to run cold. We didn’t do much more than wash and mutual cuddling, but the feeling of the warm water rushing over our bodies made the whole experience special. I was almost constantly stroking her neck and shoulders and leaning over to suck her small nipples except when I gave her a shampoo.

She, in turn, had a nearly constant grip on my penis, as if he were going to disappear.

Once we were out of the shower, we dried each other off and got dressed. I noticed that she didn’t put on iddaa siteleri any panties.

She noticed that I noticed, so I said, “Getting ready for quick action?”

She winked at me.

On our way to the mall, we found a little Chinese restaurant that served an inexpensive buffet. Both of us ate heartily and consumed an entire pitcher of tea. We joked about the pee games that the pitcher of tea will bring!

We bought the sheets and mattress covers as needed, and I let Annette choose the colors she wanted. I really didn’t care if they were all flower designs; sheets to me served only a utilitarian purpose.

On our way out of the department store, she saw a cotton panty display and stopped to examine the designs.

“Cotton panties? I thought women all liked silk or nylon panties.”

“Are you kidding? Silk and nylon make me itch; besides, cotton holds my smells better, and if I have an ‘accident’ the cotton absorbs better.”

“Accident?” I looked at her with a dumb expression.

“You know, when you cough or sneeze, you might leak, or if your period starts early.”

“No, I don’t have those problems.”

“Speaking of which, I need to pee now. And we passed the rest room at the other end of the store. Hey, here are the changing rooms. Let’s get into one of them.”

For this particular store the changing rooms were fairly spacious. We got in the nearest one and locked the door.

I knew what she wanted; as a result, there was no need for unnecessary conversation to draw sales personnel to our “secret.”

She took off her jeans and leaned against the wall, spreading her legs wide while moving her hips away from the wall. I put my mouth on her pussy so that all of her pee would go directly into my mouth. If I do this correctly, we shouldn’t lose a drop. In the shower we could afford to be messy; here we don’t have that luxury.

Annette grunted a little, and then farted. I would have chuckled at that, but then her pee began to flow. My swallowing action matched her flow, and we continued until she was finished.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

But I was not done with her. I caressed her folds with my tongue, running my tongue up and down the length of her pussy. She started humping my face while she gripped my head.

“Oh, fuck yeah! Jeez! Oh god, don’t stop! That’s it, right there! That spot, oh god—there! Don’t stop! Oh my god!”

Each time she spoke she was getting louder, and soon she was moaning loudly; then she began to shake as she had her orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, that was so good,” she said as she came down from her orgasm. “When we get home, I’m going to make you fuck me silly!”

Annette pulled her jeans up, and we both left the changing room. Fortunately no one saw us.

Annette took several packages of the cotton panties to the nearest cashier.

“Here, let me buy those with the sheets and mattress cover,” I said. “I’m the one who’s going to be pulling those panties off you and smelling the gusset with you.”

“Thank you, Al. You are so sweet. Can I get some cotton bras, too? I’ll cook supper.”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’ll say it again: you are so sweet!”

“I know.”

“Smart ass!”

“Since you’re cooking dinner tonight, I’ll wash the dishes. By the way, what’s for dessert?”


“Well, let’s get the hell out of this mall and get home. We have a busy night.”

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