Anne’s First-Ever Lap Dance

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Anne’s First-Ever Lap DanceTheir booth held a dozen people comfortably and was away from the prying eyes of anyone else in the club. Anne downed the rest of her cranberry and vodka, a double, and sat next to her friend, Dave. He had convinced her to get her first- ever lap dance. She had been there for two hours, looking at scantily clad women gyrate and be groped by horny men and women. Anne saw Dave get at least ten dances from the Asian girl, Laura, and he was very uninhibited about touching her in front of their group of friends. She saw Laura massage his cock through his pants as he played with her tits. Dave and Laura had quite the chemistry going, which seemed to further ignite as their audience watched.Anne was a very pretty girl; she was blonde with perfectly shaped breasts. Her low- scooped, slip-on shirt was modest and she had on blue jeans. Having drunk her share of the second bottle of vodka, she was suspicious as Dave whispered something into Laura’s ear. She didn’t hear him say, “Make it dirty, baby.””Did you really say that?” She said. David nodded affirmatively and she punched him in the arm. “No wonder…” he laughed as she continued to read.Laura, a brunette, clad in only a red G-string, knelt in front of the nervous blonde and began to rub up against Anne with her C-cup tits. She ran her hands up and down Anne’s sides and neck, then took her hands and placed them on her own breasts, holding them firmly and encouraging her to play with them. As Anne was playing with the strippers tits, Laura began to massage Anne’s crotch through her jeans, eliciting a gasp and a side glance at David, who was taking in the whole show.Anne felt her pussy involuntarily moisten under the gentle manipulation of her clitoris. She tried to will herself to not be aroused in public, as she hungrily watched David now began to play with Laura’s left breast. He played with Laura’s nipple less than half a foot in front of her face, squeezing and pulling on it.Laura drew Anne’s lips to her right breast as Dave began to suck on the left one. She felt her pussy flood as she unwillingly sucked on the proffered nipple. “I can’t be getting turned on by this woman,” she thought.As she sucked on the striper’s bahis siteleri nipple, she felt Dave pressing up against her.His cologne drifted into her senses and she momentarily drifted away. Anne’s thoughts fleetingly paused around her new-found interest in fucking Dave. His pheromones mixed with the environment made her body feel electric! However, Anne quickly snapped back to reality when the buxom stripper pulled back and began to gently massage Anne’s breasts through her shirt, eliciting another gasp from her as she expertly kneaded them. It was obvious that Laura was enjoying the shy girl play with her body. So dirty.”Were you taking notes?” she asked. “This is exactly what happened.”David grinned as he saw her hand unapologetically and quite daringly slip up under her dress behind the counter.Laura leaned in close to her and nuzzled her neck, working up to her ears as she rubbed her pussy again. She felt her knees involuntarily spread wider as her wetness soaked her pants.Laura whispered,” I want to take you somewhere and fuck you by myself.”Laura reached down the top of Anne’s shirt and pulled her right tit out, shocking the blonde girl. Anne attempted to tuck herself back into her bra but her breast was pulled out again. When the stripper sucked her nipple, she felt herself tingle all over and a rush of pleasure spread from her nipples to her clitoris. Laura expertly sucked on her nipple, and Anne felt it involuntarily harden.As the music blared, building to the climax of the song, Laura was simultaneously rubbing Anne’s clit and sucking her nipple, causing Anne to almost come and then she stopped.”Damn her!” Anne thought.She looked at Dave and he was pinching her nipple as he was mauling the strippers tit.Anne was seductively stroking her clit under the sun dress; her soft, shaved pussy was dripping its juices down her leg. The fragrance of an aroused woman was intoxicating to Dave.A commotion on her left distracted Anne; it was Desiree, the former stripper, giving her friend a lap dance. The beautiful, buxom brunette was giving Matt a ride and she could see his erect cock straining in his jeans. Her pants were off and she could see Matt fingering her pussy; the juices were glistening canlı bahis on his fingers in the dim light.Anne could smell her sex now, a musky, primal odor that made her want to fuck.Desiree ground her cunt onto Matt’s fingers as he drove them deep into her. Anne looked into his eyes. Matt could see the lust on her face and pulled his three fingers out of Desiree. As he moved his hand towards Anne, she opened her mouth and greedily accepted them, sucking her first taste of pussy off of them. It was a musky smell that assaulted her senses and simultaneously heightened her arousal. Anne really wanted to fuck now. Matt withdrew his fingers and shoved them back into Desiree, making her groan with pleasure, knowing that something very dirty was unfolding.It was then that Matt put his fingers in Anne’s mouth again, and she savored the taste of Desiree’s arousal which heightened her own.”Now that didn’t happen, Dave!” She said as she looked over the papers at him. I have never been with another woman.””It’s just a story, Anne. Don’t you like it?” he asked, watching her continue to play with her pussy as she became turned on by the story.Anne felt her jeans being unsnapped and was vaguely aware of her jeans being slipped off and her panties being removed by Dave. She spread her legs wide as she felt Laura gently begin to part Anne’s engorged, wet lips so that she could encircle Anne’s clitoris with her fingers. Laura’s touch was gentle to start but quickly changed to aggressive.The vodka heightened her senses and was lowering her inhibitions. Anne slipped two fingers into her own sopping wet cunt, pushing them deep inside her. It felt so good, so nasty to fuck herself in front of these people. She pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt putting on a lewd display as she pleasured herself. She pulled the fingers out of her cunt and offered them to Desiree, who sucked the juices off of them and then leaned over to kiss her on the mouth.The first kiss of another woman felt electric. Taboo. She tasted their combined juices as their tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths.Anne felt a cool glass at her lips and downed a chilled double shot of vodka. It burned her throat and she felt a warm glow güvenilir bahis as she felt herself become more inebriated.Anne felt her legs being spread wider by Dave, while Laura positioned herself behind Anne, making it easier to support her so that Laura could continue squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. She felt his expert tongue on her pussy as Dave ate her out; Anne groaned, “Eat my cunt, Dave. Put your tongue all the way up me!”Dave greedily sucked her copious juices and used his tongue on her clit, alternating between sucking it and licking it. It felt so good to have him between her legs pleasuring her.He pulled her to the edge of the couch and she looked down and saw that he had removed his jeans. His rigid penis easily slid into her very wet pussy and she groaned in pleasure as she was fully penetrated.”Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Anne said as he began to fuck her with long slow strokes. His cock felt so good in her. It sent shock waves from her clit to her nipples.She looked up as she came on her fingers, the thought of being fucked publicly pushing her over the edge.Laura pulled her G-string to one side and slid forward, placing her pussy over Anne’s face. Anne reached out with her tongue as the horny oriental girl lowered her labia to Anne’s waiting mouth.”Ooooh, suck me girl! Fuck my pussy with your tongue” Laura said,Anne lapped at her soft cunt lips as Dave increased his pace, fucking her harder now.Anne came in a blinding orgasm as the stripper ground her cunt into Anne’s face, coming with her while looking into her green eyes, knowing they were coming simultaneously.Anne felt the cock swell inside her and explode as Dave came inside her tight pussy. She orgasmed again and rode the orgasm until he withdrew from her. He kissed her deeply and tenderly and whispered, “Wow, what a fuck! You are amazing, Anne. Could we go out sometime?”They both laughed causing the people around them to raise their eyebrows in bewilderment.Anne looked up at Dave, a little embarrassed at her open display of eroticism.He was smiling and said, “When I wrote the first story about a hot tub encounter, the girl I wrote about sent me some very interesting photos after she pleasured herself one night. Here is my number. Give me a call.”He reached for the papers and she pulled them away from him. Anne folded them and tucked them into her purse and zipped it up.”Would you like to have a beer sometime?” she asked.

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